Jennifer Aniston’s First Text During Her Plane Scare Was from Ellen

Jun 5, 2019
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Jennifer Aniston recalled her frightening emergency incident on a plane and how Ellen was the first person who texted her to make sure she was okay. The actress also dismissed tabloid rumors, and talked about how no one should be ashamed of being naked.

  • I like your Thanking what I am happy for you I am really am happy for you

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine18 hours ago
  • There goes Ellen being big headed.

    Maria MalhotraMaria Malhotra2 days ago
  • i’m not an English speaker and always watch her with another sound. u should see my face when i heard her real voice

    Jamilya AKIYANOVAJamilya AKIYANOVA4 days ago
  • Jennifer Aniston's legs leave me breathless.

    Brandon AllenBrandon Allen4 days ago
  • Yeah I just found out that they would be causing to 7 o’clock and I did not talk to my mother quite yet about this but I will talk to her and I’ll talk to you OK and she would have to say I still am I still think in my mind that I shouldn’t go though because you might need me to weld it is 7 o’clock tonight anyways

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine5 days ago
  • Eve Hassard will always be the best actor

    Eve HassardEve Hassard5 days ago
  • Jen: I’m not ashamed of that. No-no one should be! Jen is so confident and has said so many things about how we shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are, it’s amazing ❤️ She just learned not to listen to what people think. If only everyone could be like that

    abig8460 abig8460abig8460 abig846012 days ago
  • i swear jennifer aniston and keanu reeves are defo ellens fave guests

    Tyla HoyleTyla Hoyle15 days ago
  • I'm from Russia and I love Jen)!!

    Сергей АйзадуловСергей Айзадулов22 days ago
  • Not yet

    Abdulrahim JDBAbdulrahim JDB22 days ago
  • Thanking something. Like before to easy on me I am new at this Yes same time don’t say things like I was the one who are sensitive OK be really careful about that how I will get some things just be careful

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine22 days ago
  • didnt ask

    Narad GosineNarad Gosine23 days ago
  • I love her so much 😍🥺

    razer adderrazer adder25 days ago
  • I was like what did she actually do a million dollar body makeover I even searched it up on google but she didn't ,btw she's sooo beautifull

    Pinja InkinenPinja Inkinen25 days ago
  • 5:00 BING!

    BaNaNaBaNaNaMonth ago
  • You both are great !❤️

    Cristina CerboneCristina CerboneMonth ago
  • 5:14-5:20 Ellens face.... priceless Hilarious

    Angela MantagasAngela MantagasMonth ago
  • those legs tho.

    z zz zMonth ago
  • LOVE

    Cassidy LewisCassidy LewisMonth ago
  • Thank you so much and also another thing to mention in along with a female I don’t get comfortable but with the meals out there then I will get comfortable

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine2 months ago
  • So sassy Ellen

    Jordan LashJordan Lash2 months ago
  • Yah Willy my mother got them out at :38 I am now. Will make it on time tall. 2 that some time’s I can tank them out as well

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine2 months ago
  • Where do they dump the fuel, anyone know?

    erin corinneerin corinne2 months ago
  • Meeting her is my dream

    الاستاذ جمعه اسعدالاستاذ جمعه اسعد2 months ago
  • The plane lost the phalange

    Emily CEmily C2 months ago
  • Pizzagate

    Nawaf XxNawaf Xx2 months ago
  • Ellen's reaction when she said "I'm kidding" was just .... Fanatabulous.

    Naval Kumar ShuklaNaval Kumar Shukla2 months ago
  • She looks like “grandmother” 👵

    Saikiran ReddySaikiran Reddy3 months ago
  • the one where RACHEL AND ELLEN MEET

    Myoko Heavy CruiserFanMyoko Heavy CruiserFan3 months ago
  • Legs

    Deeson JameDeeson Jame3 months ago
  • I was thinking about him but some stuff lately for most if you tell me I didn’t what I don’t now but for some of your mouth if you want to play music I’ll go away ahead but for me I want you to say thank you for let me know of everything but yeah if I am put things in mind because I do have a tablet there but maybe you could help me out we good at it but sometimes I have trouble with it tell me you guys can help me out so yeah I am happy for you guys I was just about to much but but I’m doing OK now

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine4 months ago
  • Jennifer Aniston puts the C in CLASSY !!!! her hair and skin are flawless I love her energy wow

    Roxanne MuaRoxanne Mua4 months ago
  • Rachel ❤

    Tuhina BhattacharyaTuhina Bhattacharya4 months ago
  • So cute! Wish she would date the charming and handsome Alfie Boe.

    Pamela BoydPamela Boyd4 months ago
  • I love Ellen too

    Karen MendozaKaren Mendoza4 months ago
  • I do love her.

    wan suwan su5 months ago
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  • She was on a Break with Ross

    vedant kapoorvedant kapoor5 months ago
  • Jennifer Aniston is still beautiful, never changing.

    Arnold AmateurArnold Amateur5 months ago
  • Trump 2020

    Marko JiMarko Ji5 months ago
  • She's so kind and beautiful, i really love Jen!

