Call of Duty Warzone Dream Team

Mar 23, 2020
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Call of Duty Warzone with Aculite and Stonemountain64. This will be good fun! Let's see how many wins we can get today! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • I am rewatching this now and I am not used to hearing Stone being called David... It's strange...

    Vasil RacheffVasil Racheff6 days ago
  • After 5 months of watching Jack, Aculite, and Stone and I just know found out that Stone’s name is David. Thank you Jack 😂

    Preston McClerrenPreston McClerren17 days ago
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    banana probanana pro25 days ago
  • Watch me on twitch rn! micky5214

    Michael BarajasMichael Barajas27 days ago
  • Watch me on twitch rn! micky5214

    Michael BarajasMichael Barajas27 days ago
  • watching this now in september 2020, got chills when Jack was talking about how those rules are going to change our lives.... no one could've expected anything like what we're dealing with now. while i'm saying this our city is going back into highest alert for a rapid rise of cases and it feels like we're going back into the deep pit. everyone please wear your masks and limit social interactions to a minimum please... we need to get over this... our lives have been irreversibly affected and we need to limit the damage as much as possible.

    256KLABS256KLABSMonth ago
  • 3:30 - you can the drop the weapon first and then pick your loadout. The stopping power rounds will still be there.

    Its-Just-KlutzIts-Just-KlutzMonth ago
    • @Jackfrags @Aculite @Stone

      Its-Just-KlutzIts-Just-KlutzMonth ago
  • Why does aculite look like putan?

    Mr KaneMr KaneMonth ago

    pete smithpete smithMonth ago
  • 👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

    YoUtUbE bElIeVeRYoUtUbE bElIeVeRMonth ago
  • You know, I thought computer would look harder.

    Benny T. Adventures.Benny T. Adventures.Month ago
  • Tbh, this is the only time I realized that Stone's real name is David. 0-0 I'm so dumb

    Nash ZabalaVlogsNash ZabalaVlogsMonth ago
  • jack calling stone and aculite david and connor is uncomfortable

    Jacob WurmJacob WurmMonth ago
  • how does it feel playing with C.O? i wish

    Kuro KenshinKuro KenshinMonth ago
  • This probably my favorite video not just because of the great content but because it's a 2 and a half hour video without you or your friends using the lords name in vain once. And that is quite rare in your videos if not not it's probably the first. Thank you. And I hope there's more like this one

    Tertius Van EedenTertius Van EedenMonth ago
  • Computer game ?

    owyie larazoowyie larazoMonth ago
  • A Brit, American and a Canadian Eh!? nice, My squad is the same except our Brit is a girl and she'd destroy you.

    MGVMGVMonth ago
  • You sound so much like zf edberg

    Probably Forgot My NameProbably Forgot My Name2 months ago
  • Silent when your in game. Fucking your sound

    rahmat hidayatrahmat hidayat2 months ago
  • Is aculite's name is "Connor" or something? 😶

    WDSCSWDSCS2 months ago
  • win screen should say "Winner, Royale with Cheese"

    Kurt PilonKurt Pilon2 months ago
  • There should be weather. Rain (including lightening which can briefly stun) and Fog for stealth opportunities. Motorbikes for two man convoy. Being able to shoot while driving would also be good. Also, one purchasable should be an attack dog. It reveals your location (by displaying it's own location) but will attack a chosen enemy on command with the capability of killing them after three full strikes. Will remain in the area unless called to return. Similar to a Vtol but with indoor applications. Can be purchased by each member of a squad. Will set off proximity mine's and claymores so not free to travel unthreatened. Should be around 5k to deter everyone making the king contract a raffle prize. Its a good accessory. If you air strike a rooftop and team members send in dogs that make it to the top floor can be a good tactic to push and just fun. They need to do something about the AK47 because there is nothing about this iconic gun which stands out. It takes same amount of time to kill as Scar or Kilo and its recoil control takes up half of the available attachments. It's strength is a midrange assault rifle yet it is only good at long or close range set up's and in thsoe departments its not competitive against SMG's or Marksman/Sniper Rifles. Spetsnaz Elite barrel (the mid range one) should have a recoil control benefit to bring it into the conversations with Scar, Grau, M4 and Kilo. Infinity ward: I hope you're listening.

    Fawaz AliFawaz Ali2 months ago
    • Another modification should be a bot mode where all teams are bots. Will make stealth killing more a possibility and for those who do stealth tactics, the game endorses it and it's really rewarding but human players are so unpredictable they'll check their 6 three times in 5 seconds with their own UAV in the air. With a bot mode, you can also make it a Warzone Rumble modification where all squads are divided into two regiments and your squad high priority targets that are hunted/protected by surrounds bots. Being able to apply instructions individually to a set number of nearby friendly bots (occupy an area/man a roof top/watch access points on ground floors) in a user friendly way would take cod to a new level. As a monopoly on shooters, more or less, cod should take advantage over other games that overlap in the category such as GTA and Metal Gear Solid. Im happy they keep adding guns. I hope in the future there is an absolute library of guns that people can choose from.

