Car Spotting with Doug DeMuro

May 22, 2020
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Today you're coming car spotting with Doug DeMuro. We're going to drive around Coronado, California, and I'm going to show you all the cool cars I find -- and I'm going to show you what it's like to ride with me while I geek out over cars.
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  • "Honey! Why is there a man with a bad haircut looking at the Saturn?"

    More Doug DeMuroMore Doug DeMuroMonth ago
    • I approve of this. And I do this. For reasons.

      Skippy ThorsonSkippy Thorson19 days ago
    • Me (as a german) asking myself: What is a VW Gol? *Googles it* Aha , not interesting 4:10 That's a difference Doug gives attention to a VW Touareg - and I already know In your town lots of cars are in awful shape I've never even heard of the Mitsubishi Raider 8:02 That's a nice selection of cars I've seen the VW Bus Truck in Germany as well - always a cool sight Strangly VW Beetles are very rare here - I hardly ever see one Quote from Autobild (german car magazine): Today the lines of the 7-series are softer - and the designer (Chris Bangle) is fired A Honda Prelude 4WS would be awesome - the beginning of 4-wheel-steering The coolest looking C4 is the Callaway Sledgehammer - a review of that one would be amazing The Buick Encore can be seen as a Opel Mokka everywhere in Germany - not so special to me In conclusion: Lot's of cool and not so cool cars, but a few very amazing rides :D

      Jonas BauchJonas Bauch22 days ago
    • Great video. Happy birthday.

      Matthew SawyerMatthew SawyerMonth ago
    • My birthday is May 22 too

      Andrew HanAndrew HanMonth ago
  • Great video , do more!

    Viking FuryViking Fury4 hours ago
  • I went through this whole video liking sam only to find out that he is a ginger at the end. Ruined it

    Brett PhillipsBrett Phillips9 hours ago
  • Way to spot that Mitsubishi Raider! We have one and find every raider we see very interesting, glad we’re not the only ones.

    Explosive MallardExplosive Mallard9 hours ago
  • More videos like this

    younghexyounghex10 hours ago
  • 5:44 I have that exact Toyota. Have no idea what to do with it, it's been parked for 20+ years and came with the property.

    TorvTorv13 hours ago
  • this should be a weekly series... please!!!

    F RF R19 hours ago
  • Doug the type of guy to go car spotting on his birthday

    F RF RDay ago
  • doug baby bubbie a D90 with automatic - you are better than that

    secpac58chichisecpac58chichiDay ago
  • In Brazil, VW doesn't give a F...

    LaFaJeLaFaJeDay ago
  • What’s wrong with the Lexus hs??

    sorrowful Satchelsorrowful Satchel2 days ago
  • Do more of these!!

    sorrowful Satchelsorrowful Satchel2 days ago
  • 0:22 it’s my birthday, not yours, so deal with it.

    JeepCompassGuy 25JeepCompassGuy 252 days ago
  • Great vid. Do more of the random drives!

    4GED CARBON4GED CARBON2 days ago
  • Doug please do this more, I enjoyed it a lot :D

    Jan Willem van den BergJan Willem van den Berg2 days ago
  • 4:30 is typically US for me. Just randomly parked cars on the side of the road. You don't have to pay for the spot. The street is so wide! When I was a child and a person just parked on the side of the road in a movie, I was like "that only happens in movies, that's not allowed otherwise."

    LeenapantherLeenapanther2 days ago
  • I like vids the bus you saw was my dads you can review it

    William PrestonWilliam Preston2 days ago
  • Glad to see a car USkeysr appreciate more than just super cars.

    nbigham123nbigham1233 days ago
  • We need more vids like these, just awesome doug

    TheCarista ́s CarChannelTheCarista ́s CarChannel3 days ago
  • Gave it a thumbs up maybe you can do more wasnt bad, need to get someone thats not camera shy tho . Make it a a cars and coffee kinda thing

    zeno15STIzeno15STI3 days ago
  • I hate supercars I like jdm

    SBinnala Racing divisionSBinnala Racing division4 days ago
  • Doug in his natural habitat

    Jacob SnowhillJacob Snowhill4 days ago
  • Man I wanna go for a drive with Dougy D

    Damon PontarelliDamon Pontarelli5 days ago
  • What a man.

