Sexiest Male Vocalist Riff-Off w/ Usher & Luke Evans

Oct 12, 2017
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While James is lamenting over the lack of soul and sexiness from modern male vocalists, Usher and Luke Evans crash the show to take exception and settle the dispute with a riff-off of songs from Marvin Gaye, K-Ci & Jojo and Foreigner.
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  • Why is he weraing sunglasses? Do people really think they look better with them? Or more badass? People juat look like giants flies.

    I MPI MP6 hours ago
  • Luke evans is so fit.😂

    Max YeomansMax Yeomans9 hours ago
  • I'd still have Usher's babies 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Sassy C DiazSassy C Diaz13 hours ago
  • Usher for the Marvin Gaye biopic that needs to be made

    WaterRockWaterRock22 hours ago
  • Dracula...what!!?? Sing baby sing!!!

    penelope sisapenelope sisa22 hours ago
  • Damn Luke Evans! That’s it.. that’s the comment. :))

    KV ReyesKV ReyesDay ago
  • Why are we still in trenched in this ridiculous belief system where there needs to be competition in this way for laughs , together is where it would have been great to start , you’re all talented and beautiful humans ✨

    Sarah perrySarah perryDay ago
  • Handsome sexy vocalist dudes

    josh Bgojosh BgoDay ago
  • Such a great show.

    Rutherford AshleyRutherford AshleyDay ago
  • journey

    فاطمه عليفاطمه عليDay ago
  • At least thex didn't talk politic.

    MrBacus72MrBacus72Day ago
  • Such a crush on Luke Evans

    Rita CheathamRita CheathamDay ago
  • I need to know the name of the songs O__O! pls someone!!

    Blanca EspinozaBlanca EspinozaDay ago
  • I think james cordon is a frustrated wannabe singer.

    Renny LangeRenny Lange2 days ago
  • This made my day! I didn’t know Luke Evans until this past weekend and I saw him in the movie “Midway” now I’m kinda in love with all three of them! 🤣

    Myrna ShoultsMyrna Shoults2 days ago
  • What was the title Usher sang?

    Leon CatchMeLeon CatchMe2 days ago
  • No not my mom hahaha

    Rio WinaryoRio Winaryo2 days ago
  • I loved

    Lili AmaralLili Amaral2 days ago
  • Oh Luke, i am in love. Heavens so cruel, he is a gay. What a lost.

    Ai SaparlyAi Saparly2 days ago
  • I am enjoying this in 2020😊😊😊 A time when no masks were required and hugging was commonplace. Missing those days.

    ICSICS2 days ago
  • Sexiest male vocalist? Heard of Daniel Avidan?

    HoppyHoppy3 days ago
  • I miss life before COVID!

    Tae LoverTae Lover3 days ago
  • Is Luke really gay ?

    Maria ScottMaria Scott3 days ago
  • Nah bring Craig Ferguson back to late night, now that’s sexy.

    chalkie memechalkie meme3 days ago
  • OMG LMAO James I love ya LMAO

    Joanna Dagmara ChmielJoanna Dagmara Chmiel3 days ago
  • WOW!!!!! 😳 LUKE EVANS 🤤 He could sing the phone book and make it sound good!!!

    Mashell DavisMashell Davis4 days ago
  • James having a blast what a great job 👌

    Lorraine RizzottoLorraine Rizzotto4 days ago
  • I wish the background guys would learn to dance in sync once in awhile. Just like back in the 60’s 70’s. It would be good for the camera.

    Lucky CharmLucky Charm4 days ago
  • Hey he showed you that black lives do matter without them we would have no soul but they rocked that stage..we are in this togather

    tina clinetina cline4 days ago
  • These guys are all amazing. However, Luke won this!!

    Hollie CelmerHollie Celmer5 days ago
  • they should do a disney vs broadway singoff or something like that lol

    Alison GuAlison Gu5 days ago
  • James cannot sing as good as usha

    Claire WilloughbyClaire Willoughby5 days ago
  • Oh Luke oh Luke!!!! 🦋💖

    Jenny CoyleJenny Coyle5 days ago
  • 👌🏼👌🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Hensley JansenHensley Jansen5 days ago
  • did I sense a vibe between Usher and Luke?