      Fawaz AliFawaz Ali2 months ago
  • The way jack calls Stone and Aculite by their names makes me think they are very very very close HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Song HaoSong Hao2 months ago
  • Is motion blur on?

    BlankEssenceBlankEssence2 months ago
  • is RX 580 8GB gpu able to support this game? This game is awesome.

    Ronel Polo Jr.Ronel Polo Jr.2 months ago
  • Why does aculite look like Putin?

    Matt HMatt H2 months ago
  • One of you sound like Jim from ‘the office’

    Director ZDirector Z3 months ago
  • if i ever killed one of you guys which i wouldnt because im trash lol, id scream like a little girl and would talk about it for months haha

    Dark_Khan 223Dark_Khan 2233 months ago
  • what kind of low life loser needs to hack a game and then gets pleasure out of it? No skill. Part of the fun in winning is knowing that your natural abilities bested the other teams.

    Wizard1AWizard1A3 months ago
  • is it just me... or one of this guys sounds like Winterstarcraft ?

    FerdymodeFerdymode3 months ago
  • That win a 1:01:30 lol

    oliveiradesoliveirades3 months ago
  • Great fun watching this team play together. Thanks!

    Douglas NewmanDouglas Newman3 months ago
  • ahhh, boring.

    HthegoatHthegoat3 months ago
  • So stone is david and aculite connor

    Santiago CaritatSantiago Caritat3 months ago
  • can you play with aculite ? wow

    isaac Bringasisaac Bringas3 months ago
  • i found aculite and stone separately from Jack, and now that ik they’re friends i cant stop watching

    2face. lucas2face. lucas3 months ago
  • How do you subscribe

    Vicki BirdVicki Bird3 months ago
  • 50:48 Totally agree - I hated the last couple BF games and I was totally addicted to BF3/4

    m0nk3yl0v3rm0nk3yl0v3r3 months ago
  • This is deffo my favourite trio out of everyone you play with Jack!

    Adam SeddonAdam Seddon3 months ago
  • did jou just cite Peanut of Jeff Dunhams show? looool

    bonesixbonesix3 months ago
  • That second game was just epic haha

    John MercadoJohn Mercado3 months ago
  • really its like a dream team.. : )

    A.H.M SajidA.H.M Sajid3 months ago
  • jack is so sweet. it’s nice watching a cod player that isn’t a cocky asshole

    Irridessa AmoreIrridessa Amore4 months ago
  • Royal Flush FTW

    PaulaPaula4 months ago
  • Im here by default since I left youtube running on auto-play for 3 hours. Stats.

    David sDavid s4 months ago
  • Great video. BF3 feels with no destruction...

    Remius106Remius1064 months ago
  • 35:15 Jack was playing MadMAX FURY ROAD, like "WITNESS ME!!!"

    TheGreatWarrior123TheGreatWarrior1234 months ago
  • A dream team without Stone trash🚮 ass!!

    KING JAMESKING JAMES4 months ago
  • Who else is watching this after Boris's rap I mean speech impediment? Lol

    myklmenziemyklmenzie5 months ago
  • lol 3/4 of the viewer ship had a wooosh moment with the million dollar man reference

    Roland TheleftyRoland Thelefty5 months ago
  • 17:43 Quick Burial

    myklmenziemyklmenzie5 months ago
  • Truck-kun best weapon

    Tommy NguyenTommy Nguyen5 months ago
  • 1:33:13 ROYALE WITH CHEESE In the moment no on even acknowledges that he says this?? It's genius. Warzone wins are now Royale with Cheese you can't convince me otherwise. Maybe we'll call top 4 a Quarter Pounder.

    DaimyoD0DaimyoD05 months ago
  • Question, is it an advantage playing on pc vs ps4 or xbox?

    Kenny YanezKenny Yanez5 months ago
  • You guys should play with Broken more

    Jacob ButlerJacob Butler5 months ago
  • jack didnt loot the people he rocket launchered in the jeep when they were at firestation

    LewisSmithVlogsLewisSmithVlogs5 months ago
  • Love your vids, keep me calm in times like these

    Jonathan HudsonJonathan Hudson5 months ago
  • Aculite's "dip dip potato chip" had me rolling

    DaGrumpzDaGrumpz5 months ago
  • U should try putting a proximity mine on the drone

    MR.FROZTYMR.FROZTY5 months ago
  • One of them sounds like joe Rogan

    Xtian CabbageXtian Cabbage5 months ago
  • 2:18:00 I swear jack is trying to recreate blockbuster action scenes in war zone.

