When Will Jon Jones Fight?

Oct 28, 2020
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Chael Sonnen talks Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones on this episode of Beyond the Fight. on this episode of Beyond the Fight.,
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  • Jon Jones is my favorite fighter. But his boxing and BJJ is not so strong compared to some fighters. His wrestling is strong so he can not be submitted. But at half distance he can be beaten. Some of the fighters in the heavyweight division has the same reach as Jones. Then boxing can be an issue.

    Asgeir NilsenAsgeir Nilsen2 days ago
  • Francis vs stepe Jones vs overreem Blayze vs lewis Rumble vs werdum?

    Simon Masson-DuprasSimon Masson-Dupras4 days ago
  • I miss chaels chair and his legs crossed.

    CriticalSurvivalCriticalSurvival23 days ago
  • Why did it go from stipe and Jon , to Whitaker ?

    BCBC26 days ago
  • Who give a fuck about Jone Crackhead Jones

    Allan VargasAllan Vargas26 days ago
  • Chrismas fight feature Jon Jones in heavyweight would be nice

    Wilson DuanWilson Duan29 days ago
  • The way I see it is that Miocic vs Ngannou 2 has to happen before Jon fights at HW. This is good anyways because he can have some time to adjust to his new heavier weight. If Stipe wins, Jon fights Stipe. Whatever happens there, Jon fights Ngannou. I think that is the best way to do things. But honestly Izzy could pull Jon back to 205 and none of these fights might happen if Jon goes and fights Izzy at 205.

    Average JoeAverage Joe29 days ago
  • producer: we are talking about Jon today okay Chael: okay great *5 mins later* Chael: where does cannionier fit into all of this

    RUM HAMRUM HAM29 days ago
  • Rob is too good and izzy handadly beat rob I'm sure the speaks volumes about izzy. I'm sure rob beats pualo too.

    HeresToUsTXHeresToUsTXMonth ago
  • Chael "Hot n Heavy" Sonnen only offers us this because

    Connor CriswellConnor CriswellMonth ago
  • Still in isolation, Uncle?

    Bruce ViaeneBruce ViaeneMonth ago
  • The fight we really want is Gynosanya vs Coke Jones.

  • Jon can’t leap frog Ngannou, idc he’s been the most active heavyweight running through competition. He’s getting the next title shot. He can’t be disrespected like that. Jon better go fight Izzy if he wins the belt then go up or whatever!

    999South999SouthMonth ago
  • Jon almost had a fight the other night with a burglar. Unlike his last 3 in the octagon, I think he may have actually won that fight.

    Jack FarrisJack FarrisMonth ago
  • John Ped Jones

    RB RiveraRB RiveraMonth ago
  • It is interesting. He elaborated on his mindset on Helwani, said he KNOWS he'll fight for the belt, it is inevitable. So he's just gonna kick back, enjoy pressure-free non champ life for a bit before going to war for the belt again. Many former champions have spoken of finding their true selves again after losing the belt, Namajunas comes to mind. Very easy to twist his words into saying he's scared of Adesanya, but I take him at his word. He just took out 2 of the division's finest in a row.

    HittokiriBatosaiHittokiriBatosaiMonth ago
  • Knuckles would be silly to be excited about that fight, it’s a long night no matter what way you take it, and last time was harsh, the honesty with the public at least demonstrates he understands what went wrong last time, butterflies in my nuts for next time..

    Michael BergeronMichael BergeronMonth ago
  • Adesanya is fighting Jan at 205, what a great challenge for him!

    BrandonBrandonMonth ago
  • Jon fights steep after he rebeats Nagnu

    Jerry BenderJerry BenderMonth ago
  • Liked before watching. Consistency! You’re a legend Chael

    Jacob GordonJacob GordonMonth ago
  • I honestly like it too, let him fight 1-2 more times then fights Izzy if possible

    Miguel FultonMiguel FultonMonth ago
  • Champs all just holding divisions

    Trent WilliamsonTrent WilliamsonMonth ago
  • Beast Lewis said he did not want a title shot and he got it. Who knows if Bobby Knuckles is playing the same game

    Mike AMike AMonth ago
  • If Jones fights ngannou the way he’s fought his last 2 opponents he’s going to sleep

    sneaker botsneaker botMonth ago
  • i think whittaker believes he can’t beat Israel but he will try a few tricks up his sleave

    Mike BerryMike BerryMonth ago
  • Love you mma knowledge and history. Keep the video's up. Love em

    D HuffD HuffMonth ago
  • Jon Jones should have rematches Dom Reyes. He lost that fight and Reyes deserves a rematch. Instead he goes to heavyweight, smh.