    Kaal KaczmarekKaal Kaczmarek5 days ago
  • 6:07

    GodGod5 days ago
  • Can we see James in big screen doing an action/comedy movie? He's so talented. Usher and Luke, amazing wow. Shutout to Filharmonic.

    Gelynification BDGelynification BD5 days ago
  • You should have invited Tom Jones...

    lisa monroelisa monroe6 days ago
  • James sings better during Carpool Karaoke. His harmonies are amazing.

    SkiptoniusSkiptonius6 days ago
  • Luke

    اب نااب نا6 days ago
  • hallelujah

  • Luke won.

    Jean LindnerJean Lindner6 days ago
  • This was very entertaining to watch, I’m late watching it in 2020, but I enjoyed the singing of all three and the song options. Plus usher tic tac joke caught me off guard even if it’s a joke 😂😅

    AfrikanReine92AfrikanReine926 days ago
  • Just 💘 this OMG

    Norma DejesusNorma Dejesus6 days ago
  • He is so cool

    Norma DejesusNorma Dejesus6 days ago

    Daisy DavisDaisy Davis7 days ago
  • Can’t go wrong with Marvin Gaye

    Tancie Mette'Tancie Mette'7 days ago
  • He is so awesome. I truly love this man so much. He brightens your day in every way..Xxxxxx. From Brisbane Australia

    Julie LukeJulie Luke7 days ago
  • That was EPIC. Loved that performance so much. ❤👍

    Carol O KaneCarol O Kane7 days ago
  • James is a FAT Version of Elton John LMAO

    AL WHINAL WHIN8 days ago
  • Usher all the way 💯

    Tebayane RoseTebayane Rose8 days ago
  • I'm sorry Gaston!! Usher is much better than u!! Periodtt!!

    Megha SinghaniaMegha Singhania8 days ago
  • luke Evans 💙💙💙

    Lyle CervantesLyle Cervantes8 days ago
  • Luke Evans you just went from Gaston to Bombón

    Francisca CattanFrancisca Cattan9 days ago
  • That was way cool...THREE sexy, sensual men PLUS the fabulous FIVE in the back! ALL OF their VOCALS were off the hook!!! :-D I'm downloading this to my mp3 files!

    InMyOpinion WisdomInMyOpinion Wisdom9 days ago
  • Luke Evans💯🙌🏻

    Dina AljadidDina Aljadid9 days ago
  • Now listen here bucko! No one has a sexier voice than Ty Dolla $ign. And that's coming from a man

    Unfairkibbles3Unfairkibbles39 days ago
  • Ahhh the good ol' days pre-covid

    DRT2OILFM BDRT2OILFM B9 days ago
  • Um, was Luke Evans one of the Boondock Saints brothers???

    עמנואלעמנואל9 days ago

    Olga OrtizOlga Ortiz9 days ago
  • Luke should play Tom Jones in a biopic

    Tammy O'DriscollTammy O'Driscoll9 days ago
  • Loved Luke and cordan but usher is in awhole different level

    Dr. MaisDr. Mais9 days ago
  • That was Awesomeness !!!

    Tammy LorcherTammy Lorcher9 days ago
  • Luke Evan's cleaned their clock

    Tammy LorcherTammy Lorcher9 days ago
  • This is my go to mood booster for the rest of the year.

    DungeonNation EntertainmentDungeonNation Entertainment9 days ago
  • That note!!!!...sensual... somebody get this guy a tic tac! CLASSIC!

    DungeonNation EntertainmentDungeonNation Entertainment9 days ago

    Roiquawn PerryRoiquawn Perry9 days ago
  • I love this guy!!

    Jewell GordonJewell Gordon10 days ago
  • Usher has my vote

    Joyce HoodJoyce Hood10 days ago
  • This makes me so happy!

