Puppet Presidential Debate | Awkward Puppets

Oct 25, 2020
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  • Please vote.

    Awkward PuppetsAwkward PuppetsMonth ago
    • @Sigrún Sveins Yeah Joe biden won

      brygy2018 Mbrygy2018 M3 hours ago
    • Wote for biden

      Sigrún SveinsSigrún Sveins6 hours ago
    • Biden wins

      Sigrún SveinsSigrún Sveins6 hours ago
    • Biden

      Ziload BruvZiload Bruv18 hours ago
    • I voted for Joe Biden

      brygy2018 Mbrygy2018 M3 days ago
  • we gotta be able to walk and chew gum at the same time....

    Samantha BonhamSamantha Bonham9 hours ago
  • Joe is a puppet

    Baw BawBaw Baw17 hours ago
  • “Holy shit..... I gotta start selling some wind.” 😂

    Hunter WyszynskiHunter Wyszynski21 hour ago
  • Not enough orange!

    SquillexSquillexDay ago
  • Joe biden

    Gekyume Gekyume1Gekyume Gekyume1Day ago
  • He just made fun of both candidates and expects us to vote for one of these jokers

    Seth LakhaniSeth LakhaniDay ago
  • That puppet of Donald trump looks better than the actual Donald trump

    Captain SpriteCaptain SpriteDay ago
  • Diego 2024

    Awesome Gamer BrosAwesome Gamer BrosDay ago
  • I propose that Diego be the host of every single one of the next debates, ever.

    grimcitygrimcity2 days ago
  • 'Wind' is expensive if you know you know hahahahaha

    Sup YoyoSup Yoyo2 days ago
  • XD

    Potato BoiPotato Boi2 days ago
  • Holy sh## I need to start selling wind

    Leyla MartinezLeyla Martinez3 days ago
  • I hope Trump wins but like Biden already won so I freaking hate myself and guess what Trump is supposed to win because they found posters of Trump around like the world And they haven’t even counted them yet LOL stupid

    Leyla MartinezLeyla Martinez3 days ago
    • It was a fair win lol, Trump lost, Joe Won

      BallisticFireBallisticFire2 days ago
  • I’m the least racist person in this room x3 and it makes me sad I can’t even see the audience there so dark 😂😑

    Dan DaMNatiONDan DaMNatiON3 days ago
  • that was hilarious XD

    James StarvoiceJames Starvoice3 days ago
  • Trump: "Wind is expensive" Diego: "Wind is expensive I gotta start selling Wind" 😂😂😂😂

  • This made me realize that trump is actually really orange 😂🍊

    Corn ButtCorn Butt3 days ago
  • No Trump no Trump

    Marina VMarina V4 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣loooooooooollllllllkk

    Marina VMarina V4 days ago
  • "I ordered tequila about an hour ago " trump- "its Chinas fault"

    Moises RamirezMoises Ramirez4 days ago
  • "It makes you sad because you're the least racist person in the room?" 😂😂😂

    Dzoni SDzoni S5 days ago
  • Why is jose so yellow D: Is he in the simpsons?

    Generally CheesyGenerally Cheesy5 days ago
  • Miks hats pitcher 😆

    Victor MontelongoVictor Montelongo5 days ago
  • Biden 2020

    Jennifer FuentesJennifer Fuentes6 days ago
  • the exact voice

    Huda HusseinHuda Hussein6 days ago
  • 2:22

    Joseph BariteauJoseph Bariteau6 days ago
  • BIDEN 2020

    Dante MurilloDante Murillo6 days ago
  • I thought I was the only one who had unfortunate interactions with strippers. 🤣

    Pale DudePale Dude7 days ago
  • Holy shit, I gotta start selling some wind.

    SASA7 days ago
  • Holly shit! I gotta start selling some wind

    RosiRosi7 days ago
  • A murder would come in a rappist would come in a very bad person would come in joe biden would come in

    Nathan ArtusNathan Artus8 days ago
  • Yes

    Angry SaniAngry Sani8 days ago
  • Lol 😂😂😂 best video ever...

    rath khanrath khan8 days ago
  • Diego2020!!

    S. LS. L8 days ago
  • That bit about the hall being so dark was just low

    Ogo's ShowroomOgo's Showroom9 days ago
  • wind is expensive 'holy shit i gotta sell some wind'

    Daniel BraceyDaniel Bracey9 days ago
  • Hilarious

    Maximus CraziestMaximus Craziest9 days ago
  • I love this

    Maximus CraziestMaximus Craziest9 days ago
  • I hate Joe Biden. That little pervert I hope Trump wins

    Gamer NickGamer Nick9 days ago
    • The election happened almost a month ago.....

      ZzskaoqodZzskaoqod7 days ago
  • It’s crazy just because of how accurate the puppets look

    Nisa RojasNisa Rojas9 days ago
  • Trump: It’s going away Me: What your career

    MjkyeetMjkyeet10 days ago
    • @BlueKirby4017 he’s a kid

      ZzskaoqodZzskaoqod7 days ago
  • we have found are first orange person

    Waylon stearnsWaylon stearns10 days ago
  • The wind part made me laugh so hard 😂

    MikenessMikeness11 days ago
  • “... I mean my wife”

    Zackary TaylorZackary Taylor11 days ago
  • Diego : where is it my tequila Trump : it's China's fault

    Ali NazarAli Nazar11 days ago
  • lol its china's fault, and diego just loses it

    incantationincantation11 days ago
  • Next time I go to the store ima spend all my money on wind

    D3coy FortniteD3coy Fortnite11 days ago
  • Is this his way of telling us he voted for trump Na ??

    Michael HernandezMichael Hernandez11 days ago
  • H

    banta singh boparaibanta singh boparai11 days ago
  • Does trump not like u?

