The Sad Story of Captain Price And Soap MacTavish (Modern Warfare Story)

Apr 27, 2020
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Today we are going over one of my favourite stories in any Call of Duty Game. It ranges from Call of Duty Modern Warfare to Modern Warfare 3. This is The Sad Story of Captain Price And Soap MacTavish . Hope you Enjoy!


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  • She also Said general Shepherd

    just jack makvićjust jack makvićHour ago
  • Sve Aldo Said general Shepherd

    just jack makvićjust jack makvićHour ago
  • you missed sandman and grinch who died to the russian soldiers in the mission of saving the president

    aruna noolviaruna noolvi12 hours ago
  • 14:28 where badass gamers cried

    Graceson Zauzianlung GonmeiGraceson Zauzianlung Gonmei12 hours ago
  • Honestly, I prefer a story with a bitter-sweet ending than a happy ending.

    Hexter ZerdaHexter Zerda17 hours ago
  • Cod 4 MW: Gaz and Price are bestfriends MW Reboot: Price is Gaz's uncle

    SGT. ReznovSGT. Reznov17 hours ago
  • Makarov did say he’d ruin them piece by piece and he did showing the power that man had

    Solotvhead99Solotvhead9918 hours ago
  • I’m 15 so I never got to grow up playing the older cods and I play modern warfare now and this video really gives me a good background

    Scoots MilkScoots Milk19 hours ago
  • That ost😢 & the next mission briefing

    Rurōni XentizRurōni Xentiz23 hours ago
  • Name a more iconic duo ill wait

    Shawn TownsendShawn TownsendDay ago
  • Where Kids Cried: Death Of Ruben In Minecraft Story Mode Where Adults Cried: Smoke's Death In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Where Legends Cried: 14:24

    Er70rEr70rDay ago
  • Most likely will have soap in season 6.

    Guns& OdinGuns& OdinDay ago
  • i tell you... mw trilogy was cod at its peak... every single character was iconic... and when they die, you feel it... even not so important characters like Sandman

    Shrey SaxenaShrey SaxenaDay ago
  • i mean you should make a sad story about yuri too he plays a major role

    The LionThe LionDay ago
  • Crew expendable is the rules of engagement of the mission. Meaning the crew of the ship was expendable? Lol yall dig too much and think these games are actually being deep when they're being pretty literal

    Mitch ConnerMitch ConnerDay ago
  • I cried when soap died he’s been one of my fav people I also cried the they got burned

    Kiki VrKiki VrDay ago
  • My question is when is soap coming to mw 2019

    SekitanSekitanDay ago
  • Dude soap was in the og modern warfare

    MysteryMysteryDay ago
  • If you haven't made a video yet make one about capt McMillan

    Robert MayetRobert Mayet2 days ago
  • We all cried when I died

    Soap MacTavishSoap MacTavish2 days ago
  • Bruh,you made me cry again 🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    BasiliskBasilisk2 days ago
  • Just realized now that I accidentally disliked the video.

    Mr MeowmersMr Meowmers2 days ago
  • He wasn’t a lieutenant he was a leftanant

    Adrian MontoyaAdrian Montoya2 days ago
  • "whats the price of the soap?"

    future fox101future fox1013 days ago
  • And how is ghosts still alive

    King PotatoKing Potato3 days ago
  • How is soap still alive in the newest modern warfare

    King PotatoKing Potato3 days ago
  • at the end when price lights a cigar he should've said we did it TF 141 and also yuri is so underrated bro he was legit imapled and still went to help price and sacrifced his life for price

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach3 days ago
  • This man watched everyone die and including sandman and his team😶that’s crazy

    KingDemizeKingDemize3 days ago
  • When price called soap son no matter how strong you are you are gonna tear up 😭😭😭

    Pickle picklePickle pickle4 days ago
  • Now I need to replay the whole Game Sequel......

    MrFireflyMrFirefly4 days ago
  • I hope there is comming new modern warfare with gazz Soap Griches Price and Ghost

    SxmpleSxmple4 days ago
  • I hope they don't kill them off again in the new series...

