Tom Segura Discovers Bert Kreischer Drinks A Gallon Of Kool-Aid A Day | 2 Bears 1 Cave Highlight

Jun 30, 2020
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How would you react if you found out your best friend started the day with half a gallon container of Kool-Aid, and that they drink between 1-1.5 gallons of it DAILY?

  • Sooooooo..wait..take me through your morning 不不不不不不不不不不 -Tom

    KP 22KP 226 hours ago
  • Absolute gold.

    Ryan GRyan G12 hours ago
  • I laughed at the start... by the end I was just sad... This actually isn't funny if you think about it.

    jstucklessjstuckless12 hours ago
  • Bert: Look at the Vitamin C tho...Tom: Ya that's true (while sarcastically shaking his head in disbelief). Best fucking clip ever

    ChillGuy2076ChillGuy207615 hours ago
  • I work at UPS and theres this guy who drinks a gallon of milk throughout the shift Ill never understand it

    Bmccarth315Bmccarth31515 hours ago
    • GOMAD, worst gas ever

      cowboypenguincowboypenguin3 hours ago
  • He has DiaBertes

    Bush ChookBush ChookDay ago
  • 3rd most viewed clip on the whole channel in under 2 months

    Daniel ZealDaniel ZealDay ago
  • Snot bubbles

    Sock dreamsSock dreamsDay ago
  • This Billy Crystal fella is kinda dumb.

    BrokenGod Ent.BrokenGod Ent.Day ago
  • Just their laughs make me wanna laugh, shit

    AmberAmberDay ago
  • Ironic Tommy laughing about how much sugar is in Bert's koolaid while he's drinking an iced coffee haha, you fat pieces of shit love you

    Nicholas SmithNicholas SmithDay ago
  • This needs to be made into a cartoon. When Bert says, red at the beginning i can totally imagine him as a cartoon bear

    Zeta ReticuliZeta ReticuliDay ago
  • This made me sick to my stomach.

    Eric MartinEric MartinDay ago
  • Omg I love this. I love kool aid too... watered down

    Rocko BattinoRocko BattinoDay ago
  • He drinks 16x the serving suggestion holy shit.

    Mr. KMr. K2 days ago
  • To Berts credit red kool aid is delicious

    Big RizBig Riz2 days ago
  • You know it's funny when Bert starts sounding like he's getting force choked by Darth Vader

    XedimXedim2 days ago
  • Diabetes candidate...

    Load PullerLoad Puller2 days ago
  • This goes to prove that Bert is a really, really dumb person...... He is not going to live long...

    Abragini84Abragini842 days ago
  • i will never look at kool aid the same

    Aaron BowerAaron Bower3 days ago
  • 1:35 when Bert starting sounding like a balloon I fucking lost it

    PrettyboycatPrettyboycat3 days ago
  • That was stress laughter. There was therapeutic catharsis in that room xD

    Apollo SOLApollo SOL3 days ago
  • Bert says he hates saying how much he drinks but reveals these ludicrous things! Who the fuck does this? And he hates fans saying they are worried. How can't we be? This dude always says something that reminds you we need to appreciate him while he's still with us. 不

    Ice Kold KillaIce Kold Killa3 days ago
  • 5:01 Tom looks defeated. He just witnessed people die. It's over. No point in trying. 不

    Ice Kold KillaIce Kold Killa3 days ago
  • It's so hot, I'm and high and I'm sweating laughing so much. "I try to drink 2 of these a day." 唐唐唐

    Ice Kold KillaIce Kold Killa3 days ago
  • I haven't seen them laugh this much in ages! So contagious! 不不

    Ice Kold KillaIce Kold Killa3 days ago
  • Just for a bit of perspective-- 120 oz of kool-aid has 75% of your recommended daily carb intake and almost 500% of recommended vitamin c and 225 grams of sugar. Complete madness. EVERY DAY?!?

    Kyle RudmanKyle Rudman3 days ago
  • Anytime you see a fat guy laugh you cant but feel joy nvm when theres two of them

    Frank WoolridgeFrank Woolridge3 days ago
  • nothing is said, literally. Its like 7min of laughing....

