Too Faced FIRES employee over Nikkie Tutorials new video...

Jan 15, 2020
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  • i think this is all drama and B S leave her alone that is her life her business get the hell out of it i love her that took courage and i say to hell with nah sayers be proud and be happy love pamela

    Doris VestnerDoris Vestner9 hours ago
  • I love your intro 😂♥️

    Hello WorldHello World2 days ago
  • too faced? more like two faced bahahahaha i'm sure that's been said before

    Julianna HaJulianna Ha6 days ago
  • Its not anyones business but hers and those closest to her really. Never would have thought for a second she was trans had she not said anything. She's a beautiful woman and I'm so glad she feels great in her own skin

    Constant PerilConstant Peril8 days ago
  • she never said she wasnt... like... chill

    Just MadyJust Mady11 days ago
  • i think the name too faced fits that company very well, they are very t(w)o faced 😂

    Cassie JordanCassie Jordan13 days ago
  • At this particular point after all that's been happening in the last period, I think Too Faced is a brand that needs to be cancelled.

    Mike PanarosaMike Panarosa15 days ago
  • Well it is called 'Too Faced'...what did you expect?

    Bella NovaBella Nova17 days ago
  • He lied so there is no reason not to fire the dude in drag.

    Emma FrostEmma Frost18 days ago
  • The company is called TOO FACED for a reason.... I am sure that he didn't fire his own sister. He is lying!

    Nicole MillerNicole Miller23 days ago
  • Lmao Too Faced is actually two faced😂

    Itz MariItz Mari24 days ago
  • What a sick world we live in where it is even allowed for a 14 year old child to decide to change genders. Horrible and disgusting.

    MiamiPush2theLimitMiamiPush2theLimit25 days ago
  • If you have supporters involved in funding your lifestyle, it is everyone's business to know the depths of the person they are supporting. That's like donating to a go fund me for a cause but finding out otherwise. Sure, it's easy to say it's no one's business because she's her own entity, but subsequently, she opened the door for judgment; whether, positive, negative, (neutral), knowing people have the right to their opinions.

    ayouknowzyoutubaayouknowzyoutubaMonth ago
  • “Too Faced can’t be trusted” because they’re two faced hahahaha, I’ll go now..


      MiamiPush2theLimitMiamiPush2theLimit25 days ago
  • The irony of a company called too faced being shady is the funniest thing to me

    Elly2004Elly2004Month ago
  • Underlying msg... their name is LITERALLY Too (2) Faced.... come on ppl

    Kristina CampbellKristina CampbellMonth ago
  • being out as a transgender woman is so scary and this took soooo much bravery. yes she has privileges as a financially healthy transgender woman in the public eye but coming out remains dangerous regardless of your status. so this is amazing. good for her.

    Ireri MIreri MMonth ago
  • That intro song is soooooo catchy to me! ♫ You're EXPOSE! You're Expose! Oh MY GOD Expose You!

    Vell Baria Official ChannelVell Baria Official ChannelMonth ago
  • In my opinion,her life is hers not ours..if she wasn't ready to come out those people should of respected her ...period.

    Patty BautistaPatty BautistaMonth ago
  • LGBTphobes: If you don't come out to everyone, you are a LIAR and even more gross than you would be! Also LGBTphobes: Eww, who tf walks up to someone and shoves their "gender" or "sexuality" in their face! I don't want to know about your genitals and sex life.

    write eatwrite eatMonth ago
  • Duh dude

    twentysix linxtwentysix linxMonth ago
  • Idiotic woman

    Hudz ShahHudz ShahMonth ago
  • I will not buy too faced now. I was planning to try this brand guess not.

    I awakeningI awakeningMonth ago
  • This Nikkie is coming off like a trouble maker. Too big for her own boots ....Oh man! Stfu!

    Elaine MorganElaine MorganMonth ago
  • Compare that disgusting Lisa Blandinos follower count to Nikkies. Exactly. 3.000 compared to over 10 million. Also “makeup princess” how unoriginal can you be hun

    Ambrosia AshtonAmbrosia AshtonMonth ago
  • Why do people follow this drag queen?

