Wrongly Incarcerated Singer Archie Williams Delivers Unforgettable Song - America's Got Talent 2020

May 22, 2020
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Archie Williams was sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn't commit. After 37 years, DNA tests set him free. See Archie sing an emotional rendition of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" and see why Simon Cowell will never forget this audition.
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Wrongly Incarcerated Singer Archie Williams Delivers Unforgettable Song - America's Got Talent 2020

America's Got Talent

  • May God bless his later. I pray for his healing. I pray the rest of his days be blessed and that he heals.

    Sernetta SarazineSernetta Sarazine25 minutes ago
  • I just saw this man on one of Lovely Peaches lives stalking and harassing her smh he went into the women's restroom and was watching her. They put his name in the comments and said he was on AGT so I looked him up and sure enough it's him!! He even told her to look him up that she didn't know who he is and his life going up. He was saying some very nasty and explicit things to her

    Indigenous SquadIndigenous Squad27 minutes ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/27Fimyq10oo-video.html

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m watching this for the 15/16th time. I just love this mans voice. I would pay to watch this man in concert. The only other artist I would pay to see is Stevie Wonder, so this is how much I love his voice.

    Tangerine CatTangerine CatHour ago
  • Freedom is of the mind, I went to prison but I never let my mind go to prison

  • Im from Africa Botswana maan i watch this video everyday i even downloaded his version. i respect this maan and ill live to tell people about him. i feel honoured to know such people exist.

    Omphile MoyoOmphile Moyo3 hours ago
  • Who is here after Lovely Peaches's video? 😂

    Faith ObotFaith Obot4 hours ago
  • No other broken heart voice could ever sing this song so beautifully!

    PaymanPayman6 hours ago
  • police negligence needs to stop

    scott hscott h6 hours ago
  • So no golden buzzer maaaaaan

    PlayboytyyPlayboytyy7 hours ago
  • From south Africa we proud and love you Archie great voice wow

    Patrick MokomaPatrick Mokoma7 hours ago
  • Anybody else here after the lovely peaches situation? This man's a pervert

    Yungevve !Yungevve !8 hours ago
  • HE DO NOT DESERVE THE BUZZER dude actually know lovely peaches and watched her in the ladies room and to think I felt bad

    Cardi ZCardi Z9 hours ago
  • Kudos for him, he deserves everything. Having said that, doesn’t it look a lot forced to have a shocking black man story and a latina judge right after the accusations and investigations of racism and toxic environment inside the production of AGT? Kinda suspicious.

    Luis Manuel TeaLuis Manuel Tea10 hours ago
  • Fun fact this man is a pervert

    Macintosh :hj BallMacintosh :hj Ball11 hours ago
  • This is more than covid19 lockdown! #StayAtPrison in 37 fuck8n years! I cant imagine how to skip live with nightmares, "forced to sleep" in 37 years and then wake up with an old condition. Damn!

    Indo Crop CirclesIndo Crop Circles11 hours ago
  • This. Man. Can. Sing

    Tae•is•baeTae•is•bae11 hours ago
  • Archie is so good. I have had this stuck in my head all day

    SmucklzSmucklz12 hours ago
    • He’s a pervert sadly

      Macintosh :hj BallMacintosh :hj Ball11 hours ago
  • God bless you man, God bless you!!!

    Gman WGman W12 hours ago
  • If an innocent man is locked up for 37 years, they knew he didn't do it. Crooked system smh

    Trichelle VargasTrichelle Vargas12 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏

    Love MimiLove Mimi13 hours ago
  • Thats so deep 😢

    Yudha PratamaYudha Pratama14 hours ago
  • I'm not even 20 and wow 37 years is a long time he can never get back

    eclecticontenteclecticontent15 hours ago
  • Amazing man, just amazing

  • AGT Archie Williams review by "The Truth Hurts" LINK: uskeys.net/watch/hvTyZvvgVFo-video.html

    Brett Douglas AGT judges The truth hurtsBrett Douglas AGT judges The truth hurts16 hours ago
  • That man deserves everything good in his life from the moment he left prison. Plus all the money the state owes him.

    quantrillquantrill17 hours ago
  • I hope we wins

    Addison McAlpinAddison McAlpin18 hours ago
  • He is an angel💙🌼

    Ruwaida HamidRuwaida Hamid18 hours ago
  • How the fook did this 2thou people manage to dislike this?

    isprikitik tokitikisprikitik tokitik18 hours ago
  • Please let him be the champion as a reward for himself after 37years he loses everything that we got, man this is so sad

    Mordekhai HamonanganMordekhai Hamonangan20 hours ago
  • ❤️

    Shelly WatsonShelly Watson20 hours ago
  • riverdale?

    gaming2death 21gaming2death 2121 hour ago
  • He definitely did it there is a video of him sexually harassing creator lovelypeaches

    Niko EscamillaNiko Escamilla23 hours ago
  • How have almost 3,000 people disliked this? Wth is there to dislike about this video?

    Madison TuckerMadison Tucker23 hours ago
  • A movie needs to be made on his life and Samuel L Jackson should play his role

    Alex SykesAlex Sykes23 hours ago
  • This guy. He has so much soul in telling a story through singing. God bless him!

