Down With the SICK

Nov 20, 2020
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Winter Wear:

I dun got sick and no one knew what it was. So have a filler toon until the real video comes out! YEAH! LOVE YOU!

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  • Hi happy thanksgiving stay safe and please read this

    Kevin McManus 27Kevin McManus 2724 minutes ago
  • Is this the bus to let me explain studios new vid?

    sans the skeletonsans the skeleton42 minutes ago
  • "But you know what else is sick and adorable?" The person reading this

    SBtormsSBtormsHour ago
  • Vhat ze schei-

    S.H.M SoloS.H.M SoloHour ago
  • People: What Hogwarts house are you? Me: Let me Explain Studios house People: No whats your actual Hogwarts h- Me: *D I D I S T U T T E R*

    spacexalienspacexalienHour ago
  • I guess thats how dream got his skin

    Doroson NgaihteDoroson NgaihteHour ago
    • I hear ya, im currently sick right now and its annnnnnnoying! Hope everyones doing great right now.... ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuHour ago
  • Where's your color of your animation

    frizbeeguyfrizbeeguy2 hours ago
    • Stuff coronavirus

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuHour ago
  • sell out

    Not VinnyNot Vinny2 hours ago
  • Noice

    Andrew_17Andrew_172 hours ago
  • is that from talking tom the voice

    aboood 786g4aboood 786g42 hours ago
  • Ur merch gives me Harry Potter vibes

    Just a VillainJust a Villain2 hours ago
  • *Throws up without a mouth* She's a wizard Harry.

    Darren HongDarren Hong4 hours ago
  • She just copied Hufflepuff

    GloomyKillGloomyKill4 hours ago
  • Watch this at 0.25x speed. You're welcome!

    Dominik NovoselDominik Novosel5 hours ago
  • Hahahahaha...😂😂😂

    Joshua YeniguesJoshua Yenigues5 hours ago
  • You can tell she is tired cause she doesn’t color in her pictures cause it takes too long as a sick person 🙂

    KleckioKleckio6 hours ago
  • 1:04- 1:09 sounds like Harley Quinn’s voice!

    ・Wxnder Lxndx・・Wxnder Lxndx・6 hours ago
  • Stop right there my big sis is also sick

    Gaming SparklesGaming Sparkles6 hours ago
  • I hope you get better soon

    TheWindKnightTheWindKnight6 hours ago
  • YOur face is so pale too

    CrazyCrazy6 hours ago
  • Stuff coronavirus

    CrazyCrazy6 hours ago
  • I hear ya, im currently sick right now and its annnnnnnoying! Hope everyones doing great right now.... ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    Diezel NewtonDiezel Newton6 hours ago
  • Like how long till Rebecca get better from this seasonal flu

    Brent GibsonBrent Gibson7 hours ago
  • Are you ok now

    Teegan TrombleyTeegan Trombley7 hours ago
  • She has the drunk flu Been going round Ireland for a while seems to be spreading

    Valer FoxValer Fox7 hours ago
  • I hope you are doing good and hope you get better rebecca

    Ibrahim AyyadIbrahim Ayyad7 hours ago
  • *hey hey- You should Come visit Australia With all that winter gear on Right now, It’s really great Isnt it? You’ll feel like a melted ice cream lmao* *also You need to Listen to the Australian Christmas Song ‘Six White Boomers’ It’s Amazing*

    〆Fantasii_Ryy〆Fantasii_Ryy7 hours ago

    jtk9168jtk91688 hours ago
  • Hope you recover soon Rebecca! 😘 Take care~♡

    Lazy_ QLazy_ Q8 hours ago
  • ness.

    IsiahTomasIsiahTomas8 hours ago
  • So sick its didney

    FlowlyBeautyFlowlyBeauty8 hours ago
  • That aesthetic of the sweater reminds me of raven claw sweaters

    b l e a c h b u n n yb l e a c h b u n n y8 hours ago
  • Random comment-

    RK - 04AM 847326 Burnhamthorpe PSRK - 04AM 847326 Burnhamthorpe PS8 hours ago
  • I hope you get better and I got your murch and I love it!

