Mar 16, 2013
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  • i like how her husband is more of a Karen than her, even tho her name is Karen

    JeongSo oJeongSo o17 hours ago
  • I think every restaurant should have some kind of code of conduct or health like that example if you're open 6 days a week you're closed day you empty the fridge and replace the products with fresh ones. If something has been in fridge more than 3 days gets rid of it or take it home if you don't want to waste it (if you're one of those people who don't mind eating food in a fridge for a week)

    David AliDavid Ali18 hours ago
  • One thing I always love about Gordon: 1. Everytime he doesn't like the food he makes a pun to insult it, it's just cheesy and cringey but I love his sense of humor 😂 2. When he first comes in he dresses his decent and when he observes the dinner service he always puts on his chef's coat. He just takes the job professionally and I'm so glad he respects he field of work 💯

    David AliDavid Ali18 hours ago
  • Wow this video was 7 years ago. But Yanni's is still kickin!

    HoodieMoodieHoodieMoodie18 hours ago
  • A complete Karen that isnt an actual Karen? Pretty weird.

    HoodieMoodieHoodieMoodie19 hours ago
  • It's rare for a family running a restaurant to work things this smoothly once Gordon pointed out what they needed to do and finished renovations. None of them were dead weight or lost their cool under pressure. And the place is still open to this day so they really took things seriously.

    Daken-donoDaken-dono22 hours ago
  • The owner looks like a bulkier version of 1988 Democrat party presidential candidate Michael Dukakis

    foulpotatofoulpotatoDay ago
  • I kno the environment is very toxic, but pls lady your cry just makes the situation much worse. That attitude is also toxic for teamwork

    MomonMomonDay ago
  • Wait.. his wife name was karen!?!?!?

    Dom and Kim cotterhillDom and Kim cotterhillDay ago
  • peter:*kicks dog* dog:"bites back" peter:ITS THE ATTITUDE!

    branybranyDay ago
  • From Kitchen Nightmares to Dr. Phil

    Chuck CatipayChuck CatipayDay ago
  • I dunno if someone commented on that already, but I loved how the mum was like "everyhting should be labeled, that's basic". You could tell that's what she does/did at home when she cooks and stores food.

    Anna LittleAnna LittleDay ago
  • Did the waitress just call Gordon an englishman!

    Haroen EissaHaroen EissaDay ago
  • the way she storms out and says "Stop crying" at 19:03 is priceless

    sukamydoodlesukamydoodle2 days ago
  • Girls gonna get dehydrated

    artemis houdelisartemis houdelis2 days ago
  • 24:13 When the fellas get done for selling sweets at break.

    theunfortunate melontheunfortunate melon2 days ago
  • Who else relates to the crying girl? Just me!? Okay then.

    Simran DhaliwalSimran Dhaliwal2 days ago
  • Why does peter look like mr bean

    Shawn ChangShawn Chang2 days ago
  • This manager Karen isn’t a Karen anymore 😂❤️

    狼フリーク狼フリーク2 days ago
  • Any update if still operate?

    MOD Corona VirusMOD Corona Virus2 days ago
  • i wonder how many views come feom 2020 alone

    Nrn SyqnNrn Syqn3 days ago
  • 0:57 Gordon's mind "you DIRTY piece of shit" Plot twist: Nobody knows where is the guy, that Gordon was looking at

    WyklętyWyklęty3 days ago
  • She cries for too much garlic . I mean = come on !!!! My elder sister is like that

  • How ironic... The Karen is the only person that takes blame.

    Amos Tan & Aloysius Tan Totally real channelAmos Tan & Aloysius Tan Totally real channel3 days ago
  • Her daughter is the real Karen her wife is also a Karen.

    Amos Tan & Aloysius Tan Totally real channelAmos Tan & Aloysius Tan Totally real channel3 days ago
  • Impossible... A Karen Non Karen

    Amos Tan & Aloysius Tan Totally real channelAmos Tan & Aloysius Tan Totally real channel3 days ago
  • At this moment I shed tears like the girl crying haha love it♥️

    Zukoroki TodoZukoroki Todo3 days ago
  • why did she delibritly cry in front of the camera atntention seeking lol

    Aaron GortonAaron Gorton3 days ago
  • Peter is more of a Karen than Karen.