    Carlos AlfaroCarlos AlfaroDay ago
  • Watch the movie “life” with eddie murphy and martin lawrence one of the best movies ive ever watched - also the most underrated - watch it!!!

    kurluk04kurluk04Day ago
  • I give him credit for even doing this and not hating everyone in the world. More then a golden buzzer in life

    Randy VandewwegenRandy VandewwegenDay ago
  • Wait ain’t this the man who was following lovely peaches in the bathroom 😭but his voice beautiful

    Athena DavisAthena DavisDay ago
    • It issss

      Macintosh :hj BallMacintosh :hj Ball11 hours ago
  • Interning dont be a crime

    Alykhan ShivjiAlykhan ShivjiDay ago
  • Wow, my heart is broken. Half his life and innocent. May God bless him beyond measure!

    laceypennieslaceypenniesDay ago
  • Thought it was Terry Crews 🤣

    AplexAplexDay ago
  • This could be one of the most liberating moments in humanity

    Tan Le Star Wars Woman,Coruscant Jedi Tan LeTan Le Star Wars Woman,Coruscant Jedi Tan LeDay ago
  • that is so terrible his story truly breaks my heart

    Abby MolterAbby MolterDay ago
  • He praised his way through it all😭

    Tani AkinmoladunTani AkinmoladunDay ago
  • เขาร้องเพลง หรือ เล่าเรื่อง อะไร? ครับ..ช่วยแปลหน่อย...คริๆๆ

    Toon-c TapeeToon-c TapeeDay ago
  • He can’t be innocent if I’m not tripping he seems like exactly like the guy who was sexually harassing peaches on live

    RngGunah GamingRngGunah GamingDay ago
    • It is him!! Smh

      Indigenous SquadIndigenous Squad25 minutes ago
    • IT IS HIM

      Macintosh :hj BallMacintosh :hj Ball11 hours ago
    • HE IS!!

      bwoonibwooniDay ago
  • He's so strong, so talented, wish such an amazing personality. This man deserves the world

    cry1ng cl0udscry1ng cl0udsDay ago
  • I’m crying 😭 right now it’s so sad 😞 pray for him

    The Ja'el ShowThe Ja'el ShowDay ago
  • Amazing black people

    Hartobpri PrihartobHartobpri PrihartobDay ago
  • YEAH SCIENCE!!!!! glad you're free my man

    Peter GeanacopulosPeter GeanacopulosDay ago
  • To be honest his smile was adorable

    HazzaloupaynoDJzayn niallthechurchboyHazzaloupaynoDJzayn niallthechurchboyDay ago
  • Man 48 seconds in tearing up cause 37 years of his life was wasted.

    HazzaloupaynoDJzayn niallthechurchboyHazzaloupaynoDJzayn niallthechurchboyDay ago
  • Wow man....this is yea...amazing

    Dj KidDj KidDay ago
  • his crying voice is very beautiful

    Moch Nuril FuadMoch Nuril FuadDay ago
  • Raw talent. Such a good soul.

    tipperary linkstipperary linksDay ago
  • I want to donate money to this survivor

    Raphael GentesRaphael GentesDay ago
  • I could feel his emotions...i cold literally see him suffering inside... Hes still sad

    A.R.M.Y. Adorable Representative MC for YouthA.R.M.Y. Adorable Representative MC for YouthDay ago
  • How can you watch this without tears?! 😭

    Susan SlaterSusan SlaterDay ago
  • Many blessing Archie William...Indonesia hear with heart.

  • This man does not sing, he feels the music, he lives the music, he overflows the music. I'm impressed.

    Jorge AntonioJorge AntonioDay ago
  • Man, you are one beautiful human being.

    AS YTAS YTDay ago
  • Such a heartbreaking story he is not a sinner but got treated like one damm this law just because they needed someone in a sell they put a innocent man in hell law need to be punished This man story needs to be a movie that kind of movies we need not a porno in the clothes of a movie those stupid people makes saying ohhh its freedom!!! Like wtf (O_o)?? Is freedom getting naked and showing body parts????

    Roky ಠ_ಠRoky ಠ_ಠDay ago
  • Many falsely in prison still

    michelle thomasmichelle thomasDay ago
  • Love you ARCHIE..

    billy nabessbilly nabessDay ago
  • He is a wise man. I feel so terrible that this happened. Not that it will make things better, but I hope they compensated him. He is such an inspirational man. I love his voice. It's not perfect, but it's real. 🙏 I actually just saw where he was on the Steve Harvey Show.

    Elizabeth SealsElizabeth SealsDay ago
  • His voice is so sweet and soothing. Like, I would go to sleep to his albums.

    Almond MilkAlmond MilkDay ago
  • رجاء الترجمه حتى نفتهم...

    Sara SaraSara SaraDay ago
  • For a second i thought that was terry

    Winter Day canabWinter Day canabDay ago
  • What a beautiful soul

    Anna MonroeAnna MonroeDay ago
  • 😢 😭 soo sad yet powerful and touching legit teary rn

    Kevin FKevin FDay ago
  • none of the prints matched and three people testified for you, but they wanted someone to pay? so they just gave up and threw you in jail? .... thats messed up.

    nathan fyocknathan fyock2 days ago
  • I wouldnt even hit the dislike button if you gave me a billion dollars

    Peter PwterPeter Pwter2 days ago
  • So very deeply sorry for what WE did to YOU. So very grateful for every ONE who helped you find your way home. They didn’t break you. Hallelujah.🙏

    I MariI Mari2 days ago
  • From 1 to 10 he is a 4 singing wise..........

    flowersandcandy flowersandcandyflowersandcandy flowersandcandy2 days ago
  • Just hearing him speak about what he went through. Hearing the hurt in his voice, damn near hurt me, as if I went through it. Dude is strong willed. Much love from Detroit, MI.✊🏾💯

    Michael McCraryMichael McCrary2 days ago
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    Jay KuzembaJay Kuzemba2 days ago
  • he went out on my birthday. this just shows how important days for us can be important days for others too

    Zainab KhambatiZainab Khambati2 days ago
  • He sing with all his heart his reaction with every word very amazing and sad he put all his bad circumstances and his miserable life he went through in this performance I really felt his words hit my heart I can't stop imagine and feeling his bad life

    Halah IhsanHalah Ihsan2 days ago