Do These Color Illusions Trick Your Eyes?

Jun 29, 2020
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Do these color illusions hurt your brain? Comment your favorite trick below!
A big thanks to Canon for sponsoring these illusions with their Canon PIXMA Printers -
Sunset Birds and Traffic Lights illusions inspired by Dr. Akiyoshi Kataoka's work.
Check out his many fascinating illusions on his Twitter page:
Special thanks to Jessica Strick, Lead Exhibit Developer at the Exploratorium -
Watch Furniture Illusions (this video might really trick your eyes) -
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    Zach KingZach King10 days ago
    • Hi Zach king I am from India please shout out my name

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    • Ha

      parzyparzy3 days ago
    • i have liked your video

      ishaan rocker gamerishaan rocker gamer4 days ago
    • Zach this was the highest quality, highest IQ, awe-inspiring video I’ve seen in USkeys in ages, maybe even ever! Your skill is incredible.

      Caleb CampionCaleb Campion8 days ago
    • You are awesome zach

      md yunusmd yunus8 days ago
  • 3 gray lights my mind isn’t tricked xd

    Xxgamertheguy xxXxgamertheguy xx42 minutes ago
  • Umm maybe the 3 bird is your hand

    phum samroungphum samroung49 minutes ago
  • Yes

    Usha shettyUsha shetty54 minutes ago
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    MOHSIN SMOHSIN S55 minutes ago
  • I remember you videos 4 years ago I'm crying how i missed it so much😭Zach u changed so much XD 😥

    LiLian BakerLiLian BakerHour ago
  • Can you get miku hatsune oht a tv plis 😟

    DexterDexterHour ago

    B1ack Le4fB1ack Le4fHour ago
  • Hiii Zach king

    Rekha GuptaRekha GuptaHour ago
  • Nice video. Really cool.

    Simeon AshbySimeon AshbyHour ago
  • 1% True 99% Editing Magick

  • I saw the three birds

    Mateo,Victoria and Leah GamingMateo,Victoria and Leah GamingHour ago
  • Sorry, I forgot to paint the apple, I was in a rush....

    Hanako-kunHanako-kunHour ago
  • No i can't see 3 birds but i can see 2 birds and a chicken

    フェリペJoJoãoフェリペJoJoão2 hours ago
  • man i still saw the ducks after i looked away from them

    Random PersonRandom Person2 hours ago
  • omg it work to me at the color of dream the color was only white like if it work to you too

    Ghost Give BeansGhost Give Beans2 hours ago
  • He is not lying it isn't an animation

    Ben HarryBen Harry2 hours ago
  • Mr.King!!! I am a very big fan of you!!! Pls reply soon!

    Super DataBaseSuper DataBase2 hours ago
  • Omg at the end of the video zack say this is not animation he was right omggggg

    GgAa AlokiliGgAa Alokili2 hours ago
  • yep everything worked for me

    EVX CrypticEVX Cryptic2 hours ago
  • 7:05 Worked on 32 inch display

    Sharkmouth 2.0Sharkmouth 2.02 hours ago
  • I can see the third bird in the thumbnail XD

    Glitch The WolfieGlitch The Wolfie2 hours ago
  • 5:07 fail

    DNA McCrunchyDNA McCrunchy2 hours ago
  • I saw one grey light it was the last one to the right 3:41

    BSP Gaming2BSP Gaming22 hours ago
  • The last ones cool

    Golden_canzGolden_canz3 hours ago
  • i’m colorblind and still watched this video bc why not

    Way Too JamesWay Too James3 hours ago
  • I8I8I8I8

    its me kyleits me kyle3 hours ago
  • I allways get the last one unintentionally after playing too much guitar hero >.

    NorkhaoNorkhao3 hours ago
  • CUT. IT. OUT.

    FaviFavi3 hours ago
  • I actually felt the importance of science concept like wavelenght etc in this video 😂

    Fresh MuzikFresh Muzik3 hours ago
  • WTF!!!?????

    Susanna AdamsSusanna Adams3 hours ago
  • Hi Zach King! You can say hi back if you want to.

    Ezekiel MorganEzekiel Morgan3 hours ago
  • Hello zach! I’ve been watching your videos since I was like, 5 maybe? And I just wanted to say that I’ve ALWAYS loved your videos.

