Top 10 Most Awkward Ellen Moments

Feb 16, 2020
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The most awkward Ellen moments are impossible to look away from, no matter how hard you try. For this list, we’ll only be considering uncomfortable moments with Ellen’s celebrity guests, as there’s only so much awkwardness we can handle in one list. Our countdown includes Whole Jessica Simpson interview, Kanye’s rant, when Ellen cooked with Giada De Laurentiis, and more! MsMojo looks over the most awkward Ellen moments. Which Ellen moment made you cringe? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Check out our featured song: "Running In Circles" by CitySol!

    MsMojoMsMojo3 months ago
    • MsMojo put the year of each interview in each clip please, it’s so annoying, otherwise great job.

      ToddyToddyMonth ago
    • NepGamer_ Purple Heart your not normal

      PewDiePie is number 1PewDiePie is number 1Month ago
    • Seriously do you guys know these bands personally and your trying to be nice !? Cuz they all suck and it seems like you guys are just trying to be nice and get their crappy music out there !? Lol

      skytrooper77skytrooper772 months ago
    • kim zolciak vs sheree whitsfield should be on top 1

      N LN L2 months ago
    • Stop existing

      PewDiePie is number 1PewDiePie is number 13 months ago
  • I think we all forget that Ellen is an Aquarius

    Tierra ThompsonTierra Thompson16 hours ago
  • I don’t see any of the rudeness or indifference everyone seems to want to tear down Ellen, for. With the exception of a few instances where, there are some might call, “uncomfortable moments” i.e. with, K. Jenner, W. Williams or D. Barrymore.. There’s bound to be occasional times of a difference of opinion or something going slightly south when you’ve been on the air, on one platform for many years and created thousands of shows, thousands of top rated shows, year after year. It’s Ellen’s craft of sarcastic, playful and sometimes goofy and over the top, style of talk show she’s had since day 1, with J. Aniston. Ellen has never made fun of her guests in a malicious manner, and contrary to what others have said, she’s poked fun at herself many of times! It’s all for the audiences in the studio and home audiences. What she dose is not easy, if it were, then everyone who’s tried their hand at it, would be as successful with the sale longevity. And, that’s NOT the case. She’s done something very right for a long time.. It’s always the same, some few people have a negative thing to say about someone, then a few more follow, and then, sadly enough, some more followers. If as a new guest, you come on to Ellens show with unrealistic high expectations of her, and then claim to be disappointed after meeting Ellen, well that’s obviously due to the internal misguided feelings of insecurities or unhappiness of the guest and certainly not the responsibility of the Host, in this case Ellen. No, to me, this is just another one of those sad times in someone’s career where, society loves to build you up, so far up, and without warning, those same people have to tear you down. It’s just time, Ellen. There is nothing you could have done or prepared yourself for it. It’s a reset of sorts. You have expired. Now it’s time to start the whole process all over again with another starry-eyed hopeful.. Society> NEXT..?

    Manuel ArandaManuel Aranda2 days ago
  • She used to be cool, now she hangs out with the kardashians and George bush and her latest stand up was not funny and every joke was about how rich she was :/ but I think she’s a good Person, the Fame just got into her head

    Annie RAnnie R5 days ago
  • Holy shit my heart dropped when taylor swift yelled “stop it stop it stop!!” She’s so genuinely upset and ellen just does NOT notice or care. That moment is up there with mariah carey’s pregnancy “reveal” on how horrible ellen is just on camera

    Alison ThimmeschAlison Thimmesch7 days ago
  • ELLen stinKy

    King CheemsKing Cheems7 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="353">5:53</a> I’m not scared but this laugh disturbs me

    Chloe HaywardChloe Hayward7 days ago
  • I'm pretty sure the zac and taylor and ellen thing was scripted before hand

    Autumn OrozcoAutumn Orozco7 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="568">9:28</a> that is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen😂

    mason hoopermason hooper10 days ago
  • Ellen is a disgusting woman

    Juan EguiaJuan Eguia11 days ago
  • Wow. I knew Ellen was a piece of shit but what she did with poor Taylor Swift.....that’s FUCKED.

