Trump’s 2020 State of the Union | The Daily Show

Feb 4, 2020
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Trevor went LIVE after President Trump’s third State of the Union address in Washington, D.C. #TheDailyShow #SOTU
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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="410">6:50</a> omg haha. I think it loved American people more

    Ian IanIan Ian14 hours ago
  • C

    Mary Elizabeth SmithMary Elizabeth Smith18 hours ago
  • This guy's a piece of s*** two bit talk show host he should go back under that rock he crawled out from wonder what material this idiot is going to use after Trump finishes his second term in office

    tone tonetone tone18 hours ago
  • Anyone notice it said votegasm?

  • "... And I'll bet he never got your own bedroom to sleep in." That's a very subtle and incredibly clever line. Congratulations, Mr. Noah, congratulations.

    Dan BoyleDan Boyle4 days ago
  • Go go trump

    Emelda NuizEmelda Nuiz4 days ago
  • This shows funny but at the same time he can't prove Trump wrong. he cannot deny what Trump has done for this country. You can make fun of his speeches all day long but at the end of the day everything he saying is true. So what if he is boastful about it and wants to bring up what has happened over the span of almost 12 years. You have to have some type of comparison so him comparing the previous administration to his administration is only telling the people where we were now AND here's where we're at. This guy needs to find another job or start supporting the president. Why don't you make fun of Nancy Pelosi or the Democrats not standing up to clap because the things he was saying we're about the American people. Are the Democrats not happy about what Trump has accomplished while constantly trying to be pushed out of the White House with these fake impeachments. So I guess the left is so upset because they didn't have the balls to do what Trump is doing in the first place. That's the sad part about it. The Democrats want us to depend on the government instead of the government servicing us which is what Trump is doing. Ronald Reagan one of our most beloved presidents want said that the government is in place to service the American people! I would bet you anything that more people watch the president speak than any other president. You know why because he's an entrepreneur at heart and he truly loves people. People like Trump truly want to see other people be successful because he's successful. If he can make America successful then that makes him successful. That is his mentality. When Trump says he's going to do something there's no doubt he's going to do it . He started out just like one of us and worked his way up . He can relate to the American people and finally the American people have a president they can relate to as well. He wasn't groomed his whole life to be a political/president. Open your eyes America God put Trump into the position he is in for a reason. Instead of judging a man his background. He's done what no other president has done in his short amount of time and I pray that he gets re-elected! Trump2020

    Brandie VinsonBrandie Vinson4 days ago
  • trump administration fail those american loss family in the pandemic ..........wake up 90,000 + is dying.... Trump doesn't know how to console

    Venus P.Venus P.4 days ago
  • Trump=casino=president 😂

    Darius M51Darius M514 days ago
  • I live in a country where we can remove our leader mid-term if they are unstable, sick or incapable of fulfilling their role . The party can take a vote and remove them , then someone else can become leader till the end of the term. This US system allows an unfit leader to continue making a mockery of a great democracy . Trump obviously has a personality disorder at least and the office of president is well beyond his intellectual and moral capabilities. I would fight to amend your constitution so this can never happen again.

    jibber jabberjibber jabber5 days ago
  • LUCIFER'S cock sucker, low cast paraya bastard kanina lancau mother fucker, father fucker Trump, blady white paraya corona virus fucker, Trump suck his mother's menses blood that's the reason that fucker's mouth looks like that!!!... Make sure that menses sucker don't come to Malaysia!!!!!!!.....

    Seema JennySeema Jenny5 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> You can hear people going “Oh no” 😂

    Astro XLAstro XL5 days ago
  • dont support trump but Nancy is childish for doing that... just shows how divided we are

    nicole hainingnicole haining5 days ago
  • The US is nowhere near the world’s greatest democracy. It is rated as the 25 most democratic country in the world on the Democracy index. 25th!!

    Jovialmonster 75Jovialmonster 756 days ago
  • Why on earth would the people of the USA accept an electronic voting system. There is a reason why the rest of the world are pissing themselves over this. There are no, repeat NO, computer programs that cannot be hacked by a 14 year old school kid with a vintage Atari PC.

    John McKinleyJohn McKinley6 days ago
  • great trump impression lmao

    Beyza TekinBeyza Tekin6 days ago
  • Trump: we are the best economically. 2020:are you sure about that.

