ASMR NEXT LEVEL for Brain Melting Tingles and Deep Sleep

Jul 27, 2020
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Let's take it to the NEXT LEVEL! Prepare yourself for some BRAIN-MELTING TINGLES. And, be warned, they most likely lead to very deep sleep. ASMR Zeitgeist presents a variety of brand new and experimental ASMR triggers from ear to ear. It also includes all the popular trigger classics such as tapping, scratching, crinkle sounds and brushing. But, with a little twist. ;D
This is a no talking ASMR trigger assortment with a whispered intro. Sounds only start at 3:20
Please listen with headphones or earbuds to fully experience the binaural sound.
This ASMR video is intended to help you study, relax, sleep, and TINGLE. Enjoy! :D
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C U SOON! :)


  • Hey sweet insomniacs & tingle lovers, are you ready for the next level?? I have got some brand new, intense and brain-melting triggers for you tonight. I hope you like it! Let me know down below which one you enjoyed the most. :)

    asmr zeitgeistasmr zeitgeist9 days ago
    • Omg those glowy sticks. Wow what a brain melt

      Sabrina MurphySabrina Murphy10 hours ago

      Susanna JonesSusanna Jones13 hours ago
    • I really liked the blue styrofoam things

      Lazy_ SunflowerLazy_ Sunflower14 hours ago
    • You suck

      Nicolas BarbosaNicolas Barbosa14 hours ago
    • 200Th reply!!! LOL, I just *HAD* to do it when I sa that it was at 199, LMFAO!!! Great video, as well, and as always!!!

      Michelle AdamsMichelle Adams20 hours ago
  • him: does the intro me: *confused insomnia noises*

    ᴛ ᴏ ᴛ ᴀ ʟ ʟ ʏ ɴ ᴏ ᴛ ɢ ᴀ ʏᴛ ᴏ ᴛ ᴀ ʟ ʟ ʏ ɴ ᴏ ᴛ ɢ ᴀ ʏ57 seconds ago
  • Brooo every time I close my eyes the sound is like I’m in a different universe 🤨😆

    Theofficial-Blixxykiki UNFTheofficial-Blixxykiki UNF6 minutes ago
  • He really said NEXT LEVEL

    Ali StanevaAli Staneva8 minutes ago
  • Christ I didn't know ASMR could have this much effort

    Sir SaltSir Salt17 minutes ago
  • Imagine waking up in the morning beside this gorgeous man beside you and whisper you "good morning" I would literally die 😍

    Keiver DiazKeiver Diaz35 minutes ago
  • Is it just me or when your watching an ASMR video and you don’t have it on full screen your finger touches a video that’s up next and you get so triggered cause u were in deep relaxing.

    KillerHDKillerHD36 minutes ago
    • A Random Wolf lol it’s so annoying

      KillerHDKillerHD20 minutes ago
    • Nah, I do this too. xD

      A Random WolfA Random Wolf33 minutes ago
  • this video is from the future

    knxcklesknxckles42 minutes ago
  • I wish 4:48 would never end

    Ethan BenninkEthan Bennink43 minutes ago
  • The head model is dope, is it customized or 3D printed?

    Derrick WanDerrick Wan54 minutes ago
  • I wasnt expecting that voice xD

    TheNoodle DragonTheNoodle Dragon57 minutes ago
  • Okay you got me, i will subscribe now

    shunnedshunned59 minutes ago
  • Caralho, a viatura

    Luccas ViníciusLuccas ViníciusHour ago
  • Man that is crazy omg i never see something like that here in Brazilian but the filling is god thanks for make me sleep salve do Brasil

  • This is what I call Futuristic asmr

    John WickJohn WickHour ago
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    Speaking truthSpeaking truthHour ago
  • Wonderful 💆🏼‍♂️

    Speaking truthSpeaking truthHour ago
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    Speaking truthSpeaking truthHour ago
  • It's two forty-seven god what am I doing with my life kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    anonymousanonymousHour ago
  • omg what a fucking good video

    anonymousanonymousHour ago
  • How would you describe the blue sound wands? Me: Oh; You mean mini Obi-Wan Kenobis lightsaber?

    Morgan Freeman _ but notMorgan Freeman _ but notHour ago
  • Male voices never triggered ASMR for me until now

    friendlybellofriendlybelloHour ago
  • i shat my self at the beginning of this video also 3:21 wtf is this

    Simone ReesSimone ReesHour ago
  • AHW

    Callie On GfuleCallie On GfuleHour ago
  • I am so curious what is that mic thingie and where did he get it?