    Zac ManZac Man11 days ago
  • I have just read Jessica Simpson’s autobiography and what she was going through while pushed to do this interview. It makes me understand her so much more. It’s a fantastic book, people should give it a go

    Scott ReadingScott Reading12 days ago
  • Is it me or does mojo make way too much of this nonsense

    R RamplingR Rampling14 days ago
  • Why does she dress like a guy??

    david nicholsdavid nichols14 days ago
  • You all thought this was a decent person? Suckers

    RedRed14 days ago
  • Most of these aren't that bad.

    Rachel WritesRachel Writes14 days ago
  • Look, say whatever you want about and to another adult; critique, debate, argue, disagree, grill, spar WHATEVER, as long as it’s adult to adult and about adults. But kids? KIDS ARE ABSOLUTELY OFF LIMITS. YOU DO NOT CRITIQUE OTHER PEOPLE’S KIDS. Celine was 💯 in the right for defending her child and pushing back on Ellen’s poor choice of critique and comment. If Ellen had children, she would know you don’t do that. It’s low and has the stench of bullying and can be a very hurtful thing to do. All good parent know this and would never talk negatively like this about someone’s children, ESPECIALLY on a TV show where it lives forever and they could see it. Not only do good parents know this fact, most people who don’t have kids know it too. Was very disappointed in Ellen in that particular moment. She hit a low with that one. Kids are off limits. For the record, and before people try to spin my comment, I’m a lesbian who’s married to a wonderful wife and we have three wonderful children. I’m speaking as a conscientious, loving parent, and my comment has nothing to do with Ellen being gay. It has to do with the fact that KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS when it comes to critiques, criticisms, and trash talking.

    Rebecca HopkinsRebecca Hopkins15 days ago
  • I don’t know why there are so many negative comments on Ellen. But I completely agree with some of them now that I’ve read them and she is a pretty annoying. She’s done a lot and I’m thankful for that but I understand the comments now tbh

    STanimationSTanimation15 days ago
  • Uh...

    _starlight_ bAy_starlight_ bAy15 days ago
  • Why am I watching this it’s 2am

    Vanessa BVanessa B15 days ago

    Katie LoveKatie Love15 days ago
  • I can't stand Ellen and her show....never could I don't understand how ppl even watch it.

    Dina StrangeDina Strange16 days ago
  • I don't know how people are still comfortable commenting on other peoples' children. Especially over something as insignificant as hair length.

    Andrew CannonAndrew Cannon16 days ago
  • Guys they get paid for this

    Precious BramorPrecious Bramor16 days ago
  • So who else kept pausing and playing bcs how cringy it is and can't believe that it actually happened

    Willow GrayWillow Gray16 days ago
  • Kanye is such a jackass

    beuhtrixbeuhtrix17 days ago
  • The bully that is Ellen DeGeneres is being exposed and I am HERE FOR IT. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Chelsea DePaloChelsea DePalo17 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="569">9:29</a> Says the person who has befriended a republican on the pretense of being kind to those with varying opinions...

    Idonae WhiteIdonae White17 days ago
  • I legit don’t see how Giada was condescending. That may just be me but I legit don’t see it

    PCF MMIIIPCF MMIII17 days ago
  • Ellen super rude Jessica whilst perhaps drunk friendly bubbly and nice. Shame on you Ellen!

    OgilberryOgilberry17 days ago
  • I think the most cringe award goes to Mojo videos and how they rank their stuff and the chick's voiceover

    Ballers For LifeBallers For Life18 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="692">11:32</a> whoever started the clap saved the day to end the whole conversation... Not Ellen

    Ballers For LifeBallers For Life18 days ago
  • I’m sorry! Wendy Williams looks like a blow-up doll!! She’s disgusting to look at, even more when she opens her filthy mouth! You know what’s been in that blow-up doll mouth 😆 The breast enhancement surgeon made a cut above her naval horizontally and put the hose in & pumped her upper body full of silicon - forgot to divide it in two, it wraps around her body - well, as blow-up doll 👍

    Lynne DareLynne Dare18 days ago
  • Wanna hear a Joke??, Okay & Three guys were stuck in a burning building. "Ellen DeGeneres", "Kanye West", and "Caitlyn Jenner"...

