The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares

Mar 17, 2019
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From Amy's Baking Company to a pigeon in a kitchen.
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  • 1:05 1:52

    Alex dobreAlex dobreHour ago
  • Im surprised Gordon didnt fuck up the last guy

    MclovinMclovin2 hours ago
  • Gordon: A Fockin mouse was at the Doh Everyone: 👨‍🦯👨‍🦯

    MclovinMclovin2 hours ago
  • Props to the chef that was real about the mouse and realizing they were fucking up by trying to accuse Gordan for planting it

    Dustin GrantDustin Grant4 hours ago
  • I love how Gordon doesn't give a shit. He's just so brutal and honest, wish we had more people like him. There's way to much sugar-coating, He's a savior to us all

    GoreyGator0198GoreyGator01984 hours ago
  • thats not how a meat pie is meant to look like

    P&G TVP&G TV6 hours ago
  • fokin pidgeon

    Vitun OseVitun Ose6 hours ago
  • The best part about this entire video is when Gordon Ramsay says “fuk off fly” absolutely perfect 👌

    Izick ClementsIzick Clements6 hours ago
  • I honestly have no words

    Bohola 27Bohola 276 hours ago
  • this is not a meat pie thats a fucking cow pat

    Comrade SkywalkerComrade Skywalker7 hours ago
  • That pidgin is a paid actor

    Tristan ChueyTristan Chuey8 hours ago
  • Honestly how are they gunna know that shez vegetarian

    Keithryn ZairahKeithryn Zairah8 hours ago
  • I'm no vegan. No seriously. Love me some good steak. However, if you're wasting that much meat, then don't slaughter that many animals! They lost their lives to have their meat and carcass stored in a freezer to never be used :( It feels ike their lives were for makes me a bit sad.

    kozekytokozekyto9 hours ago
  • 2:28 R.I.P ratatouille

    Ink SansInk Sans9 hours ago
  • the pigeon is the kitchen manager gordan jeez....

    corrupted peanutcorrupted peanut9 hours ago
  • K come to Australia abd try a pie theyjust mad us look shit

    XTOOQWICK4UX 4XTOOQWICK4UX 411 hours ago

    NezzeroNezzero12 hours ago
  • Does anyone know what episode that last clip is?

    noynoy12 hours ago
  • Gordon : dont fuck with me The owner : who the fuck do you think you are Gordon : IM FUCKING GORDON RAMSEY I wish Gordon always replied like that :C

    Kyle NeashamKyle Neasham12 hours ago
  • Gordon Ramsay: finds a little bone Also Gordon Ramsay: I’m about to end this mans whole carrier

    Pug Kool Aid Gorillaz Legos SimpsonsPug Kool Aid Gorillaz Legos Simpsons13 hours ago
  • That last guy really said..... Kung fu Chinaaaaa!

    Royalty KristinaRoyalty Kristina14 hours ago
  • where can i see that last one

    Hessel BleekerHessel Bleeker15 hours ago
  • The only person that wanted to be real about the mouse was the only person wearing a hair net in the kitchen. RIP

    쭌15 hours ago
  • she's fucking ridiculous

    Czarr ッCzarr ッ16 hours ago
  • Never call gordan a liar!!

    Animal EyeAnimal Eye20 hours ago
  • the first kitchen 100% had coronavirus

    Cyril El DahdahCyril El Dahdah21 hour ago
  • That bike and wheel comment gordan did was epic! :D that was amazing! :D

    Benjy HarrisBenjy Harris21 hour ago
  • Claro que pudo haber un ratón!!!! Estaba cerca de la puerta de la calle. Los ratones se meten por cualquier rendija...yiuuuk.. Llegó antes que el chef Gordon y él lo encontró..asi de simple.. no tenian porque hacer tanto show por un ratón. Si ellos tenian fumigado podrían volver a llamar y que hicieran otra revisión.

    Bertha LopezBertha Lopez23 hours ago
  • Good stuff

    Fake ChallengerFake ChallengerDay ago
  • FYI - That is not how an Aussie Meat Pie is made. Visit any bakery here in Australia and you will see how its made properly! They are actually very delicious.

    pheonics153pheonics153Day ago
  • How dare that restaurant tarnish the name of the Australian meat pie

    Geckals 30Geckals 30Day ago
  • Ratatouille

    bruh 76bruh 76Day ago
  • fucking pigeon

    TheMajkel08TheMajkel08Day ago
  • 5:27 are we all just gonna ignore his hair

    Smart RickSmart RickDay ago
  • 10:57 What’s he doing with his hand??

    Quackers 123Quackers 123Day ago
  • Amy: YOU GUYS I MAKE EXCELLENT FOOD!!- customer: Ppffffffftt! Me: lol same dude

    Akai kiriAkai kiriDay ago
  • That old man is the one that fucking rages in Csgo that Cant cooperate

  • Gordon: it's in the front door Cook: where? Gordon: where's the front door in your mind?

    Haytham KenwayHaytham KenwayDay ago
  • _Fucking Pigeon._

    Ananya ThakurAnanya ThakurDay ago
  • Can someone explain to me about last clip?

