Marty McFly & Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live

Oct 22, 2015
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Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprise their iconic characters from "Back To The Future" for a very special appearance on our show.
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Now in its thirteenth season, Kimmel's guests have included: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Larry David, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Kobe Bryant, Steve Carell, Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, Jamie Foxx, Amy Poehler, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Oprah, and unfortunately Matt Damon.
Marty McFly & Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live

  • 2020 hay um can you fix us dok: um no

    LJ BaezaLJ Baeza36 minutes ago
  • The alternate year 2020 is not so good. Corona virus rein supreme and tore peoples lives. Doc Brown got to fix this from 1985 and repair the correct time continuum...

    Edward MusicManEdward MusicMan2 hours ago
  • I’m on the toilet watching this

    DuzItRly_Matter 24DuzItRly_Matter 243 hours ago
  • bruh they just look like they put the old person filter on

  • i was having a bad day until i watched this :)

    rosegoldpersianrosegoldpersian9 hours ago
  • Mardy: Who’re you? That just killed me! 😂

    Justin The BoyJustin The Boy10 hours ago
  • If they landed in 2020, "according to my calculation marty, this it the year of 2020! The annus horribilis!"

    AdriyantiAdriyanti12 hours ago
  • Vida longa a esses dois ❤.

    Ariadne ArquivoAriadne Arquivo17 hours ago
  • Stay away from the year 2020, Doc & Marty, for the love of God please don't come to 2020!!!!

    Zap RowsdowerZap Rowsdower21 hour ago
  • Marty:2015 sucks Me who lives in 2020: Well dont travel to 2020 then

    pooter ppooter p22 hours ago
  • Imagine what happened if they travel to 2020 haha yeah Marty and Doc you know you can’t go outside without a mask cuz of a virus 😂

    SkryezSkryez23 hours ago
  • COOL!!!!

    Shawna SmithShawna Smith23 hours ago
  • Turning that ford into a time machine at the end really got me 🤣🤣🤣

    Ethan LamborghiniEthan LamborghiniDay ago
  • So you searched for "Back to the future 2020" ?

    Marvin BauersohnMarvin BauersohnDay ago
  • Kinmel is the worst person to get for this, he is extremely uncharamatic.

    LuneLuneDay ago
  • Hahah Im literally watching this on the toilet, on my phone right now 😂🤦‍♂️

    Maurice PerezMaurice PerezDay ago
  • That was an unexpected an cool ending 👍

    Master-n-Teach VirgoMaster-n-Teach VirgoDay ago
  • "Morty"did u atleast achieve peace in the middle east? "Jimmy kimmel" O no no no

    Master-n-Teach VirgoMaster-n-Teach VirgoDay ago
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    Ömer KorkmazÖmer KorkmazDay ago
  • And in 2020, it looks like Joe Biden will run circles around him in the 2020 election. Joy to the world!

    TexanTubeTexanTubeDay ago
  • He was trying really hard to hold his Parkinson decease..... Kimmel: "we invented this thing called corona......trump: God bless America, we will frame china.

    Kobe BryantKobe BryantDay ago
  • N huey sounded GREAT at the end! Hell hes a huge part of our lives to if ur 50 like me!

    Rob FiorelloRob FiorelloDay ago
  • My son and I couldn't wait until the next sequel. The best of times. I want to go back to the PAST!

    HolyLand FanHolyLand FanDay ago
  • "People are watching me on TV right now?" (Shock) Knowing that I was on TV would freak me out more than any Back to The Future experience.

    Maxwell SmartMaxwell SmartDay ago
  • Yes we were in a tangent 2015 and now in a nightmare 2020 as biff is real and is president and what happened in the 2nd movie is happening now as we have mass shootings and police brutality. Just goes to show movies often foretell the future.....

    Joseph ContrerasJoseph ContrerasDay ago
    • Were there violent, ignorant, intolerant leftists burning down cities in part 2?

      Mike HuntichesMike Huntiches19 hours ago
  • Guys what if the reason we don't have flying cars and hoverboards is because we learned to much about the future (great scott)

    Logan ColemanLogan ColemanDay ago
  • a very good show.... thank you very much....👍

    Harald SchlemmHarald Schlemm2 days ago
  • Im gone miss this two guy at year 2025 ,or 3000 ...omg! ilove you!

    Karen Jane CamachoKaren Jane Camacho2 days ago
  • really makes me cry💞

    SerafinaSerafina2 days ago
  • Lol..Biff became President...