    Keelyn Foster-WilliamsonKeelyn Foster-Williamson3 days ago
  • Anyone else think it's cute how sensitive she is? Adorable and rare.

    -The dog- Brian Griffin-The dog- Brian Griffin4 days ago
  • The only karen i'm sorry for

    NəżukøøøNəżukøøø4 days ago
  • The wife kinda looks like a karen, and her name is karen, i hope she is not screaming at people bcuz she dont wanna wear a mask

    Simba contehSimba conteh4 days ago
  • Crying the way she does is not normal. She needs psychiatric help!

    Jack DawsonJack Dawson4 days ago
  • The real Karen isn't a katen

    mohammed zaifmohammed zaif5 days ago
  • I wouldn't serve the why is it in the fridge. 🤢 should be in the bin!

    B WB W5 days ago
  • Alyse! Touch this. It's sticky, too! 3===D ~ ~ ~

    usig00usig005 days ago
  • This family is actually so cute. I hope they've all worked out their issues

    Eleanor McDonaldEleanor McDonald5 days ago
  • The girl that was crying looks younger than her sister and Peter looks like the grandad 😂

    Helen helenHelen helen6 days ago

    Satyam DeySatyam Dey6 days ago
  • Both daughters had their way of coping with abusive father One became fragile Other one became overly blunt and built a shell around her.

    Gass GassGass Gass6 days ago
  • This is a total dysfunctional family Abusive father Emotionally hurt first born Overly blunt second one Helpless mother. Hopefully they turn out to be fine.

    Gass GassGass Gass6 days ago

    Nikki HarrisNikki Harris6 days ago
  • Blaming his children for his fuck ups.😡👿

    Spiderman XxSpiderman Xx6 days ago
  • Funny how the elder daughter’s taking care of shitty ugly one when she just keeps shouting at the older one for crying like a bitch

    Arc is DarcArc is Darc7 days ago
  • That’s your own daughter why would you be so rude when she cries?

    Arc is DarcArc is Darc7 days ago
  • Damn the lady has more balls than Peter. Her hairstyle doesn't call for "I wanna speak to your manager" but "I am the manager"

    CipherCipher7 days ago
  • The crying girl is like her mom, so sensitive, the other one is just a copy of her dad, with the same abusive attitude

    Narymi AbdoNarymi Abdo7 days ago
  • that was actually wholesome.

    William A.William A.7 days ago
  • it's crazy how many greek restaurants there are in this show.

    Camembert d'AlembertCamembert d'Alembert7 days ago
  • 20:31 Is this hypocrite crying? If so then 'STOP CRYING' how do you like that?

    Miss LauraMiss Laura7 days ago
  • The chef sister needs a slap at least your sister is actually showing emotion for your futures not giving Gordon an attitude because he gave you constructive criticism

    Miss LauraMiss Laura7 days ago
  • 'I'm not gonna crumble just because one person said our food is crap' yer you're right sweetheart it's not like he's Gordon Ramsey or anything🙄🤦🏼‍♀️maybe have that shitty attitude with a customer who's a novice and has no clue about cooking but not with a Michelin star chef, get a grip

    Miss LauraMiss Laura7 days ago
  • Karen looks like a Karen but isn't a Karen.

    Moksh Of The FilthMoksh Of The Filth7 days ago
  • Why the fuck does she crys

    Himad GamerHimad Gamer7 days ago
  • No one is even mentioning that Peter kinda looks like Rowan Atkinson. 🤣

    S DGS DG7 days ago
  • What a family... The dad goes into roid rage for anything, the wife doesn't dare to do anything, one daughter is an entitled bitch and the other one's a crybaby.

    MJMJ8 days ago
  • Stop crying - go see a therapist

    Steel BallsSteel Balls8 days ago
  • I love this guy.....stay blessed

    C KalsiC Kalsi8 days ago
  • Oh god, shes crying over thr ! 😂🤣

    Ganesh SinghGanesh Singh8 days ago
  • The crying girl, it's so beautiful 😍

    evildragon196evildragon1968 days ago
  • Gordan comes to your restaurant. Owner:" our place rules" Gordon:" dreadful" Owner:" no way!"

