Attending a Pyramid Scheme seminar

Feb 12, 2020
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  • is this a pyramid scheme seminar or a motivational speech 💬 🤔

    MurrderrrMurrderrr12 hours ago
  • I didnt here any clapping this whole time. Disrespectful

    Kraig AustriacoKraig AustriacoDay ago
  • Lmaoooo “that makes so much sense!”

    The AViatorThe AViatorDay ago
  • lmao we have the same HyperX headset

    Si lasSi lasDay ago
  • The headphones are priceless 😂

    Cher HorowitzCher HorowitzDay ago
  • I only attend these seminars for the free meals 😂

    Cher HorowitzCher HorowitzDay ago
  • “Eat sleep trade” Jason bond

    Al mansurAl mansur2 days ago
  • this is 700% accurate. I've been on one just for the hell of it.

    MrRcheulishviliMrRcheulishvili2 days ago
  • Sounds like some of those forex academy recruiters 😂

    Keneisha HenryKeneisha Henry2 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Terp HunterTerp Hunter3 days ago
  • Immediately ur friend tells u he/she has a business opportunities for u and want to meet u...that's definitely a pyramid scheme

    Godson AlphaGodson Alpha3 days ago
  • I went to one of these one time and this is EXACTLY what happened.

    r_ elentless01r_ elentless013 days ago
  • Step three: "You can do it". OOOOF. How is that even possible

    M KM K3 days ago
  • 🤧Step #3 Made me rich 😂

    Orion CrawfordOrion Crawford4 days ago
  • The sad thing about this is that they also have pyramid schemes targeted at high school students. I would know because I fell for one. $3,999 for a program that is basically your high school counselor.

    Hector FernandezHector Fernandez4 days ago
  • No one: USkeys ads: 1:28

    Hector FernandezHector Fernandez4 days ago
  • You get rich by getting rich

    Michael PhilpottMichael Philpott4 days ago
  • Even if I am a millionaire.

    Michael PhilpottMichael Philpott4 days ago
  • U get rich by getting rich 😂

    Ramy KhalafRamy Khalaf4 days ago

    Ahmad Aldi WijanarkoAhmad Aldi Wijanarko4 days ago
  • i'm getting it, i'm gonna get i- i have it

    EllipticBreezeEllipticBreeze5 days ago
  • Amway meeting

    LaCreamLaCream6 days ago
  • How to actually get rich: tell people how to get rich

    Adi AdiAdi Adi6 days ago
  • What makes him funny is it’s all true.

    Roberto AcostaRoberto Acosta7 days ago
  • 0:35 He was thinking how he drove his 8 cars to come here 😂😂

    Kabir KhanKabir Khan7 days ago
  • This everyone tryna sign other people up for forex

    LahcsapLahcsap8 days ago
  • Attending and participating in a pyramid scheme is part of life. You get to see how much people are willing to bullshit to make a living, and how many people want to take shortcuts.

    Alexis CarrilloAlexis Carrillo8 days ago
  • tai lopez

    JamieChewyGG61JamieChewyGG618 days ago
  • A House in every country 190+ large houses. Hmmmm... Some would be cheaper than others. I was going to say that sounds more like a billionaire. lol But I digress. Good stuff!

    Cire Ta-SetiCire Ta-Seti8 days ago
  • Amway lol

    Manny GarciaManny Garcia9 days ago

    AminAmin9 days ago
  • Why am i getting jake pual financial advise vibes

    iam pasiiam pasi9 days ago
  • Some people don’t know that this is a part 2

    yslyaseenyslyaseen10 days ago
  • - Do you want to work with the best team in the world? Let me be the mentor. I’ll not only teach you how to be successful but I’ll teach how to live. - Uhm okay so what is this business? - You’ll be successful. Double income - But what kind of a business? What do you do? What do you sell? - I’m selling success - BRUDA WHAT THE FUCKKKK