    Liliya MakhotinaLiliya Makhotina3 hours ago
  • I don't see 3 birds but I do see a clown

    NiftyNifty3 hours ago
  • "Can you see three birds?" Yes i can-

    KydiaaKydiaa3 hours ago
  • I thought there was one grey light! Lol

    Beverley CarlsonBeverley Carlson4 hours ago
  • Cool

    IronmaidenIronmaiden4 hours ago
  • Yes they do

    Fang the gamerFang the gamer4 hours ago
  • Wait after 4:28 trick go back to 4:28 and it's a different colour

  • 3

    Khloe EvansKhloe Evans4 hours ago
  • The dream one worked for me

    I gave up On trying to find a decent nameI gave up On trying to find a decent name4 hours ago
  • The thumbnail: do you see 3 birds?? Me: YEAH, YOUR A BIRD!!!

    sour_mangos •sour_mangos •4 hours ago
  • yes

    Αλεξανδρος ΜπαγιαζνιδηςΑλεξανδρος Μπαγιαζνιδης5 hours ago
  • Siri free

    Khanh NguyenKhanh Nguyen5 hours ago
  • At 7:22 it worked

    Gacha SnugglebunsGacha Snugglebuns5 hours ago
  • alnhgc

    قنات الضحكقنات الضحك5 hours ago
  • All fun and games until the z symbol at the end is still there after you look outside

    WolfenshireWolfenshire5 hours ago
  • wow the chameleon actually blended in!

    e†håμ måe†håμ må5 hours ago
  • its kinda depressing how smart he is

    e30boye30boy6 hours ago
  • What the hell 0:53 that is clearly painted on

    Mikey BalwantMikey Balwant6 hours ago
  • This makes no scene to me

    Urvi ShahUrvi Shah6 hours ago
  • zach i want to time travel what magic trick should i do

    David ChaDavid Cha6 hours ago
  • Actually the first donut i already know it is maple

    Yui NyanYui Nyan6 hours ago
  • I genuinely can only see two birds

    Sarah ThedogpersonSarah Thedogperson6 hours ago
  • My head....

    Mason MayersMason Mayers6 hours ago
  • 5:00 didn't look at the dot and he used video editing

    Griffin WaltersGriffin Walters6 hours ago
    • 4:56

      Griffin WaltersGriffin Walters6 hours ago
    • 4:57 my bad

      Griffin WaltersGriffin Walters6 hours ago
  • works

    Oscar ForseniOscar Forseni6 hours ago
  • Can’t even trust my eyes these days

    UniqqUniqq6 hours ago
  • Wait am i the only one that saw 3 birds on the thumbnail then

    YoruneiiYoruneii6 hours ago
  • the thumbnaill has 4 birds

    Sadebiru ArtSadebiru Art6 hours ago
  • Holy shit! This is sick dude!

    Skelly YTSkelly YT6 hours ago

    Lia_PlayyzLia_Playyz6 hours ago
  • At 7:00 i thought the vid was edit on that part when the colors fade away

    SAMURAISAMURAI6 hours ago
  • Yes I see the third... It's just big and digivolved with arms a human face and it's confused.

    H smithH smith6 hours ago
  • black magic black magic i say

    Eric JangEric Jang6 hours ago
  • The 5 min one is so fake

    Dylan CarterDylan Carter7 hours ago
  • 5:41 for this one, after you do what he says, pause the video and blink at a wall or something

    KaiQubz YTKaiQubz YT7 hours ago
  • It worked for me!

    SpacecornzSpacecornz7 hours ago
  • The four did fade away

    Shay GamingShay Gaming8 hours ago
  • That bird one is crazy!

    Jenson CookJenson Cook8 hours ago
  • Omg, these are so cool they all worked 4 me❤️❤️

    MeiiChuMeiiChu8 hours ago
  • I think i may have some colorblindness bc I saw two grey lights lol

    The Dyanna ShowThe Dyanna Show8 hours ago
  • I have trust issues with this video.

    J BJ B8 hours ago

    stay hydrated kiddiesstay hydrated kiddies8 hours ago
  • Lol when he put the flash light on hus grandfathers picture and his geandfather was a real person that kinda got me scared

    Mood XMood X8 hours ago
  • Cool stuff! I like the illusions that some street artists do to make 3D objects appear...but it's just a 2D image on the curb.

    Joseph MazzeoJoseph Mazzeo8 hours ago
  • The dream dream

    TacoKidTacoKid8 hours ago
  • Bruh 3.999.999 views

    GoranMz Brawl StarsGoranMz Brawl Stars9 hours ago
  • Dang dude, you look so MUCH like Yasuo Yamada(Lupin the 3rd actor)!! It's Wild!😯😯😯

    E-man 25E-man 259 hours ago
  • الي يحب الله ورسول لايك 👍🏻❤️💞👇 وبس 20من مشتركين من محبينك 👍👍😍😍

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