    Andrew Wizard15Andrew Wizard15Month ago
    • He absolutely lost to Thiago Santos too after Thiago blew out his leg. Jones knew his time was running out and needed to cash in.

      Jack FarrisJack FarrisMonth ago
  • If he loses.......... lol

    Joe PowellJoe PowellMonth ago
  • Jones will fight DC @ heavy weight in March?

    Bryan BarceloBryan BarceloMonth ago
  • Either way people want to see Jones fight, he's got to deliver for the people or retire

    No Mans LANDNo Mans LANDMonth ago
  • Jones should fight Alistair

    Big JamesBig JamesMonth ago
  • No, you have Jones vs Overeem in his first fight! Winner gets title shot.🤷‍♂️

    Christopher ConicellaChristopher ConicellaMonth ago
  • I think adesanya vs McGregor at a catch weight would be an amazing fight. What do you think Chael?

    Mike MoserMike MoserMonth ago
  • Jones vs Francis before championship bout

    Mike MoserMike MoserMonth ago
  • It’s better than Jon waits so that he can put on weight.

    Ramon EspinozaRamon EspinozaMonth ago
  • Camera clearly couldn’t get the biggest guns from west linn in the picture

    Josh WattsJosh WattsMonth ago
  • I hope Jones get his ass beat

    Aiden FitchAiden FitchMonth ago
  • There now way Jon doesn't have any out of ring incidents between now and march..they need it asap

    Danielle LeeDanielle LeeMonth ago
  • Who is Jon Jones?

    farbrorknarkfarbrorknarkMonth ago
  • You do Jan and Izzy in December, if Izzy beats Jan you do stipe vs Francis as a main and Jones vs Izzy as co in March 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Droid 209Droid 209Month ago
  • Shit when will Ngannou and Stipe fight. Hell.

  • Jones vs Izzy is all I want

    Jack FuryJack FuryMonth ago
  • Jon vs Ngannou for the interim championship

    Brian AdamsBrian AdamsMonth ago
  • Jon Jones Vs Stipe makes sense only if Stipe gets 15 millions do it... Cuz otherwise it ain't worth it

    S.Sarjon MahmudS.Sarjon MahmudMonth ago
  • Stipe should be stripped. He keeps the whole division hostage. Fight once in a year and half

    Rakesh KumarRakesh KumarMonth ago
  • I think Jones and Stipe rather fight each other than Ngannou, I don't blame them.

    Palmen •Palmen •Month ago
  • Chael lineal greatest

    Fortnite gamer ReedFortnite gamer ReedMonth ago
  • Uncle Chael is the GOAT

    Fortnite gamer ReedFortnite gamer ReedMonth ago
  • Dude that Cannonier fight should’ve went 5 rounds. You’re telling me he gets up after basically almost getting finished and drops him before the round ends. I wanted to see that fight finish!

    • Biggest blue balls ever

  • “Jon Jones fights when Jon Jones fights” you’re welcome saved you the time but still “like” the video.

    Badnewz BanditsBadnewz BanditsMonth ago
  • jones is not heavyweight he's never fought any heavy in his career even in a simple fight never

    Black CamerBlack CamerMonth ago
  • Jones needs to put some weight on them legs first, fr fr...

    DocsisDocsisMonth ago
  • They will probably make Jon fight whoever the champ is regardless because it's the money fight

    perrynelson777perrynelson777Month ago
  • Rob's comment just shows how good he thinks Adesanya really is. I feel like a lot of fighters have underestimated him because he looks skinny or has 0 ground game but Rob would be the first to fight him twice...he knows what he's getting into

    Voss LiVoss LiMonth ago
  • Jon Jones vs Overeem should happen they both have very high fight IQ's would be interesting to see.

    Nick KellyNick KellyMonth ago
  • Jon Jones is too busy battling on twitter..

    rtc7788rtc7788Month ago
  • We Need 235 Bracket. New Weight class!!

    Charky IcenhourCharky IcenhourMonth ago
    • Before unstoppable francis.. Jones want to stop him before the belt. Or no one can take belt from Francis

      Charky IcenhourCharky IcenhourMonth ago
    • 220 to 248s.. Tonfight for the 235 class. Bracket. Hooray

      Charky IcenhourCharky IcenhourMonth ago
    • 250 tob280 pounds. For the 265 class..