    LissetteLissieLissetteLissie2 days ago
  • Things that connect us all.

    Shawn TShawn T2 days ago
  • Will always be for me the BEST trilogy of all time

    College Football FrenzyCollege Football Frenzy2 days ago
  • this is eavy !

    Did3DDid3D2 days ago
  • doc I have to tell you about 2020 !!! never go

    Did3DDid3D2 days ago
  • It’s funny because I was actually on my toilet watching this

    v2 gabev2 gabe2 days ago
  • I want bttf 4 !

    Cândido JoséCândido José2 days ago
  • Biff reminds me of someone... I can't remember who. 🙃

    Marissa WilsonMarissa Wilson3 days ago
  • T A L K S H O W ?!

    Aaron PerezAaron Perez3 days ago
  • They look great!

    Marissa WilsonMarissa Wilson3 days ago
  • Not hardly...on the rick and morty comment..

    Kofe LeeKofe Lee3 days ago
  • I just think which kind of people dislike it? Maybe the ones who either even didn’t watch the movie or not yet been born.

    LexKCLexKC3 days ago
  • Sounds like 2015 sucks *me watching during Covid*

    Meis FamilyMeis Family3 days ago
  • Thanks for The Music and The Memories

    robert thomasrobert thomas3 days ago
  • The power of cinema..

    Madhan MadhanMadhan Madhan3 days ago
  • 😍😍😍

    Adela AbascalAdela Abascal3 days ago
  • Lmao I literally was watching this on my toilet

    John SmithJohn Smith3 days ago
  • Why is Michael J. Fox wearing a life preserve?

    BdawgBdawg3 days ago
    • Just out of the naval reserves I'd say

      Joseph ContrerasJoseph ContrerasDay ago
  • Don't worry Marty, things are gonna get worse REEEAAAAL soon... I suggest you steer clear of 2020.

    Zach SZach S3 days ago
  • This Halloween coming 2020. I'll be Marty Mcfly costume driving uber.

    Blue HAVENBlue HAVEN3 days ago
  • 2020, where are they/we?

    First SurnameFirst Surname3 days ago
  • Kiedy to bylo ?????

    M KopM Kop4 days ago
  • 最新型のプリウスに乗って帰ってきたぜ😁

    ナチュラルに鯉してナチュラルに鯉して4 days ago
  • Когда они вышли из Делориана я заплакал

    Jumatatu taJumatatu ta4 days ago
  • Igualitos😍😍😍😍👍todavia pueden ase mas. Movies ...😍😍😍

    Jose de jesus Rodriguez balboaJose de jesus Rodriguez balboa4 days ago
  • Tears of joy

    Joey FliteJoey Flite4 days ago
  • That's my birthday

    Joey FliteJoey Flite4 days ago
  • Peace in the Middle East now FUCKERS

    Joe SundquistJoe Sundquist4 days ago
  • Ripple MC fl

    Jaja CapoJaja Capo4 days ago
  • "Did you achieve peace in the Middle East?" "Well with Donald Trump as president we sure as hell have!"

    P LindsayP Lindsay4 days ago
    • You mean Biff?

      Zach SZach S3 days ago
  • Just got the trilogy on 4k and cant wait to watch em. Those movies and characters will be in our hearts and memories forever.

    Jason MorganJason Morgan4 days ago
  • 2015 was a realistic future for 1985 and 2020 is a realistic apocalypse for it

    The New KidThe New Kid4 days ago
  • Awesome movie....i always watched and never get bored..

    Helmy KimmyHelmy Kimmy5 days ago
  • Much respect to the greatest movie and actors of my time.

    mtnmann72mtnmann725 days ago
  • "Great Scott"

    Olivia GrantOlivia Grant5 days ago
  • Why the heck was this vid posted on the day AFTER October 21

    Caleb KoldenCaleb Kolden5 days ago
  • I love this

    Angela MargallAngela Margall5 days ago
  • I can confirm Jimmys theory of next morning 😂

    Elmwise 7Elmwise 75 days ago
  • If you think 2015 was bad..

    คપรՇٱก รՇɼคՇՇѻกคપรՇٱก รՇɼคՇՇѻก5 days ago
  • Wow, literally wow😲😲😲

    Hey 7707Hey 77075 days ago
  • First time I saw this video I cried like a baby

    Marco BelloneMarco Bellone5 days ago
  • Marty pls travel to the future and check for me when covid gonna end.

