Virgil van Dijk | Birthplace of Dreams | Nike

Dec 1, 2019
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"I was born in Breda, but it's the things I’ve overcome on my journey from there that have made me the player I am today."
Virgil van Dijk was a football-obsessed kid playing on cage courts near his southern Holland home.
Years later and with many challenges overcome, he's a European Champion and recognised as the world's best defender.
This is his Birthplace of Dreams.

  • at 1:17 Is the background was royal albert dock, Liverpool ?

    Nos feratuNos feratu24 days ago
  • What’s the song playing in the background?

    Chelsie KChelsie KMonth ago
  • Imperious 🥇🏆🥇

    Marco SmithMarco SmithMonth ago
  • Liverpool-NIKE Football

    Wieslaw SobocinskiWieslaw SobocinskiMonth ago
  • Dutch kids speaking nearly fluent English at the age of 8... English speaking countries need to step our game up

    SBakerNYCSBakerNYCMonth ago
  • He is The striker Legends

    Neutral GamingNeutral Gaming2 months ago
  • A guy with good heart The best def

    Jabir DiogoJabir Diogo3 months ago
  • Amazing! One of my most favourite soccer players of all times, I really look up to you.

    DV7DV74 months ago
  • I wanna be like u when i grow up van djik

    Virgil goatS#Virgil goatS#4 months ago
    • @Mark Hields thanks bro

      Virgil goatS#Virgil goatS#4 months ago
    • @Virgil goatS# worries bro, remember when you are younger it all about building up your technical skills, size and strength come later, just like Van Dijk and always ignore negative people....i'll keep an eye out for your name !

      Mark HieldsMark Hields4 months ago
    • @Mark Hields Thank you bro u the best u will see me in the league my name will be ntholi on my t-shirt please come watch my matches live when I grow up please support me man thanks thank u so much for telling me I wish I could give u a million

      Virgil goatS#Virgil goatS#4 months ago
    • Work hard Lebusa Paul and there is no reason you cant be....even some coaches couldnt see Van Dijks talent at 16.....if anyone tells you you arent good enough, ignore them and never listen to them again...good luck

      Mark HieldsMark Hields4 months ago
  • My fav

    Angelique GordonAngelique Gordon4 months ago
  • Men is wearing the Sacai like its nothing, best dutch defender in my opinion.

    Quinten LopesQuinten Lopes5 months ago
  • Love from Breda! !!

    QuickInception ChebaiabQuickInception Chebaiab6 months ago
  • If they make shoes,they should name them Virgil van Nike's

    Kokster KingKokster King6 months ago
  • He should be won the balloon d oro FIFA is beyond delusional

    Richard CastilloRichard Castillo6 months ago
  • SV REESHOF. I live 100m from the club he visited. Played 11 years there. I left the club in October and not long after he visited the damn club

    pieter putspieter puts6 months ago
  • Tears in my eyes!!! A boys dream comes true!!!!!🧡🧡🧡

    sunnysightsunnysight7 months ago
  • Mfs be like shoot ur shot and start defending like Virgil Van Dijk

    Hussein MassoroHussein Massoro7 months ago
  • প্লে তো মাকে স্পেস ফর যুর সেলফ

    Dwaipayan Datta RoyDwaipayan Datta Roy7 months ago
  • Best player in the world* just becaude he is a defender he won’t win a ballon d’or

    Matteo MatteoMatteo Matteo7 months ago
  • Alguém BR?

    Daniel DSJDaniel DSJ7 months ago
  • 3:55 almost resembling the Klopp-laugh.

    MetalForTheMassesMetalForTheMasses7 months ago
  • Nike X Liverpool

    Ahmad ShukriAhmad Shukri7 months ago
  • Ouh My Games... One of my most favorite Defender in the world 👊👊👊

    Captain ZCaptain Z7 months ago
  • Virgil Van Dijk my idol

    donda369donda3697 months ago
  • the jackets are so cold fam

    Not MainManMané hthNot MainManMané hth7 months ago
  • I love you vrgil stay at Liverpool

    Sue HugginsSue Huggins7 months ago
  • Never gets old Virgil .

