2016 Indonesian Armed Forces T2-P 24 Hour MRE Ration Pack Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

Apr 8, 2017
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Check out this Indonesian 24 Hour MRE - this Ration Pack weighs 4 and 1/2 pounds, is filled with amazing and interesting food, snacks, and drinks, and was truly one of the most interesting and incredible Rations I've ever had.
Huge thanks to Stanley Productions for supplying this and two more upcoming reviews -- the T2 PJ (Freeze Dried 2 lb, 9oz) and the T2 SP (Canned 3 lb 8 oz) options.
Want to buy an Indonesian Ration? Contact Stanley at:
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you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
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  • highly nutritious food for soldiers and special forces. I really like it and the taste is so amazing

    agus rudi Purnomoagus rudi Purnomo4 days ago
  • Finally found my own country,s MRE Steve. well done as always

    Miftahul HidayatMiftahul Hidayat4 days ago
  • Imagine just chilling with Steve at a bonfire talkin about war stuff :)

    Aries StarWindAries StarWind4 days ago
  • definitely Indonesian food, rice in every meals😌

    Afif ChaniagoAfif Chaniago7 days ago
  • These really are.....something

    KP LLCKP LLC14 days ago
  • 6:41 I can hear Chapelle going “Mmmm it’s purple”

    ETBETB15 days ago
  • Steve is like that one cool uncle everyone is jealous you have😂

    Ian CookIan Cook16 days ago
  • Fish balls..lol

    Kingy BKingy B19 days ago
  • Other MRE reviewers on USkeys should send the rations to this guy. He is by far the best MRE reviewer. NICE!

    Rodrigo GoncalvesRodrigo Goncalves19 days ago
  • Before watchin the entire video, i can tell you in for a real treat. This is high grade MRE.

    Kai AliasKai Alias20 days ago
  • Rice, Rice and Rice. What a cheap MRE.

    bill bellbill bell21 day ago
  • Love this channel. He’s awesome like the lock picking lawyer.

    David PetersonDavid Peterson25 days ago
  • "There's definitely balls in there"

    Grimm LaStandGrimm LaStand29 days ago
  • That's how fish balls are made

    Eric GibbonsEric Gibbons29 days ago
  • Hi im from indonesia👋

    christian bonachristian bona29 days ago
  • Nice Rice.

    Kayla StarnerKayla StarnerMonth ago
  • "Theres definitely balls in there I can feel them", lmao I love this channel

    Brandon NightroadBrandon NightroadMonth ago
  • That white drink is what we call Shurglabop it's a mix of frosting and milk with cookie bits

    Joe KingJoe KingMonth ago
  • 1:33 anyone else immature like me and snicker?

    Alex EisenmengerAlex EisenmengerMonth ago
  • It's what plants truly do crave.

    Clay DudeClay DudeMonth ago
  • Don’t eat rice

    Heidi MurphyHeidi MurphyMonth ago
    • Cations

      Heidi MurphyHeidi MurphyMonth ago
  • Steve seems like such a nice guy, like someone you’d really like to have a as buddy.

    PlippitoPlippitoMonth ago
  • People love your videos, but not many catch on how intelligent you really are Steve! Keep them coming brother 👊💪👍

    Gary TaylorGary TaylorMonth ago
  • Great review brother 👍! Nice!

    Gary TaylorGary TaylorMonth ago
  • Just celebrated my country's birthday few days ago, coming back to rewatch this. You've done really good presenting Indonesian's armed force MRE.

    shoffan ma'rufshoffan ma'rufMonth ago
  • best MRE?

    flameout12345flameout12345Month ago
  • Cool

    schizophrenic god disobeyschizophrenic god disobeyMonth ago
  • Fuck spoon All Indonesian use HAND.

    GallordoGallordoMonth ago
  • Freeze dried chocolate milk......me want some.

