Film Theory: Willy Wonka RIGGED the Golden Tickets!

Jul 30, 2020
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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a gem in the history of movies. It stands out not just for the acting and the main story, but all of the things you can find hiding beneath the surface. It is a surprisingly ominous movie and the character of Willy Wonka is at the center of the horror. We've talked about Wonka using the Golden Tickets to pass off his OSHA violations onto the winner, but what if that was not the only trick he's trying to pull? What else is Willy Wonka up to? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • What if Mace Windu actually just killed a clone of Jango fett in Attack of the clones?

    Cuco SánchezCuco Sánchez24 minutes ago
  • I'm still here waiting for theory theory

    Śhêi RozeŚhêi Roze46 minutes ago
  • A lot happened in 1979

    DarrenDarren59 minutes ago
  • Truth is, the game was rigged from the started

    erik moreerik moreHour ago
  • But.... This is also a FOOD THEORY.... ( Illuminati confirmed)......

    shibangi bhattacharyashibangi bhattacharyaHour ago
  • I ma confused a about this so Charlie pulled the Golden ticket out of a Whipple scrumptious delight but on the news paper a original wonka bar Like plz

    Lewis McLeodLewis McLeodHour ago
  • Ok,I have a theory that the movie Home and the Allen species the Boov as oh one of the mane characters states that boov DO NOT HAVE FAMILY and shows a small memory of where there feed but If boov don’t have family how do they reproduce

    Riley Gamer girl 13Riley Gamer girl 13Hour ago
  • Theory pitch, simpsons prediction chances

    Isaac GoeltlIsaac GoeltlHour ago
  • Theory pitch, how poor is dreamland. (Disenchantment)

    Isaac GoeltlIsaac GoeltlHour ago
  • Theory pitch, timelines of starwars

    Isaac GoeltlIsaac GoeltlHour ago
  • Too much time was spent begging for subscribers in this episode. Still a good video, but its annoying.

    Edward SchwahlEdward Schwahl2 hours ago
  • too much cross advertisement and junk

    eelyak37eelyak373 hours ago
  • However, if we suppose that the golden tickets were sended randomly, the purchase power wouldn't count in the probability,. The math should consider only the amount of countries and their dominant population race.

    Gabriel OdaGabriel Oda3 hours ago
  • Can you make new channel:The Pet Theorist?

    Tomcat's CreationsTomcat's Creations3 hours ago
  • Theory idea : will the 5 nights at Friday's characters turn into smart Alex's like techno Freddy idk

    Lovely's WorldLovely's World4 hours ago
  • Hey game theory why are all the kids who got golden tickets are also blond or dirty blond?

    642SpaghettiPrincess !642SpaghettiPrincess !5 hours ago
  • Video starts at 3:05

    TheOfficialPSITheOfficialPSI6 hours ago
  • This video is stupid

    Alberto GuerraAlberto Guerra7 hours ago
  • The theory is wonka is races *Gasp *

    sleepwalker tmsleepwalker tm8 hours ago
  • why make everything about skin color, it ruins everything.

    Drybe-Drybe-9 hours ago
  • Willy Wonker is Jokerr

    Elite#360Elite#3609 hours ago
  • Theory for film. Theory that isn't a film but still: Chinese zodiac sign rat, it has been said that the zodiac signs brings bad luck to its year, 2020 is rat year soo... I kinda want to know if it is true

    Amber WolfersAmber Wolfers9 hours ago
    • well 0% actually, because Willy Wonka's chocolate factory doesnt exist

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose8 hours ago
  • How did you know it was top right of my screen

    Elite#360Elite#3609 hours ago
  • Make a conspiracy theory

    Elite#360Elite#3609 hours ago
    • I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose8 hours ago
  • Wow. '79 was a big year for Coca-Cola.

    Thomas MercerThomas Mercer10 hours ago
  • You forgot rich immigrants boi

    Jagjit SinghJagjit Singh10 hours ago
  • 14:07 I have this really weird theory that maby, just maby, hes British *drumroll* Because hes from BRITAIN. Now i know this seems far fetched because they are in America but due to complex science there is a small chance that he could have TRAVELED THERE!

    Captain SoupCaptain Soup10 hours ago
  • i love this channel BECAUSE of how much research you do. My mom appreciates it to, as a science teacher. i think she's recommended her kids watch some of your videos before.