    Darojatus Salim SuryantoroDarojatus Salim SuryantoroDay ago
  • “I’m not kidding , I fuck you”

    Alejandro NAlejandro NDay ago
  • I feel bad for that sweet old lady who believed he found a mouse and wanted his help

    Ana VanaAna VanaDay ago
  • the restaurant: we don’t have a mouse problem the mouse: 💀👄💀

    SkeppysdaughterSkeppysdaughterDay ago
  • I wonder how these resturants/cafes are doing now tho? 🤔

    Rudy 199xRudy 199xDay ago
  • Ramsey: god bless America One second later... Fuck off fly!

    Nathan CrusaderNathan CrusaderDay ago
  • B lol

    Callum SimpsonCallum SimpsonDay ago
  • When he said "don't fuck with me" i felt afraid

    Dylan BarnettDylan BarnettDay ago
  • Man wtf sammy gone do bitch 😂😂

    DestroyerofGods 1DestroyerofGods 1Day ago
  • 14:30 Ey fuck u fuck u fuck u

    Bot BotBot BotDay ago
  • That’s not an Australian meat pie at all what the fuck was that HAHAHAHA

    william bakerwilliam bakerDay ago
  • 1:15 that lobster made a kinda nice weird lil wet floppy sound ngl😭

    LeonaLeonaDay ago
    • again 2:04

      LeonaLeonaDay ago
  • The pork chop tho

    Adri_the potatoAdri_the potatoDay ago
  • God bless america... ... ... ... Fuck off fly.

    Mrcoolguy900Mrcoolguy900Day ago
  • I cant believ Ramsay risks his life by swallowing the food sometimes before he fixes the restaurant because that meat pie looked like mystery meat...something that wuhong chinas corner markets been serving everyone since the whole Corona virus thing that happened over there. And now its here bc china wants to keep serving people stray cats

    Chelseaxamber c-eChelseaxamber c-eDay ago
  • Woww I'm fuckin flabbergasted that those people think Gordon fuckin Ramsay would try to sabotage a resturaunt by putting a dead mouse by their front door.....nah yall that's because every single one of u are lazy and disgusting and dont do shit

    Chelseaxamber c-eChelseaxamber c-eDay ago
  • A guy had some poison we served him and he had a reaction to it

    Peter GrenierPeter GrenierDay ago
  • Gordon Ramsay can’t eat the burger because The paddy is so Big!!!!!! 😂🤣😅and the bun is so small!!!! 😱🤣

    Rowena BarrettRowena BarrettDay ago
    • At 6:33 😝

      Rowena BarrettRowena BarrettDay ago
  • “Do YoU hAvE iT oN fiLm??? The camera man: 👁👄👁

    Kitten Donut11Kitten Donut11Day ago
  • Everybody gangster until the pork chop stands up

    Partiquila PartPartiquila PartDay ago
  • F**king hell that last restraunt

    Ria LoboRia LoboDay ago
  • Dude that keeps the tips seriously deserves one hell of a beating from a group of people that all get up, and close around him. Shut that big fucking mouth of his.

  • Bruh do these people really exist

    Synth SolSynth SolDay ago
  • Fuckin hell as an Australian looking at that “Australian Meat Pie” that shit made me die inside

    benjaminbenjaminDay ago
  • 5:33 Bad Guy bass line

    LegoMan926LegoMan926Day ago
  • The pigeon : Yes chef, thank you chef Gordon : keep it up ok

    Lucy JLucy JDay ago
  • Bloody hell

    Skater Schema_221Skater Schema_221Day ago
  • I think gordon can be a really great health officer or a great exterminator as he knows where to check

    JT CobarrubiasJT CobarrubiasDay ago
  • Wonder if dumb dumb got fired for saying Ramsey planted the mouse

    bill Murraybill MurrayDay ago
  • fukin piggin

    XymXirXymXirDay ago
  • The entire "Amy's Baking Company" is its own package of "most ridiculous moments." That episode... wow...

    Zachary G. BrelandZachary G. BrelandDay ago
  • Gordon Ramsey didn't search for Tom. He was clearly the part of the murder mystery

    Aniket JagtapAniket JagtapDay ago
  • "Who planted that rat?" *Everyone blames the white guy*

    KosmonomiconKosmonomiconDay ago
  • 1:52 F*cking pigeon. Legit what I call people I dont like

    Remina BlombergRemina BlombergDay ago
  • 0:39 🤮🤮🤢🤢 that's disgusting I feel sorry for the person who has to clean that up

    Remina BlombergRemina BlombergDay ago
  • Used to love this show till it was revealed its all fake 😔

    Flashfire GamingFlashfire GamingDay ago
    • Flashfire Gaming since when? It’s real af

      RaNdomboi 2000RaNdomboi 2000Day ago
  • U know something is seriously wrong when Gordon Ramsay supports a vegetarian

    Noel ElvinNoel ElvinDay ago
  • ‘’Fuck off fly’’

    KOTA SKOTA SDay ago
  • I'm more horrified by all that food they they're wasting

    Special FexSpecial FexDay ago
  • Mice 👏don't 👏exist👏

    Noor KhammasNoor KhammasDay ago
  • imagine blaming THE gordon ramsay for planting a mouse in your restaurant

    Unnati ChandaniUnnati ChandaniDay ago