How To Be Popular Without Being A People Pleaser

Jun 22, 2020
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We all want to be liked and respected while being our unfiltered selves. And one of the fastest ways to make people like you is to make them laugh.
That’s why in this video we’re going to talk about Andrew Schulz, a comedian who’s popular for his ability to make people laugh even while he’s making fun of them.


1:21 - #1: Start by joking about people you obviously like.
2:48 - #2: Answer some questions with purposefully absurd answers.
3:38 - #3: When teasing others, mix in compliments.
5:00 - #4: Schulz will stereotype to get a laugh, but not in a hurtful way.
8:00 - #5: Roast all political parties equally.

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  • So pretty much pay attention to the reaction of your audience?

    Quan NguyenQuan NguyenDay ago
  • You gotta do Jordan Schlansky and Conan O'Brien

    Rey Cesar CariñoRey Cesar Cariño2 days ago
  • We know it's you Shulz paying for this

    Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stoneLike a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone2 days ago
  • Offensive? SOLD!!

    Pumpkin FacePumpkin Face4 days ago
  • Please tell about the BTS(boy band)'s charisma. Why are they popular?

    Melissa DiasMelissa Dias4 days ago
  • Please tell about the BTS(boy band)'s charisma. Why are they popular?

    Melissa DiasMelissa Dias4 days ago

    AlexAlex5 days ago
  • Hey I am Jewish too

    leon zrihenleon zrihen5 days ago
  • YOUNG HEZI!!!!!!!!!

    Thabiso MotswagoleThabiso Motswagole6 days ago
  • The only thing that is offensive about this video is that some people supposedly find the jokes in this video offensive.

    Kim KimpaKim Kimpa7 days ago
  • so glad they talked about this guy, he is the goat.

    aidan waldenaidan walden8 days ago
  • Noice choice mate! Andrew Schultz IS charisma

    Brian MBrian M8 days ago
  • I don’t mind if my Friends or Family make jokes about me(Most of the time)! But I ain’t gonna let some random person roast me!

    Dragon Ball DBDragon Ball DB10 days ago
  • How many people here listen to these videos, totally agree but still forget all this advice in the real world because life isn't so rule oriented?

    Bill BarretBill Barret12 days ago
  • Your website is down man, I cant get in there

    Evan WebsterEvan Webster12 days ago
  • Stop being nice? Bruh. No.

    CherrysnowwCherrysnoww12 days ago
  • It's hard to be popular when you have to explain everything cause youre worried about offending a person. Can be just only one of them, man. So you have to put in all that "I'm not sayin'" stuff. It kinda lost the whole point of whatever this video was supposed to be about. In fact isn't this just a reaction to the comedy dude vid? anyway. Comedy with a disclaimer isn't comedy. It's probably a government run admin thing. Like car tax, or planning proposal. Some hoop jumping exercise so some guy, given an ounce of authority, can run it on you..

    David BainesDavid Baines12 days ago
  • Andrew Schulz is perhaps the only comedian who becomes significantly less funny whenever he uses scripted or pre-written material.

    blue_pearl_22blue_pearl_2212 days ago
  • i really like that. if you complain but dont help, then youre the problem

    Jonathan VeeJonathan Vee12 days ago
  • I'd never heard of Schulz before, he's brilliant 😆

    Chelsey WatsonChelsey Watson14 days ago
  • In summary, if you're making a joke about a minority, take a neutral or positive stereotype and make a clever observation about it.

    111 111111 11114 days ago
  • is that chillintit on the thumbnail????

    HaidenHaiden15 days ago
  • Something about his humor reminds me of daniel tosh

    Jassmen RobinsonJassmen Robinson16 days ago
  • What a way to wrap this up. "We complain, but we don't help." A lot of complaining these days and I am not gonna lie. I am not part of the helpers but damn.

    Tittums McSprinklesTittums McSprinkles17 days ago
  • joke's on you i worked this out already

    Comment SpaepanionComment Spaepanion20 days ago
  • What it really means is stop seeming nice, be nice behind their back and act normal in front of them.

    varun choudharyvarun choudhary22 days ago
  • I don’t find him funny at all and I don’t think not being a people please means offending other people

    Beatriz HelenaBeatriz Helena23 days ago
  • WHO IS THIS SHULTZ GUY? hes kinda hot

    Mutable Air TarotMutable Air Tarot25 days ago
  • You're Jewish?

    mnimiaa nekomnimiaa neko25 days ago
  • 9:01

    Mr AceMr Ace25 days ago
  • I hate this guy

    John BaileyJohn Bailey27 days ago
  • Never, never, never let people reject you. You don't have to let it in.