    E ME M10 hours ago
  • MatPat would be that cool science/history teacher who's into gaming, conspiracies and put cringy memes into his slideshows

    WitherLord888WitherLord88811 hours ago
  • I like potatoes

    Parker AnsonParker Anson11 hours ago
  • Theorin pitch for game theory: how can the eagles Child be younger than red. Shoutout to deltaskarmory1

    MelchokladMelchoklad11 hours ago
  • International does not mean all countries in the entire world. Many countries are so poor that setting up a chocolate business, would make no sense. Some countries do not want to have such a cooperation without establishing very fine trust. Willy Wonka being how he was, would not exactly inspire trust. As that would require him to be soon, and also to not be insane. This I will add alone down here as I have not seen this movie in like, forever. Isn't there just one such factory? It doesn't seem like a place that is easily replicated. Much like Santas workshop in the north pole. They have way too many magical creatures to be wide spread. So even if there are more factories, they would not be as special as this one. Which leads to yet another whole, which is the people winning getting there. How many people think a Chinese kid would be allowed to travel the globe for some "free" (as the travel would cost a lot) chocolate? How many kids from Africa would be allowed to go? You get where this is going. So it is fair to assume you would only count people who are close by. I think the more accurate question would be, what are the odds of all the 5 winners being kids around the exact same age. No adults, no tweens, teens and no elderly people. EDIT: As usual, Mat has thought of this. I wrote it 7 minutes into the theory. Way to go! You are a smart boy Mat :)

    Lawliet RiverLawliet River11 hours ago
  • What happens to comic book theory

    So Funny173So Funny17312 hours ago
  • Theory Pitch: What is the chemical makeup of Purple Haze's (the Stand) virus?

    Olivia RidenourOlivia Ridenour12 hours ago
  • Film Theory Pitch: If "The Last Jedi" is still considered Star Wars canon, why aren't hyperdrive missiles the most dominant weapons in that universe? You saw how anxious the First Order was when they figured out that a ship was going to hyperdrive itself into them. They didn't try to raise shields (since they'd probably be useless) and the damage from that one ship was massive. So seeing what we saw and considering that hyperdrive is available on fighter jets, why wouldn't you just strap this tech to some projectiles and drive them straight in the Death Star?

    Russell RogersRussell Rogers12 hours ago
  • Film theory pitch: How big is phineas and ferb’s backyard? I mean, it looks so small but it can hold a beach so-

    ørange • juïçeørange • juïçe13 hours ago
  • wait so false advertising means he is committing a crime, he should go to jail.

    Leia JiangLeia Jiang13 hours ago
    • There are many, many other reasons Willy Wonka should be in prison.

      Dylan WarnerDylan Warner6 hours ago
    • Yeah ....but he also murdered them so .....

      Lisa ALisa A12 hours ago
  • well 0% actually, because Willy Wonka's chocolate factory doesnt exist

    DirtSprite GTDirtSprite GT14 hours ago
    • Well yes in this world But in universe It clearly does I understand the confusion

      Lisa ALisa A12 hours ago
  • Your European

    Kevo1known’s friend laxlerrls Dark angelKevo1known’s friend laxlerrls Dark angel14 hours ago
  • actually the principal of removal does not apply, because in theory one person could get 2 golden tickets.

    alastor lapidalastor lapid14 hours ago
  • should be food theory

    DirtSprite GTDirtSprite GT14 hours ago
  • If WIlly Wonka was set in Japan and the winners were 2 Japanese kids, 2 Koreans, and an Indian is it still racist or is it just a story that localises its characters because it's a story set in and talking about Asian culture. Like I get the idea but it seems ignorant of MatPat not to try to understand both the setting, time period, and country relationships that the book is set in.

    OneManRamblingOneManRambling15 hours ago
  • Only MatPat spends 16 minutes doing math only to point out at the end that it doesn't matter.

    Richard MartinRichard Martin15 hours ago
  • i have a theory on nia's name nia not jax hmmm i am a HUGE WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and nia jax is a wrestler former womans champion SO, her name might be based of of Nia Jax

    Kayla AdamsKayla Adams17 hours ago
  • Well actually, there is no rule stating a person can't win multiple tickets so the numbers wouldn't change at all Also, well actually, it's very probably Wonka knew exactly where the tickets were because the to boxes with the tickets had tracking numbers and he just sent slughorn into the markets where the tickets were and let him wait for when the tickets were revealed. If that's the case then slughorn knew the ticket was at the store where Charlie was at and simply stood watch from a distance until he saw some commotion.