    Darren ThomasDarren ThomasMonth ago
  • 8:50 lmao @ the idiocracy reference. Love your videos

    if only you knew how bad things really areif only you knew how bad things really areMonth ago
  • ceo of saying nice

    Asia HallAsia HallMonth ago
  • I died at the "what plants crave" reference.

    rogue waverogue waveMonth ago
  • Water chestnut

    Curtis GalperCurtis GalperMonth ago
  • 5:50 the purple drink I guess is hemaviton grape "Roso!"

    Thrash SisThrash SisMonth ago
  • Steve could make eating the change in your pocket sound delicious!

    Chris SaindonChris SaindonMonth ago
  • why tf they eat rice 3 times in a day, its quite unhealthy tbh

    Olive BeckamOlive BeckamMonth ago
  • "Oh god...it's crunchy!" Crunchy is usually a good thing except when it comes to beverages.

    Really SeriouslyReally SeriouslyMonth ago
  • MRE collectors edition

    Galaxy Pen15Galaxy Pen15Month ago
  • "yeah there's definitely balls in there, can feel em....."

    j hudj hudMonth ago
  • No coffee in Indonesia?

    bombastic00bombastic002 months ago
  • now im hungry dawg

    hovvy 626hovvy 6262 months ago
  • Indonesia

    I Created An Account For ThisI Created An Account For This2 months ago
  • My son and I love the videos awesome stuff

    art theestv channelart theestv channel2 months ago
  • Njir kukubima ener-g masuk ga tuh

    Peter Montoya LimPeter Montoya Lim2 months ago
  • Nasi padang and ice tea on the battlefield please deliver by grabfood asap

    Maine LMaine L2 months ago
  • Indonesia has one of the world's great cuisines and the Indonesians take their food VERY seriously. No wonder their rations need to be top-level.

    Bellmere 1967Bellmere 19672 months ago
  • I'll take one warm cup of minsus please

    Sam HauckSam Hauck2 months ago
  • Steve understands bahasa

    Mr. BusinessmanMr. Businessman2 months ago
  • Nice let’s get it out on the tray

    Joshua MeltabargerJoshua Meltabarger2 months ago
  • Anyone else get hungry watching his videos Bruh i bought 5 years worth of mre

    gamer luxgamer lux2 months ago
  • Damn, indonesian MRE went all the way to united state.. proud with my country

    MarioMario2 months ago
  • *hangs out with rappers for a day in the recording booth* 6:41

    DpsvegasDpsvegas2 months ago
  • enak to bro njajal njalok sitok kirimen nang mahku😂😂😂

    OFF ONOFF ON3 months ago
  • phil.armed forces MREs: NFA UNLI RICE Ulam king Kopiko black

    mark peracullomark peracullo3 months ago
  • Has anyone seen my dog?

    WhisperJet AmericaWhisperJet America3 months ago
  • Iko Uwais approved ? : )

    cassperhccassperhc3 months ago
  • extrajoss itu pak

    helo haihelo hai3 months ago
  • How many languages do you read and speak? Or are you using a translator app? The way you read the labels is like you're fluent in every human language 🤣

    Chris CChris C3 months ago
  • Does anybody know where I can Purchase some of these MRE’s ? Like the Australian one and USA pizza one ?

    MarxistLens 23MarxistLens 233 months ago
  • Lol why steve always look like a vietnam vet who just returned home

  • The minkals.their melon milkshakes.i am an Indonesian

    Adam FarraZAdam FarraZ3 months ago
  • Ahirnya indonesia 😊😊😊😊😊

    Sulistriani AndriantoSulistriani Andrianto3 months ago
  • Omg roflmfao🤣

    Luoe G.Luoe G.3 months ago
  • Oh my god! What happened to those meatballs?

    Luoe G.Luoe G.3 months ago
  • fake Armarni shoes from eBay, box

    Forced HardForced Hard3 months ago
  • Can you make a studio/room tour?