    Its Called TrollingIts Called Trolling3 days ago
  • Sharkleberry Fin for Life

    Julian RodriguezJulian Rodriguez3 days ago
  • The head shake and snort after the shower in the pool comment, Toms accepting that Berts on the spectrum

    John SmithJohn Smith3 days ago
  • If America was a person, it would be Bert

    Tript BhattTript Bhatt3 days ago
  • I'm starting to think that bert is secretly black

    SolarSolar3 days ago
  • Jesus Christ, when he started describing his day past running 4 miles, I almost died of laughter. Good god.

    AndrewAndrew4 days ago
  • I freaking LOVE these guys

    Alex BlackburnAlex Blackburn4 days ago
  • 0:09 The look Tom gives the clock when Bert says Koolaid is the start of something beautiful

    Dylan ToddDylan Todd4 days ago
  • Bert with the real gallon challenge.

    Andrew LinkAndrew Link4 days ago
  • I don't understand how Bert thrived into adulthood.

    Pimp Daddy SmackPimp Daddy Smack4 days ago
  • Burt drinks more coolaid in one week than all of jonestown ever did

    KoaKoa4 days ago
  • How do I get to the level where I just get to sit on ass and rip on my friends and have the best time?

    Mike NealMike Neal4 days ago
  • I'm going to have to order some Kool Aid now to try it out

    ElemintElemint4 days ago
  • 6:45 the look Tom gives Bert is like come on man.

    Shawn SamsundarShawn Samsundar4 days ago
  • Bert really consumes 400 grams of sugar a day. Seeeeesh.

    Tom CollinsTom Collins4 days ago

    sabosabo4 days ago
  • bert sounds like a rubber dog toy

    sabosabo4 days ago
  • He would be in good shape if he just cut out the Koolaide

    Ferret -007Ferret -0075 days ago
  • Right around the point where bert says "I try to drink 2 of them" you can hear the producers in the background cackling so hard Bert and Toms mics even pick it up

    Connor HanleyConnor Hanley5 days ago
  • Felt like I was there lmao I couldnt stop laughing.

    Yaji GYaji G5 days ago
  • That's why he looks like the Koolaid man. Especially when he sun burns

    Fitness FrankFitness Frank5 days ago
  • Bert sounds like dying wildlife when laughing hard.

    Michael Richard JnrMichael Richard Jnr5 days ago
  • The fact that Tom immediately starts laughing again after drinking it tells so much

    Loki MarcusLoki Marcus5 days ago
  • Wow, Bret is simple, Tom is great and crew big ups!

    Ill PiipIll Piip5 days ago
  • The genuine shock and slow realization by Tom here is amazing.

    Antics SemanticsAntics Semantics5 days ago
  • 3:27 Berts laugh sounds like a chicken giving birth

    FavJamFavJam5 days ago
  • Bert is America, the person. This man is shameless. 不

    Eric BerkelmansEric Berkelmans5 days ago
  • All things aside he needs to stop that its not quirky

    SuperBrendanSuperBrendan5 days ago
  • Is it still such a big surprise he was accidentally dosed?

    Chris PuckettChris Puckett5 days ago
  • I could hear berts donkey laugh at a funeral and I think I would still lose it..!!

    Chas BallChas Ball5 days ago
  • Wish I could enjoy that even close to as much as these 2 lmao.

    Chas BallChas Ball5 days ago
  • Bunch of moo-moos.

    op mcginyop mcginy6 days ago
  • Why did they both look at the t.v at 0:10 seconds?

    Furphy LiveslifeFurphy Liveslife6 days ago
  • I already drank two BROOOO 儭儭儭拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎

    Steven GonzalezSteven Gonzalez6 days ago
  • 2 grown men laughing their ass off at kool aid for 5 minutes

    Emile Simard-TremblayEmile Simard-Tremblay6 days ago
  • The vitamin c tho

    Muscular CavalierMuscular Cavalier6 days ago
  • Bert's laugh just keeps getting more ridiculous

    Ridley broRidley bro6 days ago
  • At least he ran four miles I guess. Double coffee before probably isnt the greatest.

    a 6a 66 days ago
  • I wanna know how much sugar is in toms starfucks

    a 6a 66 days ago
  • So basically bert is consuming like 2-3 cups of sugar a day on koolaid. What the fuck man.

    a 6a 66 days ago
  • Two psychopaths

    a 6a 66 days ago
  • I almost forgot to watch this today

    MultiChaosHunterMultiChaosHunter6 days ago
  • how would i react? not like that

    Vipul DoshiVipul Doshi6 days ago
  • My favorite part is 3:39

    Dylan DunlapDylan Dunlap6 days ago
  • Not to mention the cancer causing color Red40 thats probably in it Bert we want you around longer my dude

    PhoFighterPhoFighter6 days ago
  • We all know its Cherry...but Bert's response is also correct.

