Apple AirTags - Here you go! First look! Design, features and more! (EXCLUSIVE LEAKS!)

Sep 14, 2020
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EP. 084 - Apple AirTags - Here you go! First look! Design, features and more! (EXCLUSIVE LEAKS!) We know what the iPhone 12 will look like - but what about AirTags? We've been wondering what AirTags look like... and it seems we finally have a good look!
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Hosted by: Jon Prosser
Edited by: Brian Shoop
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  • I might be biased..... But nice renders

    Concept CreatorConcept Creator4 days ago
    • @creepy creeper I see. Thanks!

      JstnJstn3 days ago
    • @Jstn jon haven't paid his logo creator and the dude how made the outro song(at least that's what I know)

      creepy creepercreepy creeper3 days ago
    • You did a fantastic job......but...your just a bit biased.... LMAO... ty for high quality work to share with us

      Robert JarvisRobert Jarvis3 days ago
    • Yass Daddy

      Bill BuffettBill Buffett4 days ago
    • @Derek Kopet Well you didn't get a response, so maybe I'm not the only one who didn't get the "joke" 🤔

      JstnJstn4 days ago
  • So much rambling in this video. 10 of the 12 minutes is Meerly rambling. Just some Constructive criticism, please get to the point of your videos and eliminate the incessant rambling.

    BigAisrealBigAisreal15 hours ago
  • Finally, we can get some tags in South Africa. I'm still disappointed with tech support from these companies locally though!

    INV DjINV DjDay ago
  • Dang I used to watch you two years ago. It's been a while.

    PročkaPročkaDay ago
    • Hey Jon where are my Air Tags?

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt5 hours ago
  • S m o k e!

    Camilo MahechaCamilo MahechaDay ago
  • Updates on iPhone SE Plus pleeeeaaassee

    xXAnni3LuvsYhuXxxXAnni3LuvsYhuXxDay ago
    • FRONT PAGE TECH Dude what the hell is going in here?! I laughed the whole time, you funny af my man😂❤️ No honestly, the way you delivered these leaks and stuff was so

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiDay ago
  • I’m from the cuter 😂 heyy they didn’t give us the iPhone 12😂

    Dr cushDr cushDay ago
  • I cracked up so bad when he made fun on himself “according to my sources”. He can really step away and see from audience perspective. And those funny pic as how he feels sometimes. Awesome. Hilarious. Love the channel

    Mah FahMah FahDay ago
  • In hindsight, the airtags look like the new airpower leaks...

    CihangirCihangirDay ago
  • So u are johnny prosser🤨 iheard your name for so long.

    Putt EzPutt EzDay ago
  • putting cheap tags in glamourous plastic casing, makes people fascinated when it is tag with apple logo, WOW

    Wah AWah ADay ago
  • Jon Prosser was right. As always. He was right

    Septien PattersonSeptien PattersonDay ago
  • WFH and on my table still I subscribed, as you are a top apple leaks celebrity.

    Session ExpertSession ExpertDay ago
  • Im sure airtags are gonna cost $99

    Sky LightSky Light2 days ago
    • Or $199

      Sky LightSky Light2 days ago
  • You can’t even buy the iStock photos you’re using in your videos?

    Bryan SiverlyBryan Siverly2 days ago
    • Airtags are defo not going to be used maliciously by creepy partners who slip one into a bag or under a car seat to figure out where someone is.

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiDay ago
  • Will there be a hole to put a split ring through so the AirTags can be attached to a key chain?

    Adam JAdam J2 days ago
  • Didn't get announced... maybe they will along side the iPhone

    McIntosh MotorSportsMcIntosh MotorSports2 days ago
  • Didn't ascend this time. No 120 hz screen, no airtags.

    The Clown Prince Of CrimeThe Clown Prince Of Crime2 days ago
  • Hey Jon where are my Air Tags?

    Denver MorganDenver Morgan2 days ago
  • Really appreciate your work

    Thanos Met TechThanos Met Tech2 days ago
  • No air tags?!

    Kasim SuleymaniKasim Suleymani2 days ago
  • FRONT PAGE TECH Dude what the hell is going in here?! I laughed the whole time, you funny af my man😂❤️ No honestly, the way you delivered these leaks and stuff was so good, I instantly subscribed after this first video and I never, ever do this. Bro I don’t know how you’ve been working all this time, but man, keep doing yo thing, yo know what I mean. Tech channels have a shit ton to learn from you!

    Steven HasanbelliSteven Hasanbelli2 days ago
  • The back is spicy ? I bet you think ketchup is spicy too

    Marquise ThomasMarquise Thomas2 days ago
  • Like if: What happened with apple glasses? :(

    MazitahMazitah2 days ago
  • I subbed because you totally guessed I was on the toilet!

    Rebellious GoatRebellious Goat2 days ago
  • AirTags? Hahaha.