    Zedwin FordZedwin Ford8 hours ago
  • Æ

    Ali jibrail AhmedAli jibrail Ahmed8 hours ago
  • so hows that treehouse

    Lydia LutuLydia Lutu8 hours ago
  • Hope you get well and have a fun and safe Thanksgiving

    roxas Gxroxas Gx8 hours ago
  • Well rebecka (idk how to spell it) try checking your temp it might be a cold because you didn’t have your winter gear yet or it could also be the flu so good luck

  • Ok Rebecca I know you love your job and we have been worried but I don’t think you should be working with how sick you are

    Imaginarey DeconImaginarey Decon9 hours ago
  • Feel Better Soon :) I liked the video... Also you try to live in Louisiana my dad has to do 290 and more Covid test and mostly everybody is positive and some of his workers were quarantined So technically Louisiana is not the place to be and I live there But I really need to start getting a life and searching better stuff then Covid results I am just a kid doing that when I am more into these videos that Rebecca makes

    Tylerca11 EntertainmentTylerca11 Entertainment9 hours ago
  • I only now realised that she looks just like my math teacher

    Dāvis SDāvis S9 hours ago
  • ....who are you. Why are you in my recommendeds. Why

    MrHocotateFreightMrHocotateFreight9 hours ago
  • the merch alone looks better than me sooo

    ben carvalhoben carvalho9 hours ago
  • she sounded.... drunk

    Valkyrie - MinecraftValkyrie - Minecraft9 hours ago
  • please dont die

    kylo sadnesskylo sadness9 hours ago
  • you been tested for strep or the flu? odd

    SomalianSomalian9 hours ago
  • i thought it would be a joke about "down with the sickness"

    Nepe ManNepe Man10 hours ago
  • “My beautiful winter baby”-Rebecca

    Pumpkin GamerPumpkin Gamer10 hours ago
  • Sick gang rise up

    Soviet PaimonSoviet Paimon10 hours ago
    • But for real for all the people who are sick I hope you get better

      Soviet PaimonSoviet Paimon9 hours ago
  • Rebecca has slimmed down some! I don't mean to say anything about body image, I just mean to remark a change and comment on my surprise!

    Fleurgy McHeurgyFleurgy McHeurgy10 hours ago
  • That I mean where is the good animation oh you must’ve been too sick to make actual animation I’m not trying to be rude

    Super comic book NerdSuper comic book Nerd10 hours ago
  • Why does it look like you made this on flip a clip

    Super comic book NerdSuper comic book Nerd10 hours ago
  • So it’s safe to assume Rebeca is a ravenclaw

    AusszieAusszie10 hours ago
  • Those G.D nasal swabs, they HURT.

    Flame WitherHeartFlame WitherHeart10 hours ago
  • Are you ok? I hope you are going to be alright. Covid is really nasty from what I have heard.

    McBean 56545McBean 5654510 hours ago
  • Plwase get better soon!, we need your videos to survive the pandemic

    Jimmy WilliamsJimmy Williams10 hours ago
  • So where have you been?

    ThefaceguruThefaceguru10 hours ago
  • Omg thank god your ok! I hope u get better ! :D

    Mimi SMimi S10 hours ago
  • Nuuuuu!

    Hazel RodriguezHazel Rodriguez10 hours ago
  • Just saying I think the doc was confused cuz she didn't had a mouth ;w; 😂

    Nergis AlmanhsorNergis Almanhsor11 hours ago
  • Random question, are you a Ravenclaw?

    Naxgulen GamesNaxgulen Games11 hours ago

    SCP-X-1866 The tree lurkerSCP-X-1866 The tree lurker11 hours ago
  • Sooo..... was it the bus to blizzard beach?

    Alex J. ReilAlex J. Reil11 hours ago
  • You literally look like a teacher and sound like a teacher named Mrs. S. In my elementary school. I love it.

    •Øllie_Aesthetiics••Øllie_Aesthetiics•11 hours ago
  • Are you ok you kinda looked stressed

    Steven GodinezSteven Godinez11 hours ago
  • What you crazy

    sofia villarrealsofia villarreal11 hours ago
  • Hope ya feel better sorry if i am late!

