🔴 Dr Disrespect - LIVE - PewDiePie vs. Doc

Aug 14, 2020
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Outro Song:
► Pylot - The Return
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  • Song playing at 24 minutes... anyone know?

    GrooveMyMonkeyGrooveMyMonkey2 days ago
  • Wha5 the heck

    Elijah WallaceElijah Wallace3 days ago
  • The 2 time back to back champ!

    J. TillsJ. Tills6 days ago
  • He’s only getting better

    NoBueno4UNoBueno4U11 days ago
  • Everyday I rewatch this intro!!! It’s the greatest ever thanks Alex !! You da man and doc I want You to have my baby’s ❤️❤️

    Obito UchihaObito Uchiha11 days ago
  • Coryxkensin vs dr disrespect cory gots more followers and doc got skills

    Prince FronzoPrince Fronzo19 days ago
  • Why is this guy eating whole eggs at once?

    Skull ReaperSkull Reaper24 days ago
  • 27:55 great time to hear that

    Daniel lomeliDaniel lomeli25 days ago
  • Doc is a giant...any company that breaks ties with him is an idiot. Diss the doc and they lose me as a customer

    Leo HLeo H28 days ago
  • What's the intro song called?

    Bradley ScottBradley ScottMonth ago
  • deestroying

    Anne Mie GorengAnne Mie GorengMonth ago
  • Pewdiepie repeatedly saying "cringe" is cringe

    Alexander StathamAlexander StathamMonth ago
  • 1:39:35... tune!!!!! Warp drive baby!

    GordiejohnGordiejohnMonth ago
  • Ads 1000

    I DunnoI DunnoMonth ago
  • MW2 I played on PC, it wasn't on the Wii, only MW3.

    God SpeedGod SpeedMonth ago
  • My favorite growing up was America's Army and all the cods on the old Wii, also Resident Evil. Not growing up, in my 20's. Growing up was Pac Man and Asteroids.

    God SpeedGod SpeedMonth ago
    • Cod on the Wii we used motion control Wii-Motes to aim and play.

      God SpeedGod SpeedMonth ago
  • My great-grandfather was a Swedish Major General and adventurer etc. IRL. I'm not lying.

    God SpeedGod SpeedMonth ago
    • That's why I play first person shooters at 49 yo.

      God SpeedGod SpeedMonth ago
  • Don't you get hot and uncomfortable with that wig on all the time, playing games, smf? Smfh

    God SpeedGod SpeedMonth ago
  • Bro, I guess I'm disrespecting you, but I think I could do a better job than you, honestly. You're a DORK lol.

    God SpeedGod SpeedMonth ago
  • Keep going DrDisRespect you have a great community & sorry i cant afford your CC

    ProinformergamersProinformergamersMonth ago
  • "Futuristic 80's" -- New Retro Wave > Pewds

    K GK GMonth ago
  • Floor Gang Vs Champion's Club

    ryadh456ryadh456Month ago
  • Doc-“Call of Duty the biggest video game franchise” 10 minutes later “ITS A ME MOTHERF*****”-Mario 2020

    Jdog11Jdog11Month ago
  • I think twitch pulled the plug on him because of his stance on the riots and the protesting so they made an example out of him ps.. Its just a thought ok

    gOsHtFaCe BallazgOsHtFaCe BallazMonth ago
    • Nope, I think it's because he spoke about 5g relating to covid 19.

      God SpeedGod SpeedMonth ago
  • "You like hard-boiled eggs?" The 2x 2:29:36

  • Rip pewdiepie haters

    Game craft StudioGame craft StudioMonth ago
  • song at 1:24:38 ?

    Denny van der WielDenny van der WielMonth ago
  • 1:16:06 is why I absolutely love the Doc!!! Firm Handshakes

    James StewartJames StewartMonth ago

    Hamish RHamish RMonth ago
  • Doc is being weirdly nice and Pewdiepie was trash-talking expecting it back

    s as aMonth ago
  • Twitch = 😢

    Not Many FPVNot Many FPVMonth ago
  • Doc: okay how do I see you is there an arrow? Pewds: Just keep looking forward dude you'll see me Oof size large!!!