    Steve Ronald SalinasSteve Ronald Salinas5 days ago
  • I'll sell you my RARE MITSUBISHI RAIDER I'll part with it for a GTR trade or a 75k cash :)

    HollowistHollowist5 days ago
  • Please do one every two months

    Radar gl PerezRadar gl Perez5 days ago
  • This is the best car spotting video i ever saw!

    • xxnesteaxx •• xxnesteaxx •5 days ago
  • The 5.0 313hp v10 TDI touaregs were truly insane, however, the v12 6.0 440 hp ones were the one to go, if you had the money for a Bentley, but you just wanted to look waaay cooler.

    xXIIIIIIXxxXIIIIIIXx5 days ago
  • Doug's the type of dude to give his dog a dougscore

    CHInofaceCHInoface5 days ago
  • Happy Birthday, Doug👌

    KK Bengkel LasKK Bengkel Las5 days ago
  • That was fun - yeah you can do more of these :)

    dhdgonzodhdgonzo6 days ago
  • He could be friend with a car

    Ole AlsvikOle Alsvik6 days ago
  • Doug is so in love with cars

    Ole AlsvikOle Alsvik6 days ago
  • What's funny is that none of these car owner probably don't even know you're trolling their vehicles! I've seen some of those cars you've been trolling on Coronado cause I recognize some of the areas where you are driving around.

    Stevenimich ArchangelStevenimich Archangel6 days ago
  • LOL! Only Doug! Oh shit! You live on Coronado! I can meet you there with my Corvair! LOL!

    Stevenimich ArchangelStevenimich Archangel6 days ago
  • hahahahaha.....I love how Doug focuses his camera on all these cars and calls them weird and pathetic looking......haha

    KRMKRM7 days ago
  • This is a really weird town

    zlistcelebrityzlistcelebrity7 days ago
  • When he drove by the fiat 500 and ignored it (as an owner) it crushed me 😂

    Funko.PoppinsFunko.Poppins8 days ago
  • Hey man I happen to have a VW Gol hatchback, 2009

    Sergio KoenowSergio Koenow8 days ago
  • Miss the Rallye trim Gol's made in Brazil till 2015. I know it only had 120hp 1.6 liter engine, but it was a really fun car and with some height to use in places with bad asphalt

    Bernardo GaetaniBernardo Gaetani8 days ago
  • I know is an "old video", but I have the need to say that. I find so funny Doug's perpesctive over the VW Gol. Here, in Brazil, it's, many times, blinded love by the consummers, but, the truth is, that is a very badly build car... an in the USA, the average people have so many better options! You guys can buy an used STI for what...11K? Here they cost more than 100K!! But you guys never would aceppt pay this much in a WRX, but sadly we aceppt. Subaru, Honda and Toyota are selled like "Premium" brands here, and is SO ridiculous how we aceppt that!! They literally sell 1.0 litter engine for more than 60K!! Is so sad... we deserve better!!

    Veni B.SperduttiVeni B.Sperdutti9 days ago
  • Damnit! Why can't we be friends? I want to go car spotting in Cali! lol!

    Christopher BainChristopher Bain9 days ago
  • Not even worthy of the "F"

    CovertCarsCovertCars9 days ago
  • This is like a safari lol

    Harrison LingrenHarrison Lingren10 days ago
  • 'because of coronavirus i can't actually get out and touch the cars." Do you normally get out and touch cars that you see on the street?

    Sharon GuenetteSharon Guenette10 days ago
  • OMG he stopped to see the VW GOL, this car is one of most common car in brazil. I didn't know USA have VW GOL too. Here in brazil this car is one of the cheapest, but it has a poor engine and features.

    Juan AlvarezJuan Alvarez10 days ago
  • Why does the old supra in 12:17 look like and AE86.

    Owen the OutrageousOwen the Outrageous10 days ago
  • My First car was a vw gol 😂. It was one of best budgte car you could get in Brazil. That is sad...

