Switching Lives with my Twin for a Day to Trick Daniel! (24 Hour Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

May 20, 2020
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Rebecca pretends to be RZ twin in a burning hot vs freezing cold challenge but will it work?
Rebecca Zamolo played a giant incredibles game in real life to save game master and Matt and Rebecca had an emotional goodbye to best friend RZ Twin in 24 hours. The real game master found someone living in the secret room inside our house and found Queen of gems secrets in the GM lair. We need to save RZ twin after she was deactivated in Incredibles by getting the truth from Daniel. Rebecca decides to switch lives with RZ twin to trick Daniel. Rebecca and her cousin Maddie find a secret hidden wall with reactivators in the Game Master lair in unbreakable boxes. We get our final message from the Game Master that we must find him to get the keys to unlock our memories. We build a memory reactivator to save RZ twin but she won’t wake up. Rebecca uses twin telepathy to see her twin’s memories and she learns that secret information about Daniel during Incredibles. If the memory is real, she should be waking up in the next 24 hours. We don’t trust Daniel and want him to reveal the truth about working with Mr. X. Rebecca must learn how to do ninja training like her twin, along with speaking and acting like her. Matt puts a tracking device on Daniel in our home before they spy. Rebecca and Daniel do the trending youtube challenge burning hot vs freezing cold in the kitchen. The queen of gems is sneaking around while staying hidden inside the house. The real RZ twin wakes up and reveals it is time for their secret plan. Daniel realizes Rebecca is lying and escapes. Did the queen of gems trap RZ twin? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    • Hi Rebecca

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    • iihappy ruilin dac

      Lynsey HaleLynsey Hale14 days ago
    • OK of James Require didn't took the girl can't to the Queen Jensen your help now to black tray if can't you make him glad keep cameras are all here says to me see to that to morrow

      Alexia JamesAlexia James14 days ago
    • I love you so much I love your videos and a big fan of you Rebecca I hope you can comment me and my USkeys bye

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  • RX Twin awoke and then the queen of gems TOOK RZ Twin

    Amelia BromhamAmelia Bromham8 minutes ago
  • Az twin got tackin

    Tyler McCormack-CameronTyler McCormack-Cameron2 hours ago
  • The queen of gems was sneaking in to house

    halaomg vlogshalaomg vlogs7 hours ago
  • Al is showing something with someone and a another person

    Milkyas AwokeMilkyas Awoke8 hours ago
  • The queen 👸 of gems 💎 Took rz twin , and rz twin woke up Rebecca zamolo and Matt 🥰🥳

    Qi Juan RuanQi Juan Ruan8 hours ago
  • Qeen of jems took rz twin

    Elaine HartshorneElaine Hartshorne8 hours ago
  • QEEN

    Elaine HartshorneElaine Hartshorne8 hours ago
  • Mate qeen of jems is behined you

    Elaine HartshorneElaine Hartshorne8 hours ago
  • qeen of jems sneeked in your house and all is rong

    Elaine HartshorneElaine Hartshorne9 hours ago

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  • Queen of Gems just Took RZ Twin

    Sean ParrisSean Parris12 hours ago
  • The queen of gems

    mikey reuchermikey reucher13 hours ago
  • The qems are from the queen of gems she is living in ur house

    Charlie WilliamsCharlie Williams16 hours ago
  • In your house

    monii fammonii fam16 hours ago
  • RZ twin already woke up and the queen of Jim's is in

    monii fammonii fam16 hours ago
  • The queen of gemis to RZ twin

    Ramadhani MohamediRamadhani Mohamedi16 hours ago
  • Rz Twin awoke and the Queen of Gems took her.

    Ava LAva L19 hours ago
  • yes she is rz twin!

    Myah LawalMyah Lawal22 hours ago
  • The queen of gems in the back Matt

    charisse walworthcharisse walworthDay ago
  • I love you videos they're so much fun

    Nestor EsquivelNestor EsquivelDay ago
  • The queen of gem is a hundred math

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  • Yes

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  • Yes

    Michelle KishMichelle KishDay ago
  • The doll house

    Michelle KishMichelle KishDay ago
  • The queen of gems took Rebecca twin

    Christina Banto.Christina Banto.Day ago
  • She is awake

    Fancii GurlFancii GurlDay ago
  • Mother was someone behind you in when you were saying the video hot John hot versus cold

    nora alkaabinora alkaabiDay ago
  • Maybe your twin is evil he kick your best driend

