One Day We Won’t Need This Day | Nike

Mar 8, 2020
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On International Women’s Day, Nike is celebrating the women who have moved sport forward-in the hopes that One Day, every day will feel like this one we mark on our calendars.
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Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete* in the world. (* If you have a body, you are an athlete.)
Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sport innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.
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  • Nike pretends to support women's sports? Pathetic. If people want to support women's sports then speak up against biological men being able to participate in women's sports. No one supports women's sports anymore unless they speak up against this. Young women have already lost out to this insane PC bs. Talk about being silent about a very wrong thing happening to women! Stop, unfair competition in women's sports!

    Serpentine SSerpentine S2 days ago
  • Very helpful NTC

    jhon cenajhon cena15 days ago

    Geva MaromGeva Marom16 days ago
  • ה

    Geva MaromGeva Marom16 days ago

    Geva MaromGeva Marom16 days ago
  • Love it!

    Skill SharpeningSkill Sharpening23 days ago
  • One day you'll be exposed for having sweatshops in China, but claiming to be "woke".

    Andrew JonesAndrew Jones27 days ago
  • Once again, Nike hits the ball out the park. Does this even qualify as an ad :-)

    Raymond MutagahywaRaymond MutagahywaMonth ago
    • Nike hits nothing out of the ballpark except PC BS. Nike is pathetic.

      Serpentine SSerpentine S2 days ago
  • Anti-White Anti-Male slave drivers. F**** this corporation don't buy their BS they don't care about you they only want your money

  • Interesting how almost all women are wearing hijab in that video May suggest reversing the video to something like "One day we will not need to fight women's rights and one day we will be able to chose any hairstyle we want?"

    Eugene KoshanofEugene KoshanofMonth ago
    • @Raymond Mutagahywa yes, they should

      Eugene KoshanofEugene KoshanofMonth ago
    • In addition, a lot of women choose to wear hijab - and other non-Western style wear- and hair. Those rights should also be protected.

      Raymond MutagahywaRaymond MutagahywaMonth ago
  • 500 people getting laid off. They wont pay fair wages. Keep up with your woke messages. Cant wait to see you broke. Other shoes are cheaper and better

    Zech MerquiseZech MerquiseMonth ago
  • Nike, what an oxymoron of a company. Spout out Moral BS, when you use $1.00 an hour workers to make your shoes. Isn't that nice? Instead of making shoes in the US, where you can pay workers a fair wage and have diversified work staff, NEEEEHHHHH, lets go use slave wages instead and make a commercial showing we support diversity. Talking the talk, never walking the walk.

    J VJ VMonth ago
    • @Hasan Kazmi No, Nike brags about inclusivity in their ads. Maybe they should be more inclusive by adding children with shackles that make Nike shoes at sweat shops.

      J VJ V21 day ago
    • @Hasan Kazmi Oh really, well that's just fine then. Equality, right... Cretin.

      Wayne TowersWayne Towers22 days ago
    • Every company does this moron

      Hasan KazmiHasan Kazmi26 days ago
  • You don't need it now.

    Jason CrosbyJason CrosbyMonth ago
  • You never needed this day

    wally yiuwally yiu3 months ago
  • HiRed

    Indemental MediaIndemental Media3 months ago
  • Meanwhile, in reality: US Women's National Team vs U15 boys squad: 2-5 US Women's National Team vs U17 boys squad: 2-8 Australia Women's National Team vs U15 boys squad: 0-7 Sweden National Women's Team vs U17 boys squad playing with only 10 players: 0-3

    gjaddajggjaddajg4 months ago
    • ParaclefParaclef3 months ago
  • Nike is pure feminist propaganda.

    gjaddajggjaddajg4 months ago
  • My cousin made this commercial! Nick Roldan!

    TheCaliKidz15TheCaliKidz155 months ago
  • Nike makes the best commercials

    DRACO FURY 13DRACO FURY 135 months ago
  • Did you give your female runners the opportunity to have maternity leave yet? Has there been any justice for Mary Cain.

    Whitney GoodWhitney Good5 months ago
  • Big ups for showing an equal distribution of ethnicity. Gotta respect Nike for that

    Imré LebbéImré Lebbé6 months ago
    • Except the slave labor with the Uyghurs that they use. Didn't show that one.

