‘OMKalen’: Tabitha Brown Teaches Kalen to Eat Vegetables

May 23, 2020
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In this week’s episode of "Kalen’s Kountertop," Kalen takes on a daunting challenge - eating vegetables! To help him, there's no one better than the sweetest vegan foodie… Tabitha Brown! Tune in to see Tabitha teach Kalen how to prep and eat his veggies, all while sharing some feel-good, motivational words on eating healthy, life, and trusting your path!

  • Beautiful spirits! ♥👍

    Yolanda QuimbyYolanda Quimby5 days ago
  • Now that's a hit!!! These two together are a blast 🥳🥳🥳!!!

    SharitaSharita14 days ago
  • What a tender human, hear here!

    Amber Moore aka A. Moore - a twist of Pnk4all2cAmber Moore aka A. Moore - a twist of Pnk4all2c26 days ago

    Dianne BoudreauxDianne Boudreaux27 days ago
  • Living. For. This.

    S SchmidtS SchmidtMonth ago
  • Tabitha Brown is a blessing! Her kindness is what we all should inspire for.

    Linda MitchellLinda MitchellMonth ago
  • Both of em with their beautiful Southern accent are so wholesome to watch. Give them a show already!!! 😍🙌

    Mohnisha PillaiMohnisha PillaiMonth ago
  • Maybe I should start roasting it giving God thanks for some food. 🤔 Love these 2

    Host Mo BerryHost Mo BerryMonth ago
  • I knew Tabitha was an actress before this Tik tok stuff must be Gen Zers

    TieshaRoseTieshaRoseMonth ago
  • Love it

    Katrina FloydKatrina FloydMonth ago
  • I enjoyed this!!❤️

    Velora ThomasVelora ThomasMonth ago
  • I didn’t know my heart could know happiness like these two ❤️

    Abigail SnyderAbigail SnyderMonth ago
  • I absolutely loved everything about this 💖

    L.A. RobertsL.A. Roberts2 months ago
  • Great chemistry!

    Monique O'NealMonique O'Neal2 months ago
  • I just love their energy together.

    Mindy MartinezMindy Martinez2 months ago
  • Like so like that

    daliya mualadaliya muala2 months ago
  • Ouuuu honey and it’s ya business was so funny😭

    NYC. WINTERNYC. WINTER2 months ago
  • She is my favorite human.

    Lb Gr8Lb Gr82 months ago
  • Isn’t that the truth, I want to tell my customers, “I don’t know what’s wrong, but you need to go out give yourself a moment and come back in!” 😒 Her accent is like none I’ve ever heard... 🤩

    Common Sense CornerCommon Sense Corner2 months ago
  • Aw, loved that collaboration. Keep shining bright, beautiful people!

    Joni HaasJoni Haas2 months ago
  • ISTG Tabitha Brown is such a motivation speaker. I started eatting a lot healthier because of her and thank you for that 🤧🤧🤧

    BTS_ArmyBTS_Army2 months ago
  • We need her just for a show like rachel ray but should be called Vegan Veggies and Very Southern with Veggies. Kids and adults that wanna be healthy and kids that dont like veggies would eat this up

    Dorothy McCarterDorothy McCarter2 months ago
  • Let the spirit guide you

    A Rainy WeatherA Rainy Weather2 months ago
  • If those two aint bestfriend imma start a riot

    Alexus FergusonAlexus Ferguson3 months ago
  • I’m dying laughing from the moment Kalen started explaining his relationship with veggies lol “never heard of it” lol love it

    Fluffy FluffFluffy Fluff3 months ago
  • Loveeeee them together!!!

    DenvergirlDenvergirl3 months ago
  • I can listen to Tab all day❤️More of her please!

    AllGellieBean EverythingAllGellieBean Everything3 months ago
  • Mhm ...they same!!!!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣💀

    Kiki PoohKiki Pooh3 months ago
  • Love you both.💓💓💓

    akaziajakaziaj3 months ago
  • Please get your own show guys, go out on your own!!!

