Call of Duty Warzone Reacting to the TOP 50 Clips of ALL TIME!

Jul 27, 2020
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COD Warzone has some great moments. Here are my reactions to the top 50 most upvoted clips on the subreddit /r/CODWarzone/ Limited Edition Tee - - Credit to @Hollyw00dz for Clip #27, go check him out! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • The crossbow one is hilarious 😂

    Mike TaylorMike TaylorDay ago
  • Number 4 it seems less likely but if so the kid is a little legend

    Oculus OfShadowsOculus OfShadows2 days ago
  • “Average gamer dad” has Damascus

    Johnny PlakidisJohnny Plakidis3 days ago
  • number 3 reminds from that one scene from the movie christine, im not going to spoil any thing but if youve watched christine you know what i mean

    How2failureHow2failure6 days ago
  • The Molotov on th3 helicopter was my favorite because of how satisfying it is

    Soldier 739Soldier 7397 days ago
  • 3:26 i saw Rias Gremory 😍😏

    Apex CabrezaApex Cabreza9 days ago
  • Gotta train em' while they're young

    TheNuggetLordTheNuggetLord9 days ago
  • MUSELK LOOKS LIKE ELON MUSK lol just wanted to say as I have known for years and never said it

    Kirkup GamesKirkup Games9 days ago
  • My FiNgEr iS oN tHe BuTtOn

    Paul FloryPaul Flory10 days ago
  • The Truck-sama isekai him to other world. cultivation world 25:23

    To attain NothingnessTo attain Nothingness11 days ago
  • Soooo we not gonna address the fact optimus jumped off the top rope 🤷🏾‍♂️😭

    OVAN91OVAN9111 days ago
  • Please make another round of these :D

    ElComancheroElComanchero12 days ago
  • Vai cazzo carmine!

    Gabriele CominettiGabriele Cominetti12 days ago
  • the aim assist hurts me

    Chronic_BreakdownChronic_Breakdown12 days ago
  • #4 should have been number 2 cause that kid was lit!😂

    BtlNick OfficialBtlNick Official13 days ago
  • Snake shots still exist

  • the heli chase,& then the molotov throw at 13:15 was one of the best moments in fps I laughed so hard

    pankha nafispankha nafis13 days ago
  • this is why i love warzone the tacticity of pubg and its cod

    Coopdawg 720Coopdawg 72014 days ago
  • Should I be impressed or embarrassed that the kids is a better teammate then me

    Jaidyl RiveraJaidyl Rivera14 days ago
  • 14:38 the sniper in the flor is mine :v

    Yazid BananaYazid Banana14 days ago
  • Clip on 1:25 I do I same thing for campers

    Mohit SinghMohit Singh15 days ago
  • Keeps saying my video then was filmed by someone else. Been stealing clips too long to keep it streight anymore?

    Salt MinerSalt Miner17 days ago
  • I love call of duty modern warfare warzone so much

    Anthony ArensAnthony Arens18 days ago
  • Dude that six year d is better than me!! Like wow 👏

    Jacob BiggsJacob Biggs18 days ago
  • .!.

    Nenad JakovljevicNenad Jakovljevic19 days ago
  • Yo. Can the kid at 22:00 join my quads team?

    ThatGuyUKnow2KThatGuyUKnow2K19 days ago
  • Shooting a spray makes you feel like the dumbest dumb to ever dumb

    Agressive HippieAgressive Hippie21 day ago
  • those 6 years were that guy making him play cod and teaching callouts

    Rafael Valles ArriasRafael Valles Arrias21 day ago
  • Is this Tyson fucking fury 😂

    Mitch HooperMitch Hooper23 days ago
  • Number 4 kid gets me respect

    hyena boi dose stuffhyena boi dose stuff24 days ago
  • U guys play like bots. try to watch some ninext videos

    Cainã MatsumotoCainã Matsumoto25 days ago
  • Thanks for doing one these videos for Warzone love watching them

  • The player that got t bagged be like: CALL THE AMBULANCE!...............but not for me.

  • There is nothing like it in the world when you get the drop on campers.

    Robert ThomasRobert Thomas26 days ago
  • There is nothing like it in the world when you get the drop on campers.

    Robert ThomasRobert Thomas26 days ago
  • 23:32 "Wowwwww I bet ur like 8 kid!" "No I'm 6."

    DonkDonk27 days ago
  • Them Macedonians with the flag...

    Gorgi GorgievGorgi Gorgiev27 days ago
  • Actually can’t believe this is as hyped as it is. The most underrated thing in gaming ever. It’s honestly wank 😂

    Ben HaworthBen Haworth28 days ago
  • I got killed by those duals at 9:35 like a week ago

    Mubarak DiabMubarak Diab28 days ago
  • Alex could be Roach

    Jason SchmidtJason Schmidt29 days ago
  • The clip with the father and son playing together is so pure omg.

    Tyler KluttzTyler Kluttz29 days ago
  • What are you doing step truck

    Suraj PratapSuraj PratapMonth ago
  • 25:34 on this episode or Man Vs Car a Cod player VS a Truck

    Elias McIntyreElias McIntyreMonth ago
  • #30 remonds me of that one WII animation. I forget the name, but it's a german vs american fighter pilots dogfighting to the very end, even after their planes run out of ammo and fuel, even as they crawl towards each other in the snow with their pistols.