    Spaide manSpaide man5 days ago
  • michael is one of the bravest man i know. what a hero

    em charetteem charette5 days ago
  • Chegaram em grande estilo

    Carlos de CariaCarlos de Caria5 days ago
  • "what's... a GRINDR?🤨"

    Lucas AlexandreLucas Alexandre5 days ago
  • We all know MJF has Parkinson's. We love him anyway. Please make the 4th.

    Adam DorrisAdam Dorris5 days ago
  • Back when Kimmel was remotely this bozo only talks about Trump this and Trump that

    A.P. GuaschinoA.P. Guaschino6 days ago
  • Michael J. Fox: "Tonight, I will be eating a cheeseburger and drinking a Pepsi Free." Ted Danson: "Tonight, I will be eating turkey tacos and drinking a Diet Coke." Fox: "Careful, Danson. Carla's not here to save you." Danson: "No, but she's taller than you are."

    UncleMikeNJUncleMikeNJ6 days ago
  • wow, this is really heavy, doc.

    SKRUBL0RDSKRUBL0RD6 days ago
  • Watching this on my toilet 5years later

    Chris VesseyChris Vessey6 days ago
  • Today is October 22nd *2020* 5 years later

    Shane and BlobfishShane and Blobfish6 days ago
  • This was "EPIC" 🙌🏻

    Halloween__ TeslaHalloween__ Tesla6 days ago
  • What a fantastic tribute!, I admire Michael so much and Christopher is always amazing, brilliantly done

    Ron WylieRon Wylie6 days ago
  • Jeje hoy son justo los 5 años

    Ikeluiz30Ikeluiz306 days ago
  • Beef is black???

    КГБ БеларусиКГБ Беларуси6 days ago
  • Absolutely indelible history, the theme song, the thunderous applause and exploding ovation as the Delorean and actors take stage. Much Love forever!

  • I just so happened to accidentally transport to this video exactly 5 years in the future. (10/21/20) ...anyone else? ..and by the way...I’d MUCH rather be living in the year 1985..

    Wyatt IrvinWyatt Irvin6 days ago
  • Marty: Doc, it seems 2015 kinda sucks. Me: 2020, nuff said

    Gaming Minds of AwesomenessGaming Minds of Awesomeness6 days ago
  • Well, 2015 at least had the first African American president...

  • 3:43 NOOOOOOO

    NateBoy 123NateBoy 1236 days ago
  • The movies filmakers said recently there will be no more Back to the Future.” The translation obviously isn’t perfect, but there’s not much lost in it, either - it’s pretty clear we’re not going to be seeing an 80-year-old Doc Brown reuniting with a 58-year-old Marty McFly any time soon, and as much as some fans might want it, we’re almost certainly better off this way. Well I'll tell you what, they looked and sounded pretty awesome here. Make a great movie with a really good script and everyone would want to see it.

    Steven PaulSteven Paul6 days ago
  • I watched the entire Wednesday October 21, 2015 part at 6:29 PM central, which would be 4:29 PM in California.

    Daniel OchoaDaniel Ochoa6 days ago
  • hm i am right now in the toilet watching this pls

    Caio BrunoCaio Bruno6 days ago
  • What is it with the 2015 jokes ? What was wrong with 2015 ??????

    Bryan LopezBryan Lopez7 days ago
    • In the second movie they travel 30 years to the future and it was 2015 they traveled to

      Fearlessblade7Fearlessblade76 days ago
  • Too bad they did not bring back Lorraine. She was a looker in her time. Still not bad looking now. And Jennifer, Elisabeth Shue is still good looking.

    Ethan WeeterEthan Weeter7 days ago
  • Marty: what happens in the future, Doc? Doc Brown: chin diapers, Marty! Chin diapers!

    Adam RichardsonAdam Richardson7 days ago
  • Me: prepared to hear nothing but the audience cheering

    DuongBroZDuongBroZ7 days ago
  • It's October 21, 2020. 😭

    Lejla KLejla K7 days ago
  • 21.10.20 💖

    Alma TovarAlma Tovar7 days ago
  • 5 years went by fast

    Joe SephJoe Seph7 days ago
  • This probably does not sound real, but it so happened I decided to watch this skit today (21st Oct), not realising that doc and Marty came to 2015 on... 21st Oct! Great Scott!

    Christopher YehChristopher Yeh7 days ago