    Eva RoseEva RoseHour ago
  • Can we just take a moment and appreciate that dis FREE

    Kendall PlaysKendall PlaysHour ago
  • Would love to be able to tell you how much I like the triggers, but I can't stay awake past the first 15 minutes 🥰 this is my favorite video at the moment 💯❣️

    Katy VillageKaty VillageHour ago
  • Me encantó😍

    Nataly MBNataly MBHour ago
  • 19:54 "ZALIEN BRAIN SUCK!"

    i - want - bobai - want - bobaHour ago
  • Pasado de verga karnal

    Venom 100% real no fakeVenom 100% real no fakeHour ago
  • I swore I had 2 ears on my forehead for a moment

    Victoria G.Victoria G.Hour ago
  • Me:I love the way I look What i look like:👂 👂. 👂👂.

    Josue CalderonJosue CalderonHour ago

    Julia Bueno BraescherJulia Bueno Braescher2 hours ago
  • Futuric ASMR Of 2080

    Douglas ChappellDouglas Chappell2 hours ago
  • wow this is so cool and futuristic!

    올리비아쌤 - 꼭 필요한 일상 영어올리비아쌤 - 꼭 필요한 일상 영어2 hours ago
  • Real asmr ARTIST

    Nathan LiNathan Li2 hours ago

    LlamaKingLlamaKing2 hours ago
  • Damn it has been awhile since I've watch you getting back into watching you again 😀🌟 It has been quite hot min since i watch tho

    Veronica MendozaVeronica Mendoza2 hours ago
  • I can't believe I never knew what ASMR was. I've been missing some pretty awesome stuff, +1 subscriber from me

    Replicator FifthReplicator Fifth2 hours ago
  • the quality of this video...

    Ana LuizaAna Luiza2 hours ago
  • Yoooo wtf did I just watch. That is hot ass alien shit nan. Is that even legal

    ItzCoronaTimeItzCoronaTime2 hours ago
  • Is this what the future looks like!!!!

    Nicolas WilsonNicolas Wilson2 hours ago
  • Omg Digger 2,5 Millionen Aufrufe in 1 Woche Respekt

    Lukabroo2 7Lukabroo2 73 hours ago
  • Timeline gods?

    Giganfan1 & everyone elseGiganfan1 & everyone else3 hours ago
  • Lightsaber

    KirbStomp RayenKirbStomp Rayen3 hours ago
  • I dont know if I like the asmr or am I attracted to him or both

    Nakiyah LewisNakiyah Lewis3 hours ago
  • i dont know what i’ve stumbled upon but it’s 5am so ill take it i guess-

    emz bemz b3 hours ago
  • I liked the tingles but people talking in my ear always makes me physically cringe

    BlankSpaceBlankSpace3 hours ago
  • Where did you get that light in the ear cleaning part i need like 30 of those

    Zande HarrisZande Harris3 hours ago
  • weah man its the future

    gercino souzagercino souza4 hours ago
  • Eating tortilla chips and putting the guacamole and the cheese on it while listening to this made all of my senses go to the next level *Fear me mortals, for I have ascended.*

    Rebecca LaddRebecca Ladd4 hours ago
    • Hail you our highness

      Kati O_OKati O_O2 hours ago
  • no adds this man is a legend

    I am LopsyI am Lopsy4 hours ago
  • Is it just me or am I the only person in the comments who watched this for a joke?

    ItsYaBoiWafflezzItsYaBoiWafflezz4 hours ago
  • Nu manches pesado de micro xd

    emarewe gameremarewe gamer5 hours ago
  • He’s just put one of those things that cleans your pours on your face on the mannequin

    Callum RowleyCallum Rowley5 hours ago
  • 15:20 -moths has entered the chat-

    British Rail ClassBritish Rail Class5 hours ago
  • This is perfect 🥰😴

    Faza FuzzaaFaza Fuzzaa5 hours ago
  • Absolutely loved it!! I've started watching ASMR with your videos and your content is always very professional and extremely tingly. Thank you ✌️♥️

    Chillax ZenChillax Zen5 hours ago
  • 来体验未来科技式“洗脑”~

    流苏晚晴流苏晚晴5 hours ago