Shopping Cart Pusher Can't Stop Hitting Cars

Oct 22, 2020
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  • Hey! I recorded that single-celled organism eating another cell, if you want to see more you can check; And we also have a USkeys channel; Thank you so much! -James Weiss

    Jam's GermsJam's GermsMonth ago
    • ok

      PickledEggPickledEgg56 minutes ago
    • Sick

      AliAli3 days ago
    • Wow

      ItachiItachi6 days ago
    • Cool

      ItachiItachi6 days ago
    • looked familiar

      SquirrelSquirrel9 days ago
  • "You Cant Defeat Me" "I know, but he can." 1:05

    peanut oilpeanut oil6 minutes ago
  • happy birthday Mr. DDOTI!!

    עפרי רוסעפרי רוסHour ago
  • Dont be lazy park your dream machine far out in the parking lot and be better off or be lazy and get up front where all the carts are...

    warren hallwarren hall2 hours ago
  • The wind is so strong that it can push the carts

    Leon Mapper And AnimatingLeon Mapper And Animating2 hours ago
  • Imagine the thousands of iconic moments that weren’t captured on camera and we will never be able to enjoy and laugh at

    Mike SMike S2 hours ago
  • Yoooo that pool party was too rowdy

    Lc HxnchoLc Hxncho2 hours ago
  • lmao sounds like leafy

    CamCam3 hours ago
  • After watching this channel I always feel better that is why this is on my stuff I do every day

    Liam RottkampLiam Rottkamp3 hours ago
  • This is YOUR daily dose of Internets...

    A Cat is fine tooA Cat is fine too4 hours ago
  • Poor guy

    Margaret hawleyMargaret hawley5 hours ago
  • Wow that guy who hit a disk into that thing is master 😮😮

    Movie Trailers ZoneMovie Trailers Zone11 hours ago
  • I live for the "later!" at the end of these videos.

    ThE BrOkEn GlAsS KiDsThE BrOkEn GlAsS KiDs15 hours ago
  • my man was just T posing. let him vibe in peace

    applejuiceapplejuice18 hours ago
  • Did anyone else make this their new background? 2:07

    Lemurjanjan The FirstLemurjanjan The FirstDay ago
  • I have already watched a year's worth of internet

    Spit FireSpit FireDay ago
  • What is the organism at the end though ?!!

    matt millermatt millerDay ago
  • 1:35 hr

    Mecca MadinaMecca MadinaDay ago
  • nobody gonna talk about the new species the fking last clip we gon die if that evolves to a animal

    zenytzenytDay ago
  • 2:02 why he have to paint the parts behind in the first place

    doel89doel89Day ago
  • Omg worst day ever for the cars

    Animal lover for lifeAnimal lover for lifeDay ago
  • That's why I cant work. I fail at everything I do even when I try my hardest

    BronzeTCGBronzeTCGDay ago
  • 🏂

    Damian Reyes AvilaDamian Reyes AvilaDay ago
  • that neighbour has some brain problems

    BS ShellyBS ShellyDay ago
  • Me on the ping pong disc on: man it’s the thought that coun. Him:😏. Me: Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne

    Osiah RiggsOsiah RiggsDay ago
  • something tells me that the shopping cart pusher wasn't missing...

    Rhys KingRhys KingDay ago
  • The guy pretending to be famous was cool

    TaxManTaxManDay ago
  • That dude with the wii was my from my old soccer club

    Brandon GrabowskiBrandon GrabowskiDay ago
  • If this painting still exists, where can I buy the original? Or am I out of my league? 2:08

    Nicholas DevineNicholas DevineDay ago
  • Ouch, that first video was hard to watch. This is why I NEVER park close to any shopping cart return. I just park further out and walk

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith2 days ago
  • So human extinction is a lot better wtf is wrong with people... Im talking about the changing of the art work @ 1:53

    Marion TruthMarion Truth2 days ago
  • He is all ready famous if he can hire them

    Charlie HiscoeCharlie Hiscoe2 days ago
  • 2:12 at first i thaught thus girl was getting bullied And then this guy is t-posing on a small whirlwind lol

    Reinne MujarReinne Mujar2 days ago
  • So what organism is that?