    Irvin RiveraIrvin Rivera6 days ago
  • How the hell did Rush Limbaugh got a medal???

    jean Claudejean Claude7 days ago
  • *FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH:* We are making way too much out of Trump being impeached... *I'VE ALWAYS THOUGHT HE SHOULD BE IMPALED .* "Et tu, Brute?!?" O =

    david williamsondavid williamson7 days ago
  • This is why the Demonrats will lose! The election to president Trump again...

    saffron wettersaffron wetter8 days ago
  • This is awful whether you like him or not he's your PRESIDENT. A president has never gotten more disrespect than Trump has. Just wait 4 years...

    Henry WeisHenry Weis8 days ago
  • This is late (very) but what I see is disrespect for America and once a proud American tradicion and laws. It's a shame to see even his wife participating (non-first lady) and mannequin pence clapping on cue to all that insulting BS!.

    Anon MistAnon Mist9 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="343">5:43</a> the new hitler

    pâris hehnerpâris hehner10 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="159">2:39</a> and now it is weaker than before being built by England. Thanks to whom ? ...

    pâris hehnerpâris hehner10 days ago
  • All the people beside him afraid off him, how do you handle a MADMAN

    victor ledgendvictor ledgend11 days ago
  • state of the union is a nifty way to avoid stating that state being united with the other states of america of some relative approximity.

    Vlad TepesVlad Tepes12 days ago
  • the funny thing is that pete actually won

  • How my country votes: Between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. you can go to one of the voting stations in your town. Maybe you have to wait 5 - 10 minutes. Show your ID card. You get a paper ballad. Go into a booth, with a red pencil you mark your pick (we have about 20 parties, so choose before you go) and then put it into the big bin. Usually takes me 2 minutes (I have never had to wait in a line)

    124Eline124Eline14 days ago
  • Rarely ive seen such a fake perfidious man .. with fake laughs to sustain its small compromised idesa :)))) disgusting little man ... fake smile .. unauthentic ideas .. sold soul .. sad sad man .. disgusting i must say :))

    Paul ManailaPaul Manaila15 days ago
  • u are just saying this words so u can get paid , it s really bad when u making living from jokes instead of a real job

    albion kingalbion king15 days ago

    jefferey johnsonjefferey johnson15 days ago
  • Trump was right about one thing I can think of, I am tired of all this "winning".

    jefferey johnsonjefferey johnson15 days ago
  • Me: 16 and doesn't trust digital money. "I use real money"

    Checking 09Checking 0915 days ago
  • Trump: Makes Pledge to support Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions** Nancy Pelosi’s Reaction😂 freaking love Nancy Pelosi👏

    Ricardo RicoRicardo Rico15 days ago
  • I thought no other person knew Trump in context of African Presidents characters. What a first world about to tumble

    Wilfred YegohWilfred Yegoh15 days ago
  • AOC is a dime!

    Jeremiah GuyJeremiah Guy16 days ago
  • Really? The greatest democracy?

    helanna van brakelhelanna van brakel16 days ago
  • lol ol ok o ooo ol po Lool loo olo loool lo llo ol polos opo o I’m l ooo pool

    Patrick Tueuma Untag PuleniPatrick Tueuma Untag Puleni16 days ago
  • Look at the guy at Trump's back. Totally a follower

    hidden leafhidden leaf18 days ago
  • The pelosi handshake was probably a misunderstanding most of trumps friends that wear all white also wear a hood so we should let him slide on this one clearly a misunderstanding.

    Tommy HallumTommy Hallum18 days ago
  • So how do I get this paper app on my phone?

    Tommy HallumTommy Hallum18 days ago
  • I used to hate our PM Imran Khan but after watching the speech of Trump I started liking Imran Khan because atleast he can deliver good speeches

    khan poetry pointkhan poetry point18 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="505">08:25</a> The swagg bruhh....everybody is a gangsta....until the lady steals the show... Hell yeah....!!!!!!!. ...

    Gautham_Hector13Gautham_Hector1318 days ago
  • This guy doesn't sound American , why's he talking about it

    Tony PeroneTony Perone19 days ago
  • Its time to shine again in this november please dont drop the ball again americans

    Joenel SarachoJoenel Saracho19 days ago
  • Trump is he best of the best at being stupid 😂

    Simon JamesSimon James22 days ago
  • This aged so well.

