How to Open The Secret Bunkers In Warzone (Bunker 11)

May 20, 2020
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In Modern Warfare and Warzone the most mysterious thing is the Secret Bunkers. In this video I show you how to open the Bunkers in Warzone including the Secret Bunker 11. This includes the Red key cards and the ringing phones. Hope you enjoy!


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  • It took me the whole FKNG GAME, all by myself after trying 20 times, finally got the 3 phones, at extra time, i get a bounty on me, i kill myself so they don't come after me, and I was very close to the bunker, i respawn, but I see there's a team at the watch tower and the stupid game tells them that I'm landing, i open the bucker and as I press the button, they kill me, at the last 30 seconds, dude, FKNG game shouldn't tell people that there is someone landing, they can hear very well when somebody is landing close, they don't have to know there is somebody minding their own business... I got so pissed that I threw my controller on the floor

    Gabo CejitasGabo CejitasDay ago
  • To know i hit the right order or the right phone i don’t need to listen to that little song right? Can some1 help

    Sebastian LebronSebastian Lebron2 days ago
  • So you have to just go to the phones in order to open the bunker? I’m lost

    Jefethagoat7Jefethagoat72 days ago
  • Outro song?

    Suraj SharmaSuraj Sharma6 days ago
  • Does it still work in season 6

    Bunda NurulBunda Nurul7 days ago
  • Can anyone help me get the blueprint

    OmlixOmlix8 days ago
    • I can help you it's easy for me solo, you can just sit back, add Charger210X

      lil bizcuitlil bizcuit7 days ago
  • I was a solo doing it and I was at the bunker unlocking it and it was overtime and I lost right when it opebes

    dabcicl YTdabcicl YT9 days ago
  • I tried so many times can you add me and do it with me

    Clinton TrentClinton Trent9 days ago
    • @lil bizcuit ok thanks I get on later

      Clinton TrentClinton Trent7 days ago
    • I can help you it's easy for me solo, you can just sit back, add Charger210X

      lil bizcuitlil bizcuit7 days ago
  • Too much talking get straight to it

    Gerard SlackGerard Slack9 days ago
  • What’s the code?

    David VasquezDavid Vasquez10 days ago
    • 346

      Litrandom GuyLitrandom Guy8 days ago

  • Ugh these commentary’s just get to the point already lol

    Run T2Run T211 days ago
  • 456

    Pasta GoodnessPasta Goodness13 days ago
  • 084

    Pasta GoodnessPasta Goodness13 days ago
  • This is mad

    Z GAMERZ GAMER14 days ago
  • You didn't see the mini gun !?

    Angry PotatoAngry Potato14 days ago
  • What if the clocks aren’t telling you a time but a date... October 24 🤨

    Cristian BondiCristian Bondi14 days ago
  • It’s pretty straight forward

    qt pie Joqt pie Jo15 days ago

  • Maybe a hint for nuke town unlock ??

    Michael CruzMichael Cruz17 days ago
  • Don’t open anymore

  • I got the MP7 , don’t know how i got it but i never went on that bunker bro.

    Ny_tiggerNy_tigger23 days ago
  • Hello guys! I just started a Solo plunder, in order to get into the bunker 11. First move...dam. I was lucky, and the phone was ringing. I got the 4.3.0. Quickly get to ALL the phone is THAT order with a helicopter. And at the end, the bunker's light was GREEN, but I was unable to hit the console, next to the door. What did I do wrong? :( Any help, please?