    Kale BlackKale Black3 months ago
  • I love Tabytha Brown because that's my business LOL! This is a perfect pairing of personalities!!!

    Katrina SheetsKatrina Sheets3 months ago
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    Vontrice SmithVontrice Smith3 months ago
  • what did the mushroom taste like did it need to be more on the crunchy side I'm like you I don't eat stuff either

    Tamara MartinTamara Martin3 months ago
  • Love them both

    Toya VToya V3 months ago
  • My mom watches her videos on Instagram. So I know her as like so like that and cuz that's your business.

    TACOTACO3 months ago
  • He said it taste good and put it back on the plate

    AngelAngel3 months ago
  • I love love love this woman's spirit

    AngelAngel3 months ago
  • This was a great collaboration.

    C.J. Promise LandC.J. Promise Land4 months ago
  • Lawd! Y’all are too cute honey! ❤️ We need a whole show!

    Kris BeeKris Bee4 months ago
  • Love them together omg . They need a show

    Kathy DKathy D4 months ago
  • I love Tabitha so much and Kalen!! This was the best segment ever!!!

    happi88 tshappi88 ts4 months ago
  • Both of them are my favorite 💕

    tl dtl d4 months ago

    Kelli SeesKelli Sees4 months ago
  • This Was WONDERFUL... Oh So Good!

    D CantyD Canty4 months ago
  • You shouldn't use Teflon pans the coating on top poisons your food....its already been proven!Research it!

    Fitivalevale,Jeddy,JR MaileFitivalevale,Jeddy,JR Maile4 months ago
  • two of my favorite people together!

    desigurl 0718desigurl 07184 months ago
  • Love this!

    jennifer houlejennifer houle4 months ago
  • Hahaha he said he gonna be thicc in these streets

    Me CMe C4 months ago
  • vegetables is good for you it makes you big and strong

    Madison FarrisMadison Farris5 months ago
  • I just love love love her! And both of them together... life! 💗💗💗

    Arica CampbellArica Campbell5 months ago
  • What were the seasonings?

    Natalie NumieNatalie Numie5 months ago
  • Well...She can Be Americans Mom and he can Be Americans Son

    Shannon ReelShannon Reel5 months ago
  • This was such a blessing

    Leya The EnthusiastLeya The Enthusiast5 months ago
  • I just keep watching this two of my favorite people on the same channel ❤😘

    Chronicles of The CurvaceousChronicles of The Curvaceous5 months ago
  • THE CROSSOVER THAT SAVWD 20200020202002020202

    ShivShiv5 months ago
  • They are literally a power couple, we Need More of them together 🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Cristina G.Cristina G.5 months ago
  • I enjoyed watching this video and thanks for sharing!🤗

    Catherine FryeCatherine Frye5 months ago
  • Tabitha “ my goal is to be America’s mom” What you mean tabitha. Your everyone’s auntie, mom, godmother. Dang you apart of so many peoples family. You surpassed that.

    JA AdkinsJA Adkins5 months ago
  • I enjoyed this too much.

    J DJ D5 months ago
  • "so how I peal this thang?" "Either way honey it's yo buisniess" 🤣

    Rachel MotenRachel Moten5 months ago
  • I'm going to need a show with these two right meow!

    Gabbs OrtizGabbs Ortiz5 months ago
  • I need these two together.. Honey.. They are life❤😘😍

    Phio KenosiPhio Kenosi5 months ago
  • This makes me actually wanna try vegetables hahaha. I can't wait to see the next kalens countertop/ Kalen reacts! XD

    Haru NanaseHaru Nanase5 months ago

    Allana MarieAllana Marie6 months ago
  • Kalen has a lil top in a big pan😂😂😂😂

    Possibly PrePossibly Pre6 months ago
  • You are such an inspiration tabitha!