    Empty SeatEmpty Seat10 days ago
  • "you get rich by getting rich" couldnt disagree with that

    the real jorathe real jora10 days ago
  • 📝

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson11 days ago
  • That hyperx headset is very good quality wearing my favorite headset

    TJTJ12 days ago
  • Adds on USkeys be like:

    Bananacheese123Bananacheese12313 days ago
  • Update after following these steps and buying the book .. I too am "a millionaire"

    Hector .THector .T13 days ago
  • Damn so this man out here with a mansion in Somalia. Now thats gangsta

    FrancisOf TheFilthFrancisOf TheFilth13 days ago
  • Sounds like tia Lopez living out in the Hollywood hills

  • Step 3 though... 😂

    3Hearts3Hearts14 days ago
  • valve in a nutshell 1:21

    astronomicalloserastronomicalloser15 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Aly-Bocar CisseAly-Bocar Cisse15 days ago
  • The hype man is Caleb city

    Brandon FremerBrandon Fremer16 days ago
  • « You get rich by getting rich » No one : Not a single soul: *someone in the back* « THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE » 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Dukens NicolasDukens Nicolas16 days ago
  • Man it do be like that ngl

    SomeOneUppingDude Technically copyrightedSomeOneUppingDude Technically copyrighted18 days ago
  • when you notice that your parents were in a pyramid scheme years ago..

    giseldagiselda19 days ago
  • Fun fact: if u work hard by the middle of your life u are a millionaire. Just get a normal job and work 12 hours a day, plant your own food, do everything you need yourself and invest free time in working on side projects. Side projects can speed up the process, but even if not even 1 works out, you will still be a millionaire unless you die before your retirement.

    António PaixãoAntónio Paixão19 days ago
  • so true :D

    Freedom Dividend NewsFreedom Dividend News19 days ago
  • Dropping out of college was solid advice.

    Jared RogersJared Rogers19 days ago
  • 1:09 I mean, he's not wrong, you do get rich by getting rich

    Matias PereyraMatias Pereyra20 days ago
  • Can I have an extra house of his?

    PuRe_BatmanbossPuRe_Batmanboss20 days ago
  • Really fucking tired of these toned, muscly millionaires that are enticing people with financial problems by providing an “easy” way to getting rich and then themselves becoming even more rich. Smh

    Comma ManComma Man20 days ago
  • I mean he was right about the 1st step lol

    Jake HartmannJake Hartmann20 days ago
  • Lol!!! Lmbo

    Start The StoryStart The Story20 days ago
  • That fact that this works shows something is deeply wrong with the country.

    Christopher DewsChristopher Dews21 day ago
  • Primerica in a nutshell 😂😂

    Junior SalJunior Sal21 day ago
  • Sell me this pen

    Austin MartinAustin Martin22 days ago
  • Dan Lok in a nutshell

    President TrumpPresident Trump22 days ago
  • I attended a meeting like this that what they said exactly 😁😄😄

    cool nathan gadgetscool nathan gadgets22 days ago
  • When you're invited to a dinner but there's no food but only presentation..

    Vergil ChivaVergil Chiva22 days ago
  • Griff make a part 2

    ShakaamaShakaama22 days ago
  • Omg I'm dying!!!

    Sarah SaavedraSarah Saavedra23 days ago
  • I got caught up in one they gave me a book to read and I was like wtf, thank god I don’t like to read.

    DangerDanger23 days ago
  • “Investors hate him”

    Vegan Boi 69Vegan Boi 6923 days ago
    • Underrated Comment

      Christopher DewsChristopher Dews21 day ago
  • Look at them big ads head phones lol 😂 they do be wearing that though 💀

    Taleia ThompsonTaleia Thompson24 days ago
  • 1:48 omg his face lml

    Teayer HopperTeayer Hopper24 days ago
  • you can always listen to a man wearing a gaming headset

    NebbesNebbes24 days ago
  • Brings me back to those Amway

    frozenfalcon253frozenfalcon25324 days ago
  • What song is that he always plays at the end?

    juan thomasjuan thomas24 days ago
  • So you give me 50 dollars and get 3 of your friends to put 50 each and we invest it into stocks and we all get 5 million dollars 💵

    Yeah YeeYeah Yee24 days ago
  • You forgot "Rolexes"

    J BAINJ BAIN24 days ago
  • So what he's saying is he got rich by scamming poor people into buying his program?