    Regina Phalange28Regina Phalange285 months ago
  • Best frends👍❤❤

    Kate PergjokajKate Pergjokaj5 months ago
  • Jennifer Aniston was joking about the makeover

    Yisroel WeissYisroel Weiss5 months ago
  • Do you what to talk about it

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine5 months ago
  • Oml, I just got jens perfume, and OML!, IT...SMELLS... AMAZING 😱😱❤️❤️😘😁

    DerpyKey ;3DerpyKey ;35 months ago
  • There was no phalanges

    AxelAxel6 months ago
  • That plane story was terrifying.

    amit nagpalamit nagpal6 months ago
  • Well, at first sight she looks familiar that I saw many times before. I search her on google and it turns out to be Rachel in Friends 💜 wow she is still beautiful and young like in the movie 💜

    Le AnhLe Anh6 months ago
  • Dump the fuel so as not to explode. Learned something. Glad all went well.

    AngieAngie6 months ago
  • She is funny always same nice hair, she is short, she is not beautiful. Her asset is funny, legs,hair, light eye color.

    Esther HamalkaEsther Hamalka6 months ago
  • Good lord mannnn

    Andrew SwordAndrew Sword7 months ago
  • I love Jennifer Aniston ♥️♥️

    Breno AndradeBreno Andrade7 months ago
  • €£¥₩♤

    James Bunnett1James Bunnett17 months ago
  • I just... her legs... she is insanely beautiful

    Gabriela BritoGabriela Brito7 months ago
  • This was exactly one year back and on my birthday

    Andy GrammarAndy Grammar7 months ago
  • I will always keep on loving her till my last breath....i wish i could ever meet her in real... Long live RACHEL GREEN...💝💝💝💝

    ADNAN AZAMADNAN AZAM7 months ago
  • She's so funny and beautiful :)

    Romina MarosanRomina Marosan7 months ago
  • I could love jennifer but im not that great looking

    Andrew LiveranceAndrew Liverance7 months ago
  • She's so perfect. Love Jennifer Aniston

    Justina 86Justina 867 months ago
  • The left phalange 😮😮😮😂❤️

    Don’t be suspiciousDon’t be suspicious8 months ago
  • i wonder where the wheel fell or on who

    CINDYCINDY8 months ago
  • Tall you that as well

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine8 months ago
  • I love you Jennifer, you are a excellent person

    GgaGga8 months ago
  • I didnt know till today that Ellen was lesbian

    Shilpa VishwanathanShilpa Vishwanathan8 months ago
  • Jen: I do have someone who loves me!....I’m kidding Ellen: 👁👄👁

    iiPiggy OinkiiiiPiggy Oinkii9 months ago
  • See wya that tall you tomorrow night

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine9 months ago
  • I was watching "Friends" recently

    ramirez noeramirez noe9 months ago
  • Jenn is very intelligent

    P DP D9 months ago
  • Jenniferand mat damon by the of Brad and she and other members of Hollywood

    Manuel Samudio BoteroManuel Samudio Botero9 months ago
  • Tequilaaa 🎸 Lol , take care baby...

    Mohammed Nope IslamMohammed Nope Islam9 months ago
  • 😘😘😘💓💓💓🤗🤗🤗

    Rachelle de las llagasRachelle de las llagas9 months ago
  • Thank god she is fine

    Rck82Rck8210 months ago
  • Those legs.

    Jj MenchJj Mench10 months ago
  • He nows that am right for hem that he will call me stomped

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine10 months ago

    Josh CabalJosh Cabal10 months ago
  • Aquarius women have a thing for each other hahaha

    Angela KhalilAngela Khalil10 months ago
  • What an American sweetheart! ❤

    Crystal H. VoCrystal H. Vo10 months ago
  • Love Elle😍😍

    Janet W0Janet W010 months ago
  • Ohh man! Her legs😚

    Zayd ReviewZayd Review10 months ago
  • Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous at every stage of her life! Love it love it!

    My two CentsMy two Cents10 months ago
  • Unique legs

    olas591olas59111 months ago
  • i like it

    Thomas EichnerThomas Eichner11 months ago
  • Jennifer looks so beautiful.

    Alberto GuerreroAlberto Guerrero11 months ago
  • Her fingers are always moving

    Nokwazi ChesterNokwazi Chester11 months ago
  • I replayed several times that part when she said "Ellen I do have someone who loves me..."😁

    josephine omegajosephine omega11 months ago
  • Jennifer Aniston always wear black. It seems like black is her color of fashion! I never see her wear other colors but black.

    Summer KenadySummer Kenady11 months ago
  • Well she is Beautiful and I wish I had the money for all the fillers and Botox because dang I would sure do it

    Linda CassellLinda Cassell11 months ago
  • Perfect inside and out 👌🏼

    Kat SattinKat Sattin11 months ago
  • 5:15

    Jenaya VargasJenaya Vargas11 months ago
  • She is exactly Rachel in friends. VEry Pretty & Funny woman.

    Home School DIYHome School DIY11 months ago
  • Jen is so pretty

    Home School DIYHome School DIY11 months ago
  • type type

    Ryan GrayRyan Gray11 months ago
  • I feel u Jen. I don't have children and etc. either. You're still amazing

    Deven L.Deven L.Year ago

    Tokyo :]Tokyo :]Year ago
  • Jen, nice stems 💘

    Clyde OkitaClyde OkitaYear ago
  • God she is such a goddess she is the definition of a PERFECT woman, good lord!!

    Slate13Slate13Year ago
  • she doesn't need money to look like this 😂😂 joke of the year

    Łukasz StępieńŁukasz StępieńYear ago
  • She's so gorgeous!!

    Michael JrMichael JrYear ago
  • Aaaw These 2 together in it’s a riot!!! 😆 makes my day

    roWINa HansroWINa HansYear ago
  • She is rachel inside out always

    Sahi !DSahi !DYear ago
  • Her legs 😩❤️

    ZOOZ AAZOOZ AAYear ago