    TaskinTaskin4 days ago
  • The sad thing is they couldn't do a funeral for soap

    M.SM.S5 days ago
  • I'm crying just seeing soap dead R.I.P soap

    Wolfy_zappWolfy_zapp5 days ago
  • Price:what kind of name is soap Price:noo soap nooooo

    Maui PorquezMaui Porquez5 days ago
  • Price: Saves soap in cod mw Soap: Saves price in cod mw 2 Well well, how the turn tables

    joshjosh5 days ago
  • Why cod and naruto shippuden are really connect There's a four man team And there's is a mission like naruto shippuden

    Ryeon elmo DimacaliRyeon elmo Dimacali5 days ago
  • captain price never forgets his hat even if he is in a crashing helicopter hit by a rpg

    Alexander BoxerAlexander Boxer5 days ago
  • nice story

    vincentazur arboledavincentazur arboleda6 days ago
  • No the first mission is called crew expendable because the crew on the ship is expendable

    Mr Nightmare23Mr Nightmare236 days ago
  • me waiting for roach

    RoachRoach6 days ago
  • That time Price called Soap a "muppet in COD4MW, but in the end, he called him "son". Call of Duty is not all about killing terrorists and saving the world. It also gives us moral lessons than can make us cry.

    Saber SquadSaber Squad6 days ago
  • Mother was one of my favourite

    rina dasrina das6 days ago
  • I loved the “All ghillied up” mission. You get Price,MacMillan and a stealth mission with an important event in the series

    Kevin spaceyKevin spacey6 days ago
  • I swapped soap to ghost and Capt. Price to soap the'yre like GHOOOST

    Axle ConcepcionAxle Concepcion6 days ago
  • What the f is his grammar

    D34TH19D34TH196 days ago
  • I think the take away from this for me is war is never a good thing.

    Ninja TokesNinja Tokes7 days ago
  • Maybe soup will release in cold war

    roblox friendsroblox friends7 days ago
  • Never thought I'd like price after him killing roach and ghost

    The Leader Of Loli PoliceThe Leader Of Loli Police8 days ago
  • Not that alone He got ghost

    Anime SniperAnime Sniper9 days ago
  • Plz show all the main character's relationships frm the first cod to the latest cod plzzz

    jerome_ notoriousjerome_ notorious9 days ago
  • i liked this vid very much👍👍, but can make a vid of attaching characters frm the first COD to the last🙀🤯.....i really want to see tht one🙌🙏

    jerome_ notoriousjerome_ notorious9 days ago
  • can someone tell me the order of this please?

    KEO17KEO179 days ago
    • Stupid idiot

      Leon ReidenbachLeon Reidenbach9 days ago
  • Not all heroes wear capes

    AsrielAsriel10 days ago
  • Price of soap?

    Iron Thunder LyricsIron Thunder Lyrics10 days ago
  • Sad 😭

    Seth CutterSeth Cutter11 days ago
  • i cried at 14:29. Its still so sad!!!

    Venom_NickeyVenom_Nickey11 days ago
  • Laswell: there's no picture Me: because he's a ghost

    hi hellohi hello11 days ago
  • Wait why ghost is being called into the task force 141 while he gets killed by shephard? So ur telling me ghost survived that fire?

    Emerkray ZEmerkray Z11 days ago
    • No Fuck off idiot 🤦‍♂️

      Leon ReidenbachLeon Reidenbach9 days ago
  • I need to remember the times I become a call of duty pro and I love it when my first call of duty game I played was modern warfare 2 I loved the modern warfare games the last modern warfare game is COD 4 I'm still playing call of duty modern warfare 3 on PS3 thanks for completing what I left of for soap and price your the best :)

    phyco Freddyphyco Freddy11 days ago
  • Simon Ghost Riley : Haha shepherd you are in the place where IT WILL GET BLOODY - Modern Warfare / Warzone Shepherd : Oh shit i dont have ammo Simon Ghost Riley: Oh well i have some in my ACR Shepherd: Oh no i wish i did not have shot you in MW2 our burnt you Simon Ghost Riley : Oh yeah shepherd oh 'have you got the DSR' Simon ghost Riley shoots shepherd with 500 bullets and shepherd instantly died :)

    Sucharitam ChowdhurySucharitam Chowdhury11 days ago
  • Plzzzzz do one with yuri if you find the data

    Savephilip BoiSavephilip Boi11 days ago
  • Rip soap 😭

    Stina VenStina Ven11 days ago
  • This is sad bot I played call of duty wm3

    Stina VenStina Ven11 days ago
  • Do sandman

    Zander SaengZander Saeng11 days ago
  • i f###ing hated when ghost died 😭😭😭

    русский мальчик ДАрусский мальчик ДА11 days ago
  • Subscribe to me

    TTY Gamer BobTTY Gamer Bob12 days ago
    • Never.