    Andrew HobackAndrew Hoback2 days ago
  • I thought it 3:11 was a squirrel under ice

    Ñø mørè łøvē Ñø mørēÑø mørè łøvē Ñø mørē2 days ago
  • Just imagine some guy park in the parking lot in his lamborghini and then went to the grocery store and then come but and then said to himself what happened to my car

    sayra mejia-negretesayra mejia-negrete2 days ago
  • 2:13 i need more information someone link me please

    Tun FathiTun Fathi2 days ago

    joshy wassojoshy wasso2 days ago
  • 2:06 'a lot better' ...deer rutting lmao

    SantosSantos2 days ago
  • pineapple pen

    Cxroline19Cxroline193 days ago
  • @0:24 that's what happens when you lack oxygen 😷

    Daisy KDaisy K3 days ago
  • Such a rowdy pool party

    elizaa schuylerelizaa schuyler3 days ago
  • Me when they guy put white paint on the nice painting: *ARGH!!!!!!!!!!AAAA U BUTTHEADDDD* Me when it was done: *:0*

    Justin Y.Justin Y.3 days ago
  • The shopping cart person must have a damn low iq person

    Alfred DingoworthAlfred Dingoworth3 days ago
  • What a serious rowdy pool party! Lmao😂🤣

    Ayush KumarAyush Kumar3 days ago
  • someone: why is your wii on the ping pong table that one guy: hold my beer

    nope not todaynope not today3 days ago
  • That pool party was the most rad thing I’ve seen

    Godly_GamingGodly_Gaming3 days ago
  • That’s A really rowdy party 😂

    TwoHundoPumpsTwoHundoPumps3 days ago
  • Ok, finally I've got only 4 hours to sleep, it's time to sleep. 😴

    Beatrice _Hr4Beatrice _Hr43 days ago
  • 2:12 m a g i c XD

    violet chapmanviolet chapman3 days ago
  • That would be beyond stressful

    BrightBonesBrightBones4 days ago
  • Damn that microscopic organisms has shown signs of potential danger for human. We must eradicate it before it turns into a giant leech in 20000 years.

    Capella AzariaCapella Azaria4 days ago
  • “Random man with bodyguards? Wo ho I don’t know this dude but I know he’s famous. I’m gonna get photos with that dude to impress my friends who HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE IS and I’m going to post it on the media for followers who HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE IS”

    GamingLANDLORD YTGamingLANDLORD YT4 days ago
  • give him a brake

    Caleb WXCaleb WX4 days ago
  • My neighbors are just like the pool party police lmao. Especially Cooz!

    Lotto Of LoveLotto Of Love4 days ago
  • 2:20 :the skater is good camera man:?

    Justine Richie AllasJustine Richie Allas4 days ago
  • Lol poor guy

    I’m stupidI’m stupid4 days ago
  • 2:20 me trying to do cool tricks in legend of zelda botw with a shield

    CrazyGamerCrazyGamer4 days ago
  • 1:52 cool

    Walmart506 AJ -Walmart506 AJ -4 days ago
  • 2:14 omg it’s Morro

    ClcskylandsClcskylands4 days ago
  • dude perfect bloopers be like 2:31

    username paswordusername pasword4 days ago
  • Christianity is a false religion, follow judiasm 🙏❤️

    Bobby lobbyBobby lobby4 days ago
  • I push carts at my job bro its harder than it looks

    Ap WhateverAp Whatever5 days ago
  • Thanks for making my day better.

    oliviaolivia5 days ago
  • That art piece was stunning.