    TheBenoleTheBenole17 hours ago
  • This is also the most elaborate business strategy to have almost everyone in the world buying hubdreds of chocalate bars making him billions and it was also rigged. But is also trying to pass over his company to a random child

    Visedknight gamingVisedknight gaming17 hours ago
  • Imagine food theory live. Wait. That would be a mukbang.

    Zachary Daniel UyZachary Daniel Uy17 hours ago
  • @MatPatGT are minions actually minions??..

    Andrew KniepkampAndrew Kniepkamp18 hours ago
  • 14:20 The map of India is wrong.

    Siddharth LaddhaSiddharth Laddha18 hours ago
  • Hey did you mention Food Theory? I don’t know if you talked about how Food Theory is a thing now. Also, Food Theory is on the market now! I’m just ragging ya, no need to worry, I just found it funny how you tried to sneak in a mention to Food Theory into everything. Sometimes really creatively. I kinda liked it.

    Noah DukatNoah Dukat18 hours ago
  • The kid asking pointless questions to distract the teacher from actual course work I was that kid.

    Hania DouglasHania Douglas19 hours ago
  • If MatPat were a teacher, my life would be complete

    Cannoli Wave StudiosCannoli Wave Studios19 hours ago
  • danny you da man

    Alva BrennanAlva Brennan19 hours ago

    Alva BrennanAlva Brennan19 hours ago
  • TBH I just want to see matpats search history 😂

    Olivia MontgomeryOlivia Montgomery19 hours ago
  • But what if one person gets a ticket twice?

    Ori ChenOri Chen20 hours ago
  • i never noticed the girl get smacked with the counter. that was funny and she took it like a champ honestly.

    TinyT48TinyT4820 hours ago
  • do a theory on on land before time

    Max’s AdventuresMax’s Adventures20 hours ago
  • he called a chicken drumstick a chicken wing

    Tee YunTee Yun22 hours ago
  • Who the f is the clone...rick n morty?????its killing me

    Nayquan QuintanaNayquan Quintana23 hours ago
  • What if the golden tickets were only available where in America

    FALCON XFALCON X23 hours ago
  • Oh yey, let's have murican racial issues permeate theories, what could go wrong? You know who are the only people that care about race? That's right!

    Cristian CojocaruCristian CojocaruDay ago
  • Imagine being “bothered” by that “for years”

    Charlie O.Charlie O.Day ago
  • This channel(my favourite) is the same age as me -_-

    vittorialeivittorialeiDay ago
  • one will see this coment... that is why i am happy...

    theo Molintheo MolinDay ago
  • One thing to take into a count is chocolate being a luxery product, this means it’ll only be bought by those who have enough money to survive and then some. Countries with incomes so low they barely will be able to afford basic human needs, won’t be able to buy luxery products just like most western countries could!

    LoyaltyLoyaltyDay ago
  • One thing to take into a count is chocolate being a luxery product, this means it’ll only be bought by those who have enough money to survive and then some. Countries with incomes so low they barely will be able to afford basic human needs, won’t be able to buy luxery products just like most western countries could!

    LoyaltyLoyaltyDay ago
  • they mention america in those two scenes to let the audience know it's outside the town charlie is in

    James DePaolaJames DePaolaDay ago
  • I'm waiting for theory theory

    XxLilRookiexXXxLilRookiexXDay ago
  • ‘British for no apparent reason’ the reason is due to Roald Dahl who wrote the book in Britain in 1964

    Charlie MarshCharlie MarshDay ago
  • Matpats FBI agent is like so is he a cerise killer or a food critique

    Tyler DavisTyler DavisDay ago
  • Willy Wonka is not a fictional candy company.

    Kevmaster2000Kevmaster2000Day ago
  • Always thought it was weird that oh slug was there for all the kids that won when I was watching this years ago even as a kid. I didnt think that it was rigged until this video, kinda one of those "of course it was rigged" duh moments. Always often times hard to see something thats right in front of your face unless its pointed out to you. Anyways great video and have been watching for years now, always excited to see whats next as well.

    xtremefurrycatxtremefurrycatDay ago
  • Or you could think about the book

  • stop these deep dives!

    doliio volaydoliio volayDay ago
  • The video actually gets to the point at 2:48 in case anyone wants to skip the self-advertising.

