Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long (Nickelodeon VS Disney) | DEATH BATTLE!

May 18, 2020
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Go ghost and dragon up as two mystic teenagers duke it out!
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  • I bet Dan wins.

    Travis MontgomeryTravis Montgomery5 minutes ago
    • .......Neat......

      Travis MontgomeryTravis Montgomery59 seconds ago
  • 7:48 Song name?

    My Life is a Complex PasticheMy Life is a Complex Pastiche2 hours ago
  • 3:38 🤯

    황태순황태순2 hours ago
  • Wade(Disney's Kim Possible) vs Bentley(PlayStation's Sly Cooper)

    Classic Nostaglia NerdClassic Nostaglia Nerd4 hours ago
  • Rufus(Disney) vs Scooby-Doo(Warner Bros)

    Classic Nostaglia NerdClassic Nostaglia Nerd4 hours ago
  • Ron Stoppable (Disney) vs Aang (Avatar)

    Classic Nostaglia NerdClassic Nostaglia Nerd4 hours ago
  • Kim Possible (Disney) vs Numbah One(Cartoon Network)

    Classic Nostaglia NerdClassic Nostaglia Nerd4 hours ago
  • Matchup for you saint Seiya vs sailor moon

    Julianne McCloskeyJulianne McCloskey7 hours ago
  • I liked the 1st Design of American Dragon. The 2nd (latest) version looks too ugly.

    Snow FoxSnow Fox9 hours ago
  • Shadow vs saskue

    Ja'vhonn BrownJa'vhonn BrownDay ago
  • So, when does Kim Possible Enter the fray? And why do I feel like her opponent should be either Starfire from Teen Titens, Gwen Tennyson, or Batgirl?

    Kevin WiseKevin WiseDay ago
    • How about Kim Possible vs. Carmen Sandiego?

      ChampionElCidChampionElCid6 hours ago
  • I can’t believe both of theses shows were cancelled

    rocker cyborg 69rocker cyborg 69Day ago
  • Jason Bourne vs John wick lets go!!!

    Carlos BenzanCarlos BenzanDay ago
  • Danny Phantom vs Ichigo Kurosaki

    Edalmir Biscaia das NetoEdalmir Biscaia das NetoDay ago
  • He just killed him because he was now a ghost

    Stacie BakerStacie BakerDay ago
  • How is Danny’s flight speed faster? Jake was definitely faster

    StickMasterSamStickMasterSamDay ago

    Yeet JrYeet Jr2 days ago
  • The cat Felicia vs Tao Kaka from Blaze Blue

    Kashif Ali RodgersKashif Ali Rodgers2 days ago
  • We all waited a LOOONG time for one of the big cartoon three on here this is the best case scenario 2 of em against each other🤝💯

    DsavvDsavv2 days ago
  • Great now all the comments are gonna be about Ben 10

    Cloud LinkCloud Link2 days ago
  • Jake Long: Alright Ben 10 Will Avenge Me And He Will Kill You And Save Me From That Thermostat Danny Phantom: Alright I Will Release You After He Killed Me

    Reagan HernandezReagan Hernandez2 days ago
    • I like to think DBXs are in different universes from Death battles, as it explains how characters that lost appear again, and the only DBX that’s in a Death battle is Trish vs that lady from Bayonetta. That also explains how Ichigo was killed by Naruto and Sasuke, so it’s probably a different Danny that died in that fight

      Roman FrancisRoman Francis2 days ago
  • No matter what the outcome was in this fight, everybody would enjoy watching their childhood shows do battle?

    Mike RouxMike Roux2 days ago
  • I am happy ma boi danny is in death battle

    Mr. EMr. E2 days ago
  • first time Nickelodeon VS Disney!

    Arif azfar SyaraziArif azfar Syarazi2 days ago
  • As someone who doesny know who Jake Long is, let's watch this.

    Deathboy17Deathboy173 days ago
  • The Winner Will Be The True Mystic Teenager Superhero

    Reagan HernandezReagan Hernandez3 days ago
  • This Is The Second Time Nickelodeon Beats Disney First Time It Was Shredder VS Silver Samurai

    Reagan HernandezReagan Hernandez3 days ago
  • Ladybug (Miraculous) vs Bular (Trollhunters)

    Diego VieyraDiego Vieyra3 days ago
  • Jake LONG (ÔwÔ) Also you should do Ori vs the player character from hollow Knight.

    Dylan PeckosDylan Peckos3 days ago
  • I feel like this episode was underwhelming

    ArticAbyss 64ArticAbyss 643 days ago
  • friends vs the big bang theory

    Goran MiticGoran Mitic3 days ago
  • Cool pls try one of the bionic kids from lab rats vs anything

    hayden willamshayden willams3 days ago
  • I'm so happy that my hero and childhood Danny phantom win in death battle I will always support the death battle

    Renato TominesRenato Tomines3 days ago
  • I'm so glad Danny phantom win

    Renato TominesRenato Tomines3 days ago
  • I will support this death battle movie

    Renato TominesRenato Tomines3 days ago
  • Thankyou for death battle

    Renato TominesRenato Tomines3 days ago
  • Danny phantom is my childhood thankyou death battle

    Renato TominesRenato Tomines3 days ago
  • Boomstick and wiz I'm big fan's of your thankyou for letting Danny phantom win

