May 3, 2013
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  • I would've bee traumatized by the belly dancing 👁👄👁

    The fellow ALIEN of Taehyung's planetThe fellow ALIEN of Taehyung's planet12 hours ago
  • Ambobo ng owner HAHAHAH keber se walang alam sa lahat HAHAHHAHAHA

    Mac SaverrsMac Saverrs19 hours ago
  • He’s amazing at his job . Drops paper towel

    Spicy Dolph1nSpicy Dolph1nDay ago
  • 22:09 lol that omg lol

    Silent GamingSilent GamingDay ago
  • 21:34 that guy was looking like 😂

    Silent GamingSilent GamingDay ago
  • she’s dumb. maybe shes nice but if you don’t know anything... maybe don’t do that job ..?

    Finja kFinja kDay ago
  • “I’m not stupid” Honey if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck....

    Izzy SmithIzzy SmithDay ago
  • kitchen nightmare US is very stereotyped... the british version gives more diversity.

    Camembert d'AlembertCamembert d'Alembert2 days ago
  • The owner is... a bit slow, isn't she ?

    Paul _Paul _2 days ago
  • "Belly dance? That was a belly flop"

    Zee GodmaireZee Godmaire2 days ago
  • That belly dancer does not now anything about food.

  • I'm not stupid but I don't really know what's going on -owner Wooow! That sounds stupid to me

    chrono spherechrono sphere3 days ago
  • Now we know that belly dancers truly are dumb, like prostitutes.

    ava lystnava lystn3 days ago
  • 21:21 That belly dance was so bad Gordon burned himself🤣🤣🤣

    The KnightsThe Knights4 days ago
  • when she wore the suit she looked way better than the previous outfit cause she looked like a lady of the night to be honest

    smiley satansonsmiley satanson4 days ago
  • I think rocky rocked the owners world for a long time. that's why she was so deluded. And the time she fired him was just a small breakup.

    Chriss ReChriss Re11 days ago
  • At least the woman never spoke rudely to Gordon Ramsay and understood her faults. I am actually proud of her eventhough she is too naive.

    Nihaarika NagNihaarika Nag12 days ago
  • Is she trying to effing seduce him

    Just MonikaJust Monika12 days ago
  • 15:23

    Dennis92NLDennis92NL13 days ago
  • I loved Richy a lot so sweet warm relaxing person and compassionate

    Her HighnessHer Highness13 days ago
  • that waitress is an instigator .

    Nabeel ShajeerNabeel Shajeer14 days ago
  • The chef looks like a poor man's Kevin Nash.

    frankfurteranimusfrankfurteranimus14 days ago
  • This is comedy gold 😂😂😂😂

    sivabalan periyasamysivabalan periyasamy14 days ago
  • The owner seems like a really kind person, the whole "nightmare" in the kitchen is the head chef who seems to be working without a system. She took everything as actual advice, never got mad about critisism and was ready to cooperate.

    PolkaslacisPolkaslacis15 days ago
  • So is she flirting with Gordon cuz for my observation it looks like she is ._.

    ----15 days ago
  • Is it wrong after the belly dancing, I needed a wank?

    Martyn JohnstoneMartyn Johnstone15 days ago
  • 21:33 That kid looks mortified

    Wilbur uwuWilbur uwu17 days ago
  • Rishi is just like a clueless woman sitting for an exam in which she does not even know the portion.

    Sera GonsalvesSera Gonsalves17 days ago
  • 21:20 And here we finally have footage of my brain attempting to do Math.

    FairyGardens TVFairyGardens TV17 days ago
  • Ummm...she- sorry...but she is kinde stupide...☠👾👁👄👁

    wonderland_Bunny🌸🧸🍪wonderland_Bunny🌸🧸🍪18 days ago
  • That's why I like chef Ramsy .....⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    sanamlama1981sanamlama198119 days ago
  • Is it me is the manager/owner really really DUMB!

    Melly BordonaroMelly Bordonaro20 days ago
  • most of this restaurant owners need psychiatric and psychological help more than they need Gordon.

    joan wambugujoan wambugu20 days ago
  • Damn thats a dumb one

    Ana TiripaAna Tiripa20 days ago
  • 18:38 im fucking dead

    martin ivovmartin ivov20 days ago
  • the black haired chick is dumber than a pile of rock

    martin ivovmartin ivov20 days ago
  • How do people turn a BLIND ear😂

    Raymond LottoRaymond Lotto20 days ago
  • 21:19 Gordon sets himself on fire after witnessing the occolatians

    StevebomerStevebomer20 days ago
  • 5:11 Gordon seems so uncomfortably flustered.Leave him alone lady😂