    GalaxycookieGalaxycookie11 hours ago
  • 0:53 I love your make up here

    Julia CoffeyJulia Coffey11 hours ago
  • According to your new murch you are a Ravenclaw

    Exotic ButterExotic Butter11 hours ago
  • Take care of ur health first videos can come later

    Haseeb ShafiqueHaseeb Shafique12 hours ago
  • *jams to down with the sickness*

    Mireille MeringuesMireille Meringues12 hours ago
  • I wait 2 months for a 2 min video I am sad no hate sorry you were sick but back to waiting another 2 months

    Sam PazSam Paz12 hours ago
  • People think I'm sick sometimes because I have gray eyes.

    InvaliduserinfoInvaliduserinfo12 hours ago
  • me seeing the inspiration of ravenclaw. Congrats you made a potter heads day. :)

    Cat with the KittensCat with the Kittens12 hours ago
  • oh my god I *love* how the winter wear looks! It be lookin' like ravenclaw (ik there's a lot of stuff going on with jk rowling but I just noticed this and I love it.)

    R i zR i z12 hours ago
  • Saaaaaaaaaaammmme Rebecca, you are AMAZING

    The Real Laughing JackThe Real Laughing Jack12 hours ago
  • Hey Becca, can you do all of the Accents you know? Please? I love

    Nova IceNova Ice12 hours ago
    • 👁️👄👁️

      Nova IceNova Ice12 hours ago
  • Wait Rebecca does this mean you have the 🦠 CORONAVIRUS

    Xxgachaboiskelly XxgachaXxgachaboiskelly Xxgacha12 hours ago
  • 0:19 srry thick or sick?

    RXR ZRXR Z12 hours ago
  • Hey Rebecca why does it sound like you're drunk

  • Just got sick too. Nose plugged and my head hurts. Oh yeah edit my throat is VERY dry too!

    Mkay Dude.Mkay Dude.13 hours ago
  • You sound like laurenzside lel

    HalaHala13 hours ago
  • I got a cold 😅🤒

    Random JaZ ERandom JaZ E13 hours ago
  • was that actually u in rel life, Rebecca?

    Jayden MelendezJayden Melendez13 hours ago
  • I also have the big sick 😅

    Blues GamesBlues Games13 hours ago
  • When she was on the drawn mic she sounded like she took 9 shots haha