    Renato TominesRenato Tomines3 days ago
  • I know it danny phantom win

    Renato TominesRenato Tomines3 days ago
  • Thankyou so much broomstick and wiz

    Renato TominesRenato Tomines3 days ago
  • Baki(baki the grappler/ Baki 2020)vs kenichi (Kenichi the mightiest disciple)

    Deondre BurkesDeondre Burkes4 days ago
  • www.change.org/p/nickelodeon-bring-back-danny-phantom-9 pls sign for Danny

    Dominic RegerDominic Reger5 days ago
  • Sonic.exe Vs Slenderman

    A T Rex Named Bull Ghost Of Isla SornaA T Rex Named Bull Ghost Of Isla Sorna5 days ago
  • I haven’t watched death battle in year but man them lame animations corny af

    Xavier HerreraXavier Herrera5 days ago
  • I have an idea what about the battle of the animals perry the platypus viruses bunnicula

    Osa-Omogbai Aisosa AisosaOsa-Omogbai Aisosa Aisosa6 days ago
  • Dr. Frank N. Furter vs. .... The SANDERSON SISTERS!!!! (Hocus Pocus)

    oblivianmaster4oblivianmaster46 days ago
  • Danny’s domain is ghosts, Jakes living, solution: kill Jake then deal with ghost

    ChardVarkChardVark6 days ago
  • Do Predator vs Iron Man

    Leon The Fallen OneLeon The Fallen One7 days ago
    • Iron man stomps hard

      AgSkywalkerTDM GarciaAgSkywalkerTDM Garcia6 days ago

    Itz SpardaItz Sparda7 days ago
  • Shazam v thor

    Itz SpardaItz Sparda7 days ago
  • Shazam vs thor

    Itz SpardaItz Sparda7 days ago

    Itz SpardaItz Sparda7 days ago
  • Shazam v Thor

    Itz SpardaItz Sparda7 days ago
  • yo i would love to see Ty Lee from ATLA against another female martial artist👍

    Majin ZeeMajin Zee7 days ago

    roblox player1roblox player17 days ago
    • Achraf Rebibane i do what i want noob

      roblox player1roblox player13 days ago
    • then get out of here

      Achraf RebibaneAchraf Rebibane4 days ago

    Play6oyjayPlay6oyjay8 days ago
  • There is something about watching kids fight to the death that makes me a little um uncomfortable.

    gregthehitman12gregthehitman128 days ago
  • I forgot jake was from NY. Lets go!!

    jorge9142011jorge91420118 days ago
  • This was never a death battle because they were in the middle of a rap battle

    UpBeat HighTunedUpBeat HighTuned8 days ago
  • You should do a Goku vs Saitama death battle

    Raydon GuercioRaydon Guercio8 days ago
  • Who came here after they announced Danny is fighting Ben 10 in DBX?

    Anthony ReidAnthony Reid8 days ago
  • Lara Croft VS Revy Lee

    Hyper SaiyanHyper Saiyan8 days ago
  • Man used the Kamehameha

    Juan AlcocerJuan Alcocer8 days ago
  • I lost another bet

    PPE - DiscontinuedPPE - Discontinued9 days ago
  • I remember watching Danny Phantom on Nicktoons during my childhood

    Levi WhitneyLevi Whitney9 days ago
  • Ninjala vs splatoon

    Keelin LewisKeelin Lewis9 days ago
  • That’s is the awesome battle ever. Man I wish they have a new episode of death battle Eli vs xanatos Eli from angle wars Xanatos from gargoyles The great idea ever Tomorrow’s episode is Saint seiya teams up with smile precure and Power Rangers samurai battle against chaos from skylanders

    Micah del rio ChannleMicah del rio Channle9 days ago
  • 6:25 “Jake was only 13 years old” But the chart says he’s 14

    Lumine • 2000 years agoLumine • 2000 years ago9 days ago
    • He's 14 by the end of the series 13 is when he discovered his Dragon powers & started training to be the Am-Drag.

      adam bumpadam bump2 days ago
  • Stewie Griffin vs. Roger Smith! That would be such an amazing fight! So wild!

    Miran DollMiran Doll9 days ago
  • Hell yeah. My childhood came through.

    PlusUltraGamer23PlusUltraGamer2310 days ago
  • Bill cypher vs sans

    Ness H.PNess H.P10 days ago
  • What about Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright? Might be fun to see a battle of wits.

    Leo BernsteinLeo Bernstein10 days ago
  • This is a crack idea but... Inspector Gadget vs Robocop.

    CynicalJoeCynicalJoe10 days ago
  • Jax Briggs vs Little Mac

    Poppy TartPoppy Tart10 days ago
  • 2:38 music name? :0

    N8mareN8mare10 days ago
  • The intro with the guy doing squat thing terrible.

    KibbiKibbi11 days ago

    joshua guerrerojoshua guerrero11 days ago
  • Ah, the era of the opening song basically just being a rap summary of the premise.

    ethreldurethreldur11 days ago
  • There goes my childhood 😢

    TricksterTrickster12 days ago
  • Of course Danny won, how could Jake kill a ghost?

    Derrell ZulkarnaenDerrell Zulkarnaen12 days ago