    Compassionate LivingCompassionate Living6 months ago
  • Shallots are onions 😂😂😂😂

    Amreena ThomasAmreena Thomas6 months ago
  • She reminds me of the cop lady who use to play William's girlfriend on the show Girlfriends

    Kristen SKristen S6 months ago
  • Can't wait to try this

    Kari PerryKari Perry6 months ago
  • I want a show with this two special people about food that maybe is regular food but how to bake it vegan or recipes for vegan and regular food

    Kriss HKriss H6 months ago
  • Oh I'm hungry now. Add a little brown rice and bring these two back again to cook something else. So much FUN!!

    Eloise MarieEloise Marie6 months ago
  • I didn’t know I needed this but YES HONEY

    Jayme ZayacJayme Zayac6 months ago
  • she can be my mom .... i feel so safe listening to her talk omg

    Luna RaeLuna Rae6 months ago
  • my 2 favorite youtubers!

    A MoA Mo6 months ago
  • Name your book "veganism" by Tabitha brown, cause that our business!!

    Ashley ClayAshley Clay6 months ago
  • They need a show together,dammm

    GUUD KELLYGUUD KELLY6 months ago
  • wow amen. blessings on yall. i love this. more of this plz. quality ppl=quality content.

    K OK O6 months ago
  • Meeeeee too with the broccoli and cheese. My babysitter lied to me saying my mom told them I had to eat my veggies and they made my day the broccoli with cheese... With koolaid as a drink. Needless to say I returned my meal to my plate 😑 and my mom wasn't impressed with them either lol

    Haru NanaseHaru Nanase6 months ago
  • This gives me life!! Would love to see these 2 together more!!!

    Kelly TewKelly Tew6 months ago
  • Wow. Just Wow. I loved every part of this

    Abi LeeAbi Lee6 months ago
  • Awesome. So Proud of you both!

    SuperBlessed38SuperBlessed386 months ago
  • She said let the spirit guide you 😂😂😂🤣, bless you thabitha.

    Chisom Iyke-okoyeChisom Iyke-okoye6 months ago
  • Yaayyyyy

    Tomeka CollinsTomeka Collins6 months ago
  • U both were a joy to watch...and now I’m hungry

    Janine MacreJanine Macre6 months ago
  • I love some Tabatha Brown. I love that new Orleans talk baby. You know the food is good when it's cooked by a woman who knows flavor.

    Cheryl AiliasCheryl Ailias6 months ago
  • Did they use chicken broth

    No MistakenNo Mistaken6 months ago
  • All I can say is😂😂😂

    Shamika BakerShamika Baker6 months ago
  • I have PTSD broccoli too

    Jessica SenkbeilJessica Senkbeil6 months ago
  • Omg love you both! Great collaboration!!

    Jessica SenkbeilJessica Senkbeil6 months ago
  • ellen makes money off black oppression

    superb037superb0376 months ago
  • Coming soon to Netflix: ‘Like So Like Dat’ Starring Tabitha Brown and Kalen

    1 Friend Request inc.1 Friend Request inc.7 months ago
    • Yesss

      Marissa WilsonMarissa WilsonMonth ago
  • I'm fix this

    simply kendysimply kendy7 months ago
  • Love it

    simply kendysimply kendy7 months ago
  • I cooked this tonight for my first day eating cleaner, so good! Thank you 😍 I'm so glad I found Tab! Kalen is so funny too, magic together!

    motherofdragons 724motherofdragons 7247 months ago
  • Two of my favorite people! Love this and can't wait for a cookbook!

    Becky WegerBecky Weger7 months ago
  • My two favorite people!

    Anna GAnna G7 months ago
  • This was fun

    Gail .hGail .h7 months ago
  • Just discovered this lovely lady and I'm already hooked! If the execs at Food Network had any brains they would grab this treasure and give her a show! A natural teacher, so full of love and to waste such a gift is a sin!

    Precious EurekaPrecious Eureka7 months ago
  • Omg that actually looked really good.

    Kerena OnlyKerena Only7 months ago
  • She gives me phylicia rashad vibes..and her accent has some bop in it

    Lee JonesLee Jones7 months ago
    • Exactly!!!

      Marissa WilsonMarissa WilsonMonth ago