      DoSSyMoSSy GAMINGDoSSyMoSSy GAMING11 days ago
  • How is soap here tho Makarov Killed soap in Cod 3 modern warfare

    Jose PalomaresJose Palomares12 days ago
    • Fuck off idiot

      Leon ReidenbachLeon Reidenbach7 days ago
  • there's a part of me that wants soap to be saved bu technology in advanced warfare somehow

    Reb GonzalesReb Gonzales12 days ago
  • I just fell sad that soap died

    Timothy UyTimothy Uy12 days ago
  • Well fucking laid out bro. Amazing storytelling.

    Zeffite LeeZeffite Lee12 days ago
  • Price stills have nikolai with him as theyre the only 2 left of task force 141

    Orion RotzOrion Rotz12 days ago
  • I cry the part were soap die in mw3

    Snoopy Quinn 2Snoopy Quinn 212 days ago
  • a follow up story is needed from where price picks 1-4-1

    RichardRichard12 days ago
  • The "Price" is right

    ghost6siege Gamesghost6siege Games13 days ago
  • Soap death was saddest, even sadder than Roach's and Ghost's death.

    ??13 days ago
  • i cry...

    A メdrØ乇A メdrØ乇13 days ago
  • Isn’t Macmillan still alive?

    haha hahahaha haha13 days ago
  • The m1911 of friendship

    d0nt_0v3r_lo0k _m3d0nt_0v3r_lo0k _m313 days ago
  • Welcome to the salty spaltoon how tough are ya I watched ghost, roach,gaz,soap,grinch,truck,and sand man die That ain’t tough And didn’t cry Sorry sir right this way

    Breig FamilyBreig Family13 days ago
  • Makarov dropped the soap so now he pays the price

    Tate NakashimaTate Nakashima13 days ago
  • Everyone out here talkin about soap and ghost death What about gaz?? ;(

    HalltoHallto14 days ago
  • i remember playing modern warfare 3 it was so sad playing this game cuz i cared about soap and he sacrificed himself for captain price sadly

    Kenji The OtakuKenji The Otaku14 days ago
  • I just want cod to be allmost mmo like

    Jester WolfJester Wolf14 days ago
  • Nah this isn’t modern warfare... the remake was ass..

    SyxToesSyxToes14 days ago
  • What if someone went back for soap and survive

    CHUY is qtCHUY is qt14 days ago
  • As Czech person I've been honored by that Soap was in Prague (I know they are fictive but u got the point)

    W0lfW0lf14 days ago
  • I can't get through mw2 because no Russian.It just feels bad I quit the game.

    Altay ÜnalAltay Ünal15 days ago
  • Soap trusted you I thought I could to So why in bloody hell does makoravo know you

    CaZi BetterleyCaZi Betterley15 days ago
  • They poured more gas on my boys in the remastered

    CaZi BetterleyCaZi Betterley15 days ago
  • New to this channel, amazing content on this video, loved every second if it :)

    Michael ZimmerMichael Zimmer15 days ago
  • they blackwashed gaz tho....

    pawbglespawbgles15 days ago
  • Captain price is a living legend

    Tom XNTom XN15 days ago
  • Im pretty sure this channel owner is gamerfrommars?

    PoalrisPoalris15 days ago
  • Actually why Soap has the nickname Soap is because the enemies dont wanns drop him.

    Biggie CheseBiggie Chese15 days ago
  • Price and soap:kills shepherd* Shepherd:gos to heaven* Shepherd:um where am i? Ghost and roach:welcome Shepherd:PLEASE NO I WILL DO ANYTHING Ghost and roach:gets gasoline* Ghost:well let me smoke real quick Roach: pours gasoline on shepherd* Ghost: now burn forever and feel more pain then we did,well i guess this is one less loose end for us Ghost and roach:drops there cigarettes* Shepherd: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    MR.BAKUGOMR.BAKUGO16 days ago
  • You added a clip at 7:09 min, is that a movie clip, is that movie based on COD and if so can you tell me the name of the movie. Becuase i have played cod 4 several times but there was no mission like operation kingfish.

    Akash KumarAkash Kumar16 days ago
  • devil: you are now in hell, your punishment is to watch soap die in repeat. me: why :c

    William SchramWilliam Schram16 days ago
  • Watching this reminded me. They really just shadowdropped the MW2 remaster didn’t they?

    Scott HarrisScott Harris16 days ago
  • If gaz is dead then how was he in the newest call of duty

    Kingston SaintKingston Saint16 days ago
    • Cause you re a stupid loser You re just to stupid for it so fuck off 😂😂🤦‍♂️

      Leon ReidenbachLeon Reidenbach9 days ago