Gypsy Girl Is Cheated On By Her Fiancé 3 Days Before The Wedding | Gypsy Brides US

Oct 20, 2020
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Lotti and Courtney are organising their double wedding when Courtney's fiancé Denny has his stag party and cheats on her with a stripper.
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  • 7:34 *baby* 👁👄👁

    Min YoongiMin Yoongi2 hours ago
  • the mother is an asshole, but if he truly loves her, it doesn’t matter the situation, he shouldn’t cheat.

    Queen Of TrollsQueen Of Trolls3 hours ago
  • Karma is a bitch. Everybody gets there's

    Virtue_91Virtue_918 hours ago
  • Da Fakkah jus Downgraded The stripper looks UGLY ASF 🤮🤢 Doesnt even have a life either 💀

    jerryann timothyjerryann timothy11 hours ago
  • Omg they will all be related

  • Wow Karen vs Karen but Danny and his family is like a rotten apple + cigarettes

    Cesar LimonCesar LimonDay ago
  • Lottie is such a real one. The fact she stayed by Courtney's side and did not turn her back once says so much about her character and makes me wonder if she truly is part of that disgusting family.

    MaDiGra ForysMaDiGra ForysDay ago
  • He’s trash. Him and his mama. She dodged a bullet for real! Btw, if anyone has an update on any of these people let me know! 😂😂

    Kania HankstonKania HankstonDay ago
  • Oppppppp why boy

    Samara SilimonSamara SilimonDay ago
  • wtf the guy he is like ok i will Chet on her i wish she chets on him and he knows what he did

    Diamond RubyDiamond RubyDay ago
  • These people give trailer trash a bad name.

    Louis KleinermanLouis KleinermanDay ago
  • She aint good enough? He has a fucking flip phone.

    HarlieHarlotHarlieHarlotDay ago
  • and the poor baby is just unable to escape this mess

    Haley MorrisonHaley MorrisonDay ago
  • but why did the cousin run to him like a girlfriend would

    Haley MorrisonHaley MorrisonDay ago
  • Trailer trash in the trailer park! Hes not a catch hes convict and a pretty boy! So the this is not the first time that he cheated on her. Just the first time with a girl.

    Amanda RaurkAmanda RaurkDay ago
  • I have never wanted to fight a man more

    Hailey MackeHailey Macke2 days ago
  • Wjat fucked is they planned this together now one of them gets to get married while the other just got cheated on that so sad

    Hailey MackeHailey Macke2 days ago
  • Savage like he is where who knows who's watching in 2020

    Diamond fantasy_Life squadDiamond fantasy_Life squad2 days ago
  • Garbage people.

    Brian RuddellBrian Ruddell2 days ago
  • For all those kids sakes, I hope this was at least partly staged for TV.

    AdamantiumAdamantium2 days ago
  • I clicked so fast when I read three days before the wedding like child

    whyareyoureadingthis gracewhyareyoureadingthis grace2 days ago

    iidqnielqqiidqnielqq3 days ago
  • That poor fat little baby!

    C CC C3 days ago
  • 0:35 sounds confusing? no actually its pretty straightforward trash

    ss3 days ago
  • The Baby was like 👁👄👁

    YSL RojoYSL Rojo3 days ago
  • That's some .u.s.d.a prime comedy

    Alex ShefferAlex Sheffer3 days ago
  • Danny is the worst man I have ever seen Danny’s mother sould have been the one that was arrested.

    Lily Hyman StudiosLily Hyman Studios3 days ago
  • Poor baby

    Christy CollinsChristy Collins3 days ago
  • Anyone else think limmos are glitches

    looks with lillylooks with lilly3 days ago
  • Now that’s what I call ✨toxic✨

    Abbi JacksonAbbi Jackson4 days ago
  • The definition of true aspiration for a girl - spending your welfare on a limo for your cousin/incest when he is released from prison. God Bless Murica.

    James HarrisonJames Harrison4 days ago
  • Who pays for all this shit?Taxpayers?

    B NyobB Nyob4 days ago

    rayanna tejadarayanna tejada4 days ago
  • Narrator feels like she's narrating for Animal Planet!