    Franky ContiFranky Conti23 days ago
  • Trump is worse but idk. Lol

    Franky ContiFranky Conti23 days ago
  • Nancy is the worst

    Franky ContiFranky Conti23 days ago
  • Lies, lies, and more lies

    TomgroovinTomgroovin23 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a> check out pops....

    TomgroovinTomgroovin23 days ago
  • Rl

    Brook RainesBrook Raines24 days ago
  • Donny is a fake. İf you would set him up that people just cheer and clap this guy would think i created the universe. Let there be light and there was trump.

    Tarchon GlitchTarchon Glitch24 days ago
  • I don't think we lost our pride until he came along. so how can he restore it by being an awful president?

    Ava MelchertAva Melchert25 days ago
  • I think I should start going to his rallies. Sounds like free entertainment to me

    KiwiKiwi25 days ago
  • Covid 19 by this time has affected a million Americans....#welldonetrump

    shashang SJshashang SJ26 days ago
  • Pelosi = Thug Life 😎😎😎

    Woza !!Woza !!26 days ago
  • This black man is right 💯

    Adil MalikAdil Malik27 days ago
  • All this white hillbillies what a Joke

    Baltazar KolskiBaltazar Kolski27 days ago
  • I wonder what his family thinks of his bullshit ...I guess his family is same as this idiot is .

    Baltazar KolskiBaltazar Kolski27 days ago
  • Cheers for Nancy Pelosi! 🎉💐❤

    Sinha SinghayaSinha Singhaya27 days ago
  • omg ... pathetic president poor americans ..... what a crazy person he is .. god sh make america grt again ...

    Basgaran NatarajanBasgaran Natarajan27 days ago
  • Fuck Trump .. white people cannot take us out.. there too many of us f*** you all!!!!!

    DADDA323 DADDA323DADDA323 DADDA32328 days ago
  • trump has a mental disease

    Its Clobbering TimeIts Clobbering Time28 days ago
  • The black fellow would be in prison if in China

    chen yuchen yu28 days ago
  • 🤯 The Matrix!

    Joshua BrinsonJoshua Brinson28 days ago
  • AOC got it right, that’s for sure! Poor Nancy, she actually bothered showing up and sour pussy boy Donny wouldn’t even at least shake her hand, oh well that’s alright! When November rolls around, his greasy fried chicken and hamburder fat ass will be gone

    DanGan808 EllaDanGan808 Ella29 days ago
  • Not even OPRA or JERRY could mount a better show!...

    Abraham MorenoAbraham Moreno29 days ago
    • Becareful cause that makes people popular....and obviously if you are capable to entertain you can also be accepted... damgerous isnt it...?

      Abraham MorenoAbraham Moreno29 days ago
  • That trump speech did not aged well lol

    Rambling HyenaRambling Hyena29 days ago
  • feel so bad for nancy

    FlowMo TVFlowMo TVMonth ago
  • Yes, the separated families are definitely flourishing. Yes, our values of denying rights to citizens are restored. Yes, our pride that gets laughed at by world powers is restored. And yes, the terrible economy we have at the moment is the best it's ever been. I guess anyone can become president in this country.

    Christopher DiazChristopher DiazMonth ago
  • Venezuela

    Keya HowardKeya HowardMonth ago
  • Wow. I already forgot that they used to do this in front of an audience. That was weird to watch :D

    Señor DieterSeñor DieterMonth ago
  • shit dude this trump is a PIG

    Raul Fernandez ArencibiaRaul Fernandez ArencibiaMonth ago
  • Trevor ... you are too good ...i was laughing through the whole video ... always your fan 😊

    prabha shresthaprabha shresthaMonth ago
  • You dont shake the hands of someone who is trying to impeach you. It also puts her in her place. But how come for Trevor everything is a joke in life.. He is a joke who has nothing but shitty joke to give.

    River JamirRiver JamirMonth ago
  • There is no amount of writers that can make this man entertaining. Trevor is such a hack.

    Ala TacoqueAla TacoqueMonth ago
  • People forget the country's economy was at an all time high before the kung flu

    Ala TacoqueAla TacoqueMonth ago
  • shut up Trevor, your mouth stinks

    Vyvian TCheezVyvian TCheezMonth ago
  • The 🍊: Look at me now!!! You couldn't protect yourself from yourself. What a joke. You can definitely put on a show. Better than Barnam&Bailey🤫🎢🎡

    ifiknewthen13ifiknewthen13Month ago