    SummonerOwlSummonerOwl25 days ago
  • Sounds like a bunch of mega churches i used to go to smh

    Kung Lao LawKung Lao Law25 days ago
  • He forgot to mention the key to success “Steve Jobs , Jeff Bezos , Elon Musk”

    AA25 days ago
  • The college one is the only one that has any bit of truth to it😂😂

    Jman 5300Jman 530026 days ago
  • Bruh 🤣🤣🤣

    Elpha BoiElpha Boi26 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭that makes so much SENSE!!!

    DA'Sha LincolnDA'Sha Lincoln27 days ago
  • This is one of his best videos hands down

    cj greencj green27 days ago
  • Well now we know how he became a *M I L L I O N A I R E*

    Arvin SinghArvin Singh27 days ago
  • Well did the first step, im on my way to richness😂

    Devious DevilDevious Devil28 days ago
  • The funny thing is they never tell you how they got rich from one day to another even if you ask them

    yoboystephanoyoboystephano29 days ago
  • Great rap video!!!

    Richard Petit-FrereRichard Petit-Frere29 days ago
  • My friend is into such business and he always keeps telling me how people are making $3 million every month and have villa on Dubai’s island.... I am like yeah good for them 😂

    Tushar ThoratTushar Thorat29 days ago
  • Basically iml lmaoo

    Johnny AppleseedJohnny AppleseedMonth ago
  • I want him to make a new one where the fakes(friends and family members) come in and tell you how successful they are at selling the product. The Testimony parts always kill me when people believe this stuff.

    Ardante11Ardante11Month ago
  • Follow any of these folks home and you’ll find them in an apartment.

    Ardante11Ardante11Month ago
  • No I.. have a house in every single country INCLUDING.. North Korea ☝🏾🎤

    Deep ChatterjeeDeep ChatterjeeMonth ago
  • 19 secs in and yes! This is it! This is all pyramid scheme seminar!!

    Deep ChatterjeeDeep ChatterjeeMonth ago
  • I mean... this is how these people are getting rich. You see them on youtube ads talking, they get rich by selling their "program". Thats all it ever was. Its pretty smart actually. Id never do it as I have morals and wouldnt purposefully fuck someone over.

    Taylor monTaylor monMonth ago
  • Eat, sleep, rich LMAO

    Dann CardonaDann CardonaMonth ago
  • “I wasn’t happy, I was so depressed and hopeless working for someone else instead myself, that till I met PYRAMID SCHEME ! Now I’m free! “ 😒🤦🏽‍♂️

    Marcus GreerMarcus GreerMonth ago
  • 9-5 is a pipe dream. That schedule don’t exist anymore

    Ghengis KhanGhengis KhanMonth ago
  • Called out a old high school friend on this shit. Asked for an hour of my time to try to sell me some bullshit. I looked into what he was selling and showed him what I found out. He went off on me on FB and had to erase his comments, then apologised about swearing at me. I told him I wouldn't mind getting lunch or a beer with him someday but,I'm not Interested. If you care, you should be honest. Even if the truth hurts or, is uncomfortable.

    Atrimis7Atrimis7Month ago
  • @coffeezila

    Ly RicLy RicMonth ago
  • haha it looks like my moms workplace!

    FurosutiFurosutiMonth ago
  • If you want a 68% discount run to the back right now

    Lefa TshenyeLefa TshenyeMonth ago
  • Step 3 helped me the most.

    Ryan MichaelRyan MichaelMonth ago
  • And then they talk some motivational bullshit without telling you the actual information which you came for

    makesumakesuMonth ago