1989 Ration Cold Weather 24hr MRE Review RAFCO Rarest RCW US Military Mountain Food Testing

Nov 13, 2016
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After a search of over 5 years, I have finally found the elusive RAFCO Freeze Dried RCW - and this incredibly rare & unique Ration is not only a fascinating example of food technology & innovation, but also one of the most delicious and sought after Military Rations due to it's unique and in high-demand contents. Come see for yourself!
And thank you everyone for watching & subscribing - hope
you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
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  • That beef stew looks like it came out of someone with a square butthole.

    Douglas DixonDouglas Dixon12 days ago
  • I ate these , loved the oatmeal maple

    LCDR Hobie SaundersLCDR Hobie Saunders25 days ago
  • The 1980’s had the best rations. I’d just about kill for a dehydrated pork patty.

    U.S. MilitiaU.S. Militia26 days ago
  • This MRE is just one big dessert 🧁 ...

    arobattoarobatto29 days ago
  • "Oatmeal cookie bar" *looks like an eraser*

    inthefortinthefortMonth ago
  • Always a pleasure

    Chommy TongChommy TongMonth ago
  • He probably has so many ration toilet paper packs under his sink

    Anthony ManigaultAnthony ManigaultMonth ago
  • Wonder if anyone could make fruit soup

    Classics Media MarketClassics Media MarketMonth ago
  • Lol Steve old skool spoon me just a plastic spoon 😎✌✌😂😂

    Chris BlacklerChris BlacklerMonth ago
  • I wish my significant other would look at me the way Steve does an MRE.

    Trey STrey S2 months ago
  • Yo I'm here from the future to let you know that we call fruit soup 'juice' now. Oh yeah and we're on the brink of civil war.... Nice.

    R. StellR. Stell2 months ago
  • I would guess the bars weren't adopted as a morale thing. I would guess beef stew bars didn't appeal to many. And if I remember werent there a few experimental rations where everything was in bar form in the 80's? I imagine a lot of the test groups were likely sick of everything being in bar form, I know I would have been.

    James WoodsJames Woods2 months ago
  • Watching your MRE reviews has become something of a weird compulsion for me... As a military brat & something of a survivalist, it kind of makes sense. Btw, you remind me a great deal of the friends I had in high school. We all had some rather esoteric interests & had no problems drawing the others into exploring them. Thankfully, nothing drastically bad! 😝

    R'Lynn GoreR'Lynn Gore2 months ago
  • Ive taken to eating dinner while Steve eats.

    Sonya ZunigaSonya Zuniga2 months ago
  • I have one of these my partner brought home from the Navy back in the day. it has strawberry fruit soup? would you eat it? we actually have a handful of these from 89

    resonanteyeresonanteye2 months ago
  • If your on the move and had to eat quickly your screwed.

    Thomas WeryThomas Wery2 months ago
  • “Let’s see if these nuts are rancid”

    Sgt. JohnsonSgt. Johnson2 months ago
  • I wouldn’t trust the stuff that’s wrapped in plastic

    ManuelManuel2 months ago
  • Is their a pop corn mre?

    Daniel lafferetyDaniel lafferety2 months ago
  • Put on old AM radio...nice hiss

    hendo337hendo3372 months ago
  • Just came across this episode. It has an upload date of Nov 13, 2016. Let’s get it loaded up on the iPad. Nice. Hear that hiss?

    JustAnotherPaddyJustAnotherPaddy2 months ago
  • National Biscuit Co. Nabisco aka Empress Biscut Company strikes again in the ration game. I never liked Fig Newtons lol

    Frank Ruiz JrFrank Ruiz Jr3 months ago
  • "You gotta get your protein" "nice"

    Mitch MckenzieMitch Mckenzie3 months ago
  • Ugh, fruit raisin mix without the pan coated chocolate disks is the worst.

    Daniel McDonaldDaniel McDonald3 months ago
  • 19:20 I laughed so hard I started choking on my 1956 jelly bar

    MrMisterDerpMrMisterDerp3 months ago
  • Hmmm.... it kinda smells sour Mmm gooooodddd lmao

    Marlon EstrellaMarlon Estrella3 months ago
  • I almost dropped my phone and yelled when i saw him bite that fig newton

    Bob CostasBob Costas3 months ago
  • That fruit soup mixed with the fruit and nut mix would be amazing.

    No1 Special 87No1 Special 873 months ago
  • That fig newton looked so good

    Bianca85Bianca854 months ago
  • Sugar is for the wounds

    Heidi MurphyHeidi Murphy4 months ago
  • A lot of calories for 24 h

    stella pmstella pm4 months ago
  • Saying everything out of order like on the packages drives me crazy

    SunBroRevanSunBroRevan4 months ago
  • I would summize being a cold ration would mean snow: meaning lots of water for the taking.