    Manisha SinghManisha Singh21 day ago
  • Gordon : are you the owner Her : hahahahaha Gordon : then how it is going on here what are the problems ? Her : hahahahahahahahahaha Gordon : Her : Gordon : Her : HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Le ClassicLe Classic22 days ago
  • Deluded owner. Nobody wants to see that gross older lady shaking her fat around customers. That would put anybody off their food. Reminded me of the has-been older lady who thought she could sing at her hotel. Vanity projects never work.

    keta leighketa leigh22 days ago
  • Hands up all those that think Rocky already had a new job lined up anyway .... 🙋‍♀️ I just find it difficult to believe anyone could be that naive and ill informed, it almost seems like an act, whipping her hair around acting like a petulant teenager. Good on Gordon to get her sorted st least!

    Della HicksDella Hicks23 days ago
  • Gordon: Rishi what is the definition of naive? Rishi: Points to herself --> 👀

    Della HicksDella Hicks23 days ago
  • There's a kid in their

    Harriet CulatonHarriet Culaton23 days ago
  • Owner: I didn't know that Ramsay: you don't even know what soup of the day is Destruction:100 Comeback:100 😭😭😂

    I repost interesting videosI repost interesting videos24 days ago
  • Just about 18 minutes in and seriously considering skipping over this episode. Rishi is so bloody clueless I almost can't watch it lol

    Audra CrippsAudra Cripps25 days ago
  • Gordons comment on her dressing sense is sooo funny and the soup of the day, omg Hilarious! Gordon is funny

    steven leitaosteven leitao26 days ago
  • omg the way she walks through the table to dance, I feel she might enter my room and dance.

    steven leitaosteven leitao26 days ago
  • I find it funny how in the beginning every owner feels their food is The Best.

    steven leitaosteven leitao26 days ago
  • i've never seen someone so stupid...' i thought fresh means not frozen'

    Tia CritelliTia Critelli26 days ago
  • *AhHaAheHeehE*

    Obviously.OliviaObviously.Olivia27 days ago
  • american restaurants episodes r the funniest ones on kitchen nightmare

    Selina XuSelina Xu28 days ago
  • I just wished she'd stop tryna flirt with Gordon it was so cringy

    Rome MRome M28 days ago
  • 34:09 who else is here from 2020 and yelling, "CARONA_-VIRUS" XD

    abbyabby28 days ago
  • Hey awesome idea - Buy a business in an industry you know nothing about, so then when it fails you're at a complete loss for what's going wrong and how to fix it. I wonder if all these people think that business owner = millionaire with no effort?

    A MacA Mac29 days ago
  • If he could just stop saying WOW, she might understand that she is well beyond looking good enough to display that much flesh. I could lend her my mirror. It unfortunately tells the truth.

    IslandGal 500IslandGal 50029 days ago
  • I feel bad for RISHI......she is so naive... but she is a kind women.God bless Her... And that Chef Rocky... I'd like the beat the laziness out of that fat sloth .. .He is a crook and not a cook.. Not even qualified to run a hot dog cart ...😡

    Simp SlayerSimp Slayer29 days ago
  • I feel like rishi would actually be a really kind hearted person to know....pretty naive and clueless yes but definitely brings to mind the phrase wouldnt harm a fly

    Peni-o-te-rangiPeni-o-te-rangiMonth ago
  • i feel like when the waiters are transfering information from grodon to the chef, they're actually speaking the facts that they already have in mind, just this time they're backed up with gordon.

    MilowMilowMonth ago
  • 32:26 notice 🅱️ANDI? Anyone??

    Asfaan HussainAsfaan HussainMonth ago
  • I can’t fucking stop my laugh 😂 9:25

    Anil, Great is GreatnessAnil, Great is GreatnessMonth ago
  • 'is he allergic to salt?'

    Maria GeorgiadouMaria GeorgiadouMonth ago
  • Ramsay was low key checking out the owner 😂

    Protortoise607Protortoise607Month ago
  • 21:24 man kinda looks like an older and Bald Elon Musk

    Jaxtor FlynnJaxtor FlynnMonth ago
  • Everyone is flirting with Gordon. I don't blame then though, I'd flirt with him too.

    Nadia RNadia RMonth ago
  • Rishi: The oysters are being made right now for you Ramsay: You mean Opened Rishi: What is this socercery

    TyrosGamesTyrosGamesMonth ago

  • Oh you poor lady *facepalm*

    OctaviahhOctaviahhMonth ago
  • this quarantine is making me watch all kitchen nightmares all day long

    HK Gaming WorldHK Gaming WorldMonth ago
  • 24:15 guess so .. man i love that lady...