    Lucius VerusLucius Verus25 days ago
  • Well its season 6 how do you open the back door of 0

    585 Gaming585 Gaming27 days ago
  • You didn’t give us the rest of the codes for the bunkers we cannot open with an access card and also how about the codes from inside the stadium would be nice to know

    Francisco AguayoFrancisco Aguayo28 days ago
  • this guy is a Mighty god

    Vance BanksVance BanksMonth ago
  • Its 13:50 (1H50M) - From the X-files

    Jon MoranJon MoranMonth ago
  • Good thing I know Russian and Ukrainian

    Big buddy boyBig buddy boyMonth ago
  • I am not russian but unferstand all number bc i am from cro

    KIXON 1KIXON 1Month ago
  • Where on the map of call of duty modern warfare do I find bunker 11 for warzone what is the codes to get in after the red key card?

    david sackrowitzdavid sackrowitzMonth ago
  • You sound like Philion

    Devin NakataDevin NakataMonth ago
  • i read top comment "warzone has outplayed fortnite in many ways' ... WARZONE - ACTIVISION FORTNITE - DISNEY YAH DUHHHHHHH

    Dracoon BeatsDracoon BeatsMonth ago
  • Best video man....thanks

    Israel MIsrael MMonth ago
  • You figure out how to open that second door yet ?

    Angelo LopezAngelo LopezMonth ago
  • 10 to 2 = 13:50

    Urban ExpansionUrban ExpansionMonth ago
    • Or 01:50

      Urban ExpansionUrban ExpansionMonth ago
  • Can anyone help me with this?

    Aadam DanielsAadam DanielsMonth ago
    • Ok what’s your epic?

      Aadam DanielsAadam DanielsMonth ago
    • Sure

      Urban ExpansionUrban ExpansionMonth ago
  • Near TV station there is a bunker you need an access code to enter, once you enter to your right there is a yellow poster with words and numbers. Resume Cover Await Further Instructions are all on this yellow poster with numbers beside them. Strange how them exact words are all on this poster with digits beside them??? Resume - 0643 Cover - 2518 Await - 2354 Further - 7866 Instructions - 1164 If you add all these numbers up and divide by 8 (8 digit code) it adds up to 1818125 which is only 7 digits but when adding (Resume - 0643) a calculator does not count 0 as a number. Could the code be 01818125 (8 digits)??? Or am i just going insane lol

    Alex EnglishAlex EnglishMonth ago
  • I JUST FOUND SOMTHING in every map there is a different code yeah? So I found a box with a different number in the middle of it at the other side of the map opposite of the bunker example “ /\ 2 0” and “/\ 3 0” so that may be related to the specific map’s code I am trying find out what this means myself. So if you can find out what is going on with it. The map in question is trench

    Just A Normal PersonJust A Normal PersonMonth ago
  • What about the other door whit codes?

    Jack AllyJack AllyMonth ago
  • This is the second time I have found it in the stadium

    RichardDodd WatsonRichardDodd WatsonMonth ago
  • Found a red L3 access card on the ground level in the stadium, its was in a corner by itself, no box around it, I just noticed something glowing red and I tried it in one of the access room, but it wouldn't work in the stadium

    RichardDodd WatsonRichardDodd WatsonMonth ago
  • Hi , can anyone help me , I want to open or at least try to get it , In case anyone can help me here’s my discord ChadBruiz#2160

    TurtlesCool LandaTurtlesCool LandaMonth ago
  • Does subtitles work for the russian

    kiwikrusher 1124kiwikrusher 1124Month ago
  • Find the keycard and it will take you to heaven.

    MapezMapezMonth ago
  • That's cool I am going to play the game and not worry about any bunkers

    Gabriel Garcia-VelazquezGabriel Garcia-VelazquezMonth ago
  • You are the best any other person you give me all information about this banker

    titu kedutitu keduMonth ago
  • Can someone help

    somekid xsomekid xMonth ago
  • Fuego is my username I love plunder

    512 King512 KingMonth ago
  • In the hospital i found monitor with you can interact but i dont know what happen aftrer that?