    Utkarsh LakhmaniUtkarsh Lakhmani4 days ago
  • When he was smiling through everything I felt like I wanted to scream at him

    Katelyn ZackKatelyn Zack4 days ago
  • That police is crazy too.. damn they should arrest the mom of the cheater... she is crazy like shit.. 💩 She is making noice or whatever that girl got arrested for.. smh. I would be ashamed of her is she was my mom! Crazy shit over here. I hope she and her family are good now and that they don't have any contact with those...... people

    Sanne van HeusdenSanne van Heusden4 days ago
  • Both sides, no class at All!

    pigrot777pigrot7774 days ago
  • Please tell me the girl in the grey with shit hair isn't the stripper .. she is more likely to get paid to put clothes on than off

    Leeanne EvisonLeeanne Evison4 days ago
  • That fat baby is unphased by the screaming.

    ET MET M4 days ago
  • She’s marrying that old man?

    ET MET M4 days ago
  • I thought the 2 girls were getting married at first

    Random VinegarRandom Vinegar4 days ago
  • Was no one going to talk about that really fat baby haha

    Rae MarshalRae Marshal4 days ago
  • The mother in law is so immature

    chxs xmxchxs xmx5 days ago
  • Thats bad parenting

    EE5 days ago
  • I know this is going to probably make someone angry but I'm saying it anyway ladies out there man like the chase they like it when you make them work and beg for it they don't like it when you are clingy,to lovey dovey and calling constantly always needed to know where they are and with who just act like your not interested then when you know he loves you and you love him still do the same but just throw in a little love not clingy love or obsession love just love give him his space don't smother him ladies I know it sounds crazy but men love it when you make them chase them they like it when you act like a b***H

    Margaret PortilloMargaret Portillo5 days ago
  • This girl needs to just break it off with Danny he is not ready for marriage he cheated with someone he meet at his bachelor party I didn't say stripper cause I have no issues with woman who strip I see no problem with it they are beautiful but Danny does not have any respect for his fiance look at how he looked directly into the camera while hugged up with the girl he cheated with then he just walked away when his fiance was arrested I felt so bad for her she was screaming and crying for him to help her and he just walked away with the other woman if she married him she will have a lifetime of hurt and misery cause he will cheat again and his lack of respect for the girl he is supposed to marry in a few days is disgusting all he deserves is a woman who will do to him what he has done to his fiance

    Margaret PortilloMargaret Portillo5 days ago
  • p

    Josephine WardJosephine Ward5 days ago
  • omgosh danny u treated courtney likethat by cheating on her with a stripper

    Marissa WardMarissa Ward5 days ago
  • The fact that the Grandmother was holding the little baby and shouting off the top of her lungs didnt make the baby react in any way, concerned me. It seems like it must be a common occurence at home.

    Mr MarblesMr Marbles5 days ago
  • Look like a bunch of junkies

    Tiffany ReedTiffany Reed5 days ago
  • The fuck they arrest her for? It’s not like she was the one about to fight.

    Haiyku FanHaiyku Fan5 days ago
  • Well, “Momma knows best!” She knew her son would cheat! That speaks volumes about both of their characters. Sick.

    Tinker StinkerTinker Stinker5 days ago
  • I wanna smack the look off his face

    lilfruitsnacklilfruitsnack6 days ago
  • 7:25 the baby has a look like omg i cant believe im related to these shitheads

    iPeteriPeter6 days ago
  • How dare he do that to her 😠

    Ashley PearyAshley Peary6 days ago
  • Damn dad had a right Courtney’s family is sweet and so is her family Danny’s family needs to go drive off of a bridge....if their car makes it there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    JellyBelly BeanJellyBelly Bean6 days ago
  • the baby in the moms hand i just wanted to vibe dude stop yelling

    Allyson CasaresAllyson Casares6 days ago
  • That stripper looks like it’s not the first time she hooked up with a guy she met from the strip so I’m sure a week later she’ll be opening her legs to another man because she got bored of Danny but what can I say he deserves it

    RrrRrraqueleRrrRrraquele6 days ago
  • I've never been so mad at a 10 minute video. The girl deserves better!! The stripper ain't even cute, smh

    tobio kageyamatobio kageyama6 days ago
  • The poor baby

    Jess HJess H6 days ago
  • Wow who sets his own son with a stripper? This is not healthy. Also son doesn't take this wedding seriously, u know there is few days left for wedding and he goes hooking up with stripper, no conscience,no moral values. What's with this whole family fighting on streets, jeez.

