John Oliver's Quest For U.S. Citizenship Culminated In An "Utterly Petrifying" Citizenship Test

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The host of "Last Week Tonight" on HBO, John Oliver, passed his citizenship test but not before being shaken to his core by questions like, "what is your phone number?" #Colbert #LastWeekTonight #JohnOliver
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  • Remember those days when Corona seemed distant and there was an actual crowd? Good times . . .

    rcppcskrcppcsk4 hours ago
  • Lol I’m just imagining young John Oliver playing side by side with Graeme Souness

    IronKnight117IronKnight1174 days ago
  • Wow that was smart.... Dressing up and going to watch the match. Interesting story.

    AdityaAditya4 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="382">6:22</a> Just ask India joke was gold. His level is too high for this audience I think.

    AdityaAditya4 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> that cameraman was dancing jolly!

    AdityaAditya4 days ago
  • That’s one hell of an entrance

    Depressed breakfastDepressed breakfast6 days ago
  • Damn this was painful to watch... I’m sorry to John Oliver holy shit

    Lucas Donnie AndersonLucas Donnie Anderson7 days ago
  • As a brit u can have the prick he could not make it over here so just like the rest of ur rejects we sent him to u


    Kat BKat B9 days ago
  • Why does he make it sound like it is hard to get it? He let his green card expire, well buddy that one is on you, wtf. After you become a green card holder, 5 years after that you apply for citizenship and year after you become a citizen. As simple as that!

    Almir DAlmir D12 days ago
    • @Yenifer Dimas I went through the same process, so did my brother, mom and dad, and now my wife. Sure it takes a year but it is not that bad at all. Just make sure to follow the guidelines.

      Almir DAlmir D10 days ago
    • It's not that easy! My mom applied to get her green card renewed a whole year before it expired and it still expired before the paperwork was processed :(! The whole process is pretty painful and it consists of a lot of waiting for paperwork to get processed.

      Yenifer DimasYenifer Dimas10 days ago
  • Cause of this did anyone get a weird snap thing under the video of some kid smashing a record sayin ‘John Oliver I’m comin for you’ ? I’m very confused, a little scared and slightly aroused by the pure alpha behavior.

    darkstar66125darkstar6612514 days ago
  • I don't like the host. The show is just question and answer and then next question and answer. No conversation like Conan'O Brian.

    CasablancaCasablanca14 days ago
  • Lol. I passed the 10 questions with ease and when officer asked me what is my address, I blanked out too. Totally didn't remember.

    OmegaxboyOmegaxboy15 days ago
  • Hey, I know a guy named Osama who got citizenship in 6 years. Shocked us all.

    ZainabZainab15 days ago
  • Talk about betrayal

    Gaby FloresGaby Flores16 days ago
  • In the old days a Brit becoming an Australian citizen had to swear allegiance to the head of state of the country they just came from.

    Gribbo9999Gribbo999916 days ago
  • I love how John Oliver briefly took over the show 😊

    Mel The MomMel The Mom17 days ago
  • He should have been denied due to his subversion...I regret my service to this country for selling itself out....make him do 4 years in the Marine Corps now

    robert Thompsonrobert Thompson17 days ago
  • GTFO of the US.....we dont need more marxists

    robert Thompsonrobert Thompson17 days ago
  • You better believe he didn't give up his UK citizenship. He's not dumb.

    All_RoadsAll_Roads18 days ago
  • Welcome to the IRS chasing you for taxes the world over. In Europe lots of Americans can't wait to get rid of their citizenship, ask Tina Turner.

    Alexander StefanovAlexander Stefanov18 days ago
  • How did he have a social security number before he was a citizen?

    joshua claarjoshua claar19 days ago
  • Mr. Oliver obviously failed to comprehend the very first words of his oath of citizenship: "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen..."

    John DeltuviaJohn Deltuvia19 days ago
  • He's a hard guy to interview live because he's so witty and charismatic - hard to keep up

    Ryan GaskinRyan Gaskin20 days ago
  • Not a bad idea to have Dual Citizenship, because if one Country goes to hell...You still got a place to call home.