    Ondra GamesOndra GamesMonth ago
  • i did in to my fifth time :V maan its soo good

    VikiVillixVikiVillixMonth ago
  • nirvana

    hattie mcintyrehattie mcintyreMonth ago
  • 7:08 russian numbers

    Jeremiah StraubJeremiah StraubMonth ago
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    Larry TolemyLarry TolemyMonth ago
  • I’ve found a blue card once

    Nicnac DayounginNicnac Dayoungin2 months ago
  • Ones my teammate Go heli Then he open bunkers Me i was shocked Then me i was try in bunker Then nothing I watch here you are good ome

    Gabriel PinoteGabriel Pinote2 months ago
  • Can you just get to the point, bud?

    TheOfficialJagTheOfficialJag2 months ago
    • No he needs money

      Bean PlantationBean PlantationMonth ago
  • I’ve opened 11 with a card

    Jesus AlvarezJesus Alvarez2 months ago
  • 9:37 you really killed the guy that was doing the phone.. wow not cool lmao

    KrypticKryptic2 months ago
  • Why tf is it in Russian somebody know wth it is

    Timothy JonesTimothy Jones2 months ago
    • Cold war

      Urban ExpansionUrban ExpansionMonth ago
  • Has there been any additions since this video was made? Season 5 is up and he kept mentioning season 4 could bring new updates to the bunkers. I haven't tried to get in a bunker but I have picked up a red card from a box just to get shot on my way to a bunker. Very frustrating.

    Benjamin BarosBenjamin Baros2 months ago
  • Y’all are so full of crap, because I’ve did that with the phones so many dang times and it never lights green to open it up. The key pad keeps saying enter number station code, so no they have not made it accessable

    Rodriquez UniversalRodriquez Universal2 months ago
    • You’re kinda dumb huh

      WillyNilly418WillyNilly4182 months ago
    • Nobody believe this bs

      Rodriquez UniversalRodriquez Universal2 months ago
  • How can you know the numbers if its in russian

    Kasozi siblingsKasozi siblings2 months ago
    • Learn Russian

      WillyNilly418WillyNilly4182 months ago
  • It's all down to the launch codes. There is a missile in a bunker. Maybe on 26 of August, something will change with the launch of Black Ops Cold War. Figure out the launch code, launch the missile. What haappens next, it's mistery.

    Marconi S. GiacominiMarconi S. Giacomini2 months ago
  • october 10th?

    Youngjustin__Youngjustin__2 months ago
  • So how do you open Bunkers 2, 7 and 8?

    Travis CampbellTravis Campbell2 months ago
  • The 10 and 2 on the clocks are a normal practice when being advertised in catalogs. Its a subliminal reason because on the face off a watch it looks like a smile. Which is more appealing when advertised in magazines and catalogs for the buyer. Sneaky adverts!!!

    dRuNK UnKLEdRuNK UnKLE2 months ago
    • someone watched Q.I.

      Sonic TitanSonic TitanMonth ago
  • Can somebody help me do the bunker 11 challenge I can't do it plz

    Williams FamilyWilliams Family2 months ago
  • 2:15

    Gerald WilkisonGerald Wilkison2 months ago
  • You are awesome dude good video really good detail thanks. Keep it coming

    Michael VincentMichael Vincent2 months ago
  • Maybe its the code for the next door. The nuke the 10 and 2

    Assi 301Assi 3012 months ago
  • Maybe that 2:10 means a date? If so it would feburary 10th maybe the day we can lunch the Nuke?

    Howard LibertyHoward Liberty2 months ago
  • That lunch room with the clocks how much u wanna bet that has a big role in getting to those nukes or a code for another bunker to help aid in the recovery of the nukes or just to flat put be able to lunch them idk just popped into my head at video mark 12:40

    Howard LibertyHoward Liberty2 months ago
  • This is going to help me in the Easter egg hunt , also ink I think 2nd October has something to do with the release date or something and 10/2

    Epic PantherEpic Panther2 months ago
  • What if 10 and 2 means go to bunkers 10 and 2 in that order and then see if there is something you can do between those 2 and maybe it will lead you on another part to the Easter egg

    DirectorCorruptDirectorCorrupt2 months ago
  • Bruh all this.. and I still haven’t been able to do shit about getting in a bunker, even with a card how tf do I figure out the fucking code

    Arcane SoulArcane Soul2 months ago
  • My question, how do you get so much time to do that in a single game. Seems like im running from storm all the time.