    Ascher DanAscher Dan13 hours ago
  • she go coveed


    Wesley ChartrandWesley Chartrand13 hours ago
  • TLDRSo I tested negative for Covid TWICE but definitely have it. The 3 ppl that I was around on 'day of exposure'( Sat Nov 7th), including my man, all tested positive. Day 3 from exposure (Tues Nov 10th) was my 1st test (voluntary, free, paid to take during shift at my work. I asked to be tested because I was going to have my wedding on the 15th and wanted to be safe). I started with no symptoms til day 4. Day 4 is also when I found out I had been exposed and the 3 others all got their positive test, and I got my negative,@ various times that day. I start quarantine and push my wedding out a year(heartbroken but everyone understands and I was able to reschedule with everyone I paid w/o loosing or forking out more money). Before I find out the others tested positive, I get a strep test because I feel that my throat is mildly sore in a way that feels like the start of strep. This, of course, came back negative for A, B, and C category strep. From day 4 to day 9 I gradually got minor symptoms. Day 6 is when I took my second test. Day 8 (Sun Nov 15th) From 1430R to 1432R, I got married via FB video chat. I wore a T-shirt, a tiara, a bra, lip gloss, and a blanket. He wore a T-shirt, boxers, and shared my blanket. Our officiate wore glasses and a polo (idk what else). Propped up in bed, we said our "I do"s after 10 years of being together. My throat was starting to feel as if I throat fucked a cactus. He was achy and feverous. We kissed with tears of joy and pain. After the video chat, I took off everything but the blanket, he took off his shirt, and we went back to sleep. Day 9 my second test returned negative. Day 10 some of my minor symptoms became major. I started to have a horrible pain in my chest and throat and it became harder to breathe. Using my inhaler helps (I have asthma due to allergies. B4 this year, I maybe use it once or twice a year. I have had to use it at my job regularly since the mask mandate. I only have trouble breathing with the mask when I'm doing hard physical labor.) Day 11. I have an infrequent but violent cough. Halfway through the day, the pain in my chest becomes unbearable on my right side and it's hard to breathe again. Using my inhaler DOES NOT HELP. I go to the hospital. I tell them EVERYTHING. They test me for Covid again. They run ALL the test (x-ray, blood, urine, flu swab, oxygen, blood pressure). Everything turns out fine (my Covid results are pending and they will call). They tell me I pulled or bruised a muscle in my chest beneath my breast. One of the times I coughed, the way I was sitting then, my breast acted as a counter weight, causing strain and damage to the muscles it's connected to. Basically, MY FAT TITTY POPPED MY RIB. They tell me to go home, get lots of rest, and take tylenol if I want. They also said that I probably didn't have Covid, since I tested negative twice, and that I probably had some generic respiratory infection that was not serious enough for medication and would probably sort itself out in about 3-6 days; if the body does its job. Day 13.(late at night) My THIRD Covid test is POSITIVE. Day 14. I call my work and update them on my Covid situation. They extend my Covid leave 10 days from the day I last tested (til the 28th). Today is Day 18. As of around 0130R, I feel like I'm starting to "sweat it out". My throat is back to mildly sore. My chest is not in as much pain. I have a headache that comes and goes. What is a sleep schedule. My new hubby and I share a condo with his wonderful mother. She has several health issues that would make it dangerous if she caught Covid. Normally, she has the top floor to herself, we have the bottom floor to ourselves, and the main floor is mutual grounds. RN, she has the top and main floor and we haven't left the bottom floor except to leave to go to medical facilities. We lysol the front door and the whole path from the stairs to the door every time we have to leave and come back. We have a mini fridge, microwave, and full bath down here so we've been able to keep our necessities separate. Our only major issue is we have 3 cats that free roam the home. Since we are unable to block them from coming downstairs, JYMIL avoids petting them and has been shutting them out of her room. She stays in there except when she's feeding us or the cats ( we 3 usually share cooking duties; however, we don't want to contaminate the kitchen/refrigerator. She preps some meals and gets things for us to prep some smaller meals and leaves them at the top of the stairs. We then retrieve our care package, after she has gone back upstairs, but b4 the cats can intercept) A ½ issue is the laundry room is down here too. Yay for us but JYMIL has to wait til we're better to do most laundry. She has plenty of clothes and is in quarantine JIC so she doesn't have anywhere she needs to be. (It's gonna b a nightmare when we're better though). So far she has been negative and symptom free (except nausea but she suspects it's from her new medication). My hubby is feeling much better and is even starting to get some taste/smell back (a symptom I did not experience, possibly because I'm a super taster/smeller). My work requires it's been 10 days since a positive test and 7 days since start of symptoms and 72hrs no fever w/o aid of fever reducers and improvement of symptoms. I will probably returning this Sunday, day 22.

    Raining RetroRaining Retro13 hours ago
  • 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉

    Mitchell CoxMitchell Cox13 hours ago
  • For that long

    Venus_ ThekidVenus_ Thekid13 hours ago
  • She called us winter wonder babies 😍

    Glorious !!!!!!Glorious !!!!!!14 hours ago
  • Real question is how did she vomit with no mouth?

    JaredTSMJaredTSM14 hours ago
  • Sickness?? Or Drunk

    I am DaftI am Daft14 hours ago
  • Rebecca's a fucking mood and I relate

    Ok ZoomerOk Zoomer14 hours ago
  • Virtual Hug For You Rebecca!!💖

    Z Queen1Z Queen114 hours ago
  • I love the Disturbed band reference to the song Down With The Sickness "Your mother get come on get down with the SICK"

    XeedonashXeedonash14 hours ago
  • 😂 WTF-

    VICKIE ENGVICKIE ENG14 hours ago
  • *As a sick person I completely find this relatable*

    Silly DuckoSilly Ducko14 hours ago
  • Can you pls Post something long

    Audrey HassettAudrey Hassett14 hours ago