    Nitin SharmaNitin SharmaMonth ago
  • Why this episode just seems like a prank that the production team organized 😂 it’s just so unreal

    Jakub FischerJakub FischerMonth ago
  • Rishi Brown went from belly DANCER to restaurant OWNER GOLD

    Junt CuiceJunt CuiceMonth ago
  • Gordon: (Sees them belly dancing) YOU'RE... KIDDING... RIGHT?? Also Gordon: (locks himself up to avoid seeing whatever unholy thing they're doing outside) Me: I'm dying! 😂😂

    Si TriSi TriMonth ago
  • She's a cool person, just a bit too over enthusiastic. She's very very kind, just naive. She's good, just lacks experience. Overall, she's a good person that it's easy to take advantage of her. I hope she's doing all good now. Wish her all luck and hope for her to be in best condition 😊

    Si TriSi TriMonth ago
  • Please like

    KamilaKamilaMonth ago
  • 21:34 OML that’s my face when my mum says to clean my room.

    Śnøwfłake_Kìller LiŚnøwfłake_Kìller LiMonth ago
  • I just love gordon's reaction in the start when they talk about her cloths. You would exspect to see gordon shocked often.. but it is just not often he is speechless in that way. Still has me laughing. Haha And the soup of the day scene.. Hahaha. Best episode yet. I swear, this shit is allmost something i exspected in an american pie movie.

    Anubis_PDAnubis_PDMonth ago
  • rocky's definitely shagging rishi lmao

    Yağız SekbanYağız SekbanMonth ago
    • literally and figuratively

      Yağız SekbanYağız SekbanMonth ago
  • Rishi talks like a dumb blonde girl

    sun teaシsun teaシMonth ago
  • Wow

    Jesse KrugerJesse KrugerMonth ago
  • god, her laugh sounded so annoying.

    to kiss venusto kiss venusMonth ago
  • Rishi is extremely lucky that there was only one person who took advantage of her, and it's nice to see that she clearly cares for her staff.

    April MichelApril MichelMonth ago
  • Belly dance. PP go smol.

    GanosistaGanosistaMonth ago
  • "I'm not dumb but I really don't know what's going on" HMM

    Srishti GuptaSrishti GuptaMonth ago
  • Me in school: 4:04

    Hans HertzmanHans HertzmanMonth ago
  • Through all the kitchen nightmares episodes that I have seen I figured out that's very easy to fire employees... Am I understanding things wrong? Because in my country things are a little bit difficult to fire someone... You must pay an amount of money for each year of experience and huge other payments depending on his salary...when the salary is high the deal is high as well... that's why companies in my country try to negociate with employees whenever they want to fire them.... Can you please correct me if I'm wrong?

    hani jamalhani jamalMonth ago
  • She's whiping her crocodile tears. Not one real drop fell. Don't act the victim of your chef, that's just weak.

    Dennis HendrikxDennis HendrikxMonth ago
  • She is stupid

    Lonneke KalfLonneke KalfMonth ago
  • Rocky was trash, I'm happy he got kicked out

  • A Karen is right in front of my eyes

    Olifei PotsOlifei PotsMonth ago
  • I almost thought chef Ramsy burned himself but it was a freezer XD

    [~P e n g u i n • P l a y~][~P e n g u i n • P l a y~]Month ago
  • The belly dance haunts me to this day

    Luigi PizzardiLuigi PizzardiMonth ago
  • Rishi: Everything tasting good? 🤩 Guy : No -..-

    wazz upwazz upMonth ago
  • “She’s a bit naïve” yeah, cause soul of the day is the soup that you’re serving that day, not a different soup you’re serving everyday

    Please StopPlease StopMonth ago
  • I’d like to know how some of these places are doing now, like did they go back to the old belly dancing shit or is it amazing like how he left it

    Please StopPlease StopMonth ago
  • the whole seasons i watched to experiece the ending dialogues with lil bit seasoning of "WoW" on it......

    Rushikesh JoshiRushikesh JoshiMonth ago
  • I am suddenly very much in the mood for some instant noodles, don't quite know why :)

    Harald HornungHarald HornungMonth ago
  • That blonde chick with the curly hair tho

    fafan djorhanaenfafan djorhanaenMonth ago
  • Rocky = discount Kevin Nash...

    Greg ChettyGreg ChettyMonth ago
  • I actually feel sorry for her, she is a good person... Hope everything went well for her... ❣️

    Kayakazi LoqoKayakazi LoqoMonth ago