Would You Swim In Power Plant Wastewater?

Sep 14, 2020
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Normally, the answer would be no. But in these very limited circumstances, at Iceland's Blue Lagoon, you can swim in geothermal power plant wastewater, and it's even healthy: although the marketing material doesn't usually mention it. Here's a story about geothermal energy, cheap heat, and how to keep some ducks warm.
Research on Blue Lagoon and a skin condition: doi.org/10.1016/S0738-081X(96)00099-5
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  • One thing I couldn't fit into my script: the pipeline expands by around several metres along its length when it's in use, because of the hot water running through it. The big boxes along the way are expansion joints and supports to allow it to move! As ever, all my sources are in the description.

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    • How was this posted a month ago....?

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    • Damn u finna dir

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    • @sayghia airplanes

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    • Does wildlife follow the pipes in an artificial migration pattern?

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    • P

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  • What do you do when you get lost in an islandic forest? Stand up

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  • I'd do anything for that smile.

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  • Have your fingerprints healed yet mate?

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  • :( Clickbait thumbnail.

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  • .“The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.” - Bill Watterson

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  • Hey i live in iceland

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    • Hah, been saying for years they should have you on QI, and noticed you got a mention previously. Good Job!

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  • USkeysr tom scot dies of radiation poisoning

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  • Immediate response from thumbnail: depends on what type of power plant

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  • Depends what’s in it

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  • No.

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  • I think that this is as close to a steampunk city as we're gonna get.

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  • This video made me realize how badly we need a Letterkenny or Portlandia-style sitcom based in Iceland. It's a quirky, silly, absolutely wonderful place that deserves pop culture reverence

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  • No

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  • I hope this is going to be all over the world when fusion reactors produce infinite power

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  • Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment

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  • Nah, dude. I can't swim.

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  • I dunno would you swim in it? Stay tuned for more information. Most swim in seas and pools, i know lets all nip down to local power plant pool for a swim.

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  • I took me a while to notice its not power point power

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  • Wales: We're The nicest people on Earth Iceland: Hold my Icehoythhenthenin

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  • Red Shirt?!

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  • Man’s about to become the Hulk

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  • Hah, been saying for years they should have you on No Such Thing As A Fish, and noticed you got a mention previously. Good Job!

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  • Omg we spend our entire trip in Iceland trying to figure out why the corner of this lake was not frozen and we thought how lucky those ducks were to have this corner of water to swim. Thank you, more than a year after i finely feel relieved hahah

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  • Yep going for a dip in Sellafield pool.

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  • I was there about 6-7 years ago, it was quite nice actually

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  • apparently I really want to live in iceland now

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  • I knew you were at blue lagoon

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  • Is this guy 20 or 50

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  • I think I might take a dip. Maybe someday.

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  • Yes

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  • I did once swim in the coolant water of a nuclear power plant. The river Aare is used to cool the two reactor blocks of Beznau 1 & 2 in Switzerland. Of course, the coolant water never touches the fuel rods, hence radioactive contamination is highly unlikely.

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  • You look so old and so young at the same time.

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  • yes i want to look like i just came out of futurama

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  • I can't even swim in pristine water, fella.

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  • And what do these power plant ware water contain. Is it harmful is it better for your health?

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  • I dunno, would I?

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  • I live in iceland

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  • been there it was niceeee

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  • I came here from the drums and cymbal falling off a cliff video😂

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    • Any other GCSE geography students who've been there?

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  • Tom scott save us from trash youtuber cuz you are the last golden one for youtube quality content.

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    • Where is the ice?

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  • Tom Scott: Would You Swim In Power Plant Wastewater? Also Tom Scott:

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  • I have been there! It was soooo cool!

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  • "Rekjevek", I'm not Icelandic but that can't be the right pronunciation

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  • Of course I would i want some extra limbs

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  • "The Entrophy is coming..."

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  • I clicked on this thinking it’ll be wastewater from a *nuclear* power plant. Not disappointed though, this was better.

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  • u look 20 and 60 at the same time

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  • Ur graying Tom

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  • I haven't watched the vid yet but I can already tell that I'd want to swim in the waste water since your in it

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  • Anyone else misread that as "Nuclear Power Plant"?

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  • Still can't tell if this guy is in his 20's or 50's

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  • Unless the nuclear powerplant is violating regulations, you can swim in that water and be perfectly safe because it never comes in contact with radiation. Any liquids that come into contact with radiation are treated as radioactive waste and aren't put back into the water table.

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  • And become as white as the thumbnail?

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  • Where is the *ice?*

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  • Any other GCSE geography students who've been there?

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  • His face bruh

  • Nuka Quantum plant confirmed

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  • Yes I'd swim in power plant 'wastewater' (so long as the temperature was okay). Why not? (Depends of course on the power plant). It's mostly just cooling water that's been taken out of a river, or sometimes discharge from a hydro dam. Generally speaking, water quality standards ensure that it's no worse than the natural river it discharges into. So as a generality, yes.

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  • [You now have minor radiation poisoning]

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  • I hate Tom Scott

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  • Iceland is the best land

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  • I swam in the nuclear power plant cooling pool.

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  • thumbnail bait.

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  • I have and it was OK 😃

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  • No.

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  • Tom, you are this generations bill nye!

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  • yes immediately without question

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  • See you in 6 years when this gets reccomended

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  • I love these videos because he's always so interested in what he's talking about (often because the material itself is interesting but his excitement doesnt hurt) plus added with the sound of his jacket crinkling adds such a calming asmr effect

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  • Hats off to you good sir

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  • It's pronounced "Ray-kee-ya-vik" not "Re-kee-ya-vik"

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  • Water heats Water

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  • Oh god, are you going to talk about the icelandic bananas??? :o

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  • you looked like a mong in that water.

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  • I flew a kite in a public place

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  • Toms gonna turn into glowing mr burns in a few days

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  • Yes, why do you ask?

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  • Do you know the difference of wastewater and sewage? It's a huge difference

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  • . 2:29 why a 90 degree turn in the pipe ?

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  • . שבת שלום

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  • You've aged 30 years in a few weeks what happened?

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  • Would you swim in powerplant waste water. If Tom did, it would be save, so yes

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  • Tom, I just discovered your channel last week even though you've been at this for what appears to be ages, and I have to say: your level of fascination with such a broad range of topics is 100% contagious. Never stop.

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  • Couldn't resist that cheeky face in the thumbnail

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  • Waste water? What a joke. Check the facts better.

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    • @WyvernDoesStuff no, there is a difference between waste water and water that you cant use for the power plant

      Alexandra Chernyshova Official Artist ChannelAlexandra Chernyshova Official Artist Channel19 hours ago
    • ? It is waste water.

      WyvernDoesStuffWyvernDoesStuff19 hours ago
  • Are you 20 or 40?

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  • 0:12 the cut scene where the npc explains your next mission

  • Blue lagoon in Buxton vs Blue Lagoon in Iceland... which is worse?

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  • Tom's really been getting some mileage out of his Iceland trip.

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  • Well that's nuka cola quantum

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  • Imagine being from the UK and complaining that another place is a 'bit wet'.

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  • Who agrees that we need teachers like Tom Scott?

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  • i would have liked to meet you i live in iceland :/ 🇮🇸

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  • Fun fact: Tom Scott is about 36 years old

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  • did the waste water give him albinism?

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