    Katie ArbuckleKatie Arbuckle20 days ago
    • Both of my kids are quadruple citizens. When I was younger and more optimistic, I hoped for a world where one could relocate freely to the country where they wanted to live, work, study. Since that hasn't happened (and, quite frankly, we are moving in the opposite direction), my wife and I decided to give our children as many options as possible for when they grow up. We are raising them to be open-minded and multilingual cosmopolitans, and they have 4 passports to make that official.

      Dan210871Dan21087119 days ago
  • No British Nationalism? Its just more sensible than America's love of their own burning trash pile

    Matt StevensonMatt Stevenson21 day ago
  • Never seen someone so excited as when he said “I have two passports like Jason Bourne!!”

    Daisy PenmanDaisy Penman21 day ago
  • Why would he want to?

    g9nnarg9nnar21 day ago
  • Stephen Colbert needs to work on his sense of humour, he's a bit uptight...

    Mulan 121Mulan 12121 day ago
    • Mulan 121 yeah, wonder what’s up with that

      wschnitzlerwschnitzler18 days ago
  • Ach an Englishman. Ye cannae trust the English - they'll rob ye as soon as look at ye. Do ye no realise he's likely an English spy?

    Trixy FelixTrixy Felix21 day ago
  • Did Most of John's jokes fly over people's heads or what?

    MaureeseeoMaureeseeo22 days ago
  • Two hilarious dudes and just utter missed jokes throughout. :|

    Luke HarrisLuke Harris22 days ago
  • As someone who's never even set foot in the US, I've tried a few practice citizenship tests online and most of the questions are insultingly easy.

    Christopher BeerChristopher Beer22 days ago
  • Ya know im a genz born 50 year after India became a republic. And yet when a British guys says India I feel some what uncomfortable...

    Ritvik AwasthiRitvik Awasthi23 days ago
  • The English “Uncle Sam” was “John Bull.”

    graytartgraytart23 days ago
  • "Pinky finger down" didn't get nearly enough laughs.

    Mel RestMel Rest23 days ago
  • You are a lucky man !!! I came here on 2007, still waiting for my green card.

    V NV N23 days ago
  • The beginning of that song the band was playing ... Is "good old Collingwood forever". It's an Australian AFL football anthem for the Victorian team *"Collingwood"*

    Spookay T'is MeSpookay T'is Me23 days ago
  • His team's Liverpool - poor bastard!

    Steve DSteve D23 days ago
  • That is the most British way to come in on an American flag

    Sam WomackSam Womack23 days ago
  • Idk why he always give me Mr. Bean vibes😂😂

    PiplupPiplup23 days ago
  • John Oliver didn't had a single gray hair when UK were part of EU. Just saying.

  • Dude this audience really sucked. John had a whole stack of jokes and they ignored all of them.

    Cobin MillageCobin Millage24 days ago
    • Mucktown he missed one joke

      Justin SaundersJustin Saunders16 days ago
    • Colbert was ignoring him too

      MucktownMucktown20 days ago
  • OH ..hay...I am going to make fun of, and criticize, everything about the United States and what makes it great. Ummmm...can I be. Citizen?

    froofaloofroofaloo24 days ago
  • Thinking that they'd get a kid from the crowd to play because he had the right equipment under his clothes is totally 10 year old me.

    Charles HeldCharles Held25 days ago
  • John is the best of people. Welcome to this miserable experiment we call America.

    KyleKyle25 days ago
  • Took me 26 yrs to get mine, glad and grateful I did.

    Derek OlsenDerek Olsen25 days ago
  • This guy is happy to wait so many years to get citizenship of US but he did the exact opposite by supporting the anti CAA(India) law lobby. Hypocrite

    vatsal pandeyvatsal pandey25 days ago
  • Go home to Canada u r a criminal go home get out of American politics .... GET OUT.......

    allen kuesterallen kuester25 days ago
  • wtf. why did those 4 guys wear underwear?

    Jebi SeJebi Se26 days ago
  • IF he just got his, imagine how an ordinary unknown person gets theirs

    B RB R26 days ago
  • Bellend.. you are welcome to him

    Brian MurphyBrian Murphy26 days ago
  • God! Why would you?

    Josie WorsfoldJosie Worsfold26 days ago
  • He was a tad existed...

    Chance WhistlerChance Whistler27 days ago
  • The U.S is great and all but the society there is kinda fucked. lol

    Russell SieteRussell Siete27 days ago
  • He should have just traded with me, il trade my american citizenship for UK citizenship

    Skaarf VaglySkaarf Vagly27 days ago
  • The ONLY true FOOTBALL fan in the whole set.

