What Actually Happens During a Prison Cell Search

Feb 11, 2020
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In today's amazing video we're going inside a prison cell to do a search!
Idle hands are the devil's playground, and that is especially true for inmates in prison. Prisoners are stripped of all belongings, but there is a trade system in prison and a smart prisoner could wind up trading for a cell phone, and other things. That's why prison guards routinely search the cells to make sure dangerous things, or escape plans (prison escape ideas) are not being hidden.
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  • 1:42 spot the Instagram icon

    Lee Jian Yi LeeLee Jian Yi Lee21 day ago
  • Do felonies and misdemeanor people share the same prison cell

    selena nawhhselena nawhhMonth ago
    • In Maryland

      selena nawhhselena nawhhMonth ago
  • during a prison cell search, i think they search your cell

    atomicskiesatomicskies2 months ago
  • Norge er bedre, lev med det

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  • DID HE SAY NORWAY :D, Also norway is actually much better

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  • I like it

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  • The cops are selfish

    Power Punch KidPower Punch Kid3 months ago
  • I hate them

    Power Punch KidPower Punch Kid3 months ago
  • You never need probable cause in never needed in a prison in the U.S.

    CageKickerCageKicker3 months ago
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  • 1:42 I see instagram

    nghurlocknghurlock4 months ago
  • "Even if they've done something horrible they may be spared" yep, that's norwegian prison. If yall treat people like rats they are gona become rats. Happy to say my country is the nicest with prisoners lol

    Orange PawsOrange Paws4 months ago
  • Norway

    adrian spilleradrian spiller4 months ago
  • why do they tak about prison/jail so much

    EPIC_pro_ 1EPIC_pro_ 14 months ago
  • TIS: What happens during a prison cell search. Six hundred-thousand people: well well well then let’s find out

    E AE A4 months ago
  • Woah 666k views

    Chewy Boy 2019Chewy Boy 20194 months ago
  • if cops brock my stuff thay would not see light agian

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  • Everyone’s a gangsta till your cell gets search

    DarkslayeR 76DarkslayeR 764 months ago
  • Im Norwegian my language is like this har du det bra? Thats some words

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  • This is basically my teachers on camp

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  • Hmmm Play the escapists Boom

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  • How do you know all of this Have you been to prisson

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  • you know once when i joined a game in csgo a norwegian guy said in norway we do cockaine

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  • How would they know what prison looks like or is like

    justyouravraragegamersjustyouravraragegamers4 months ago
  • i carry what i want in prison. what will they do when they find contrabands? arrest me? nah i’m already in prison.

    What The DangWhat The Dang4 months ago
    • Depending on the contraband, it might just get thrown out. Or maybe you'll be placed on disciplinary segregation. Not likely to catch an extra charge though, you're right about that.

      K SK S2 months ago
  • Do they look behind the posters?

    Foxy TailsFoxy Tails4 months ago
  • Wait they can just put something at the out side bar, for example they can make a sharp thing that can attach

    Nilofar rezaieNilofar rezaie4 months ago
  • What about UK?

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  • Mmm, i will just stay in the Netherlands...

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    Bacon SoldiersBacon Soldiers5 months ago
  • Seriously this person is doing a video about prison search

    oliverrandooliverrando5 months ago
  • How was prison?

    gacha_ sunflowergacha_ sunflower5 months ago
  • Hiiii pls reply

    Megan JanssenMegan Janssen5 months ago
  • Yea, norway is kinda peaceful. There is still crimes but... yea

    *Sabrina Afton**Sabrina Afton*5 months ago
  • 3:48 Racist not every gang is just black people

    Leaf_It GamingLeaf_It Gaming5 months ago
  • how do you know did you go to jail

    Dawa TenzinDawa Tenzin5 months ago
  • my teacher:do you know why people go to prison/jail? me:*S C H O O L my teacher: eh,no because their bad right? me:well your bad but ur not in prison/jail my teacher:what did i do wrong? me: recess got cancelled- my teacher: *rolls her eyes* me: ughhh,just disrespect my teacher: what did u say? me: do you have ears? the end this isnt true but i just wanted something to do in quarantine 🌝

    Queen EsterQueen Ester5 months ago
  • In Norway some of the prisoners have PlayStation 4

    MarTheKarMarTheKar5 months ago
  • First day in the state penitentiary would be an interesting topic.

    Eric MorkenEric Morken5 months ago
  • I was a correctional officer for a prison. The only thing I would correct is that the officers should not leave the cell a mess. We are trained to leave the cell the way it was when we entered it. It for the safety of the officers so you don’t anger the inmate.

    Alexander ChambersAlexander Chambers5 months ago
  • That thumbnail 🥴

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  • Than i realy love my country jails...

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  • This is like the fire drill at my school.

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  • Who went to jail and told you about this?!?

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    G MANG MAN5 months ago
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  • They're not "guards", they're prison officers. And the convicts aren't "prisoners", they're inmates. I'm a former prisoner officer and a lot of this is inaccurate.

    Jim BurrowsJim Burrows5 months ago
  • and we dont do that 3:43

    Prime No ScopePrime No Scope5 months ago
  • i am from norway

    Prime No ScopePrime No Scope5 months ago
  • Ehem sweden! Is literly swets as prision and gets 5 star food when students gets food worth like 1 dollar at max per portune for us students but the prisioners food is literly like 30 dollars a portune

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  • This was pretty accurate based on my experience

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  • I am from norway

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    Justin MartyrJustin Martyr6 months ago
  • Q: How do they know how this happens? A: Some staffer at TIS has been to prison.

    Peter BryantPeter Bryant6 months ago
  • I live in Norway

    Torstein JohannessenTorstein Johannessen6 months ago

    DuckDuck6 months ago
  • This is actually pretty close-ish

    nicknick6 months ago
  • Dang that foot when the door opens is gone

    Why my broWhy my bro6 months ago
  • Wow, did this guy just went to prison in order to know that?

    wesley iyer ordazwesley iyer ordaz7 months ago
  • I would cooperate with the guards: as in, I would be helpful.

    TitanicTitanic7 months ago
    • Thanks ,sometimes are job gets really hard

      FBI Federal Bureau Of InvestigationFBI Federal Bureau Of Investigation7 months ago
  • Really a place of rehabitilation.

    Netta AtziliNetta Atzili7 months ago
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  • Imagine searching That one prisoner who’s secretly a brony. That would be hilarious.

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  • Correctional correction: Bedding & pillows don't get shredded to look for stuff. They're manufactured to be tear-proof so contraband cannot be hidden within. Bedding gets removed & replaced if they are found to have holes or broken seams.

    Minuteman4JesusMinuteman4Jesus7 months ago
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  • We should hire inmates to make weapons for the military

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