    Charlie DewCharlie Dew2 days ago
  • This is a shame that you are out here saying all that and not paying back people who makes you what you are now... 😂

    lamp worldlamp world2 days ago
  • Battery is problem for airtag

    愛自然愛自然2 days ago
  • AirTags. more like humenTags, baaa baaaa

    Jen KrashJen Krash2 days ago
  • Airtags are defo not going to be used maliciously by creepy partners who slip one into a bag or under a car seat to figure out where someone is.

    Paul StewartPaul Stewart3 days ago
  • This is one of those channels I find myself hitting like before the video even starts.

    nore96exnore96ex3 days ago
  • His voice sounds like “despicable ME’s Gru” ... isn’t it?

    AngryGorilla GamingAngryGorilla Gaming3 days ago
  • AirTags look like the batteries in GameBoy Advance cartridges

    Daniel11420Daniel114203 days ago
  • Let's go. Keep going Sr. Welcome back.

    Juan Araujo Jr.Juan Araujo Jr.3 days ago
  • So did it happen?

    The tech mannThe tech mann3 days ago
  • You Always Rock with your true predictions. 🥇 👏

    Naresh TechnicalNaresh Technical3 days ago
  • Airtag: 399 Keychain: 999

    Felipe PantuzzaFelipe Pantuzza3 days ago
  • AirTag is something that I have been thinking for a while. That's revolutionary for me.

    Edwin CapidosEdwin Capidos3 days ago
  • Just watched Apple’s event and then your video, damn you’re spot on, except for the “likely” parts

    McLOVINMcLOVIN3 days ago
  • R.I.P john

    송승준송승준3 days ago
  • Not too accurate, powerful sources tho

    Last Son of AbrahamLast Son of Abraham3 days ago
  • Where's the tags my dude Love you john

    Rotn MeTRotn MeT3 days ago
  • Where the fuck is HomePod mini & Airtag,

    Tenzing NgodubTenzing Ngodub3 days ago
  • i'm waiting for the next "wtf" or "i toooooooooooooold you (3x)" video. haha the content in this video is accurate based on released today.

    Danilo MacaraegDanilo Macaraeg3 days ago
  • This Better Than Any Apple Key Note

    mike mmike m3 days ago
  • Talking about toilet squad. That's where you success rate is. In the toilet.

    joshx413joshx4133 days ago
    • So true

      jesmond zammitjesmond zammit2 days ago
  • Funny as hell thanks for the info.

    TechonupnowTechonupnow3 days ago
  • you have a gooooood sources , you got all 4

    Davo82Davo823 days ago
  • I dont think any air tag was announced

    Francis KatendeFrancis Katende3 days ago
  • I really like the airtags that Apple dropped today and price is super low. You got played dude. 😧 I wish you were correct.

    ehhjeepehhjeep3 days ago
  • Holy shit what an annoying video!

    Dion FactorDion Factor3 days ago
  • “Everyone wins!!” Well.....except for Apple

    Jay KapitanJay Kapitan3 days ago
  • Roses are red Violets are blue I’m too late And so are you

    Jay KapitanJay Kapitan3 days ago
  • iPad mini, NO, ait tags, NO, you are totally obnoxious, not because you missed on these, just your demeanor.

    okpjrokpjr3 days ago
    • Yup! His narcissistic attitude is so off-putting. Acts like he's the most reputable leaker on the planet. Has literally gotten like 1 thing right in several months. Has a

      joshx413joshx4133 days ago
  • If it is under 50€, I would buy

    Die Erschaffung AdamsDie Erschaffung Adams3 days ago
  • "If you're sitting on the toilet right now" You have ZERO class, totally unnecessary comment. Serves no purpose whatsoever.

    okpjrokpjr3 days ago
    • It's an inside joke

      Rotn MeTRotn MeT3 days ago
  • Best part of today’s apple event- Airtags as promised by John.

    Kshitij MittalKshitij Mittal3 days ago
  • UWB location tracking? VR?

    Pete EddyPete Eddy3 days ago
  • 2:50 HA HA HA!

    Pete EddyPete Eddy3 days ago
  • Congrats

    Sanjeev KumarSanjeev Kumar3 days ago
  • Kill the Source they don’t know dodo 🤣😂🤣😂 no air tag

    TrapBoiFuse561TrapBoiFuse5613 days ago
  • F no air tags today

  • What happened to Airtags?? Sounds like apple founds their moles. Checkmate

    tmac20031tmac200313 days ago
  • Dude's so right.. It left everyone speechless. 😂

    azhar shaikhazhar shaikh3 days ago
  • Tim Cook : Remove AirTags from the event, John Prossor already leaked it in USkeys

    Varghese B UkkenVarghese B Ukken3 days ago
    • I wouldn’t doubt that’s what happened. They just delay stuff intentionally to make John look bad then he’ll stop leaking stuff. He needs to wait till about thirty minutes before the event to leak it.

      Jeremy CoxJeremy Cox3 days ago
  • No iPhone as told in the prophecy by the Great Jern!