    Zayn NaqviZayn NaqviMonth ago
  • Covid19 detected

    Bat ManBat ManMonth ago
  • maybe Im biased but pewds needling all the time gets kind of annoying

    Willee85Willee85Month ago
  • Dudes gonna blow up on yt

    Dan FarberDan FarberMonth ago
  • When he yelled, "GET OFF USkeys!!!" I died 😂😂

    Rolando IrizarryRolando IrizarryMonth ago
  • That intro tgo

    WinD_SlayerWinD_SlayerMonth ago
  • Lol love it, the song that is

    Albert JonesAlbert JonesMonth ago
  • How exactly does the 2 x go in public wearing a mask and covering up his attractiveness ?

    LanfusmcnuffLanfusmcnuffMonth ago
  • is that you 2time ???........ yeah back to back!

    Toby CortesToby CortesMonth ago
  • Doctastic!

    Red NecksterRed NecksterMonth ago
  • Attempted egg poisoning.

    Shut The Muck UpShut The Muck UpMonth ago
  • Na its the wrong one

    Augie_ttvAugie_ttvMonth ago
  • I enjoyed the best to 5 way more than I should have. lol

    pittsky ppittsky pMonth ago
  • If I can't watch from pewds Imma watch this one

  • Twitch: *cancels the Doc* Jokes on them cuz his youtube channel is more popular than ever with his return!

    Jordan BehmJordan BehmMonth ago
  • 3:07:12

    GamerboyAliGamerboyAliMonth ago
  • bridge.

    LedbileqLedbileqMonth ago
  • 3:07:07 pewds was dying inside

    Lorenzo FrizLorenzo FrizMonth ago
  • 3:07:00 true ptsd moment

    you knowyou knowMonth ago
  • I came to sub to the Doc. Turns out I was already subscribed.

    Sonam Tsewang BhutiaSonam Tsewang BhutiaMonth ago
  • My only regret is that I may live 10 million lives and never reach the level of chad this man lives on a daily basis

    Kek PozziKek PozziMonth ago
  • 3:07:00

    Walker UnknownWalker UnknownMonth ago
  • 3:22:03 He didn't mean to hurt pewds

    SebbelSebbelMonth ago
  • EA is the most trash company going right now besides apple

    The ApocalexThe ApocalexMonth ago
  • 23:31 was me

    HARSH DHARSH DMonth ago
  • 24:41 lol

    HARSH DHARSH DMonth ago
  • The word Bridge is literally the 9/11 in PewDiePie Channel

    he. hehe. he2 months ago
  • the best outrooo ever!!!!!!!!!!

    skywalker 386skywalker 3862 months ago
  • The people who talked about the bridge in chat are just a bunch of A-holes

    Justin Marc MolinaJustin Marc Molina2 months ago
  • 3:07:10 The bridge

    wasdwasd2 months ago
  • Hahaha, this is hilarious. what TV show is 3 hours long? You cant beat this reality television hahahaha

    Darth TlohDarth Tloh2 months ago
  • 3:07:00 that's where the Bridge is

    Kanishka RathoreKanishka Rathore2 months ago
  • Pewdiepie ain’t the brightest tool in the shed dude.

    High LivinHigh Livin2 months ago
  • I wish I had 4.99$ to part take in the live discussion and encourage Drdoc

    QQ22471QQ224712 months ago
  • I wanna give a shout out to Markiplier!

    Vetle TollaksenVetle Tollaksen2 months ago
  • DrDisrespect I want to say is as a compliment a man I imagine will die in the war, or very old. Ofc on the USA side.

    Vetle TollaksenVetle Tollaksen2 months ago
  • Twitch just kicked the guy that made and entertaining and funny streams and now the doctor himself in on USkeys now. Mad respect dude

    top_thrills 292top_thrills 2922 months ago
  • 2:35:50

    MaxacoMaxaco2 months ago
  • Doc... Crownvirus or what ?