    D PD PMonth ago
  • I learned from my VALUES class that keeping an information to yourself/private is not even lying, it is called a *secret.* I REPEAT, IT'S CALLED A SECRET! A FREAKING SECRET!

    Sherwin Bolsico Jr.Sherwin Bolsico Jr.Month ago
  • I'm just trying to figure out what the lady said that was so nasty and disgusting?...

    Sabrina SimpkinsSabrina SimpkinsMonth ago
  • Y'all cant handle that she Is beautiful dont watch her all the time but I'm proud of her and you guys need to stop putting her down,being disrespectful,being transphobic,and a calling HER a man

    Alexandria DentonAlexandria DentonMonth ago
  • It’s her business that she’s trans. But as much as you tubers snoop nowadays, I thought it was very clear that she was trans years ago. I didn’t think she needed to come out and that you all made it a big deal.

    Alexandra FosterAlexandra FosterMonth ago
  • Not called Too Faced for nothing...

    mouse6687mouse6687Month ago
  • You are you, whether you choose to tell others your journey or not is only your business. It doesn't make you any less a beautiful, strong woman. I love you, keep living your truth.

    Rain GeedingRain GeedingMonth ago
  • TooFaced deserves no support. That’s horrible.

    Ruben GonzalesRuben GonzalesMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> is dat een meid of een man 😀😀😀😀😀😀

    The FlashThe Flash2 months ago
  • No wonder there name is two faced

    wolfy core the pup packwolfy core the pup pack2 months ago
  • In my opinion Girard and his sister have done a lot of sketchy things in the past. The one thing that broke the camels back and made me stop buying two face cosmetics was with Nikki’s palette. They gave her a pallet with good eyeshadow formula and then sold the public a cheaper version that is so sketchy. So because of that I will never buy two face products again unless I see them at TJ Maxx for a dollar LOL

    Doris StevensonDoris Stevenson2 months ago
  • I did not know that people HAD to do a full disclosure of their private life because they are famous. RIDICULOUS! She didn't lie and shame on you, entitle people that thinks anyone should!😡

    Patricia MVPatricia MV2 months ago
  • He needs to come down to planet earth and see that normal men don’t wear makeup.Such sick minded people

    SlavaSlava2 months ago
  • I think if you're not happy with what God has given you , you won't be happy ever

    Nick HardinsNick Hardins2 months ago
  • Honestly, even if we could all agree it was a lie (which it wasn't) who tf cares. The only person she needs to tell is the guy she is in a relationship with. Stop living in a fantasy where youtubers have to tell us every little aspect of their lives. She isn't hurting ANYBODY on YT by taking her time to share this. God people have such boring lives if they are that bent out of shape over this.

    J. S.J. S.2 months ago
  • lisa blandino shouldnt be making fun of other while looking like that🙄🙄🙄

    HeeHeeHeeHee2 months ago
  • Hello, Ben Mazowita

    ScienceismeScienceisme2 months ago
  • Too Faced, more like Two Faced amirite

    flareobaiflareobai2 months ago
  • The literal name of their makeup brand is ‘two faced’ I feel like that should’ve been a bit of a warning as to what type of company they are…

    sarah brownsarah brown2 months ago
  • Two faced is literally their name

    Erin JohnsonErin Johnson2 months ago
  • And we should give a f**k about this, why. The drama in the USkeys makeup world is so petty. Y'all need to get a life!

    Wendy ReedWendy Reed2 months ago
  • Its her business alone. And who ever she is with. She wants to be a transwoman then who cares. She has nothing to do with me lol. What ever makes u happy. Butt lets me honest with our selves.. She is technically a man lol lets not fool our selves now. She can be "born in the wrong body" thing. But if u have male organs thennn u r male lol. We cant cover the sun with a finger. Lol

    Clari MClari M2 months ago
  • The brands really living up to the name, huh?