    Asef Jamil AjwadAsef Jamil Ajwad3 days ago
    • No he hasn't

      Rotn MeTRotn MeT3 days ago
  • Apple have played you all with the airtags 😂😂😂

    Ben AcockBen Acock3 days ago
    • So why make a video about it! He might as well say there might be aliens 👽 but not 💯% sure!

      Ben AcockBen Acock3 days ago
    • He said it was likely to be in todays event, NOT 100% confirmed. Stupid fkn people

      Mergim RrustolliMergim Rrustolli3 days ago
  • Mate it's time you quit this guessing game

    Milan VMilan V3 days ago
    • Mergim Rrustolli i predict it is likely Apple will declare bankruptcy next week. Brb making a vid

      Milan VMilan V3 days ago
    • @Milan V Likely, not 100% confirmed.

      Mergim RrustolliMergim Rrustolli3 days ago
    • @Mergim Rrustolli "Likely releasing AirTags and HomePod Mini tomorrow." Nope

      Milan VMilan V3 days ago
    • What did he exactly get wrong?

      Mergim RrustolliMergim Rrustolli3 days ago
  • Well, this aged poorly.

    Dan Nainan, ComedianDan Nainan, Comedian3 days ago
  • Damn

    Barbod coliaieBarbod coliaie3 days ago

    Naji S.Naji S.3 days ago
  • Worst leaks ever jaja

    Robert 182Robert 1823 days ago
  • Enter chat if you were WAY wrong! >FPT enters chat

    John MossJohn Moss3 days ago
  • So much for your sources.

  • you lied bro lol, no iphone 12. unsubscribe this channel

    swisschocoswisschoco3 days ago
    • Did he say that though? You imbicile. Watch the damn video.

      Mergim RrustolliMergim Rrustolli3 days ago
  • It has been an absolute pleasure watching you get played so hard. Definitely the poor man’s leaker. 🤣😂🤣

    OhNoItsGojiraOhNoItsGojira3 days ago
  • Me watching this before the event

    Lennox M.Lennox M.3 days ago
  • 1:11 Singular

    Petra - wir uns kennenlernenPetra - wir uns kennenlernen3 days ago
  • A 10 minutes video to show a 20 second render, cut the crap already! Get to the point!

    Andy DaviesAndy Davies3 days ago
    • i feel like this is his normal video format for everything lol

      Raymond CoilRaymond Coil3 days ago
  • Most punchable face of all time.

    Fortnite VbucksFortnite Vbucks3 days ago
  • Nice! No more devices saying they need to track you without permission! You may think its no big deal now! In the future anything could be used against you! Maybe you were a regular at a certain grocery store that your potential employee does not like because of some PC thang! Think about it people! We don't need anyone invading our privacy! For a reason!

    kenneth salterkenneth salter3 days ago
  • Maybe if you swallow one you could be tracked if you're kidnapped..... lol. Stupid

    Mr. B. TraceMr. B. Trace3 days ago
  • Just imagine slipping one of these into a persons car so you can track their every move. Then once you know what they do on routine you can finally make your move..... leave a coffee at their car for a nice surprise 😌

    ZachWh0ZachWh03 days ago
  • Unsubscribing this channel because this is now more like a front apple tech... .

    Adnan ManzoorAdnan Manzoor3 days ago
  • Toilet ✔️ day late but not a dollar short.

    Donald HawkinsDonald Hawkins3 days ago
  • I was on the toilet, with man. LOL

    Juan ClevesJuan Cleves3 days ago
  • Just fast forward to 5:30

    ErikErik3 days ago
  • Your videos are underrated af.

    Reality SlayerReality Slayer3 days ago
  • While they could be used to find people who have been kidnapped, it could get people killed. Who's to say some creep won't drop one of these into a girl's bag at a party, find out where she lives, rape her and kill her, then take it out of her bag and move onto the next victim?

    LADDERLAD MusicLADDERLAD Music3 days ago
  • I blushed when you knew I was on the potty 🚽

    michael burganmichael burgan3 days ago
  • I’m LMFAO at the opening “subscribe if your sitting on a toilet now” I happened to be.

    August WeatherAugust Weather3 days ago
  • As usual, maybe they will maybe they won’t 🤷🏽‍♂️ at this point WHATEVER

    lxrlxr3 days ago
  • I see another use case, for stalkers

    Raymond WongRaymond Wong3 days ago
  • First step to become chip.

    Omary SmithOmary Smith3 days ago
  • This is stupid. We are really ready to add another tracking device to our bodies?. lab rats?..smh

    Wilt ThestiltWilt Thestilt3 days ago
  • How do people not know that these leaks are controlled by Apple?

    Wi FineWi Fine3 days ago
  • i was going to subscribe and hit the bell button but i wasn't sitting on a toilet seat sorry

    Aryan AjithAryan Ajith3 days ago
  • This technology has existed a very long time. Imagine being so stoked about it now because it has an apple on it.

    David SmithDavid Smith3 days ago
  • You are Nauseous and irritating at best. Much better USkeysrs out there

    SR TetonSR Teton3 days ago
  • I like how they are selectively only masking the word fuck...

    Gal&GalGal&Gal3 days ago