      Charky IcenhourCharky IcenhourMonth ago
    • Jones vs DC vs Stipe.. For 235 class belt. As Chael say.. 40pound rule.. 235 half way by 30pounds

      Charky IcenhourCharky IcenhourMonth ago
  • Time for Adesanya vs Jon Jones. Everyone will get their due. Miocic can fight Nnganou which is only fair, Robert Whittaker can enjoy Christmas w/ his family and Izzy, Jon can solve their thing and lastly Jon can get the big paycheck he's been asking for a long time..

    Gustavo MirandaGustavo MirandaMonth ago
  • Never

    Pancho VillaPancho VillaMonth ago
  • Stipe gains nothing but money fighting Francis. This is stupid. Francis should fight Jones and winner fights Stipe.

    Adam TothAdam TothMonth ago
  • Stipe and Jones is a better challenge, but I want to see Jones vs Francis for the number #1 spot Not gonna happen though

    Lonely CoasterLonely CoasterMonth ago
    • Stipe beats Jones ✊🏽

      Lonely CoasterLonely CoasterMonth ago
  • Jones shouldn't be allowed to jump up to a HW title.. Let him beat Ngannou and Lewis first

    Dedrik93Dedrik93Month ago
  • I’m excited to see Bones’ next win spree which cements him as the greatest of all time! Jk he’s gonna get knocked out lol

    Benjamin RichardBenjamin RichardMonth ago
  • He never ever will, he's all talk. Talking about fighting Jan, talking about moving up to HW for the past however many years. All he's going to do for the next few months is bitch about Khabib taking the #1 spot.

    Jason HawkJason HawkMonth ago
  • Do stipe and ngannou and the winner or even the loser against jon or if stipe is injured or something ask ngannou if he wanna fight jones but he dont need to he deserves it anyway

    Anuran ThiAnuran ThiMonth ago
  • Chael “i might love it, i might hate it” Sonnen

    Rhett DuncanRhett DuncanMonth ago
  • My response is that i like your analysis. On point! This pushes me to follow you on twitter. I already subbed there. keep up the good work!

    La Preuve en VideoLa Preuve en VideoMonth ago
  • Jones should push for the Izzy fight. It'll be a year before he can get a HW shot if Stipe beats Ngannou, could be 2 years if Ngannou wins. Jan isn't really a maquee opponent. But Izzy-Jones is a legit superfight

    Caleb HarperCaleb HarperMonth ago
  • I hate this setup ! Still watching though 🇲🇾😘

    yoyomazaliyoyomazaliMonth ago
  • Lmao aye chael you can’t keep milking jones name much longer

    LinLinMonth ago
  • Would love to see Jon Jones fight Israel

    Sickomodelol _Sickomodelol _Month ago
  • Whitaker also said he wanted to have Christmas and the birth of his next child. He said he would be ready in March or April. I don't know why that part has been left out in every discussion I've watched.

    SoCal RockerSoCal RockerMonth ago
  • I think the wait is worth it for jones he needs to add weight and actually prepare for this fight

    joshbreaksk8INjoshbreaksk8INMonth ago
  • Jon vs izzy is going to happen next year

    Jeffery WallaceJeffery WallaceMonth ago
  • Uncle Chael keeps offering me something.

    Anish KolhatkarAnish KolhatkarMonth ago
  • I love Whittaker's response he's being honest & real. It only has been a few months since his lost to Izzy most fighters will jump back in and probably lose he's taking his time to get better.

    remremMonth ago
  • You know what let's see what happens Verdom versus Jones winner gets a number one contender ship

    Emperor XEmperor XMonth ago
  • Shouldn’t Jon be removed from rankings like Leon??

    icuattheboozericuattheboozerMonth ago
  • In Jone's shoes, I'd definitely let Stipe v Ngannou happen. Francis equals more brain trauma than payday. He waits for stipe. By then he'll have been training at HW for a meaningful amount of time. Could make a difference. The later the better, by then crowds may be back if we are talking next summer. More cash. Jones vs miocic Jones vs "number one contender" Jones vs Lesnar jones vs retirement

    Platform StrangePlatform StrangeMonth ago
  • Put him with Adesanya and send him home packing

    FaizanFaizanMonth ago
  • Triple threat for the belt

    Greed Is badGreed Is badMonth ago
  • That's bullshit. Why does Stipe deserve 7 months off? If you aren't injured defend your damn belt. A fighter shouldn't go more than 6 months without defending their belt

    I Broke Your FaceI Broke Your FaceMonth ago
  • Dana white thinks jones is the goat , wake the fuck up Dana , how disrespectful is that to couture, Royce , Khabib , GSP , Cain and the spider . Not to mention cheal p sonnen !