    Spooky AngelSpooky Angel2 months ago
  • Nikki is gorgeous and her being trans doesn’t change anything ! She was a real woman when I watched her stuff before she came out and she just as REAL a woman now ! She’s transitioned , she’s a woman . The rest isn’t really our business anyways . I hope that lady was fired . I use “ Too Faced” and I would hate to change my brand of full coverage make up over this . But I can’t support businesses that allow their employees to belittle people for who they are on social media

    RachelRachel2 months ago
  • Glad she got support I got hate and my comments keep getting deleted. I have been getting nothing but hate

    Golden SpikesGolden Spikes2 months ago
  • This is why I got so much hate on my channel that was taken down! They said I am a man and did the same USkeys took my channel because of it

    Golden SpikesGolden Spikes2 months ago
  • So.. is she ashamed to be born with an Y chromosome? I don’t get why she would hide what she is.

    Lucie BoironLucie Boiron2 months ago
  • Ugh. Shes a man dressed as a woman. Period.

    Justin PorterJustin Porter2 months ago
  • I only protest trans in sports, idk why people want to bother nikki since she's not doing anything that hurt anyone!

    MsSunhappyMsSunhappy2 months ago
  • Sorry but what's so bad about matching your appearance to how you feel inside? If it's not harming anyone, just be you.

    Cocoa ButterCocoa Butter2 months ago
  • This video: this comment was so disgusting, horrible. The comment: she is lying about something else. I'm all for trans women but this comment wasn't all that. Distasteful, yes,very much but in my opinion, people overreacted.

    Juliana LopezJuliana Lopez2 months ago
  • I knew she was a transgender woman the first time I heard her talk. Were you guys really "surprised"?!?

    Juliana LopezJuliana Lopez2 months ago
  • Omg I love your intro

    ImperfectlyPerfectImperfectlyPerfect2 months ago
  • Jared looks like a douche

    Lbaby TutorialsLbaby Tutorials2 months ago
  • We are who we are, dont ever be someone else but your adorable self.😘

    Bonnie BoucheBonnie Bouche2 months ago
  • This video is incredibly manipulative. People aren't "evil", just because they don't accept you.

    Strudel CabbageStrudel Cabbage2 months ago
  • TWO FACED 😏😏

    Shane celerioShane celerio2 months ago
  • is it just me or nikkie prolly did sumn to her chin... sorry if i'm wrong she's great and there's nothing wrong with that

    yiyao leiyiyao lei2 months ago
  • well... they *are* called "Too Faced" 🤷

    angie burgangie burg2 months ago
  • Nikkie was my high school beauty hero.

    Comments I GuessComments I Guess2 months ago
  • No way is that lies

    Paula JacksonPaula Jackson2 months ago
  • No way has he fired his sister and I think the people who know the truth should let her pay slips stop for a while and have an audience with the GLATQ ❣

    Paula JacksonPaula Jackson2 months ago
  • Omg love that into 😂😂😂🤣

    Red BloodRed Blood2 months ago
  • Ironic that their brand name is too faced

    Boop SnootBoop Snoot2 months ago
  • wtf?! that's her thing and her decision when she wants to tell us!

    Tea ZdravkovicTea Zdravkovic2 months ago
  • they are actually two faced not too faced

    Jade Riazon-SabileJade Riazon-Sabile2 months ago
  • It’s called beauty industry but it’s full of ugliness

    Ziyin ZhengZiyin Zheng3 months ago
  • The name of the brand is literally "too faced" what do you expect

    Carissa ThomasCarissa Thomas3 months ago
  • Nikkie: *comes out trans* Transphobics: Ha, trans? HE* HIM*

    Abbi SullivanAbbi Sullivan3 months ago
  • Alright but it's pretty funny how a brand literally named "too faced" supposedly can't be trusted

    Anika WiebeAnika Wiebe3 months ago
  • The person should be fcking thankful tht nikki aint LEAK HER NAME N SHIT.

    Ashley HernandezAshley Hernandez3 months ago
  • Ooop

    Ashley HernandezAshley Hernandez3 months ago
  • the transphobia in this comment makes me 🥴🤢🤮, that shit be giving me corona holllyyyy crapp

    queen shit.queen shit.3 months ago
  • It's in the name, is it not "Two-Faced"??????

    Dan LittleDan Little3 months ago
  • Never be scared get guts come out

    Carlos LozadaCarlos Lozada3 months ago