    Chris71379Chris7137920 days ago
  • Kanye's voice is weird, he sounds like a little boy

    ReapedSpartanReapedSpartan20 days ago
  • Ellen is not a nice can actually see it on this compilation.....

    Steve WSteve W22 days ago
  • Ellen's fake personality

    Pablo UrquietaPablo Urquieta22 days ago
  • Ellen is FAKE AF!! Why do people still watch her?🙄

    Linda SlatteryLinda Slattery23 days ago
  • Helen stinks alot thank you nice info

    Florian CarvalhoFlorian Carvalho23 days ago
  • Loved Ryan putting the bingo dabber away lol

    Isabella GuastoIsabella Guasto25 days ago
  • The Taylor swift one wasn't that awkward and seems scripted actually. The whole list was weak sauce guys

    Jackbro82Jackbro8225 days ago
  • I don't think taylor dated zack?...Ellen know she need to leave her alone, lol.

    Courtney HarmonCourtney Harmon25 days ago
  • The beginning of the video shows Hillary Clinton dancing like an old white woman. To have her on a show is not only despicable but is outrageously undefined. She is a proven liar or a proven crooked politician a proven destroyer of any evidence that the government could’ve found against her and quite possibly a murderer and a killer. As far as Jessica Simpson there is nothing negative you can say about her she has a normal body she is not starving herself to look like a 10-year-old boy and not only is she “thick” and curvaceous like a real woman should , she actually is extremely bright for a natural blonde. And yes we all agree nobody likes Ellen at all especially the funky little shaken her body at the beginning Of her show that she calls dancing, like a 20 yo younger Hillary!

    Sevin StoreySevin Storey26 days ago
  • I totally agree.. Kanye doesn't think. what's the point?? nothing but air and ego rolling around up there

    Heather WardHeather Ward26 days ago
  • She's still on but Katie Couric's show got cancelled after two seasons...

    littlebird96littlebird9626 days ago
  • Don’t forget when she invited Kylie for her billionaire interview and then made fun of her then right after started tugging on her hair and showed the audience while Kylie sat there so uncomfortably.

    k pk p26 days ago
  • I'd like to point out, as a conservative, right wing Republican, that to insinuate the majority of us would vote against LGBTQ rights is incredibly presumptuous & simply inaccurate. Belonging to one end of the political spectrum does not mean that one strictly adheres to every assumed side of an issue. Even many who may disagree with LGBTQ on an ethical, moral or religious basis, would not vote against their freedoms and rights. Some right/left wing ideologies do tend to carry the majority based on political preference such as abortion or 2nd amendment rights but we really ought not judge or assume a persons full perspective based alone on these kinds of issues!

    Aspen WillowAspen Willow27 days ago
  • Guys let’s not be too hard on Ellen okay she’s just going through a lot of shit we all are Because of you know what I hope Ellen can see this comment Because all I want to say to her is that you need to take a break from all this get some rest spend time with Portia and just do stuff that you enjoy

    Stewie GriffinStewie Griffin27 days ago
  • Kanye scares me

    Jada StokesJada Stokes28 days ago
  • Ellen is a comedian first. Second she's a host, because she's a comedian!

    steven phil and lawrencesteven phil and lawrence28 days ago
  • Short of surgical reassignment, Ellen's male look and manner of dress gets weirder by the day.