    BlairBlair11 days ago
  • Joe

    J LutzJ Lutz11 days ago
    • Same

      J LutzJ Lutz11 days ago
  • they are also puppets n real life , you just cant see strings.

    Noel hrrNoel hrr11 days ago
  • This is EXACTLY what happened in the real debate,, good job muppets, oops sorry I meant puppets.

    Vicarious WitnessVicarious Witness11 days ago
  • Did you actually hire them?

  • Biden has to cheat to win thats fucking pathetic

    The GuyThe Guy12 days ago
  • Ya Biden would fundamentally change the system for his benefit and destroy America. Biden is the devil

    The GuyThe Guy12 days ago
  • Ur wife is a stripper ?

    The GuyThe Guy12 days ago
  • Hi guys I love your videos there very funny.😎😆

    Ariba IqbalAriba Iqbal12 days ago
  • wind sounds like secret drug name now thanks a lot

    Mamá MiaMamá Mia12 days ago
  • Diego is my kind of puppet, he kills me every time. I just love this guy. Especially, the wind joke, “what wind is expensive !?! I’m going to get me some wind!

    M BM B12 days ago
  • Sounds exactly like them. The only thing is that trump and Biden actually answer the questions properly

    Maguire MercerMaguire Mercer12 days ago
    • that's because it's literally them. these are actual clippings from the debates

      anyotherdudeanyotherdude12 days ago
  • Lol

    Mistika Krika 2008Mistika Krika 200813 days ago
  • i like at 4:15 to 4:17 its so funny hahaha

    Mobbasher NooriMobbasher Noori13 days ago
  • I like how Biden and Trump are different skin colours.

    [BB] BlackBlox[BB] BlackBlox13 days ago
  • He asked who is happily married ahahhaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Vanessa CanovaVanessa Canova13 days ago
  • Biden : *talks about random things* Trump : *compliments himself *

    Tasneem SmadiTasneem Smadi13 days ago
  • me already at 0:09 rl

    God in being a giant suckerGod in being a giant sucker13 days ago
  • What an awful candidates, and America is the best democracy where debates are just between two white guys, way to go U.S.

    OrochiCrOrochiCr14 days ago
  • This is totally unrealistic. Donald trump only interrupted once

    Lizzie JamLizzie Jam14 days ago
  • w2s

    Mark PilonMark Pilon14 days ago
  • can you post behind the scene

    Matthew OspinaMatthew Ospina14 days ago
  • The moment somebody says Trump is a racist is the moment I conclude they are a brain dead zombie. I've actually come to believe half the people saying that don't even know what the word means.

    LaborHoursLaborHours14 days ago
    • I don’t think he’s racist I just think he is ignorant

      ZzskaoqodZzskaoqod7 days ago
  • Um I I I vote diego

    Withered FoxyWithered Foxy14 days ago

    Beatrice ShikukuBeatrice Shikuku14 days ago
    • None stop like begging

      GameDox 20GameDox 2013 days ago

    Beatrice ShikukuBeatrice Shikuku14 days ago
  • Did Joe and Donald really say this shit? Holy crap

    damonkey 321damonkey 32114 days ago
  • I am definitely who won is Biden

    Hussain AldoshHussain Aldosh15 days ago
  • I vote joe Biden

    Leah JenkinsLeah Jenkins15 days ago
  • I'll buy that Trump puppet! Name your price! You know you're not gonna use it anymore!

    Ermac97Ermac9715 days ago
  • Trump: smug & shady Biden: creepy & constipated

    L KL K15 days ago
  • I haven’t even seen the actual debate lol

    Just1randomhoomanJust1randomhooman15 days ago
  • Harnessing exergy from wind is expensive. Wind itself is not the issue.

    User2832User283215 days ago
  • I gotta sell some winds lmaoo

    Millie CarrasquilloMillie Carrasquillo15 days ago
  • Diego is the best moderator ever. Better than the others.

    LinhHueTranLinhHueTran15 days ago
  • Donald J. Trump: *Im the LEAST racist person in this room* Diego: Where is my Tequila Also Donald J. Trump: Its chinas fault

    Vegeta-bleVegeta-ble15 days ago
  • Leg?

    Bumble BastianBumble Bastian15 days ago
  • I was drinking water when he said: wind is expensive. Wait wide is expensive?...HOLYSHIT I GOTTA GO SELL SOME WIND.I started choking

    ShakxShakx15 days ago
  • hhhhhhhhhhh

    maxamed yasin sicidmaxamed yasin sicid16 days ago
  • Donald... trump.... I’m wheezing

    Dontae BrownDontae Brown16 days ago
  • Diego : i ordered tequila and hour ago where us it. Trump: its chinas fault

    Rogue ACERogue ACE16 days ago
  • You caught the joke!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Potatoe Chip•Potatoe Chip•16 days ago
  • 1:14 Joe doesn’t want addicts in Jail ‘cause his son is a CRACKHEAD! We’re all on the TITANIC & BIDEN is the Captain! Trumps an idiot too!

    Stephanie HoleyStephanie Holey16 days ago
  • 2:27 LMAO it be like that though

    headass stephheadass steph16 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Pasha KhoshkebariPasha Khoshkebari16 days ago
  • Who's here after the election?

    Faisal Al-EniziFaisal Al-Enizi16 days ago
  • Oh man😂😂😂😘 the best medicine ive ever taken

    N GN G16 days ago
  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    quote 5678quote 567816 days ago
  • Mad respect for not just attacking one side. Something @SuperBowserLogan could never do.

    Mr GamesMr Games16 days ago
  • When he said the audience is dark,if you watch the video it is actually very dark

    DeltaWolf1001 hiDeltaWolf1001 hi17 days ago