    Drake PryceDrake Pryce6 days ago
  • Tom with a concerned look on his face, you drink koolaid every day? Bert completely serious, yeah probably 120 oz

    Caleb ParkerCaleb Parker7 days ago
  • If she knows about this kool-aide habit Bert's wife needs to apologize for making a big deal about Ari dosing Bert....Bert about to catch that sugar foot real quick if he doesn't cut this out

    Alex MyersAlex Myers7 days ago
  • I dont think Ive laughed this hard at something in a really long time

    Caleb ParkerCaleb Parker7 days ago
  • Bert said "Red!" Like a fucking 3 year old

    Dillon CobbDillon Cobb7 days ago
  • Ive watched this clip everyday for 2 weeks

    Max HeithmarMax Heithmar7 days ago
  • So high, caught the giggles

    Zevin BulkaZevin Bulka7 days ago
  • Im not from the US, why is this so funny?

    DGaller85DGaller857 days ago

    JohynJohyn7 days ago
  • 2:39. If we all had a friend that laughed as hard and as pure as the guy in the background...

    Russell ThompsonRussell Thompson7 days ago
  • Just hearing Bert laugh kills me

    Steven SosebeeSteven Sosebee7 days ago
  • This podcast makes me understand where berts dad is coming from more and more

    Ethan EckEthan Eck7 days ago
    • Its his fault as well.

      posteadorposteador5 days ago
  • seventeen

    Yuna MyungYuna Myung7 days ago
  • This man showers in a pool?!?!? Lmaoo

    Eagle PrideEagle Pride7 days ago
  • Purplesaurus Rex is the greatest Kool-Aid flavor of all-time. Fight me.

    Jason BeardJason Beard8 days ago
  • You know Bert is a true Florida Man when showers in the pool

    ty lukety luke8 days ago
  • im dying here.....omg

    Doug LewisDoug Lewis8 days ago
  • before it starts they already laughing u know its gonna br good

  • Bert is a real life Homer Simpson. I wouldnt be surprised if he ate waffle wrapped butter.

    ShinRyojinShinRyojin8 days ago
    • I still envy that recipe from The Heretic

      Matt SkucasMatt Skucas3 days ago
  • I watch this when I've had a bad day and it cheers me up every single time without fail.

    PotWeedKushPotWeedKush9 days ago
    • @Dobromir Raynov Watched that also very funny

      PotWeedKushPotWeedKush6 days ago
    • check out For Jennifer Aniston's Safety - 2 Bears 1 Cave Highlight

      Dobromir RaynovDobromir Raynov8 days ago
  • funhaus

    Alexander EvaAlexander Eva9 days ago
  • Do you like watching to full grown men laugh for 5 minutes straight? This is the video for you!

    Buildin_N_PreppinBuildin_N_Preppin9 days ago
  • I can't stop watching this - why is it the best thing on the internet? why? WHY?

    M JM J9 days ago
  • I'm so confused on how there's "low calorie" koolaid when you add the sugar yourself...don't YOU determine the calories? Or is he shoving like 9 of those packs it supposed to put in a 16 ounce bottle?

    JCWJCW9 days ago
    • I think its the synthetic Kool Aid powder packets like Crystal Light. I dont think its old skool Kool aid where you add a cup.of sugar etc.

      Darcy PhillipsDarcy Phillips5 days ago
    • Exactly. Im bettin he doesnt mix that shit with no sugar, and the flavor packet is pretty low on sugar i believe.

      a 6a 66 days ago
  • This 1 clip is funnier than 99% of all podcasts and specials

    PJMPJM9 days ago
  • Bert loves cool aid cuz his body is use to having high sugar levels from all the alcohol

    Alex RodriguezAlex Rodriguez9 days ago
  • I'm at 4:55 and it's been 96% two grown men laughing about kool aid and I love it!

    A WA W9 days ago