    Oliver LorenzoOliver LorenzoDay ago
  • I mean who gave matt things if rabecca and Maddie are with matt

    Leonida GonzalesLeonida Gonzales2 days ago
  • Who gave the things to matt if rabecaz

    Leonida GonzalesLeonida Gonzales2 days ago
  • Queen of gems was in you're house

    DeeDee GeeGeeDeeDee GeeGee2 days ago
  • I am a boy that is girl merch

    Sawyer ButcherSawyer Butcher2 days ago
  • Can we just talk about that RZ twin literary just woke up

    Mariah WelshMariah Welsh2 days ago
  • .:. I I like Rebecca

    Sylvie MeliusSylvie Melius2 days ago
  • You guys are seriously blind, the queen of gems was literally behind the stairs bra, and the twin is not a captured I know that shewas moving because I remember that day that her hand was moving, yeah, she's literally, yeah, she is literally living her life

    Mariah WelshMariah Welsh2 days ago
  • The qenn of gems take rz tiwn

    Genesis alvrengaGenesis alvrenga2 days ago
  • I so the qenn of gms

    Genesis alvrengaGenesis alvrenga2 days ago
  • Daniel and Archie twin is in big bear that’s what they said when you were getting the hot versus cold food

    Samantha HernandezSamantha Hernandez2 days ago
  • Arzie twin is awake the queen of gems is in your house

    Samantha HernandezSamantha Hernandez2 days ago
  • There are to RZ twin

    Erica NoronhaErica Noronha2 days ago
  • Queen of jules

    lonni Englandlonni England2 days ago
  • The gems is from the queen of gems

    Joyce Joyceplayzwithy5Joyce Joyceplayzwithy52 days ago
  • MATT and REBECA the quen of gems was behade matt and i loveeeeeeee yure videos REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Cassandra MoralesCassandra Morales3 days ago
  • I see the Kennedy Coke’s

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  • I seen a shiny

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  • i love Your video🎭.

    Zoe GilesZoe Giles3 days ago
  • I think the queen of gems stole army twin

    Danika AguirreDanika Aguirre3 days ago
  • Rebecca and Matt the queen of gems kidnaped Rz twin and Daniel secretly left the house to look for rz twin but SHES CAPTURED

    Tan Ruo Xi Dawnelle StudentTan Ruo Xi Dawnelle Student4 days ago
  • Rebbeca Queen of jems was in side uf you're hause and Queen of jems tok rz twin

    Joyline TrinidadJoyline Trinidad4 days ago
  • Arz twin is following.

    James ThompsonJames Thompson4 days ago
  • 🤓🦞🐟🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨

    Alyana ZapataAlyana Zapata4 days ago
  • Between us waking up

    tiffany shadetiffany shade4 days ago
  • The queen of gems token rz twin

    Liseth ZelayaLiseth Zelaya4 days ago
  • rz twin is awake

    G Tatiana CorreaG Tatiana Correa4 days ago

    Gabriela ArsenioGabriela Arsenio4 days ago
  • The queen of gem's

    fairul azraf Rahimfairul azraf Rahim4 days ago
  • I am so glad that rz Twin Woke up I the Queen James were sneaking around your house And then the Queen of James took are the twin

    Taylor BarredaTaylor Barreda4 days ago
  • Heyyy

    brenda barbosabrenda barbosa5 days ago
  • Rebecca did you say that Zoe was your cousin

    Isla's Hacker AdventuresIsla's Hacker Adventures5 days ago
  • What is Matt And Maddie And Daniel There Biesst Fear A . Ghost A. Spider A.Rz Twin

    Airam RamirezAiram Ramirez5 days ago
  • rz t

    BrendaPortillo27BrendaPortillo275 days ago
  • Is the queen of gems 💎

    Cleona WanCleona Wan5 days ago
  • Arzie twin was awake when Rebecca said to check Mac for the hot and the cold food challenge

    Monica MelaraMonica Melara5 days ago
  • 😏🔏🔏🗝🔑

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  • Hi you the best

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  • I think for Halloween Rebecca should be dressed up as RZ twin

    dearking2020 Deardearking2020 Dear5 days ago
  • More

    H and S squadH and S squad5 days ago
  • Rebecca rz twin is a wake

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  • Really twin rools

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  • It rebeaca

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  • Queen is here

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  • I am rebecca

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  • I love you

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  • Rebecca go on insitgam

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