    Debbie AzizDebbie Aziz10 days ago
  • Luke made me question many thigs right there

    esquidesesquides10 days ago
  • Damn, YOU GUYS ARE GOOD/ bad ass

    Jennifer DelgadoJennifer Delgado11 days ago
  • Love it guys

    Ronda NorthrupRonda Northrup11 days ago
  • This was great! And LOVE JAMES!

    musiq notemusiq note11 days ago
  • Damn!

    Desiree CollinsDesiree Collins11 days ago
  • Amazinggggg

    Leonard CepedaLeonard Cepeda11 days ago
  • Welll damn Luke 💓💓💓💓

    Mrs.Demetria LewisMrs.Demetria Lewis12 days ago
  • I don't know why people don't know that the song sang by Like is Mariah Carey just need to point it out

    Joyce NyaumweJoyce Nyaumwe12 days ago
  • Asher is the best singer

    Regan MasseyRegan Massey12 days ago
  • Usher: "Wow, somebody get this guy a Tic Tac." Donkey (from Shrek): visible betrayal

    Courtney StringerCourtney Stringer12 days ago
  • Honestly, the studio needs more lighting. I hope the production team sees this.

    Fariz AimanurFariz Aimanur12 days ago
  • Fantastic!!!!

    Silvia GotoSilvia Goto12 days ago
  • Crazy that Luke Evans is gay and James Cordon is straight...just goes to show you that stereotypes aren't real. Love is love!

    Andrea WrightAndrea Wright12 days ago
    • @la sarkita You didn't know that James Cordon is straight? He's married with several kids.

      Daniel Harper's Consistent StandardsDaniel Harper's Consistent Standards7 hours ago
    • What? Noo 😞

      la sarkitala sarkita19 hours ago
    • Hard to believe

      Vikki SmithVikki SmithDay ago
    • Hell fookin yeah

      Champagne R.Champagne R.4 days ago
    • #FACTS

      Daniel Harper's Consistent StandardsDaniel Harper's Consistent Standards10 days ago
  • I’d just- I would faint- or scream- I just don’t even-

    SaraSara12 days ago
  • Luke can make me melt, smooth voice and beautiful biceps!

    Dan ShepherdDan Shepherd13 days ago
  • Nah.. I'm sorry.. Filharmonic are the sexiest/sensual vocalists

    Lisa ChenLisa Chen13 days ago
  • I agree with you, James, I really think that your voice is one of the sensualiest and sexiest. 😊😁

    Eva Furisova1Eva Furisova113 days ago
  • That was awesome!

    Taryn PyleTaryn Pyle13 days ago
  • Usher vs Luke Evans va Jason Momoa... Rank this men from sexiest to most sexiest 😍😍😍😍😍

    CarinaCarina13 days ago
  • Corpse is sexier and he's not even a vocalist

    Spencer AbeciaSpencer Abecia13 days ago
    • Fr!! Floor gang

      Amelia WoodsAmelia Woods12 days ago
  • _Q

    Laura PinskyLaura Pinsky13 days ago
  • 🥳🥰🥰🥰

    takeshia stakeshia s13 days ago
  • So you’re you’re telling me that Usher had the perfect opportunity to sing “my boo” and he didn’t take it? i’m truly disappointed

    Sydnee WilcoxSydnee Wilcox13 days ago
  • Great fun!

    Anthony Hathaway-TaylorAnthony Hathaway-Taylor13 days ago
  • I think am pregnant 🤧

    Jojo MJojo M13 days ago
  • God that James guy is so annoying.

    Aled MorganAled Morgan14 days ago
  • I need 1% of the energy of the lady back in the audience screeming everytime they say something

    Mohamed BettouyMohamed Bettouy14 days ago
  • Bruno Mars should be here 😍

    Shiela RemontalShiela Remontal14 days ago
  • I think James plays down his ability when he does musical bits like these and carpool karaoke. Cuz he really can sing.

    Molly CorkleMolly Corkle14 days ago
    • Nah

  • What’s the name of the acapella group?

    Edward S. MarahEdward S. Marah14 days ago