    Wouter MandersWouter Manders27 days ago
  • can you please do Lin- Manuel Miranda next

    Crown BritishCrown British28 days ago
  • Somebody trying to imitate my accent makes me proud, not offended.

    Liberty BibertyLiberty Biberty28 days ago
  • man i wasn't ready for how funny this guy is

    carlos dangercarlos danger29 days ago
  • Or you could just be lucky enough to be born with a built-in loophole, like me! I’ve discovered that you can get away with just about anything, if you’re under 5 feet tall. 😁👍

    Last of the MexheecansLast of the MexheecansMonth ago
  • Still waiting for that breakdown of Harry Styles, damn

    Anicha HCAnicha HCMonth ago
  • im dying at the albino guy

    wyatt breymeymeyerwyatt breymeymeyerMonth ago
  • "We complain, but we don't help, cause we thing that's enough." The man was speaking pure truth right there.

    Elizabeth BennetElizabeth BennetMonth ago
  • You should really do one about Raymond Red Redington (Blacklist) I think James Spader is pretty interesting.

    Amzi CollinsAmzi CollinsMonth ago
  • i love schulz but this ad is so poorly executed that it could be on tv.

    Yiğithan ZirekYiğithan ZirekMonth ago
  • this video is bassicaly about why Andrew is the greatest.

    Zelimhan95Zelimhan95Month ago
  • Brooklyn nine nine or Adam samberg breakdown

    Ans GondalAns GondalMonth ago
  • Norm would’ve been great.

    Molo SkateMolo SkateMonth ago
  • That Charity Water plug came in clean...perfect timing. You made me smile with that. Like and comment!

    Kyle HarriganKyle HarriganMonth ago
  • Make a video about Harry Styles. Everybody loves him and I wanna know why and how to add the positive traits he may have to my charisma as well.

    Sexy LoveSexy LoveMonth ago
  • 9:02

    stevenstrumpf7stevenstrumpf7Month ago
  • *Z O H A N*

    RollieRollieMonth ago
  • love these videos

    DykeDykeMonth ago
  • love Shulz

    meta psychoticmeta psychoticMonth ago
  • always laugh what comedian says or he'll destroy you more, haha

    Animes Lovers UnitedAnimes Lovers UnitedMonth ago
  • Point 4 completely goes against the entire Palestinian bit right before it, but go on...oohhhhhh

    teejteejMonth ago
  • This is horrible advice. What's the point of telling people to be more like this guy? You can't train yourself to be like this guy! He's a very talented comedian. If you try to be like this guy, you're probably going to insult someone and get knocked out.

    brianTJackson1brianTJackson1Month ago
  • I like these videos but I'm afraid of doing this in real life and ruin what reputation I have

    FlashLightFlashLightMonth ago
  • Can't tell what it is but I didn't laugh a single time about his jokes. And I don't hate him, I 've seen his videos, and he's good. But still didn't laugh.

    SamSamMonth ago
  • These are some great points. I’ll keep this in mind for next time. I have to cover this!

    Javon WoodsJavon WoodsMonth ago
  • Feel like Charisma on Command has moved away from teaching principles of charisma in favour of just taking popular youtube clips and telling you why they're popular in hindsight.

    Lance BrucingtonLance BrucingtonMonth ago
  • I just found this comic a few months ago. He's great.

    EclecticRenaissanceFrank MooradianEclecticRenaissanceFrank MooradianMonth ago
  • If you cant take a joke in the uk your done thats it

    MrkribzMrkribzMonth ago
  • Dave Chappelle will never be cancel

    Dre MoneyDre MoneyMonth ago
  • "I'm jewish" goodbye.

    yung cash registeryung cash registerMonth ago
  • That moment when you got good jokes but people don't get them or get offended

    The CEO of RacismThe CEO of RacismMonth ago
  • Never heard of this comedian before but he has gained at least one fan!

    Prairie DogPrairie DogMonth ago
  • Give this guy a special already Oops wrong video

    Varun SawantVarun SawantMonth ago
  • I do this kind of stuff with friends and family but a lot of my jokes go over their head.

    ElevenElevenMonth ago
  • Great Break down. Have gone down a rabbit hole on Schulz over the last few months loving his content whilst wondering how in the current climate that is America he manages to get away with it.

    BobBobMonth ago
  • Schulzy 😭

    Luhi The KidLuhi The KidMonth ago
  • It's 2020, we're seeing people get expelled from schools because they make jokes that aren't derogatory or hateful in the slightest.

    ii Mii MMonth ago
  • what's with all this pc obsession? Really annoying and pointless

    James SawyerJames SawyerMonth ago
  • The title is straight up oxymoronic

    Ashray KotianAshray KotianMonth ago
  • Amelia looked smoking...