    Daniel BarnesDaniel BarnesMonth ago
  • I don't understand how this is a discussion. HE'S A PROVEN CHEAT ! Jones and his fans don't seem to realise how bad that is. He shouldn't even be allowed in the sport let alone be the regarded as one of the best. Khabib is the GOAT. Flawless 29-0 record. Dominant in every fight. Hardly ever lost a round in 29 fights. No PEDs. Would've had more title defences if he was given a chance at the title way earlier like he deserved.

    • People follow him for different reasons. He's pure comedy. Not a shining example Just for instance. 😂

      Platform StrangePlatform StrangeMonth ago
  • I love Rob's response. He said he wasn't stoked on it because it will be a really hard fight for him, but to think he doesn't want to run that fight back is silly. What i love about Rob is his honesty. I think he is in a really good spot now, and I for see things going a little differently

    Joe NeloJoe NeloMonth ago
  • I will say maybe what everyone else is not seeing......but have you maybe though of the idea that maybe jon jones is on thc and that will keep him away with great excercise for a minimum of 3-6 months counting on that he leaves it and is dedicating a great fight for a great payday..... everyone has a personal life and i dont see thc bad get away but i believe that someone as great as him has the ability to kick butt and be able to have a personal life... lets not forget that everyone is not only a fighter but a father, brother, son and husband so why not with his history throw that into the mix....

    Hugo NevarezHugo NevarezMonth ago
  • Jones wont be in his prime much longer. Waiting a year for a fight like so many of these guys are doing isn't great.

    Daryl WrightDaryl WrightMonth ago
  • Derrick vs John will be more apt. If he isn't fighting for the title.

    Flood PlayzFlood PlayzMonth ago
  • Whittaker: I don't want to fight the guy he's just too good Delusional fans: well what he really means is, he does wanna fight but...

    shun shunshun shunMonth ago
    • @tutu fairy pants know what, I like you you all right

      shun shunshun shunMonth ago
    • @shun shun And? He's lying too.

      tutu fairy pantstutu fairy pantsMonth ago
    • @tutu fairy pants oh and Dana White just validated the Whittaker quote, sorry but I had to revisit I'm just Petty like that

      shun shunshun shunMonth ago
    • @tutu fairy pants denial is a severe character defects, remember, work the program it will get better

      shun shunshun shunMonth ago
    • @shun shun And then you woke up.

      tutu fairy pantstutu fairy pantsMonth ago
  • Francis beat stipe that would be really mess up to have Jon Jones waiting for another year Jon hair would probably be gray when he get that shot

    red eyered eyeMonth ago
  • I’m sorry but Rob never said he wasn’t stoked about fighting Adesanya

    InsideAssassin2InsideAssassin2Month ago
  • I hope Ngannou improved his wrestling otherwise Stipe might just walk him down again.

    PaulPaulMonth ago
  • Jon needs atlease 6 mouths for the steroids to kick in, then he'll be ready 🤣💉

    Kenneth doughertyKenneth doughertyMonth ago
  • Me: Oh wow Chael, you're giving me all your fries? Chael: I'm just sharing with you

    Brett SylvesterBrett SylvesterMonth ago
  • Everything's cool and the Gang lol Jon and Israel is the Killroy.. hell should be the next fight they have. Jon be the goat

    wolf30349wolf30349Month ago
  • At this point Jon Jones is getting less and less relevant everyday, Twitter fighter.

    Green IguanaGreen IguanaMonth ago
  • Randy got hit and cut. What a sad excuse for a loss. Up there with Deontays weak shoulders..

    khaos_theoremkhaos_theoremMonth ago
  • Just retire

    My 3 SonsMy 3 SonsMonth ago
  • Chale, I think it’s because Whittaker does not want to be the champion. He talked about the pressure and obligations. I truly believe he wants to compete, make money, and not have to play politics.

    Thomas ridgewayThomas ridgewayMonth ago