    Nora SimonsonNora Simonson4 months ago
  • after marching for miles... these nuts are rancid...yes

    The SteveningThe Stevening4 months ago
  • MRE Steve has such a refined palate he can sense the malic acid

    Patrick GlaserPatrick Glaser4 months ago
  • He loves the consistency of" fruit soup "

    Tim ReedTim Reed4 months ago
  • Ahhh 1989. Got my first pubic hair.

    Kentucky boyKentucky boy4 months ago
  • P.S. I’ve heard TONS of people say that the military gets the same food that people get in jail. And if THIS is what they’re talking about, THAT JUST AIN’T TRUE! Lol.. TRUST me, people in jail would LOVE to get MRE’s like the ones he eats here.. instead of the LITERAL SLOP they give you in jail! (I was in jail for 4 days - for missing a fucking court date, smh, didn’t even know that was POSSIBLE!! - but that was LITERALLY FOUR DAYS where I didn’t eat AT ALL! Not ONE BIT of the pure GARBAGE they give you there!! If you go to jail, even for the short time I WAS there for.. you’ll get home an appreciate FOOD and YOUR BED more than you EVER HAVE BEFORE!)

    sara katesara kate4 months ago
  • “This is like the best thing ever made” ..poor guys been eating MRE’s for TOO long! Ha THOUGH.. when I heard “fruit soup” I got excited too. And the texture it turned out to be WAS pretty good. And I LOVE raspberries so.. IF I HAD TO eat MREs, yea that’d prob be one of my favorite items also lol

    sara katesara kate4 months ago
  • Aw.. imagine being a soldier and looking forward to that chicken soup and getting an extra hot chocolate instead!? Yo I’d be PISSED! Lol for real! That’s not even FOOD so it’s not really a good compromise

    sara katesara kate4 months ago
  • Check

    Classics Media MarketClassics Media Market5 months ago
  • Dude sounds like a rip off bill and ted

    John FockerJohn Focker5 months ago
  • If you’re interested I have a few of theses kicked back.

    ncdevildogncdevildog5 months ago
  • Cigarettes

    Hays DipperHays Dipper5 months ago
  • tru find would be soyant green with special recipe

    mike luttrellmike luttrell5 months ago
  • Looking out from Steve’a belly button

    Jeremy SyuJeremy Syu5 months ago
  • visit me at www.DarkFigNewtonBrandy.org for moar reccipeez

    Hugh WymanHugh Wyman5 months ago
  • "you can eat the granola bar like it's a granola bar, OR..."

    Hugh WymanHugh Wyman5 months ago
  • 13:10: "Lillil hiss"

    Hugh WymanHugh Wyman5 months ago
  • “Well, there goes lunch” 🤢🤮

    Roni JosephRoni Joseph6 months ago
  • For a MRE knife with style, class, and ease of use, I’d recommend the Buck 110 Auto, beautiful knife and has a nice edge 👍 www.bladehq.com/item--Buck-110-Automatic-Lockback-Knife--51274

    The FishermanThe Fisherman6 months ago
  • Nice!

    Chad CryptoChad Crypto6 months ago
  • "Let's check out these nuts." :)

    crazyfvckcrazyfvck6 months ago
  • Every night, when I'm just about to sleep, I tap on USkeys, and start playing Steve's videos. #QuarantineAddiction

    Asif MilesAsif Miles6 months ago
  • Marines get these at cold weather & mt. training

    Mark GarnoMark Garno6 months ago
  • Fruit soup in the oatmeal with some of the mixed nuts and raisins????

    Chris BillingChris Billing6 months ago
  • That age is nothing to Steve

    Toxic IndustrialsToxic Industrials6 months ago
  • Looks like beef stuffing.

    Cito mpCito mp6 months ago
  • Your 50 year old corps will look like it did the day you died. From all the preservatives?

    Cito mpCito mp6 months ago
  • Solidified fig wine?

    Cito mpCito mp6 months ago
  • Steve it is amazing ur still alive! Ur show is 10 percent content and 90 percent flipper kid!

    Mike MillerMike Miller6 months ago
  • 25:30 some willy wonka shit lmao

    tstilltstill6 months ago
  • You must take some wild dumps!

    Brian MeddickBrian Meddick6 months ago
  • *steve’s farts must smell so bad I can’t imagine*

    L FL F6 months ago
  • On those cold drinks, he should first put a little bit of hot water then cold water

    Tron8532Tron85326 months ago
  • Your intro music on every video is my favorite!