    Pigeon ProductionsPigeon ProductionsDay ago
  • That creepy reading

    Test 2Test 2Day ago
  • Videoplayback

    Test 2Test 2Day ago
  • This video is misleading

    Test 2Test 2Day ago
    • channels. Each are about Theorys nobody ask for or needed, but wanted.

      doliio volaydoliio volayDay ago
  • thank you matt patt its been a great decade im 21 now been watching you since i was 11 keep it up

    nate millernate millerDay ago
  • I honestly wouldn’t mind having MatPat as my teacher 😂😂

    Marisol MoralesMarisol MoralesDay ago
  • Game theory: Remember you last batim theory it said "Benevolent demon"? What if that was SAMMY talking to the watcher... BENDY. Please do a theory on this also i love the channel P.s 14:58 Tas: Am i a joke to you?

    zombiepikachulord19zombiepikachulord19Day ago
  • That child who asked in class remanes without an answer sir.. did he ever actually get an answer????

    LoneWolf 4263LoneWolf 4263Day ago
  • Amazing theory just how I like em, I wanted to add a what if kinda question did the topic of Wonka bar prices might be different in different countries come into play? you see stores often like to place their prices affordable so that they can ideal to the consumers, if people in different countries get paid less then stores would have there prices placed less This is just a what if I could be totally wrong about this I’m no expert on this sort of thing

    RamenSoopRamenSoopDay ago

    Raul GarciaRaul GarciaDay ago
  • The Link! Man, that made me laugh out loud.

    moradan81moradan81Day ago
  • Film Theory Pitch: I'm not exactly sure how well this will turn out, but I was wondering if it was possible for Amelia Earhart in Night in the Museum 2 to have made it back to the Smithsonian and gotten back down to the storage area before sunrise. I heard speculation that she might have not. But then again that's just a theory... ...A F- OOD THEORY! Jk

    Doctor JayDoctor JayDay ago
  • So Wonka isn't raciest, he's ageist.

    Amanda PAmanda PDay ago
  • Danny = the creator and source of all of Matt’s theory’s and ideas

    Life sucks But I’m hear for itLife sucks But I’m hear for itDay ago
  • I always thought it was weird that 3 of the 5 were American but I also didn't know how huge America was at the time I watched it

    XxyXxyDay ago
  • “The whole thing was rigged from the start” *queues fallout 76 theme*

    thewrench01thewrench01Day ago
  • food theory:do they use real ingredients in the bean boozled set

    Retro MetroRetro MetroDay ago
  • Y’know..if all of his channels reach 10M, thats gonna be SUCH a big flex. “Oh, I have 5M subs! ^-^” “Hah, beat this. I have 10M.” “20M!” MatPat: *I have 10M on each of my four channels. Each are about Theorys nobody ask for or needed, but wanted.*

    Internet _idiotInternet _idiotDay ago
    • Bruh

      Paska SammakkoPaska SammakkoDay ago
  • Golden thicket idea!! Like the one Michael Scott had lol

    Life RewindedLife RewindedDay ago
  • I thought the idea of him rigging the contest was a theory since day one? He knew each character before they arrived, you could tell. Fun watch but not original.

    croaton07croaton07Day ago
  • Surprised there is no conspiracy theory.

    Nicholas LameyNicholas LameyDay ago
  • Theory Pitch: Which one of the men in 'Mamma Mia!' is Sophie's real dad. (I was really hoping they would tell us in 'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again)

    _Lizzy._.Sarah__Lizzy._.Sarah_Day ago
  • Theory Pitch: So, there is this scene in Mary Poppins returns where they need to turn back time, so Mary Poppins enlists the help of the leeries (Lamp Lighters). There seem to be around 30-40 men. They all have ladders, which seem to be around 4-5 feet tall (I could be wrong) and they use them to climb up Big Ben. About halfway up the clock they run out of ladders, so Jack lays a ladder down vertically and walks across it. After he counts down a leerie jumps on the ladder and sends Jack flying up to the clock in Big Ben. I've been wondering if one, you could climb up Big ben the same way they did in the movie, and two, if you could put enough weight on a ladder to send someone flying as high as Jack.

    _Lizzy._.Sarah__Lizzy._.Sarah_Day ago

    Bhojpuri Dance VideoBhojpuri Dance VideoDay ago
  • I love how he said slugworth

    Ewan KirbyEwan KirbyDay ago