    HolyfranzHolyfranz8 days ago
  • The daughter is more a karen than her mother karen

    Aya LargouAya Largou8 days ago
  • stop crying

    Steel BallsSteel Balls8 days ago
  • I like that girl who is crying she is adorable 😂

    shrez_officialshrez_official9 days ago
  • Peter looks like a cross between Mr.Bean and the Gallagher brothers

    Carolyn LimCarolyn Lim9 days ago
  • being a cook is topsport! you have to be athletic to be a cook otherwise you will die of a heart attack!

    Jencikova JenkisJencikova Jenkis9 days ago
  • They dont even know how musaka is made properly. Come to Balkan and learn god damn.

    srdjan malsrdjan mal9 days ago
  • Every episode ever:- Gordan: the food is disgusting The owner: NANI!! i disagree

    2- torial YT2- torial YT9 days ago
  • Finally a good Karen

    ITS_ME _AKITS_ME _AK9 days ago
  • The Karen-looking Karen is the least Karen out of all of them.

    Alfred Walthamstow JohnsonAlfred Walthamstow Johnson9 days ago
  • i guess if a Karen is the manager it cancels the normal Karen behaviour 🤔

    Wilson KurniawanWilson Kurniawan9 days ago
  • Tariya is very connected to her father and reacts on his emotions;)

    RoseRose9 days ago
  • One advice, never watch this show while eating.

    junjie ongjunjie ong10 days ago
  • I like Karen's haircut...

    Johnny SageJohnny Sage10 days ago
  • Who thinks that the owner looks like Mr Bean

    Queeny MacanayaQueeny Macanaya10 days ago
  • The owner looks like the 'This Man '

    Pontiac DenaliPontiac Denali10 days ago
  • She's so irritating

  • This crying machine needs therapy.

  • His daughter waitress is so cute when she smiles,instead of crying.

    marino with hearth reactions thiccmarino with hearth reactions thicc10 days ago
  • He looks like Borat on that picture with mustaches in the beginning.

    marino with hearth reactions thiccmarino with hearth reactions thicc10 days ago
  • I think Taniya is really emotionally drained and constantly stressed thats why she cries alot

    Stacy BrendaStacy Brenda10 days ago
  • I feel so sorry for crying girl! She probably very stressed because of her family hitting rock bottom getting rude comments from her DAMN FAMILY AND getting comments from customers! Poor girl 🥺

    xxTheOreoGodxxxxTheOreoGodxx10 days ago
  • You gotta love Tariya's waterworks.

    Bob BurroughsBob Burroughs10 days ago
  • karen actualy is not a karen

    Bass BoostedBass Boosted11 days ago
  • Shoutout to his granddaughter for being more fun then these guys😂😂

    Moshi SomolekaeMoshi Somolekae11 days ago
  • Hello quarantine mates! 🙋😷

    LivegnaLivegna12 days ago
  • That guy the owner looks like second version of MrBean😅😅😅😅😂😂😂

    A9L GamingA9L Gaming12 days ago
  • an englishman teaching a greek how to cook greek dishes lmao

    Cave manCave man12 days ago
  • This crying girl is a pain in the ass

    Alvin GilaAlvin Gila12 days ago
  • It's no moussaka, It's a massacre...

    Kunta KinteKunta Kinte12 days ago
  • Omg he looks like Gru from Despicable Me! They are one daughter short of the family!

    Epic AllyEpic Ally13 days ago
    • That's what I have been thinking

      Quinn XQuinn X13 days ago

    Sonic WaveSonic Wave13 days ago
  • That man is a typical toxic man.PERIOD.

    Mohammed Abdul KareemMohammed Abdul Kareem13 days ago
  • I'm just shocked. The other girl is being told to shut up and to not cry constantly. Suddenly the other sister starts crying and she's being hugged and no comments were made

    Wanda BednarskiWanda Bednarski13 days ago
  • She's the Karen that every Karen tries to be but can't

    Sharmin JahanSharmin Jahan13 days ago
  • tariya so hot would love to taste her taco

    julz leejulz lee13 days ago
  • Weeps.. "there's too much cinnamon"

    mbali zibanimbali zibani13 days ago
  • Weeps.. "there's too much cinnamon"

    mbali zibanimbali zibani13 days ago
  • i honestly wanna punch the girls. One is crying so much and the other one needs a spanking.

    Nabeel ShajeerNabeel Shajeer14 days ago
  • Peters a Rat blaming his daughter for the filth...its him thats putting that shit in the fridges..

    CrazycraigyCrazycraigy14 days ago