Top 10 Improvised Harry Potter Moments

Jul 15, 2020
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Did you know that these lines weren’t in the original script? For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the best, most memorable and most genius improvised moments from the "Harry Potter" film franchise. Featuring Harry himself, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy and He Who Must Not Be Named (Voldemort)... these moments might not have been planned, but they were perfect!
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  • I think the "awkard" hug fits well into the movie because it underlines how unwillingly Malfoy joins Voldemort at the end

    S WS WDay ago
  • Does anyone miss the original Dumbledore? I miss him I know the actor passed from cancer but I didn't like the actor they picked

    Sarah ClineSarah ClineDay ago
  • I'm sorry but if Voldemort ever hugged me I would have to take a steaming shower lol

    Sarah ClineSarah ClineDay ago
  • I remember watching chamber of secrets and I was like “WAIT HE’S ABOUT TO SAY AVADA KEDAVRA WTF!!”

    emory kayleemory kayleDay ago
  • Hearing Bellatrixs cakle cracked me up everytime.

    Jenson NeakeJenson Neake2 days ago
  • I forgot how sexy luciois malfoy was.. Yum yum 😊

    D CanesD Canes2 days ago
  • I dIdNt KnOw YoU cOuLd ReAd

    Andrea Martinez GarciaAndrea Martinez Garcia3 days ago
  • Really disappointed that 'not to mention the pincers' line and noise Dan improvised in Half Blood Prince didn't make it on the list.

    Bedena KhatunBedena Khatun4 days ago
  • the reading line is legendary

    Ayden RooklidgeAyden Rooklidge5 days ago
  • Emma needs more love in the comments.

    Leah-Kaye Pious-MbeweLeah-Kaye Pious-Mbewe6 days ago
  • Movie Voldemort is too cringeworthy for me to deal with.

    Dion7Dion78 days ago
  • Valdamore gose he he he he he he

    Xuan LamXuan Lam8 days ago
  • So basically, the chamber of secrets script was pointless

    Jordan SabourinJordan Sabourin9 days ago
  • Tom just being himself actually 😂😂

    Cak WikCak Wik10 days ago
  • 4:54 Dean’s face is just omg

    Ronald Idiotic WeasleyRonald Idiotic Weasley11 days ago
  • Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    louis enskatlouis enskat11 days ago
  • i agree. indeed. and whO iS thiS toM felToN guy?

    Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy13 days ago

    James WattersJames Watters13 days ago
  • The carving of mudblood may not have been in the books, but I think it was a wonderful and heartbreaking addition. It was an added reminder of her parents and the fact that they didn't remember anymore.

    Mrs. ThomasMrs. Thomas14 days ago
  • I'm kind of surprised that the scene of the Halfblood Prince where Ron falls off the couch was not in this. It was not scripted either, Rupert really just couldn't balance himself on the couch.

    HorronaticHorronatic14 days ago
  • wait- dobby improvised a scene.. but wait- HOW explain am confused wth is happening

    AlxssaAlxssa14 days ago

    Maxamillian SteeleMaxamillian Steele15 days ago
  • the best improver was def emma watson i love how she captured the scenes and improved perfectly

    emoreozemoreoz15 days ago
  • I always hated the avada kedavra moment at the end of chamber of secrets in the movie. It makes absolutely NO sense that Lucius would try to ill Harry in broad daylight right under Dumbledores nose.

    Thomas KörnerThomas Körner16 days ago
  • To me, #7 is #1. Such a powerful exchange.

    KorcsmarosKorcsmaros16 days ago
  • "DumbleDore Asked harry Calmly" The Movie: Proceeds to Attack Harry Calmly

    Rad TutaanRad Tutaan16 days ago
  • You guys make the worst video's to watch I have ever seen, if you could just play the fucking scene's instead of just talking and annotating the entire series over the top that would be great

    Joshua GrayJoshua Gray17 days ago
  • Ok just so everyone knows: Hermione wrote the books

    Kitty WrathKitty Wrath17 days ago
  • why are there two titles Sorcerer's stone or Philosopher's stone??