    Ciggo Smoke'O DoggoCiggo Smoke'O Doggo5 months ago
  • Do you play on PS or PC ?

    Mazhar SyedMazhar Syed5 months ago
  • I was the guy at the end

    gran gergran ger5 months ago
  • 20:20 That's pure overkill😂

    Rubaanessh MahindranRubaanessh Mahindran5 months ago
  • Aculite filthy lol

    tim Robertstim Roberts5 months ago
  • That last kill execution was pure filth

    the quickest ssdthe quickest ssd5 months ago
  • Hi Jack, I have been a long time follower. I love you and thank you for supporting me emotionally through youtube during this pandemic. you da best ;)

    Jordan WolcottJordan Wolcott5 months ago
  • Looking for some new teammates to run quads if anyone’s interested 🏃🏾‍♂️

    KyrifromcltKyrifromclt5 months ago
  • But when stone die why he didn't go to the gulag ???

    Ronie DeeprezRonie Deeprez5 months ago
  • 1:35:15 "I'm scared Connor". LOL seems Jack wants to engage in a bromance :D

    Fredo SinsemillaFredo Sinsemilla6 months ago
    • ...and it goes on. "I'm safe Connor". These homoerotic bastards!

      Fredo SinsemillaFredo Sinsemilla6 months ago
  • PSN- Joshchantzz hmu if you got a mic

    Joshchantzz PlayzJoshchantzz Playz6 months ago
  • I don't like that stone mountain is not in character 😭😭😭

    Faisal AliFaisal Ali6 months ago
  • My war zone dream team: Jackfrags, 2angrygamers, Vikkstar123, WarZ,

    Kabir ChohKabir Choh6 months ago
  • Aculite scares me

    iXenoziiXenozi6 months ago
  • How are your pick-up guns sooo different to what I find? I’ve never seen a SCAR, M13 not to mention MP7! All I get is Famas, Oden and shitty Uzis... M4 if I’m super lucky 😂

    Szymon SzorSzymon Szor6 months ago
  • Self Isolation, COVID-19. Great company, thanks.

    Henry DownesHenry Downes6 months ago
  • as a healthcare worker, your gameplay videos are the best therapy after a long busy day at work. Thanks jack! :D

    Mr PuppeteerMr Puppeteer6 months ago
  • Day 30 of lockdown in SA :'(

    Chris LaversChris Lavers6 months ago
  • Where is the tom (tomographic)

    -Minimalistic --Minimalistic -6 months ago
  • Good came, and very cool

    Steven LindleySteven Lindley6 months ago
  • 13:25 doesn't even grab it hahahaha

    DjaykDjayk6 months ago
  • Video games have become more fun

    ToXiC cHiLLzToXiC cHiLLz6 months ago
  • No matter how you play the game, you are a nerd Jack.

    ChiefBD119ChiefBD1196 months ago
  • Well done

    Danijel SpasojevicDanijel Spasojevic6 months ago
  • I'm a new youtuber i'm making cool and funny Call of duty Warzone content :) would appreciate a sub (:

    LuxperLuxper6 months ago
  • We have been practicing this for years! TRUTH! Gamers Unit!

    skellysharpz55skellysharpz556 months ago
  • Thabks for buying me a ps4 man

    william millerwilliam miller6 months ago
  • 3.14 million followers and 10k likes, yall need to click for ya boi more

    Dionysios GalatisDionysios Galatis6 months ago
  • "It´s so nice having the gulgag"... I imagine the soviets said the same!

    Cristián LadislaCristián Ladisla6 months ago
  • No, this better than bf4 even

    Franco SamuelFranco Samuel6 months ago
  • I’m sorry but one of the guys sounds like toby miguire

    NegusNegus6 months ago
  • One guy sounds like Jim from The Office the other guy sounds like Joe Rogan.

    DatNiGGaGSL7MDatNiGGaGSL7M6 months ago
  • When someone says “mans” they’re referring to themselves not a name 😂😂 it’s London slang

    TyreseTyrese6 months ago
  • Sad that they removed trio :(

    saologicsaologic6 months ago
  • you could say you have entered the winzone

    Elijah BainesElijah Baines6 months ago
  • Lookin to get a head shot😏

    Squangle DangleSquangle Dangle6 months ago
  • it’s like you’re playing with Joe Rogan and Benjamin Babish

    Benjamin NealBenjamin Neal6 months ago
  • @ 21:54 "What a mad man!" I'm on the floor fallin' out laughing

    brandy sigmonbrandy sigmon6 months ago
  • My favorite part is when the British guy has a conversation with himself about battlefield 3.

    Rodney BlevinsRodney Blevins6 months ago
  • 21:32 LEFT LEFT LEFT ... *shoots ... dead xD

    Christian JankerChristian Janker6 months ago