    SpacebubbleSpacebubble5 days ago
  • 2:16 I did that before and it feels like you are god

    Muhammad Arhum KhokharMuhammad Arhum Khokhar5 days ago
  • Mr cart man: *throws hands into air* "iM FCkiNg DoNe"

    No OnwNo Onw5 days ago
  • Just imagine people just say that “IM A BIG FANS CAN I HAVE A PICTURE OMG”

    Ipad BrosIpad Bros5 days ago
  • 2:18 Random guy: “Tornado Jutsu!”

    Ibrahim SheikhIbrahim Sheikh5 days ago
  • If only the world could be better

    MCDONALDS unionMCDONALDS union5 days ago
  • I can't even throw a disc into the Wii

    ValentinaValentina5 days ago
  • This is my daily dose of internet

    PersistencePersistence6 days ago
  • The one where the cat is getting fired is so funny I'm dying lol.

    TheBestAtStrangeTheBestAtStrange6 days ago
  • If you pause it at 1:13 even wee-man had to take take a pic of this famous human

    Long beach CaLong beach Ca6 days ago
  • 2:09 that’s some Dr. Stone shit if I’ve ever seen it

    Orange JoeOrange Joe7 days ago
  • animal drawlings: 100%

    MinecraftMcnuggets DMinecraftMcnuggets D7 days ago
  • Damn I feel really bad for the shopping cart pusher

    Ron NasRon Nas7 days ago
  • 2:16 lol

    Darlene SepulvedaDarlene Sepulveda7 days ago
  • I'd have a rowdy pool party with that woman everyday of the week.

    Zim BornyZim Borny8 days ago
  • 2:07 man thats deep..

    lil boilil boi8 days ago
  • I wrangled empty shopping carts for four months. One got away once and rolled about two feet into this SUV's rear bumper, no damage. Guy that was in passenger seat comes tearing out and in an angry voice says "you hit my car!" I said there's no damage, your bumper was the perfect height. He then asks "where did it hit?" I say "just below the spider webs". He got back in his SUV saying I should be more careful. Yes sir.

    APJAPJ8 days ago
  • Death note live action 2:13

    RandomDnaRandomDna8 days ago
  • 1:35 is just gold.

    idiot lolidiot lol8 days ago
  • My high school had a tornado area too. Its by one of the back entrances next to the outside pavilion. Something about a corner like the one in a video just catches air like that.

    Fighting FaerieFighting Faerie8 days ago
  • lmao when the quarters came out

    Jack JohnsonJack Johnson8 days ago
  • Remember only watch 1vid per day,or u will overdose

    PastUserTPastUserT8 days ago
    • Already overdosed

      SpacebubbleSpacebubble5 days ago
  • The neighbor is probably a karen

    Gamma Ray Boost 2Gamma Ray Boost 29 days ago
  • 1:54 umm idk man it looked better before...

    Buddha KiddBuddha Kidd9 days ago
  • So does daily dose mean you watch one of these videos a day? Cuz um....

    Eric WangEric Wang9 days ago
  • That filthy zombie germ!

    Hira THira T9 days ago
  • 2:06 "This art is actually going to be better" Y'know... With the picture of city ruins in the middle... I can't help to feel worried.

    NubbBot AutomationNubbBot Automation9 days ago
  • He can’t stop hitting cars cause it’s all away to Mars so he walks there but he can’t and notice it’s far.

    Al3x PieAl3x Pie9 days ago
  • The dog just wanted a drink, give him the money back

  • This is the first video that doesn't have that click in the beginning like all the others

    Zao AdamsZao Adams9 days ago
  • anime freakanime freak9 days ago
  • 2:45 Me booting up mario kart after school in 5th grade

    BjourneBjourne9 days ago
  • 1:30 it’s a money dog yaaaaayyyyy

    Phil SmithPhil Smith10 days ago
  • 1:25 ohh a dog bank

    Jaxon GarigalJaxon Garigal10 days ago
  • That was a VERY rowdy pool party

    BCV _00BCV _0010 days ago
  • Your voice sounds like you just woke up and you're still sleepy I love it 👂

    HamhamHamham10 days ago