    ElNeNeElNeNe2 months ago
    • He was in plunder, you just need to be fast and you will have plenty of time for investigating the bunker

      Vicente huanchicayVicente huanchicay2 months ago
  • Me and my friend tried this and we didn’t watch the full video and we were very puzzled at why the phone kept saying the same 3 numbers and then 3 hours later watched the rest of the video and realized that we were idiots.

    Bryce Waite VlogsBryce Waite Vlogs2 months ago
  • I hate USkeys videos that are useless for what your looking for .

    Laurynas ALaurynas A2 months ago
  • All that just for a countdown? No thanks.

    The GentThe Gent2 months ago
  • 7:03

    Hasan -XDHasan -XD2 months ago
  • I can't find the phones

    FireWolfnxFireWolfnx2 months ago
  • Anyone else having trouble? I have done the exact things step by step in the video and get the wrong code tone Everytime. Even with every phone right 3 times in a row for different matches and no teammates to press the wrong phone.

    Dakota DuncanDakota Duncan2 months ago
  • Can someone just carry me through this please I’ll help out I’m on ps4

    OOGA BOOGA 2.0OOGA BOOGA 2.02 months ago
    • u available?

      olivier Dcolivier Dc2 months ago
  • Has anyone been able to open the second door for the red key card bunkers?

    Sargis HaSargis Ha2 months ago
  • What if 10 2 is when Cold War drops

    Luis EscaleraLuis Escalera2 months ago
    • Bro they probably dont realise because all the content creators forgot about bunker 11 I think your onto something

      Nrgy BossNrgy Boss2 months ago
  • Me now realizing why I couldn't get into the bunker

    Elmer KingElmer King2 months ago
  • The clock time is actually 1:50. Am or pm? Idk

    Thomas RobinsonThomas Robinson2 months ago
  • You have to use the Code you get from the stadium. Blue cards work on the red card doors too, It only makes sense the code for the EL level door works on the second bunker door

    L HL H2 months ago
  • You have to use the Code you get from the stadium. Blue cards work on the red card doors too, It only makes sense the code for the EL level door works on the second bunker door

    L HL H2 months ago
  • You have to use the Code you get from the stadium. Blue cards work on the red card doors too, It only makes sense the code for the EL level door works on the second bunker door

    L HL H2 months ago
  • You have to use the Code you get from the stadium. Blue cards work on the red card doors too, It only makes sense the code for the EL level door works on the second bunker door

    L HL H2 months ago
  • You have to use the Code you get from the stadium. Blue cards work on the red card doors too, It only makes sense the code for the EL level door works on the second bunker door

    L HL H2 months ago
  • its 1:50 not 2:50 since 1:50 is 10 mins to 2

    chiefnotitchiefnotit2 months ago
  • 2:15 so red cards open bunkers 0,4,5,6,9? I wanna keep things simple and not bother with all that other bs that I’ll never do in a match haha

    ZMachineDraftRoom comZMachineDraftRoom com2 months ago
  • Anyone on trying help do bunker 11?

    Eric LopezEric Lopez2 months ago
  • So howdo you open the second door of the other bunkers?

    Gerald WilkisonGerald Wilkison2 months ago
  • There is no bunker in that area 0

    CUDAK LCUDAK L2 months ago
  • @inkslasher don't you think that 10. 02 countdown means we Wil find the next set or clues on the 2nd of October 2020? That what I think

    Henco NortjeHenco Nortje2 months ago
  • If you successfully activate all phones in order. Will it be open to anyone else? Don’t wanna be doing this and people camping bunker 11 to open it before I arrive.

    Ty AngTy Ang2 months ago
  • October 2nd We'll be able to end a Warzone game by launching a Nuke

    QuakeBeatZQuakeBeatZ2 months ago