    DakshWavMusicDakshWavMusic3 months ago
  • "Nasi Ayam Kecap" The meal: *Looks like curry* Me: *Suara orang Indonesia kebingungan*

    Amanta KofaAmanta Kofa3 months ago
  • I wanna try Minsus and those enertabs x3

    KonaSquidKonaSquid3 months ago
  • No sambal?

    scasper1010scasper10103 months ago
  • Enak ....

    Bambang sugiantoBambang sugianto3 months ago
  • Indonesian are weird man. They eat rice with everything and even nothing.

    kekkek3 months ago
    • Dayum even myself eat rice with rice cracker, and sambal.

      wa lawa la2 months ago
    • We eat rice with rice

      rafel assurarafel assura2 months ago
  • I smell overproud indonesian in the comments

    Ridho BaihaqiRidho Baihaqi3 months ago
  • when my father served in Aceh in the 80s as a operational command team, he always got this ration and was often taken home and shared it with his family ..... man,...it was very delicious !, my favorite is tuna and meat stew

    rama ramborama rambo3 months ago
  • 0:50 nice hiss

    Axel ShmontesAxel Shmontes3 months ago
  • im pretty sure that purple stuff is actually brawndo

    liandriunrealliandriunreal3 months ago
    • It's what plants crave.

      Jennifer WintzJennifer Wintz3 months ago
  • Food gule and bakso 👍👍

    Moh SupadliMoh Supadli3 months ago
  • Woo rendang 👍👍👍👍

    Moh SupadliMoh Supadli3 months ago
  • Electrolytes, what plants need!

    Edward FloresEdward Flores3 months ago
  • Looks artificial to me, right guys?

    -Willy--Willy-4 months ago
  • Come on Steve, it can't be all incredible.

    Nicky DelNicky Del4 months ago
  • Good to see that Steve enjoys Indonesian dishes

    Antonio A_AngAntonio A_Ang4 months ago
  • When Malaysian MRE tho?

    Haruo AkiyaHaruo Akiya4 months ago
  • I really appreciate that he cuts out his chewing

    dream mandream man4 months ago
  • It's what plants crave... -UPGRAYEDD

    Brandon FalconBrandon Falcon4 months ago
  • I think that energy bar is actually brem in indonesia

    DaquaDaqua4 months ago
  • “Yeah, it has kinda a pungent smell that’s almost displeasing...and yet I find myself going back for more.” Classic

    Chris HarperChris Harper4 months ago
    • Inquisitor_DUDEomega Heck yeah! I’ve been all over the planet. Indonesian food is #1 w me!

      Chris HarperChris Harper4 months ago
    • That's Indo food for ya Random smells, but it taste good

      krautmenkrautmen4 months ago
  • This my army food in the country

    Arjha PadangArjha Padang4 months ago
  • Steve looks so happy when the food is tasty 😁😃

    Jerry JerryJerry Jerry4 months ago
  • Smells a little bit like plastic but pretty pleasing actually.

    KC Jimbob-OmbKC Jimbob-Omb4 months ago
  • 19:21 “birth chocolate”

    Connor SteinbackConnor Steinback4 months ago

    Young ThubeYoung Thube4 months ago
  • Im indonesian ,Saw he eating indonesian food are make me smile

    Zero DomainZero Domain4 months ago
  • 🇮🇩

    Tio AdianggaTio Adiangga4 months ago
  • He's listing off MRE's like gourmet wines

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin5 months ago
  • Anyone else think the enertabs looked like fuel tablets for the espit stove?

    Dee LaurenceDee Laurence5 months ago
  • If you use a pop filter then no one has to listen to crinckly crackly noises the whole time would recommend

    Morphic GamingMorphic Gaming5 months ago
  • How to buy army rations

    Zatan NajariZatan Najari5 months ago
  • MINSUS 1 sounds like a planet in Star Wars

    Andrew DiasAndrew Dias5 months ago
  • Nasi Bagus

    angelo sahariangelo sahari5 months ago
  • That's because it is potato

    Willowwisp815Willowwisp8155 months ago