    Dalton SundaraDalton SundaraMonth ago
  • Riot shield users kill hackers "Maybe I treated you too harshly..."

    sanzsanzMonth ago
  • I tricked him.. 6 yo kid for sure

    eggySpaggegsseggySpaggegssMonth ago
  • Step truck what are you doing

    Mister4life MeMister4life MeMonth ago
  • 👍

    alra7eelalra7eelMonth ago
  • So nice played dude,,,,,!

    Crazy GamerzCrazy GamerzMonth ago
  • 3:20 exactly what he get using that dickass setup everyone has

    Frenchbroom StickFrenchbroom StickMonth ago
  • Omg kid do you EVER SHUT UPPPP

    Liam ObrienLiam ObrienMonth ago
  • You need to talk far less mate

    Liam ObrienLiam ObrienMonth ago
  • 5:56 The white death I thought you were dead

    Mack Fam13Mack Fam13Month ago
  • Number 4: Get that kid into faze!!!

    that_ one_guythat_ one_guyMonth ago
  • The track is my fav😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🙂😆😅

    M. 05M. 05Month ago
  • in the last clip, ron weasley was behind the wheel for sure

    jelle tilburgjelle tilburgMonth ago
  • at last hacker get what they deserve :D

    great shark ablooshigreat shark ablooshiMonth ago
  • 25:25 yo if this is a 9 y/o fortnite player he would have been raging and reporting the truck guy

    Emman PedrosoEmman PedrosoMonth ago
  • Kali sticks or Kodachi's? comment?

  • Definetly 4 clip is the best

    FuriousRat95FuriousRat95Month ago
  • I can't play but still watching XD

  • Clip 22 was nasty

    burnt waffleburnt waffleMonth ago
  • 6:40 amazing accidental transition

    Llamacito or FellowFleshlingLlamacito or FellowFleshlingMonth ago
  • 21:43 I'm dying

    Landon GARZALandon GARZAMonth ago
  • 8:32 is basically a hockey fight staredown.

    Senior ZoloSenior ZoloMonth ago
  • Those douchebags that were exploiting that glitch I hope they got theirs. I can't stand people that cheat or exploit glitches it doesn't make them good and how can they feel..."Proud". 😂

    Anonymous GamerAnonymous GamerMonth ago
  • So ready for this game to die. Tis shit

    Justin SimmonsJustin SimmonsMonth ago
  • In clip 16 the guy who shot him wasn't in the gas. You can look at the map and clearly see the gas wasn't to him.

    ImAlwaysMadBroImAlwaysMadBroMonth ago
  • What are these people’s setups

    AlexAlexMonth ago
  • Last one thanos said "you know what f*** it

  • 1:34 GOOGLAG

    Justine SmithJustine SmithMonth ago
  • Awsome top

  • All i saw was 50 reasons to uninstall this hot trash.

    Elessar TelcontarElessar TelcontarMonth ago
  • 6:17 seen someone do this before

    Connor TatzConnor TatzMonth ago
  • The last one was john cena dude...😂💔😂💔

    Warzer MohammedWarzer MohammedMonth ago
    • The truck

      Warzer MohammedWarzer MohammedMonth ago
  • R u from aus

    vizion.clappedvizion.clappedMonth ago
  • *3:11* Instant Karma.

    EpicSkillEpicSkillMonth ago
  • I had a recon device spawn right where I was standing killing me.

    JudeJudeMonth ago
  • Clip 14 is friggin hilarious, but the neck break finishing move montage is pretty dope to

    HypothermiaHypothermiaMonth ago
  • the best part about the riot shield clips is that any competent player would be able to get people, like the one in the house has 2 thermites lying on the ground........

    slythewolf123slythewolf123Month ago
  • Before the video, I would've assumed these clips would be underwhelming.

    Troy PowersTroy PowersMonth ago
  • "OF ALL TIME!"... for a game that came out this year. XD

    WreqtWreqtMonth ago
  • First clip is what CoD is all about

    000 McKing000 McKingMonth ago
  • I liked the one who killed the other one clip , THAT WAS EPIC ... I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS JackFrags

    Abdelrahman MouslyAbdelrahman MouslyMonth ago
  • #42 IS A MEGA OOF

    Daniel SkenderDaniel SkenderMonth ago
  • Hahae so good

    Nasia SmithNasia SmithMonth ago
  • the 50th video should be top 5

    Vicarious PVicarious PMonth ago
  • I've had that wall glitch done to me in prison

    jake llewelynjake llewelynMonth ago
  • jackfrags £🍀 oyunn videosu cekiyorum videonu beğendim takipleşelimö 🍀 :)

    Arkadaşım OyunArkadaşım OyunMonth ago
  • how do u unlock the kali sticks

    MONSTA 23MONSTA 23Month ago
  • amazing clips

    Kuro KenshinKuro KenshinMonth ago
  • You sound like tyson fury, call someone a dosser

    Kane HowlKane HowlMonth ago
  • These are brilliant 👏 👌 🤣

    kwikasfukibiker YTkwikasfukibiker YTMonth ago
  • I shit myself a week ago

    Unbl_oockedUnbl_oockedMonth ago
  • 2:05 200 IQ

    3zOzDark3zOzDarkMonth ago
  • What about that twitch streamer who got a quad headshot collateral?

    ChillVroツChillVroツMonth ago
  • Sentient trucks... Beware people, they are real and they are not afraid of trickery!

    Phthalo BluePhthalo BlueMonth ago
  • 9:35 amount of autoaissist is kinda op

    Kaiser 36Kaiser 36Month ago
  • 12:46 gets modern warfare 1 end game flashbacks*

    carlrod alegradocarlrod alegradoMonth ago
  • 19:23 riot shield

    Tamer AslantasTamer AslantasMonth ago