    Charlie BryantCharlie Bryant17 days ago
  • At the torture scene, Helena asked Emma later if she was fine because she looked scared xd

    Blue MorphoBlue Morpho17 days ago
  • Movies 1 to 3 were the best of the franchise for me

    Blue MorphoBlue Morpho17 days ago
  • During the torture scene, Emma Watson acted so well, she freaked out Helena Bonham-Carter. Total metal move

    Harry ChengHarry Cheng18 days ago
  • Im the deathley hallows book hermione does get branded with mudblood

    Ger90 ShieldsGer90 Shields19 days ago
  • Director: Lord Voldemort you weren't supposed to hu.... Lord Voldemort: *I'm hugging a blond boy and you will alter the script to make it fit*

    Salt-Mine BossSalt-Mine Boss21 day ago
  • There is also one in 6th movie when Ron get love potion soo Harry bring him to Slughorn. But moment when Ron fell of sofa was real and Rupert made it !

    Saša TomićSaša Tomić21 day ago
  • I just saw another video on the same thing and you two both pronounced Helena's name wrong, it's Hel-Le-Nah. I don't believe the Holy Cricket one because I saw or read something that said Emma Watson actually hated saying Holy Cricket. So how could it be improvised if she hated saying it from the start?

    Theresa EllisTheresa Ellis22 days ago
  • idk if if anyone said it yet but *DUDE, STFU AND JUST LET US WATCH THE SCENES, FFS!*

    Fatih BFatih B22 days ago
  • I laughed so hard when Tom Felton said @I didn’t know you could read” 😂😂

    ITZJennieITZJennie23 days ago
  • 4:35 Clapping is contiguous even thorugh the screen

    Kaylee SchwartzhoffKaylee Schwartzhoff23 days ago
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    Scot HebertScot Hebert23 days ago
  • man I should really be doing homework right now

    CrazycampbellsCrazycampbells23 days ago
  • "Evana Lynch as Luna Lovegood has to be the best casting ever done in Harry Potter franchise..." agreed.

    DanielDaniel24 days ago
  • Isn't it harry potter and the sorcerer's stone... not harry potter and the philosophers stone...

    Vienna CraginVienna Cragin24 days ago
  • My favorite bit of onset info is that Emma and Helena actually became friends and Bella gave Harmonie tips on how to be a psycho Bitch during the pollyjuice scene.

    Cesar CastilloCesar Castillo25 days ago
  • 7:39 ron looks diff here

    win orlandowin orlando26 days ago
  • the first one is already false lmao...somebody didnt read the books.

    RileyQuinnRileyQuinn26 days ago
  • Wait, Jason's improv elf-abuse wasnt on this list?

    kayleigh ramesarkayleigh ramesar26 days ago
  • ...I still think a Platypus would have fit Luna SO much better then a unicorn. Also? I like Voldemort hugging Draco...because it comes across as...false affection. And shows just HOW much Harry Potter being dead means to Voldemort.

    Mitchell AndersonMitchell Anderson26 days ago
    • ...I didn't think Draco was joking. The way Tom Felton played it, I thought Draco just GENUINELY THOUGHT GOYLE WAS ILLITERATE...and might be right!

      Mitchell AndersonMitchell Anderson26 days ago
  • Name a better movie series

    Kody JayKody Jay27 days ago
  • Yaa, they never should've allowed the footage of him almost saying avada kedavra because it's completely stupid he never would've done that. It would've been more impactful if he had started the cruciatus curse

    Tay KTay K27 days ago
  • ooof that #1 deserved

    SmellySmelly27 days ago
  • I love the Malfoy Goyle thing. "Reading?" "Mhm..." "I didn't know you could read..." *Learns something new*

    Trace SosebeeTrace Sosebee27 days ago
  • when voldy was hugging draco you can feel the regret on draco's face

    Anca VarzaruAnca Varzaru28 days ago
  • Really disappointed that 'not to mention the pincers' line and noise Dan improvised in Half Blood Prince didn't make it on the list.