    Muhammad NunoMuhammad Nuno7 months ago
  • How do Nike have 100million IG followers

    ELVIS #YNWAELVIS #YNWA7 months ago
  • that moment when he said his breakthrough came at 26 gave me hope that its not or never too late to start

    Dusabe DerrickDusabe Derrick7 months ago
    • Dusabe Derrick he became world famous at 26* this man has been playing professional football since he was 7

      H TH T7 months ago
  • Everybody loves him

    thehyper~thehyper~7 months ago
  • Imagine getting past him and seeing Becker in goal😂

    SiddharthSiddharth7 months ago
  • Best defender in history. Dont argue

    RasheedLFCRasheedLFC7 months ago
  • And soon to be Premier League Champion....

    chris Lovettchris Lovett7 months ago
  • The best defender in the world

    Hisham aliHisham ali7 months ago
  • Soon to be a Premier League Champion !! 🙌🏾

    OG WhitfieldOG Whitfield7 months ago
  • That music tho 💪🏾🔥

    Gifted IntrovertGifted Introvert7 months ago
  • Imagine what state Liverpool would be in if van disk didn’t make as a footballer

    Charlie BoyceCharlie Boyce8 months ago
  • Man of the match❣️

    sanu silahsanu silah8 months ago
  • Number 4 long live the king Virgil van dijk

    Tamar ReidTamar Reid8 months ago
  • This is so inspirational

    Spencer DavenportSpencer Davenport8 months ago
  • And today he is the worlds best defender ! Dreams never die

    Krish ChaudhryKrish Chaudhry8 months ago
  • Fuck i hate that its marketing for a corporate entity but im loving it anyway

    Ja frostJa frost8 months ago
  • i cant wait for the netherlands in the next world cup, im not even from there, they just have a bunch of my favourite players

    Ja frostJa frost8 months ago
  • And to think that harry maguire was more expensive than vvd

    Lil Jimmy KeoghLil Jimmy Keogh8 months ago
  • Liverpool fc have made him into the player he is now

    Bro652 TecHBro652 TecH8 months ago
  • he's best as of now but not all time best.

    Luka SrdanovLuka Srdanov8 months ago
  • How can you not root for Virgil! :)

    Ronnie FlorentinoRonnie Florentino8 months ago
  • his laugh at the end... 😍😂

    missrajah 96missrajah 968 months ago
  • I want to better then him

    Veera BhadraVeera Bhadra8 months ago
  • Defenders should get same payment as attackers the tv People should appreciate defenders their saves tackles

    Veera BhadraVeera Bhadra8 months ago
  • Listening to that kid speaking English, remember Klopp saying: "When Milner, Robbo and Trent talk among themselves, not even English people can understand them.."

    Shaun JohnsonShaun Johnson8 months ago
  • scouse air"just do one"

    biggles4441biggles44418 months ago
  • I really like van dijk

    Royal ishä_qRoyal ishä_q8 months ago
  • People said Virgil is not the best player in the team Say that again Yeah you can’t thought so

    Kayleigh and IzabellaKayleigh and Izabella8 months ago
  • worth every penny... and more #YNWA

    CodeCommandCodeCommand8 months ago
  • Australian girls really are the greatest. How can you be more likable than Sam Kerr?

    isi598isi5989 months ago
  • I’m naming my future kid boy Virgil 😎

    Jose LopezJose Lopez9 months ago
  • Great Footballer. Here is Nike Gift Card◼️

    what Cheapwhat Cheap9 months ago
  • amazing player

    Jordi PontJordi Pont9 months ago
  • Best Defender of the World

    Dennis WongDennis Wong9 months ago
  • Adidas players are legends but Nike players are pure fire and joy

    Sage ProSage Pro9 months ago
  • Nice to see you back in yr native town...I wonder what yr thoughts are driving through Breda....Where it all started.......

    sunnysightsunnysight9 months ago
  • Welcome 🙏🏻 to Liverpool Nike. 😉

    Graham ReardonGraham Reardon9 months ago
  • VVD is great but he had wonderful cbs along side him..Matip was something else the 2nd half of last season and Gomez before the VVD doesn't have the same support so we don't see as many clean sheets as last season!