    Dee WolfDee WolfMonth ago
  • Please do a video on Adam Grant!

    Julie FoppesJulie FoppesMonth ago
  • The problem with today's pc culture is not being offensive today....but being offensive tomorrow.

    Kimm3rKimm3rMonth ago
  • Liberals and SJWs have turned the world into toxic shitstorm.

    fuckyoutoadsfuckyoutoadsMonth ago
  • The fact that you explain "it's not bad because hes not putting down this group" ruined the video, stop the pc bs

    snowmanmikesnowmanmikeMonth ago
  • If I watch charisma on command I get 48 minute videos on pickup lines for a day n a half. I wish I could watch, but I don't want content creators to lose the ad revenue.

    Nun seriouslyNun seriouslyMonth ago
  • I love donating to people who blames me for all their problems just cause I'm white. As amatter of fact, I think I'm donating all my money.

    k9ä5å#5hk9ä5å#5hMonth ago
  • We need another video on "Why _____ is gonna smash _____ in November 2020"

    Munish RanaMunish RanaMonth ago
  • Yooo our boy Schulz made it bigtime

    leonleonMonth ago
  • The fact that we now have to apologize/forewarn repeatedly for comedian jokes, and warn people they may get offended is so sad. If we don't get out of this lemmings line soon it is gonna be much worse IMO. BTW great video and advice☺️

    OJCOJCMonth ago
  • I would love to see more analyze videos of movies/tv because you break down interactive dialogue very well 😁

    Silent DonkeySilent DonkeyMonth ago
  • well done

    Mike SMike SMonth ago
  • it's sad cuase none of my friends can take a joke, they just get immediately defensive

    Suatt38Suatt38Month ago
  • If you don’t feel comfortable being the joker just live how you’re made

    SN ChainzSN ChainzMonth ago
  • Well since we got into comedians, would love to see what you have to say about Bill Burr. Dude is a psycho, but still has people's respect.

    i know where you livei know where you liveMonth ago
    • I think Bills respect comes from the fact that he recognises hes a psycho and he regularly makes it clear that he hates that about himself and is always working on it.

      CreeWillyCreeWillyMonth ago
  • This doesn't translate to real life. If you can't be nice about someone, why put in so much effort? Just go find someone you want to be nice to.

    YoutubeLoserYoutubeLoserMonth ago
  • You want first step? Here, First, be funny.

    HS PeresahHS PeresahMonth ago
  • Hi) can you review the Korean group "BTS"? Why have they become so popular with other k-pop groups, why are their fans so fanatical, and how do they influence people? Thank you in advance!!) And thanks for your video. It helps me become confident ♥️♥️♥️✨

    Дарья ОнищенкоДарья ОнищенкоMonth ago
  • Don't find him funny at all.. but I guess the tips are good :)

    Emily WrightEmily WrightMonth ago
  • do parsing Hugh Laurie, please

    Moon DogMoon DogMonth ago
  • I wished you would've talked about the "sikh joke" because there's also a lesson there. If you're are going to make a kind joke of someone, you have to have a minimum of intrested in that's person's life enough so that you don't come across as dismissive.

    crooks d. jangocrooks d. jangoMonth ago
  • “Schultz is not a people pleaser” obviously you’ve never watched any of his features on Joe Rogans podcast lol.

    Ethan CovaciEthan CovaciMonth ago
  • Schulzy finally getting the deserved recognition

    Asher SmartAsher SmartMonth ago
  • TL;DR comment, don't insult

    Jap Just JapJap Just JapMonth ago
  • “Say the N word and prove it!” ......hahaha Andrew is razor sharp with this

    23v0lv3223v0lv32Month ago
  • That guy is exactly what the world needs right now... He's on everyones side because he's making fun of everyone !

    plica06plica06Month ago
  • Could you do a video on how Ludwig Ahgren tells stories? He’s really charismatic in every one of his story time videos. Take his latest video on chess

    Ahmed BohtarAhmed BohtarMonth ago
  • The Coke Zero joke 😂😂😂

  • Don't really get it. Maybe if you're from America the idea of a couple of risky gags about Palestinians having no freedom seems outrageously funny but I think in Europe that just shows how conservative America really is. This comic seems pretty average to me and the only laughs he gets is by working on well-trodden stereotypes. The water message is cool though and the EMT point was well made.

  • Hasan Minhaj can do this too and more.

    Mr. CommentatorMr. CommentatorMonth ago