    Trieu Hoang NamTrieu Hoang Nam28 days ago
  • Moral of the story: Both Father and Son Malfoy are excellent at improvisation

    Villa AlyviaVilla Alyvia28 days ago
  • "Improvised" - has camera perfectly set up fore scene

    SurfnsoundSurfnsound28 days ago
  • omg lmao 5:00 really IS "in character"!

    nikitastar *nikitastar *29 days ago
  • Adorable people who never have to work again.

    Jennifer WilsonJennifer Wilson29 days ago
  • 3:50 Look at the lighting. This scene was not improvised. It even has a 2nd camera angle. 8:28 No. Now they're just making stuff up. That was intentional for the relationship. They knew there would be sequels. 9:00 Is there any truth to these videos at all? Picture the scene without the kid saying the supposed ad lib line. Where does it go without the easy joke?

    algol29algol2929 days ago
  • It was stupid when Lucius Malfoy started to say “avada kedavra” and just kind of made it seem like he hadn’t read the book.

    KirstenKirstenMonth ago
  • I like how the actor for Lucius chose to use avada kadavra because it shows how heartless and unhesitating of a character he is.

    SilverWick☆SilverWick☆Month ago
  • tom is the perfect fit for draco ngl

    Misa. LisaMisa. LisaMonth ago
  • Top ten improvised scenes in Harry Potter. Me: Rad Rad. Number nine: the torture scene. Me: huh?

    Swampass The heroSwampass The heroMonth ago
  • Tom Felton was the best person to play Draco 🥺

    Lovett LoisLovett LoisMonth ago
  • Only Dumbledore was allowed to clap at 6 so this is just making it 10 times better

    Emke ZwanenburgEmke ZwanenburgMonth ago
  • He isn't young anymore (4:07)

    HookHanded_PeskyPirateHookHanded_PeskyPirateMonth ago
  • the torture scene gave me chills the first few times I watched it because of how scary brilliant the acting was 😳

    PickleLickerPickleLickerMonth ago
  • Tom Felton is my favourite actor in the Harry Potter Series!

    Gacha GaleGacha GaleMonth ago
  • I swear the “I diddnt know you could read” was in the books

    Emma TorodeEmma TorodeMonth ago
  • It seems at the same time every year I get a Harry Potter obsession haha 😂

    Kaitlyn ConroyKaitlyn ConroyMonth ago
  • did you just say philosophers stone ?!?

    Julia VaughanJulia VaughanMonth ago
  • Why do I feel like this guy is faking his accent?

    Cat_Craft_01Cat_Craft_01Month ago
  • "HE.HE.HE" Honestly the most iconic line in the Harry Potter franchise... kdfjdfffs. It gets me every time.

    Mahasina ChoudhuryMahasina ChoudhuryMonth ago
  • Who Cares About This That was Inprovised. Arther: What Exactly Is The Fuction Of A Rubberduck

    Michael CopeMichael CopeMonth ago
  • Bulllllllshit. They just wanted to make a list. This is not the type of movie where actors improvise their lines. Especially in the earlier movies when they were fucking children.

    Fahad AlazraqiFahad AlazraqiMonth ago
  • Bulllllllshit. They just wanted to make a list. This is not the type of movie where actors improvise their lines. Especially in the earlier movies when they were fucking children.

    Fahad AlazraqiFahad AlazraqiMonth ago
  • Who heard Killing Kiss-

    The SciCubersThe SciCubersMonth ago
  • I actually hated the scene when Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) almost said 'Avada Kedavra'. It makes the scene unbelievable..

    WillemijnWillemijnMonth ago
  • Sooooo the chamber of secrets script was nothing,ok

    Mayar WehbeMayar WehbeMonth ago
  • Voldemort's hug was so awkward and cringe...they should have deleted that

    Juliet BenekeJuliet BenekeMonth ago
  • no way. the torture scene is way better in the book. Bellatrix actually used the cruciatis curse on her.