    Di NamDi Nam28 days ago
  • So this guy mocks the President of the United States for a living, and still manages to get a green card? Woah! America IS a free country!

    Deepti SamDeepti Sam28 days ago
    • There's such thing as First Amendment, you know.

      Dmitri LisniakDmitri Lisniak27 days ago
  • I want that John Oliver does the late show T shirt 😜🤣🤣😅😁

    AnnoraAnnora28 days ago
  • Why didn't he just run across the border like all the illegal line-jumpers that these lefty airheads love?

    mellowman1001mellowman100128 days ago
    • mellowman1001 Because they can’t get citizenship, ever. They come in the hopes that their children will have a better life.

      BlackbeardBlackbeard27 days ago
  • From a non-partisan conservative, native-born American, to a foreign-born liberal ('Hollywood elite'), sincere congratulations! Long live America and long live Britain. We're one big (dysfunctional) family. Haha.

    Hb JamesonHb Jameson29 days ago
  • Britain is the lap doggy to the US... He is probably looking for little ones.

    Kosmic PowerKosmic Power29 days ago
  • So this pathetic Idiot is now US citizen. .. sad..

    Jan KrsakJan Krsak29 days ago
  • Aw, congratulations Little Johnny Showbiz! #HelloBuglers

    Philip MinnsPhilip MinnsMonth ago
  • The only way I can tell who's who is that John Oliver has a bigger nose. If I don't see them in profile, they become the exact same person.

    DisThoughtsDisThoughtsMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="421">7:01</a> John Oliver is a full kit wanker 😂😂

    Byron DowlingByron DowlingMonth ago
  • Good for him. He's one of the only leftist i respect

    Zak UnknownZak UnknownMonth ago
  • Didn't they both used to be Daily Show correspondents?

    Patrick LloydPatrick LloydMonth ago
  • Why are the soles of his shoes so clean?

    Antara GuhaAntara GuhaMonth ago
  • I was recently at a naturalization ceremony and very beautiful watching so many become citizen in one day.

    Joxer the MightyJoxer the MightyMonth ago
  • Great, another person that comes here to tell us how we are living incorrectly.

    John WellsJohn WellsMonth ago
    • @Majora So he leaves his country to come complain about ours. Seems legit.

      John WellsJohn WellsMonth ago
    • And he's 100% correct

      MajoraMajoraMonth ago
  • Hey America ya welcome to this middle class white privelidged plank of a wannabe we never did he's right out of our swamp

    hermand. adamshermand. adamsMonth ago
  • Well, he partially brexited

    kirby march barcenakirby march barcenaMonth ago
  • My mother took the citizenship test not too long ago and passed with flying colors..... Let's just put it this way, if she can pass the test, then anybody with 2 good working eyes and a right hand can pass it.

    T. ST. SMonth ago
  • Considering the disregard for the UK he's displayed, whilst not being here (kinda like Connery and The SNP in Scotland), I find him to talk about the goings on in Britain in the same way these talk shows speak about US politics. Scripted soundbites by cunts unwilling/unable to speak objectively if it conflicts with their network agenda. Why not ask him about the EU project's evolution and why The UK left?

    Paul DryburghPaul DryburghMonth ago
  • Perfect analogy. This coming from someone who dated women who had vomited (not right after they did, though). I hate to admit, more than once. Sometimes they're so pretty or so nice, you just won't let a little bit of vomit get in your way. After a good wash, it's almost as if they never had vomited. Too bad this won't be the case for the United States. This vomit you're in will take centuries to clean up, if ever. That's why I'm certain that the US will nuke the whole planet when they inevitably lose their status as the world's sole superpower.

    Breno BacciBreno BacciMonth ago
  • Those US citizenship test questions are so easy, you would have to be a moron or a US citizen to fail them.

    tkautzortkautzorMonth ago
  • He is moron no sense of anything ... report his show ban this guy

    Dharang RanaDharang RanaMonth ago
  • I cannot be the only one who thought “Brit turned Yank” sounds dirty lol

    bbsy1bbsy1Month ago
  • And he immideatly became the only American with common sense 🤣

    M 4M 4Month ago