    Dina MDina M9 months ago
  • At the end of the video Interviewer: Did anyone get past you on here? Virgil: Probably! You would expect an answer like "Never!", but Virgil is such a great guy, not ashamed to let people know that he has not always been the beast he is now.

    Asiatique Media 阿西亞提克 媒體Asiatique Media 阿西亞提克 媒體9 months ago
  • Yes, he is a good soccer player, but he should have some respect for legends like CR7. Be polite man.

    Miguel Angel GalánMiguel Angel Galán9 months ago
  • Need him at Barca

    Daniel BahenaDaniel Bahena9 months ago
  • I love the football you play you inspire me "BIG TIME BRO" i hope I get where got bro!!!! Love from SOUTH AFRICA!!!!

    GOLEKANE TshabalalaGOLEKANE Tshabalala9 months ago
  • Living legend!. The next Sami Hyppia 🙌🏾

    David LuizDavid Luiz9 months ago
  • Was robbed

    Ethan WorkmanEthan Workman9 months ago
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    Vincent GreeneVincent Greene9 months ago
  • Really hope Nike do a good job on Liverpool's 20/21 kits

    EclipseA3EclipseA39 months ago
  • Love you Virgil.

    Miss TarshMiss Tarsh9 months ago
  • just what I needed to hear, you’re my hero Virgil ❤️

    elr456elr4569 months ago
  • 🐐

    LATYMER28LATYMER289 months ago
  • Van dijk ❤

    Mat KoroiMat Koroi9 months ago
  • I never got more inspiration and motivation than after this video! Thank you Virgil🔥

    xFreezexFreeze9 months ago
  • Man’s a absolute hero.

    Von VexVon Vex9 months ago
  • This guy definitely wants to be a woman deep down.

    TheMetalMouseTheMetalMouse9 months ago
  • £75mill not a shit phill. The best defender in the world

    Crxzy .-Crxzy .-9 months ago
  • I feel u Virgil, I’m a defender and I get treated that way too

    Mateo FCMateo FC9 months ago
  • Virgil Big Man At The Back Dijk. Also a pro controller breaker if you know you know

    BehizyBehizy9 months ago
  • He is the Jerome Boateng of Holland

    DerHalbeEuroDerHalbeEuro9 months ago
  • 2:46😂😂

    RebReb9 months ago
  • To everyone who says there are better defenders: who was nominated for the ballon d'or?

    RebReb9 months ago
  • and the nation league virgil??

    Daniel MoleiroDaniel Moleiro9 months ago

    J.C. ANYIAMJ.C. ANYIAM9 months ago
  • Thank you pro,we love you❤❤❤❤🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭❤❤❤❤🌍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 🎵 He's our No4.🎵

    Red MingRed Ming9 months ago
  • He looks like zlatan

    Feysalito litoFeysalito lito9 months ago
  • He's a centre half he's a number 4 !!

    David hughesDavid hughes9 months ago
  • Nike already doing the most with the kit sponsorship coming up next season

    J ZJ Z9 months ago
  • My life my love football..Only through football i can get a tears in ma eyes

    Lil bongLil bong9 months ago
  • I wonder what harry maguire version of this video looks like , LOL

    Tosan / Pak OcanTosan / Pak Ocan9 months ago
  • Vvd is best player in world .he play defense solid n he can score also hmm messi can't do that hahah

    ash unknownash unknown9 months ago
  • He is our #4 !

    Rais PangRais Pang9 months ago
  • Did i heard some one saying maguire 😅😅

    easy lifeeasy life9 months ago
  • Song?


      Rui Poeiras RamosRui Poeiras Ramos9 months ago
  • He’s not as good as Lewis dunk tbf.

    PurpleGANGPurpleGANG9 months ago
  • 3.25 little guy already speaks better english than Harry Kane.

    Allard BiggenvangerAllard Biggenvanger9 months ago