      Claude SigmaClaude SigmaMonth ago
  • Women will never be as fast or as strong as an average man don’t @me cmon Nike

    FlysaacFlysaac6 months ago
    • @Lewis Nostredame dude i dont care about outliers. the fact of the matter is, if you giv both a man and a woman a goal that they have to achieve, be it speed and strength, the man's body will adapt faster to achieve that goal than the woman's body. and thats just a fact. so who's the real moron here. men can push their bodies farther than women can. Women's 100% is men's 50% and that's that. i dont care what you say. biology is biology.

      FlysaacFlysaacMonth ago
    • Humans will go to Mars. Somehow, it is necessary to create Human being who can self-procreate and nurse and be powerful enough to build civilization up in Mars. Because of gravity there 1/3 of Earth, a person who weighs 100 kg on would weigh only 38 kg on

      Parker KnightParker KnightMonth ago
    • @Flysaac You know your comment is even more moronic when there are current MMA fighters (like Amanda Nunes) who could, very arguably, beat the shit out of someone like Floyd Mayweather (who is 50-0 in professional boxing).

      Lewis NostredameLewis Nostredame6 months ago
    • @Flysaac Hahahahahahahaha, what an absolute moron you are, mate. Give it a try, my friend. You'll never feel less of a man when you get your ass beat by a woman who is a BJJ black belt or a pro MMA fighter. LOL.

      Lewis NostredameLewis Nostredame6 months ago
    • Lewis Nostredame I’ve watched ufc and trust me a male amateur golf player can clap a pro female fighter lmao

      FlysaacFlysaac6 months ago
  • I don’t understand why the plot is so heavily for being like men or be judged according to them ( i agree interms of justice and jobs ) but women and men are not the same they should be them selves there should be there world Aisha shouldn’t try being Anthony.

    imam haqimam haq6 months ago
  • Does anyone know the song ?

    AroAro6 months ago
  • whoever edits these videos needs a raise

    jupiter is a beanjupiter is a bean6 months ago
    • The editors I've worked with in LA making commercials pull in about $250,000 a year.

      Max ScheinMax Schein25 days ago
  • 0:13 I'm sorry but thats a big 🧢

    Matteo CiaramellaMatteo Ciaramella6 months ago
  • Don’t need it now! Just stop it! You’re not as fast or strong as your male counterparts. I’m not a woman hater or believe they’re the weaker sex. We’re all just people you’re the ones creating the divide.

    Adam RamsdenAdam Ramsden6 months ago
  • +1

    laurent chadebeclaurent chadebec6 months ago

    collarmolecollarmole6 months ago
  • More people have it better now than have ever been in the history of the planet. More equality,safety, comfort now for more people than has ever even been possible. In the west anyway.

    Richard MillerRichard Miller6 months ago
  • But you’re not just as fast or strong. I’m so confused by all this.

    Ma TMa T6 months ago
  • How much do you pay the women who make your clothes and shoes?

    Daniel AstleDaniel Astle6 months ago
    • @Lewis Nostredame How very tolerant and progressive of you.

      Ralph O'BrienRalph O'BrienMonth ago
    • @TheMilenkata il1pAppppq1

      Patrice WilliamsPatrice Williams4 months ago
    • @Luk Yat Ming Shut up bitch.

      Lewis NostredameLewis Nostredame6 months ago
    • @Lewis Nostredame my dog eats rice, so your argument is clearly null

      Luk Yat MingLuk Yat Ming6 months ago
    • emka satya it was a rhetorical question.. Everyone knows what Nike pays the women who make their goods.. That’s why it is a joke they are pontificating about international women’s day like they are some sort of women’s champion

      Daniel AstleDaniel Astle6 months ago
  • 😤😤

    John ClaonJohn Claon6 months ago
  • Lol shut the fuck up simps

    InvaderInvader6 months ago
  • So, the people behind Lance Armstrong and Nike Oregon Project are telling us how we are to be. Exhibit A (of thousands), of how Nike treats women:

    Innis MorInnis Mor6 months ago
  • lol men are faster and stronger tho. like, scientifically

    Avocado?? Mango? Banana????Avocado?? Mango? Banana????6 months ago
    • weight categories are a fraud ♥

      ParaclefParaclef3 months ago
  • All Love

    Hazy BlazyHazy Blazy6 months ago
  • I can’t wait to be in a NIKE COMMERICAL UGHHH!!!