    Igor AragaoIgor Aragao10 days ago
  • Thinking about selling my Land Rover Defender 110 at minute 7:40 in case anyone is interested.

    Brian TuckerBrian Tucker10 days ago
  • This should be called "doug driving around roasting people's cars" 😂

    Weston MeyersWeston Meyers10 days ago
  • I’ve been seeing a lot of lambo urus all over Temecula

    Mike MendezMike Mendez10 days ago
  • Stop saying Bus, its KOMBI

    Ezequias FariasEzequias Farias10 days ago
  • amazing video more of them pls this is what i do wherever i am i remember streets thanks to the cars parked on them its mi navigation

    Kode 9Kode 910 days ago
  • Is this what Doug does for fun?

    BrynBryn10 days ago
  • doug's neighbors are richer than my family's last 5 generations!

    CALVINCALVIN10 days ago
  • Happy birthday doug!!!!

    CwingsCwings12 days ago
  • Wait a second that Buick Encore looks like Opel Mokka

    EricEric12 days ago
  • You should do more of these

    Samuel AndresonSamuel Andreson12 days ago
  • That’s good Video

    johnreallimejohnreallime12 days ago
  • My Suzuki has bigger rims than that SUV

    Danny VDanny V12 days ago
  • Doug! Happy Birthday :D I'm happy you did drive out a bit for some fun with car spotting. By the way, why is that BMW at 09:26 "not ideal". I think I'd be awesome if you made a video review of that car, since you don't mind making reviews of other "not ideal" cars. Thanks, as always.

    Gustavo Medina SerranoGustavo Medina Serrano13 days ago
  • The guy driving behind Doug: 😡 😤

    sohum saprasohum sapra13 days ago
  • great experience. i loved your this type. kindly do more videos like these. thanks

    Ebraheem Al JawabiEbraheem Al Jawabi13 days ago
  • 2:02 Seems like a Volvo C202 ripoff. Volvo also made 6x6 versions, called C303 & C304, and even some examples of an amphibious prototype (4142A). Now *that's* something worth a review (if you're lucky to find one ;)

    Miljörör för SpråkpartietMiljörör för Språkpartiet13 days ago
  • Doug Is the type of guy who lives in an evil lair on an island. I wonder what’s under his house.

    Prison MikePrison Mike14 days ago
  • 7:10 my scale model car in red.

    Lestat LunarLestat Lunar14 days ago
  • I have the same birthday as Doug demuro

    Zach KaufmanZach Kaufman14 days ago
  • If you ride around in Texas, get ready to see massive monster trucks from guys that don't have anything to offer and are dicks on the road.

    Yesit'sJessYesit'sJess14 days ago
  • That was awesome !! you should do this more

    Vishal SivarajVishal Sivaraj14 days ago
  • Happy Birthday Doug!

    58657656543647558657656543647514 days ago
  • Happy Bday, also tnx to ur redhead friend

    MotiMoti14 days ago
  • Doug DeMuro is that creepy guy that parks a white van in front of your house and watches you with binoculars to discover your hidden quirks & features.

    dn ǝpᴉsuʍopdn ǝpᴉsuʍop15 days ago
  • 6:40 my dad has one, its been a damn fine truck with not to much maintenance

    EnnexEnnex15 days ago
  • I love that he stopped to appreciate the Saturn

    19MadMike9119MadMike9115 days ago
  • Happy birthday

    Lukas KraftLukas Kraft15 days ago
  • can someone explain the "overnight parts from Japan" joke?

    mtndewman1022mtndewman102216 days ago
  • AND!!!

    Open Box MediaOpen Box Media16 days ago
  • vw gol? wtf i never heard of it before, we got the fox polo golf scirocco in germany.

    David RakoczyDavid Rakoczy16 days ago
  • Something not anybody mentioned on here. Happy birthday Doug. ANDDD!!!!! Many more.

    GoldGold16 days ago
  • 5:54 during that same time Toyota contracted Winnebago to make a camper shell for the Hilux. it was called the "Hilux Surf" and eventually became the 4Runner.

    Logan WightmanLogan Wightman16 days ago