What was TEKOI?

Jul 28, 2020
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  • It's so strange to me how the phrase "classified top secret" got shortened to just "classified" and we all accept it now. Every time you hear the word "classified," try mentally replacing it with "designated." "I'm sorry that information is designated." "Designated what?"

    HarrisonHarrison2 hours ago
  • Tekoi has been moved to Beirut

    matiekingmatieking11 hours ago
  • Why was there no mention of the real menace here: Tumbles

    mikea hiooimikea hiooi11 hours ago
  • @CGP Grey, There's an error in the graph which starts at 1:33. The numbers (of warheads) climbs on the left, and jumps from 25k, to 35k, then to 30k, then to 40k. Food for thought next time.

    Cerberus CorpsCerberus CorpsDay ago
  • I only care about where the hidden hot stopper location clues are in TEKOI. The Tim's need to analyze this video further.

    Corey HighbergCorey HighbergDay ago
  • Wow, the images hits different now, wouldn’t have guessed it was a missile site. Strange vibe.

    Kristian AureliusKristian AureliusDay ago
    • After listening to the Sam Harris podcast regarding world wide nuclear proliferation this is a great video addition!

      mikea hiooimikea hiooi11 hours ago
  • I like how that offhand remark about it being on an Indian Reservation explains entirely how Grey ended up on this topic.

    Shauka HodanShauka HodanDay ago
  • I don't even care about this shit, but the way you tell a story man...

    Kunta KinteKunta KinteDay ago
  • this feels like a location you'd find in fallout new vegas

    Roger NobreRoger Nobre2 days ago
    • Hey just watched a q&a with grey before this and I figured a suggestion would be better here. You’ve said that behind every video is a lot of failures, maybe some of these

      sokin jonsokin jonDay ago
  • Looking like the end of portal 2

    Nope don’t CareNope don’t Care2 days ago
  • Holy crap this is less than 2 hours from my house. Is it as easy to explore as you made it look or did you get permission?

    speelbergospeelbergo2 days ago
    • 2:35 That guy's got cojones

      Shauka HodanShauka HodanDay ago
  • CP Grey has the most distinct speach pattern since morgan freeman.

    BeldansFireBeldansFire2 days ago
  • Hercules was connected to several environmental disasters. Chattanooga TN was site to one of their largest TNT plants from WW2 through the end of the Vietnam War. This site was originally constructed by Hercules and was instrumental in the streamlining of the production process. All of these TNT sites have cost millions to clean up as they were mostly near large population centers.

    TN Gun WorksTN Gun Works2 days ago
  • bring back hello internet

    kanirrkanirr2 days ago
  • Fire 🔥

    bilias hourbilias hour2 days ago
  • CGP Has TDS

    Julio CJulio C2 days ago
  • That graphic of Russia and the USA firing all those unstoppable missiles really reset the perspective for me

    Oof SquadOof Squad2 days ago
  • Mhmmm them animations are tasty!!!

    LamaDeluxeLamaDeluxe2 days ago
  • Mhmmm them animations are tasty!!!

    LamaDeluxeLamaDeluxe2 days ago
  • $640. That's how much that guys life was worth

    NealikusNealikus3 days ago
  • After listening to the Sam Harris podcast regarding world wide nuclear proliferation this is a great video addition!

    Jeffrey EgolfJeffrey Egolf3 days ago
  • Anyone else here watched Scott Manley's video on the minotaur rocket? Now I know the deatails of those minuteman stages.

    Charles LambertCharles Lambert3 days ago
  • 3:50 oh that's why Hercules went bankrupt......... oh, never mind guess that wasn't the reason.

    sokin jonsokin jon3 days ago
  • Hey just watched a q&a with grey before this and I figured a suggestion would be better here. You’ve said that behind every video is a lot of failures, maybe some of these failures could go on a smaller separate channel so that die hard cgp fans could watch them but casual viewers wouldn’t have to dig through content to find more popular videos. Or maybe make them a patreon reward or something, that way you wouldn’t have to edit them very much, it’d be kind of like a look behind the scenes at a raw video.

    Ben WinkelmanBen Winkelman3 days ago
  • 2:35 That guy's got cojones

    anosmianAcrimonyanosmianAcrimony3 days ago
  • Didn't know you were slowly turning into BrightSunFilms. He visits a lot of abandoned sites and buildings, it's great.

    SRFriso94SRFriso943 days ago
    • Very much appreciate the shift in your content within the last few years towards IRL exploring.

      sokin jonsokin jon3 days ago
  • Wow, great dive into some cool history. Puts today’s troubles into perspective.