    Dr WhoDr Who2 months ago
  • 3:06:11

    PierzcePierzce2 months ago
  • I don't know what an arcade is! .. That was a proper Wax on wax off moment, a grand master v the student.

    Lee ClarksonLee Clarkson2 months ago
  • --Doc come to Theta Network. 75 M Samsung devices running Theta. More people will watch if they get paid in tfuel. Simulcast

    Paul HallelujahPaul Hallelujah2 months ago
  • Doc play transformice with me next time XD XD XD

    folderol klutzfolderol klutz2 months ago
  • 1:05:10 Doc you have the best production of any streamer. A 21:9 stream WILL give you that beautiful cinematic look

    manwel supermanwel super2 months ago
  • Lambos aliens phones going off every 5 seconds man this guys got patience

    Adrian SavaidisAdrian Savaidis2 months ago
  • Dr's Games / streams r the best the Complete Show 🏫______⛽_🚗__ Near 4 mil views in 1st week - what playing fall guys haa! 30:17 me asking my Fake Maide where's my coffee ☕ wot dont i pay U enuff - NEVER watched Live twitch or any other Only youtube Welcome Doc watched alot your games here . dr streamer of the year 2019 . USkeys hold my trophy 🏆theradbrad watched him alot also Tarkov fav

    Mark ArnottMark Arnott2 months ago
  • What song is his intro???

    israel alcantaraisrael alcantara2 months ago
  • best stream EVER!, almost a real death!

    Bad BlueberryBad Blueberry2 months ago
  • How do we join the champions club? Like it says on the screen when someone joins

    xFoREVerUnbound xxFoREVerUnbound x2 months ago
  • yay games

    Giancarlo TifferGiancarlo Tiffer2 months ago
  • Pls anyone tell me the name of this game and thx ❤️🔥

    Captainlol IosCaptainlol Ios2 months ago
  • Pews vs doc in cod pews would probably go cry in a corner after doc is done showing him what being the 2x champion is all about love you doc thank you for being who you are

    WORST SOUL658WORST SOUL6582 months ago
  • Can't imagine IRL stream🔥🔥

    JJJJ2 months ago
  • The amount of times that pewdiepie says cringe is extremely cringe

    NaysayersGonnaNaysayNaysayersGonnaNaysay2 months ago
  • Doc choking on an egg mid stream 😂

    addhrjaddhrj2 months ago
  • I need someone to link me all the intro songs cause they are rad

    Joshua RowlandsJoshua Rowlands2 months ago
  • Who want see his back hair

    Hydra gamingHydra gaming2 months ago
  • 3:00:45 Where's that $200 donation lol???

    UNISTARUNISTAR2 months ago
  • Who ever is reading this May your parents live a 1000 years Guys I am a small youtuber I spend hours in recording and editing my montages Plz offer me your crucial support, I need it Please do check out my 100 subscribers special montage I hope you would like it

  • I just notice doc isn't subscribe to pewdiepie channel HMMMMMMMMM

    Ricardo PortilloRicardo Portillo2 months ago
  • Doctor keep up the great work!

    Yeet SkleetYeet Skleet2 months ago
  • 23:23 What is the music ?

    Eduardo AzevedoEduardo Azevedo2 months ago
  • You have the perfect personality to enjoy RUST.

    Nik TillyNik Tilly2 months ago
  • Praise the V O L V O

    Pontus FredrikssonPontus Fredriksson2 months ago
  • Why are people so offended by Pewdiepie’s humor in the replies, y’all are looking too deep into this and over analyzing normal interactions to make it seem like it was extremely awkward or that one of them is angry.

    KaladinssKaladinss2 months ago
  • Just noticed his flip phone says million dollar deal. Still new to this guy but he’s awesome

    uberchris511uberchris5112 months ago
  • This is the best duel i've ever seen hahaha

    Hon YohanesHon Yohanes2 months ago
  • The last 2 min I cant stop watching it again and again you'r awesome :)

    Coral VinerCoral Viner2 months ago
  • Love how the Pewds stream went to an ad right as Felix about said it was his fault for not having friends turned on. lol

    Chili Cheese JayChili Cheese Jay2 months ago