What happened with my HEAD SURGERY...

Feb 11, 2020
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  • there’s not really a big difference 😂

    Awkward OmeletteAwkward Omelette3 hours ago
  • 3:03 ssundee be looking like the egg from shrek

    Sword1214Sword12144 hours ago
  • Ssundee: we've done broke lifeeeeeee

    NaniXGhoul-_-NaniXGhoul-_-4 hours ago
  • dr eggman be like 3:00

    zarrarzarrar7 hours ago
  • 0:36 you look beautiful

    JTAG123 / jakobtheawesomegamer123JTAG123 / jakobtheawesomegamer1237 hours ago
  • I mean you still have a five head but is not as bad

    a bananaa banana9 hours ago
  • You don't look redickulous at all

    Alexis VanderwalAlexis Vanderwal9 hours ago
  • Russel da Best

    chicken TVLemonchicken TVLemon9 hours ago
  • Ssundee do a chin reveal again lol (u look weird with that beard)

    WatrixWatrix9 hours ago
  • It looks great

    Samantha AmaiSamantha Amai12 hours ago
  • Your new hair is awesome

    lukettaaa 26lukettaaa 2613 hours ago
  • We could do fashion shows

    typical coolingtypical cooling16 hours ago
  • Cool Sandy

    Aboody .YazoonyAboody .Yazoony17 hours ago
  • “Most of the hairs didn’t agree with my head”.

    Derp Face MageeDerp Face Magee20 hours ago
  • How old do you have to be to apply for Video Ideas?

    Jace CotaJace Cota20 hours ago
  • K.o I am strong

    5 left5 left23 hours ago
  • Ok!

    Dare StringerDare StringerDay ago
  • Who skipped all the way to the end to see his hair

    joshua playsjoshua playsDay ago
  • U could just U know Shave ur head A lot of people pull it of I mean my dad had an afro then shaved it of and it's been like that ever since

    Brandon PaulBrandon PaulDay ago
  • Ssundee has made one too many “hair” videos

    Lemon DDLemon DDDay ago
  • I like it

    Elake 1Elake 1Day ago
  • You done broke life

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno GiovannaDay ago
  • Bruh that’s worse looking than your first hairline xd

    mule toesmule toesDay ago
  • I would take the job, but i'm only 14 right now and I just started youtube 2-3 years ago and I know absolutely NOTHING about youtube.

    Devon WebbDevon WebbDay ago
  • Did it hurt sundew

    Connor CharnesConnor CharnesDay ago
  • Tbh, far back hair line suits you

    Christopher HardwickChristopher HardwickDay ago
  • Russell: sounds about right *sips coffee*

    Nightmearboy123Nightmearboy123Day ago
  • Dude you looked fine before surgery

    Worm the silly DinoWorm the silly DinoDay ago
  • What’s exactly rong with ur head?

    Aarontheman10Aarontheman10Day ago
  • On your frist picture are you crying?!?!?

    Jocelyn Gamer of Jsab and project arrthimyaJocelyn Gamer of Jsab and project arrthimyaDay ago
  • shave ur beard

    fire catfire catDay ago
  • Eat your cereal

    David GDavid GDay ago
  • I kinda wish you had your hairline fixed while you still had long hair. It may not be a popular opinion, but I really liked it

    Jaden CJaden CDay ago
  • I would love to help

    Aiden ViljoenAiden ViljoenDay ago
  • ssunde is badling

    WillthegamerWillthegamerDay ago
  • Poor simian he has bad hair too

    Aiden The Gamer HDAiden The Gamer HDDay ago
  • Binging with banish with hair

    Its GalaxyIts GalaxyDay ago
  • Hi ssunde

    Jonathan TorresJonathan TorresDay ago
  • Ur fotilis

    Dimitri GievskiDimitri GievskiDay ago
  • U don't really have the hype

    King JXKing JXDay ago
  • Bruv he risked his life to get nice hair WTF man I don’t risk my money for my hair

    TheHarryAnamation123 RTheHarryAnamation123 RDay ago
  • oh my 5:34

    Evan LoCastoEvan LoCastoDay ago
  • 4:37 head reveal...

    Evan LoCastoEvan LoCastoDay ago
  • I love it ❤️❤️🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩

    Lord FootballLord FootballDay ago
  • SSundee can you please shave your beard it is just making me making me *Cringe*

    Julian San AntonioJulian San AntonioDay ago
  • *Can please make another series of Factions,JailBreak and SkyFactory?*

    Julian San AntonioJulian San AntonioDay ago
  • He protecc He attacc But most importantly *His hairline fight bacc*

  • His laugh is so sweet

    kawaii Chan_playskawaii Chan_playsDay ago
  • Egg head

    Ok LolOk Lol2 days ago
  • I like that fresh cut

    CynsyrツCynsyrツ2 days ago
  • my hairline is 100x worse and in only 16... it’s depressing

    You BurntYou Burnt2 days ago
  • 2:40 I remember you from Wii sports

    thebossbagle mixerthebossbagle mixer2 days ago
  • Luv yo view

    William BryantWilliam Bryant2 days ago
  • I got good ideas

    Sam EvertSam Evert2 days ago
  • I met ur son on roblox

    Parvin houshmandParvin houshmand2 days ago
  • SSundee felling himself 5:37 lmao 😂 I’m happy

    TK_ SYMXCTK_ SYMXC2 days ago
  • Your hair looks excatly like mine but my hair is just longer

    formula -formula -2 days ago
  • Not me:how come you are bald in front and I’m back you have like girl hair. My sis:cause it was before

    Suzicat 7286Suzicat 72862 days ago
  • Yo ssundee stop messen up ur hair bra

    Jared EggertJared Eggert2 days ago
  • Peaky Blinders haircut?

    Nathan VanderpoolNathan Vanderpool2 days ago