    ScalversGadgetsScalversGadgets7 months ago
  • I’m scared the comments Are gonna spoil if there is a hiss or if it’s Rancid so I can’t look till near the end

    ModzillaTVModzillaTV7 months ago
  • Nice

    Michael FoxMichael Fox7 months ago
  • Yeah just eating my macaroni and freeze

    JOLT ratesJOLT rates7 months ago
  • Steve, I found a fig newton in the couch cushion. 😂

    Keith StraderKeith Strader7 months ago
    • Did you eat it

      Based 4lifeBased 4life6 months ago
  • quick question for the knowledgeable folks: is the HISS good or bad?

    rodrigo jimenezrodrigo jimenez7 months ago
    • Depends ... If it's from air entering the container, it's good. If it's EXITING the container, that's bad.

      A. HollinsA. Hollins7 months ago
  • you are an animal bro....in the kindest way meaning brave soldier

    Kyle TweedieKyle Tweedie7 months ago
  • Ah, a MRE a year younger than me.

    Alan Michael JacksonAlan Michael Jackson7 months ago
  • I want you to know that the majority of us don't come here because we are wondering what all these MREs taste like. I mean i kinda want to know, but its you steve. You are the reason we all come here. These videos and your personality are just.... nice.

    notyuunotyuu7 months ago
  • Where in the world you find these music intros?

    Let Love Fly FreeLet Love Fly Free7 months ago
  • I feel like hes constantly trying to convince us the food isnt spoiled

    Raj GillRaj Gill7 months ago
  • do you ever get sick? from eating this stuff.....

    Kevin ThomasKevin Thomas7 months ago
  • It's sorta worrying that the quality control let the chicken soup escape

    Mila TMila T7 months ago
  • WTF is with all these mre, c-ration, k-ration and military mwaloom z from other countries? Does anyone really care?

    Tom SmithTom Smith7 months ago
  • its blimping out hahaha so funny. my new goto description for dry food. i love it.

    kevin rosekevin rose8 months ago
  • Random fact about stirring that I learned in school. Stir in an erratic manner that causes the most turbulence. It mixes the power in the water the best :) I am aware its obvious but it isn't always the most intuitive way to stir anything lol.

    John SJohn S8 months ago
  • Pretty stale fruits a bit dark no big deal nice

    jerome bjerome b8 months ago
  • I somehow think they intended for the fruit soup and the nuts and raisins to go into the oatmeal. At least, it would make the oatmeal worth eating.

    Mike BorsumMike Borsum8 months ago
  • Sitting on my couch, making balloon animals, watching Steve1989. I lead a charmed life.

    Shannon KobayashiShannon Kobayashi9 months ago
  • ...fruit...soup?? 😕😕

    Keith OlsenKeith Olsen9 months ago
  • 17:03 looks like hash

    marmooki jmarmooki j9 months ago
  • “Ha, feels just right.” - regarding beef stew.

    Adam BartleyAdam Bartley9 months ago
  • 13:00 I think its looking pretty NICE *Cuts to Tray*

    Alex WAlex W9 months ago
  • let's check DEEZ NUTZ

    AppeekOGAppeekOG9 months ago
  • Oh yes the apple cider is awesome

    Igor SolovyanchikIgor Solovyanchik9 months ago
  • 13:00 - GOD TIER transition!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Matt ZMatt Z9 months ago
  • Love the pictures of them making it , super old school lmao

    salvatore wilksalvatore wilk10 months ago
  • Steve must have the gut of a goat.

    James DJames D10 months ago
  • I bet his poop comes out like those beef stew bars.

    Seth DankinvsgtwfsSeth Dankinvsgtwfs10 months ago
  • Still perfectly edible!

    Chris StoerzerChris Stoerzer10 months ago
  • Japaneseペイソンコリンズは日本の管理栄養士で、生活環境科学的な視点も含めて、研究対象です。また中華思想や小中華思想も研究対象だし、大本教や生長の家や合気道で確認される「合感ゴウカン」も心理科学的に研究対象です。相談など連絡お待ちしています。

    ps collins4ペイソンコリンズps collins4ペイソンコリンズ11 months ago
  • I’m a 17 year old girl that doesn’t go to school and spends hours binging a grown man reviewing MRE’s

    lollipop princesslollipop princess11 months ago
    • Alan Michael Jackson Well you’re just a small minded man child aren’t you

      brighidbrighidMonth ago
    • @Alan Michael Jackson 😂😂

      Based 4lifeBased 4life6 months ago
    • Alan Michael Jackson 😂😂

      Robert SantosuossoRobert Santosuosso7 months ago
    • No one gives a shit you skank

      Alan Michael JacksonAlan Michael Jackson7 months ago
  • MRE mukbang

    JanelleJanelle11 months ago
  • Hmmm stale oatmeal .. nice

    Hex TrasherHex Trasher11 months ago
  • I always enjoy when the power goes out,cause we eat MRE's to make it an adventure.

    Larry SchenkLarry Schenk11 months ago