    Dustin WillDustin Will3 days ago
  • Imagine being crushed to death for the U.S. cause and your own government only cares about you $640 worth

    The Geek SideThe Geek Side3 days ago
  • ''America should destroy all its nuclear weapons immediately. Then it should withdraw all its troops from every country in the world where they are stationed. Then it should pay money to every single person in the whole wide world who has ever been hurt by America. Then it should say sorry. Then it should suicide itself. Then... and only then.. .will the world say ''Goodbye, America! We always hated you!''. After that, there will be peace and love and kindness and rainbows and teddy bears and everything will be wonderful forever and ever and ever. There.'' [This message brought to you by every College Academic, the MSM, every Socialist, Communist and Globalist-Funded moron who breathes air on this ball of dirt].

    v1e1r1g1e1v1e1r1g1e13 days ago
  • dont let this disturb the fact that cgp greys first comment was "Can you make 4 students?"

    DexSter MapperDexSter Mapper3 days ago
  • Why can’t I view the directors commentary? I’m subbed but it’s says it’s for members only without giving explanation

    Jonathan FarlandJonathan Farland4 days ago
  • I thought the reason the signs were in Russian is because that because neither side could really trust each other, they both took hostages. And TEKOI was were they were kept.

    The petsThe pets4 days ago
  • Ok but how does this tie to tumble weed

    Joe DeFratiesJoe DeFraties4 days ago
  • I has subscribed

    Chan Y ParkChan Y Park4 days ago
  • When you're doing research for the Indian Reservations video and the Tumbleweed video, but you wander off the narrow path in the forest off all knowledge. 😏

    Michal DrábekMichal Drábek4 days ago
  • This was an insanely interesting, informative, and well-produced video! I would like to see more content like this!

    Noah LaRoyNoah LaRoy4 days ago
  • This feels so Fallout like honestly This feels like some place you would visit and read about in terminals and discover dome dark secret done by the US goverment

    diungy alisnrdiungy alisnr4 days ago
  • My Grandfather worked for Hercules. Lost his thumb and fingers to an explosion set off by static electricity. Hercules used to take the slag, left over from making Mercury Fulminate, on barges out past the Golden Gate and dump it. Special, huh?

    forty twoforty two4 days ago
  • Something is different, Grey. Is it your voice? Are you tired, CGP? Having a rough go of it? Maybe bored with the format. Something is off

    forty twoforty two4 days ago
  • CGP Grey I have to warn you about what's going on with Patreon. People signing HUNDREDS of arbitration claims and suing Patreon MASSIVELY. This could mean they can't afford all of these claims and come for their users money. Your money. Please be cautious about Patreon for the foreseeable future.

    Braeden SegawaBraeden Segawa4 days ago
  • Very much appreciate the shift in your content within the last few years towards IRL exploring.

    Russ LastnameRuss Lastname4 days ago
  • Could you make a video about what would STV look like when you choose parties instead of representatives? (I dont know if Im making me understand)

    Kimetz F UKimetz F U4 days ago
  • Man crushed to death: pay $640. Yep, sounds like 'Murica.

    Renato CorvaroRenato Corvaro4 days ago
  • The worst part of greys videos is when they end.

    KitKatCrunchYTKitKatCrunchYT4 days ago
  • 640 $ ... how could you put a price on a human life ? And one that is so low

    Virtual Sky TateVirtual Sky Tate4 days ago
  • Me, at the beginning: Huh this looks just like West Utah Grey: Welcome to Utah! Me: 😮

    afutla qianafutla qian4 days ago
  • Fun fact, some of the minuteman missiles were used to launch satellites as part of the Minotaur rocket family. A peaceful use of military hardware.(sort of, most payload launched on Minotaurs are NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), so spy satellites)

    Allen BrooksAllen Brooks4 days ago
  • Ah! Russia, Utah.

    //Shion//Shion4 days ago
  • 647. Fair price

    Cesar AguilarCesar Aguilar4 days ago
    • My aunt and uncle live in Skull Valley. Now I want to go see this next time I go visit them.

      afutla qianafutla qian4 days ago
  • Hercules by Watsky, give it a listen for more background knowledge

    Adiah JacksonAdiah Jackson4 days ago
  • The chart at 4:52 says Tekoi was an SLBM facility so wouldn't its motors be for the Trident series missiles and not the Minuteman series? Every source I've found says Minuteman but why would it have been listed under SLBM?

    Airrage88Airrage884 days ago
  • still traumatized from you know which video

    jemand771jemand7714 days ago
  • I need more of this Grey

    SkulLord95SkulLord954 days ago
  • Man what happened to your voice @CGP Grey

    Nikhil gumasthiNikhil gumasthi4 days ago
  • Why exactly the number of employees that died at Hercules is relevant? And the value of the fee that TEKOI payed for the sole accident that they had?

    Luciano Rossato DiasLuciano Rossato Dias4 days ago
  • Whats the true cost of a human life? USDL: 640 US Dollars

    Bearly KoalafiedBearly Koalafied4 days ago
  • wow, chilling ending really.

    And TheAnd The4 days ago
  • He's back

    T44T444 days ago
  • So now you finally spill the Tea?

    defenseive kobradefenseive kobra4 days ago
  • Why was there no mention of the real menace here: Tumbles

    misolou foutmisolou fout4 days ago