    Meg WillNotMeg WillNotMonth ago

    candy cherrcandy cherrMonth ago
  • W

    Skancunt42 FSkancunt42 FMonth ago
  • Helpful tip: watch on 1.5 speed.

    Somnogenesis 4Somnogenesis 4Month ago
  • Jason Issacs, you'll always be Capt. Tavington to me!

    Dabney SchollerDabney SchollerMonth ago
  • Voldemort hugging Draco is like when you hug a relative that he haven't seen in forever

    Andie TaylorAndie TaylorMonth ago
  • lucius malfoy is actually fucking lucky dobby stopped him. he'd be in the worst corner of azkaban atm.

    durkadurk707durkadurk707Month ago
  • It’s not philosopher’s stone it’s sorcerer Stone

    Lila FortesLila FortesMonth ago
  • 10 - The line itself (that Ron had the emotional rate of a teaspoon) was in the novel (although shortened in the movie), but I already had the feeling that that laughter was real. Laughing is one of the hardest things to play (so I know from professional actors), and that was too good to be acted. 9 - Damn, they went far for that scene then... Although it never happened in the books it was one of the better changes.. I think 7 - Ya don't say? Never realized it, but it was the icing on the cake in that particular scene. 6 - I never had realized this, but then again... It is something Malfoy would do. 5 - Well, I didn't know that, but it only confirmed that the casting of Luna was one of the best things they did in the entire movie franchise 4 - Now I hated Lucius doing that. Of course, the killing curse failed due to Dobby's intervention, but if it was successful, Lucius would be in big trouble with the dead Harry found right in front of the off the entrance to Dumbledore's office. No way he could ever talk himself out of that one. And Lucius was very well known for always weaseling himself out of any situation (that's why he never got himself in Azkaban until the the end of the 5th novel, and why he was also an "honorable" acquaintance of Fudge). Angry yes, but the killing curse was out of character. It could better be cut. 3 - That hug was creepy and well played out by Tom Felton. It revealed somewhere that Draco's boggart would assume the shape of the very man who hugged him. Also knowing Voldemort doesn't really care about people, this hug does add some extra darkness to that particular scene. 2 - I know Emma was terrified to hug a boy... I didn't realize the handshake (in which Ron & Hermione are as far away from each other as possible (Hey there was no COVID19 crisis back then) was really spot on, considering the relationship between the two at the time, and how it would develop over the rest of the story). 1 - I never knew that line wasn't scripted, but it shows brilliancy from Felton, since it does sound like something Malfoy would definitely say

    TheRealTrickyTheRealTrickyMonth ago
  • I think #4 is not so good. Cruciatus or some least leathal curse would be better.

    saihuludsaihuludMonth ago
  • Young Tom Felton was so damn hot!

    Ms HungryMonsterMs HungryMonsterMonth ago
  • I loved the torture scene and Emma did well making this scene. The Killing curse that Jason Isacas did it showed me how Lucius Malfoy and how wicked he is.

  • I hadn't watched the torture scene yet, and Hermione's scream gave me chillssss

    l oll olMonth ago
  • I saw Malfoy at 8.23

    Nuriin AinaaNuriin AinaaMonth ago
  • Friendly reminder:in the scene where Bellatrix tortures Hermione Emmas reaction was real and they had to remind her it was just acting

    Sxnny daysSxnny daysMonth ago
  • Girl to girl to girl was about to be reality , move away Beatrix

    Alexander LytrasAlexander LytrasMonth ago
  • 1:42 i just don’t know what to say

    Alexander LytrasAlexander LytrasMonth ago
  • how abt when ron fell off on the couch bc of that love potion.

    Soft SavannahSoft SavannahMonth ago
  • Jason Issacs absolutely perfected Luscious Malfoy

    AUSAUSMonth ago
  • 7:22 Draco just stands there being hugged by Voldermort like : hElP mE

    Heir of SlytherinHeir of SlytherinMonth ago