    Smiley_01Smiley_016 months ago
  • This will be our everyday

    deepandjoydeepandjoy6 months ago
    • So, the people behind Lance Armstrong and Nike Oregon Project are telling us how we are to be. Exhibit A (of thousands), of how Nike treats women:

      Innis MorInnis Mor6 months ago
  • Look at facts the fastest,strongest,most athletic ,smartest ect..are all plz stop making these corny videos

    Hugh KellyHugh Kelly6 months ago
    • @Supreme Polo no because u a dumbass nigga

      Hugh KellyHugh KellyMonth ago
    • @Supreme Polo Women can't even beat 12 year old boys. Why would anyone watch that?

      gjaddajggjaddajg4 months ago
    • I wasn’t saying he’s completely wrong.

      Supreme PoloSupreme Polo6 months ago
    • @Supreme Polo you're basically saying he's right lmao, no one watches women because we don't want to. It's not because of hate, but it's simply less entertaining than watching men

      Matteo CiaramellaMatteo Ciaramella6 months ago
    • @Supreme Polo your actually making his point

      KryptonIstheFutureKryptonIstheFuture6 months ago
  • EVGENIA! ⛸🔥😍❤️❤️❤️

    ʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔʕ ᴖᴥᴖ ʔ6 months ago
  • Love Nike....

    Vinod SunuwarVinod Sunuwar6 months ago
    • So, the people behind Lance Armstrong and Nike Oregon Project are telling us how we are to be. Exhibit A (of thousands), of how Nike treats women: Maybe lay-off the Nike Kool-Aid at a tad.

      Innis MorInnis Mor6 months ago
  • Nike Nice💪👍

    Erdin SayginErdin Saygin6 months ago
  • JUST AS FAST AS STRONG AS WHO ???????????????????

    KryptonIstheFutureKryptonIstheFuture6 months ago
    • Cap

      Carson SmithCarson Smith6 months ago
    • KryptonIstheFuture men

      Rence VandebiggelaarRence Vandebiggelaar6 months ago
  • Hello Nike, you are thinking of buying a Mercurial Vapor futsal boot, but it doesn’t have the size 37. You will be making the 37 again

    RAFA FFRAFA FF6 months ago
    • You have huge feet

      Rhys OlsonRhys Olson6 months ago
  • Very cool

    David Khoa YTDavid Khoa YT6 months ago
  • Very cool

    Juan GarcíaJuan García6 months ago
  • Claro que necesitaremos este día para recordar y celebrar a las mujeres que lucharon por nuestros derechos. Siempre, por el resto de la historia 💜

    • @Innis Mor spam

      White Guy in Cargo ShortsWhite Guy in Cargo Shorts3 months ago
    • So, the people behind Lance Armstrong and Nike Oregon Project are telling us how we are to be. Exhibit A (of thousands), of how Nike treats women:

      Innis MorInnis Mor6 months ago
  • Nike makes such amazing commercials

    Lillie MillerLillie Miller6 months ago
    • They make feminist propaganda for gullible women.

      gjaddajggjaddajg4 months ago
    • Because they don't advertise products , they truly show us what a true sportsmanship is !!

      JokerJoker6 months ago
    • So, the people behind Lance Armstrong and Nike Oregon Project are telling us how we are to be. Exhibit A (of thousands), of how Nike treats women:

      Innis MorInnis Mor6 months ago
  • Until then may we continue to celebrate all women, you are phenomenal. Amazing video 🙌🏾❤️

    Soraya StuartSoraya Stuart6 months ago
  • Firts 1

    Djibril du 94Djibril du 946 months ago
  • Yea dishwashers

    Harbor IIHarbor II6 months ago
    • The arrogance of some men doesn't cease to baffle me every fucking time. Y'all can't handle women being great huh?

      JojoJojo5 months ago
    • It's only game

      Harbor IIHarbor II6 months ago
    • A Burnt lightskin he did, he commented. that’s something

      Avocado?? Mango? Banana????Avocado?? Mango? Banana????6 months ago
    • you thought you did something huh?

      A Burnt lightskinA Burnt lightskin6 months ago

    courage X darkcourage X dark6 months ago
  • First

    TTJ x FaxTTJ x Fax6 months ago
  • 1

    Hello ThereHello There6 months ago
  • Like of you like nike

    adrigm 11adrigm 116 months ago
  • Gg

    Nicolò MariciNicolò Marici6 months ago