‘OMKalen’: Tabitha Brown Teaches Kalen to Eat Vegetables

May 23, 2020
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In this week’s episode of "Kalen’s Kountertop," Kalen takes on a daunting challenge - eating vegetables! To help him, there's no one better than the sweetest vegan foodie… Tabitha Brown! Tune in to see Tabitha teach Kalen how to prep and eat his veggies, all while sharing some feel-good, motivational words on eating healthy, life, and trusting your path!

  • I have PTSD broccoli too

    Jessica SenkbeilJessica Senkbeil10 hours ago
  • Omg love you both! Great collaboration!!

    Jessica SenkbeilJessica Senkbeil10 hours ago
  • ellen makes money off black oppression

    superb037superb03714 hours ago
  • Coming soon to Netflix: ‘Like So Like Dat’ Starring Tabitha Brown and Kalen

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  • I'm fix this

    simply kendysimply kendy5 days ago
  • Love it

    simply kendysimply kendy5 days ago
  • I cooked this tonight for my first day eating cleaner, so good! Thank you 😍 I'm so glad I found Tab! Kalen is so funny too, magic together!

    motherofdragons 724motherofdragons 7245 days ago
  • Two of my favorite people! Love this and can't wait for a cookbook!

    Becky WegerBecky Weger6 days ago
  • My two favorite people!

    Anna GAnna G6 days ago
  • This was fun

    Gail .hGail .h6 days ago
  • Just discovered this lovely lady and I'm already hooked! If the execs at Food Network had any brains they would grab this treasure and give her a show! A natural teacher, so full of love and to waste such a gift is a sin!

    Precious EurekaPrecious Eureka9 days ago
  • Omg that actually looked really good.

    Kerena OnlyKerena Only9 days ago
  • She gives me phylicia rashad vibes..and her accent has some bop in it

    Lee JonesLee Jones12 days ago
  • She literally is everyone’s mom 🥺

    Karla ZamoraKarla Zamora13 days ago
  • We need more cooking collabs between these two! This was fantastic!!! And it might help others eat more veggies!

    Kassea BocheKassea Boche13 days ago
  • I love y’all both so much!

    Alexus BryantAlexus Bryant15 days ago
  • Did this meal today ! Omg life is complete 😊😊first time eating Brussels sprouts 😋😋

    tonya halltonya hall17 days ago
  • This was the best thing in the world. They brought so much light to my day. I want Tabitha to have a show and a spice line and a cookbook STAT!

    Molly LynnMolly Lynn17 days ago
  • I love tabitha!!!

    Erika SchaltenbrandErika Schaltenbrand18 days ago
  • My heart 😭💗💗💗 love them lol

    Brittney Di RenzoBrittney Di Renzo18 days ago
  • Omggggg we loveee it hereeeeee ❤️❤️

    Regine HawkinsRegine Hawkins18 days ago
  • I would let her control my life 😖

    ellibxqellibxq18 days ago
  • Omg so funny, yet insightful!!!! I love it!!!

    Ceola GilchristCeola Gilchrist19 days ago
  • Cook Book Title: That's your business by Tabitha Brown

    Panini529Panini52919 days ago
  • If there were more people like Tabitha, this world would be a happier place

    Justin LiJustin Li19 days ago
  • This is awesome! Love the music switch ups 😆. These are amongst my absolute faves! LOVE THEM SO MUCH! 💜💖

    Ebo J.Ebo J.20 days ago
  • I love Auntie Tabitha 💗 her daily tiktoks give me life. She's the best.

    JlynZJlynZ20 days ago
  • So glad to see the two of you collab! Love you both!💕

    Chrim de la Chrim ASMR & CoversChrim de la Chrim ASMR & Covers20 days ago
  • Hi! First time cooking Brussel sprouts and using this recipe made them So Delicious...I’ll be cooking them all the time. Even my picky Hubby likes them. Thank you for sharing your recipes. Blessings ❤️

    The Garden LifeThe Garden Life20 days ago
  • "I don't like eating vegetables". Literally shows mushrooms. Mkay

    blueeyedbaerblueeyedbaer20 days ago
  • Something is telling me that I’m going to meet Tabitha in the future!!!