    Blue SkiesBlue Skies28 days ago
  • She comes after guests that don't match her views and bans them from the show, while hanging with Gorge W Bush and saying that not all your friends have to have the same views. Not cool Ellen not cool at all

    Александар-М ЈанкоскиАлександар-М Јанкоски28 days ago
  • what is this stupid shit and why do I keep watching these videos

    Whateverworks.Whateverworks.29 days ago
  • What’s a Bingo dauber? Do you mean Bingo DABBER? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

    DreamWeaverDreamWeaver29 days ago
  • She’s evil and will get exposed very soon

    XRobbyX151XRobbyX15129 days ago
  • Kanye needs mental help. If he was smart enough he would try to be a cult leader

    Mariah ChappelMariah Chappel29 days ago
  • 👎👎👎👎Ellen DeGeneres 🤮

    Mateo PeriniMateo Perini29 days ago
  • Am I the only one who thinks the Justin Bieber to Ellen comparison isn’t that bad like they paint it out to be?

    OreoPuffs AnimationOreoPuffs AnimationMonth ago
  • Wow she went way to far

    Brandy DickensBrandy DickensMonth ago
  • I have never seen that clip with Taylor Swift. I feel so bad for her.....omg, I wish I could give her a offensive & rude of an adult women towards a teenage girl

    Yesenia RamosYesenia RamosMonth ago
  • I was thinking as soon as she opened her mouth, that she sounds drunk.

    Jessica WatsonJessica WatsonMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="273">4:33</a> ellen i like you but she is literally crying you are torturing her

    teach basicsteach basicsMonth ago
  • Kanye who?

    jake olsonjake olsonMonth ago
  • You forgot about BTS...

    Tiff QTiff QMonth ago
  • I swear to God if this is narration and irrelevant clips after the ad ima be pissed

    oDannyMitchellooDannyMitchelloMonth ago
  • Gosh, I feel so bad for Taylor, nobody deserves that... Ellen made her cry!!!!!!!!!

    Lexie RoseLexie RoseMonth ago
  • So annoying. Is that all she do, does it make her better and happy being excited and enjoying directing people with their flaws. Now I know I never want to watch her show. I think is the fame and money make her head big and rude, easy anger, mean. so pissed. Yes you celebs show her she's not always relevant and doesn't control her job.

    Queenie BlancaQueenie BlancaMonth ago
  • Ellen and her pro Hilary stance. Ellen has no morals....anyone who’s pro Hilary must definitely have some connection to the pedo gang. I cant wait for that day to come, when most of Hollywoods will be behind bars!!!

    Stripes CodeStripes CodeMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="566">9:26</a> she is not an advocate for our community

    Claudia BolañosClaudia BolañosMonth ago
  • Long hair is part of other countries culture. I don’t know why white people find it weird when they see a boy with long hair. Other countries find it beautiful.

    _ OneLove_ OneLoveMonth ago
  • Lol we gonna ignore when she tried to put Mariah Carey for being pregnant by making her drink alcohol... and Mariah has a miscarriage

    yasyasMonth ago
  • She’s so rude!!!! I genuinely believe she has narcissistic tendencies

    Camel SpiderCamel SpiderMonth ago
  • Oh My...

    Alex YtAlex YtMonth ago
  • I must not get awkward, I rarely see it & here is no exception.

    Jordan PetersJordan PetersMonth ago
  • Taylor looked like she was going to cry.

    Roary NymeriaRoary NymeriaMonth ago
  • Seeing Taylor cry for her to stop I felt so bad and realized how bad of a person she is to Tay . Ps can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL Tay Tay is!?

    zoeseditszoeseditsMonth ago
  • For me Jessica’s Simpson interview was the most awkward ever

    Claudio CastClaudio CastMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a> why

    Makenzie JenningsMakenzie JenningsMonth ago
  • I think the Celine thing should be WAAAYYY higher on this list honestly. You could tell Celine was not happy. Some other clips people are kinda awkward or uncomfortable but with Celine you could tell she was genuinely pissed off and annoyed.

    Kaylee RuizKaylee RuizMonth ago
  • Ellen is a vile mean girl. Glad people are genuinely beginning to realise this fact now.

    Danielle CoppackDanielle CoppackMonth ago