    Namita RawatNamita Rawat6 days ago
  • I feel like they paid him to do that for the views.

    plumpgreyplumpgrey7 days ago
  • That family is fucked up for real her son is a convict and he cheated on his fiance with a stripper and he can do better bitch please you need Jesus

    Kristin TreharneKristin Treharne7 days ago
  • A disgrace how they call themselves Romani

    DraDra7 days ago
  • How naughty is TLC🤣

    Muskaan AuzimMuskaan Auzim7 days ago
  • That’s a chunky baby

    Chailey WickensChailey Wickens7 days ago
  • the neighborhors be like ✋👁👄👁🍿

    shaylee barrettshaylee barrett7 days ago
  • Classy bunch

    Regina135Regina1357 days ago
  • That poor baby, the mum screaming in its ear

    Talia MariaTalia Maria7 days ago
  • All thanks to that mom she saved the girl from marrying that.... What do i call him i hate cheaters

    Mysterious StrangerMysterious Stranger7 days ago
  • Wtf did I just see 😳😳😳😳

    Hi thereHi there7 days ago
  • His son is not good enough for her

    ana gonzalezana gonzalez7 days ago
  • Chunky baby🥰

    Afton NewcomeAfton Newcome7 days ago
  • 8 people screaming in the background *sparkly name appears in left corner*

    primarily bluprimarily blu7 days ago
  • Its either american or gypsy.. I-

    primarily bluprimarily blu7 days ago
  • This mess is stressful. How can people live life this? It's heartbreaking

    constantlyinloveconstantlyinlove8 days ago
  • 1:35

    Layz Is the bestLayz Is the best8 days ago
  • That cute fatty baby ya just completely ignore the other people and look at him hes soooooo cute. And f**k that guy sis , you way too good for that idiot.. Boys will be boys

    Darqweens 13Darqweens 138 days ago
  • Girl your cute you can get any man you want ✨

    ๖ۣۜM๖ۣۜM8 days ago
  • I have never seen such a fake police car lol

    KnxtrnKnxtrn8 days ago
  • "We're going to have the biggest wedding that ever hit this town." How did they work out for ya?

    Sweet PotatoSweet Potato8 days ago
  • 🤣🤣😂😂this make me laugh hard his girl so stupid he never want to married her he doesn’t even love her he loves more of the stripper

    Ezra JuarezEzra Juarez8 days ago
  • Mama sounds like she's smoked too many Pall Malls .

    Tammy AultTammy Ault8 days ago
  • Plot twist, she ends up with him anyway. 🥴🙄

    Paige MercerPaige Mercer8 days ago
  • These families are a trainwreck

    Tatiana PfalzTatiana Pfalz8 days ago
  • There's some really nice and beautiful places in NC. Asheville in the fall or Boone in Winter are gorgeous. This is not one of those places.

    Luke MillerLuke Miller8 days ago
  • You can do better sweetie. Better you know what kind of man he is before the wedding

    Linda FortLinda Fort8 days ago
  • What a great way to spend money.. on a limo to pick him up from jail 🙄

    Phil CPhil C8 days ago
  • He cheated on her with that stripper??, downgrade but then again she’s out of his league🤢

    Anal SenpaiAnal Senpai8 days ago
  • That's a lucky escape for the poor girl..the stripper wont last!

    Sandra TSandra T8 days ago
  • I don’t entirely understand why she got arrested surely the parents should have been and not her she didn’t really do anything she just stood awkwardly next to her ex fiancé who cheated on her

    Eva GibbsEva Gibbs8 days ago
  • Where do they get money for these extravagances?

    Gina FosterGina Foster8 days ago
  • that is the cutest baby ever but hes stuck with that poor family

    Shay BShay B8 days ago
  • discriminating against rumnies...

    Shay BShay B8 days ago
  • 7:32 that baby just chillin used to it

    hanshans8 days ago
  • those who do meth together, stay together

    hanshans8 days ago
  • Anyone gonna talk about the fact that Danny's mom was cussing while holding a damn baby? Also like yelling right next to the baby.

    NotVeqiizNotVeqiiz8 days ago
    • That's one of my biggest pet peeves, how yoy gonna stand there completely dressed holding a baby in just a diaper? Just disgusting

      Sharlene RodgersSharlene Rodgers4 days ago
    • A baby that she couldn't even be bothered to dress

      Sharlene RodgersSharlene Rodgers4 days ago
  • Omg this is way more intense than Romeo and Juliet

    Savannah MaleySavannah Maley9 days ago
  • All i can say is Ew

    AliAli9 days ago
  • I hope Danny’s family can read all these comments. What a trash family they are.

    Captain CaterpillarCaptain Caterpillar9 days ago