    Lex MovesLex Moves21 day ago
  • God has a sense of humor but also honors the desires of our hearts. I love it. ❤️

    Danica ContorDanica Contor22 days ago

    Shannon GrahamShannon Graham22 days ago
  • Tabitha Brown is a queen.

    lieke klieke k22 days ago
  • Loved watching you both ❤

    ArttisticSoulArttisticSoul22 days ago

    Santino AronisSantino Aronis22 days ago
  • I love Tabitha so much. ❤️

    Amy SchmidtAmy Schmidt22 days ago
  • They are hilarious together.

    adriane rossadriane ross22 days ago
  • Kalen: how you peele this thang? Tabitha: either way its yo business 😂😂 she a queen fr

    ZeroZero23 days ago
  • Hahahah enjoyed this

    Foodie FattyFoodie Fatty23 days ago
  • Omg this was adorable 🥰 those southern accents!

    QueenofweavesQueenofweaves23 days ago
  • My two favorite people together!!!! 😍

    Courtney McCainCourtney McCain23 days ago
  • I love her cuz that’s my business! She’s so country! 😂😂😂

    cj winscj wins23 days ago
  • Shes wholesome af, I love her.

    BellyacheBellyache23 days ago
  • I love it 🥰

    Yonna Young 〽Yonna Young 〽24 days ago
  • The way they both said “COLON’ary school” has me weak 😂😂😂 COLON has no business with Culinary PERIODE!

    Mr JonseyMr Jonsey24 days ago
  • 2:56😂😂😂😂😂

    Latisha MitchellLatisha Mitchell24 days ago

    Najwa AzzahraNajwa Azzahra24 days ago
  • I would Love to be in a kitchen with them 2 while just having a fun convo and awesome meal. 😂

    Ty ArtisTy Artis24 days ago
  • I loveeeeee tabitha.. these 2 together episode duo !!!

    Riva The DivaRiva The Diva24 days ago
  • OMG I love watching Tab!

    Love LifeLove Life24 days ago
  • This was a delight 🥰

    Erica M.Erica M.24 days ago
  • The two of them together, my life is complete.

    Danette McKinnonDanette McKinnon24 days ago
  • What a team! Loved their energy and their vibe together 💕 I would be so pleased to see more of them together in the kitchen. And good for him to be expanding his pallet and culinary skills! All around 10 outta 10's!

    Amy LauzierAmy Lauzier24 days ago
  • Loved this!!!!!

    EddyEddy25 days ago
  • She wanted to be America’s mom...now she’s our auntie!!! 💕💕💕

    Maranda CoutureMaranda Couture25 days ago
  • He trying to get right with the Lord....cooks veggies... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Both of them are magical

    Ms.Rebecca FortuneMs.Rebecca Fortune25 days ago
  • We stan tabitha

    Eddie WiiEddie Wii25 days ago
  • She already is americas mom 💛

    SoliélSoliél25 days ago
  • I have to watch Tabitha's videos in two parts cause the happiness just overwhelms me... but that's my business.

    Adriana CaguanaAdriana Caguana25 days ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Judea MaeJudea Mae26 days ago
  • "You know, God has a sense of humor but he also honors all the desires of our hearts if we keep on going" Amen, Tabitha you speak to meee ! I got whole chills when she said that ..

    Déa LoveDéa Love26 days ago
  • I love her😭❤️❤️

    Naja PettigrewNaja Pettigrew26 days ago
  • I love these two..

    Zemmi AliZemmi Ali26 days ago
  • They deserve their own show

    D. GuimalliD. Guimalli26 days ago
  • This was hilarious and delightful. I love both of them. They make a great team!

    Lady BassLady Bass26 days ago
  • Omg this was too good!

    MinimalistEveMinimalistEve26 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣😍🥰😊😊😊✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾😂

    Sweet CocktailSweet Cocktail26 days ago
  • Amen! Veggie breakthrough! Many blessings to you both. Awesome video! Done caught the ghost this morning. Now I'm hungry! Yeah, more of them together with food for sure!

    Desiree HunterDesiree Hunter26 days ago
  • Love love love her! Found her on USkeys about a month ago

    kimr8598kimr859826 days ago
  • Y'all are like America's mom and teenager. Love you guys.

    Jake SchneeJake Schnee27 days ago

    Brittany MeyerBrittany Meyer27 days ago
  • Name a more iconic duo😁✨

    김진주김진주27 days ago
  • If she makes a cook book, I WILL BUY IT!

    Keriyona GeterKeriyona Geter27 days ago
  • “Let the sprite guide u.” 😂😂😂😂

    Lucy BlueLucy Blue27 days ago
  • You guys need to get stove top kisses on here with kalen , that would be some bomb cooking

  • We love Kalen and Tab!!!

    JJ27 days ago
  • Watching 2 black people with comforting southern accents made my entire life. I love them so much ♥️

    Guerslande EtienneGuerslande Etienne27 days ago
  • This made me soooo happy lol

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  • I love them both ❤️❤️❤️

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