Food Theory: What Makes a Sandwich a Sandwich?

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What is a sandwich? Most probably think that is an easy answer. You've eaten MANY sandwiches in your life, right? Well Food Theorists, you may have partaken of tons of food you never knew were a sandwich. Today we are taking the "rules" of what makes a sandwich and seeing what other foods qualify. That hotdog? Your favorite pizza? All sandwiches! Watch to find out why!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Luke Barats, and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Now you can do a mini theory explaining to Kofi from Steven Universe why fried mozzarella sticks with sauce is not a pizza. Lol

    Rebecca DychesRebecca DychesHour ago
  • Matpat went a whole hotdog episode without even mentioning subs

    Jarom ColinaJarom ColinaHour ago
  • The fourth quarter should be conspiracy theory

    Anders RorstadAnders RorstadHour ago
  • *HOW MATPAT IS FORMING THE INFINITY GAUNTLET:* Time Stone: Game Theory Reality Stone: Film Theory Soul Stone: Food Theory Space Stone: Conspiracy Theory Power Stone: Theater Theory Mind Stone: Book Theory

    Abigail WallisAbigail WallisHour ago
  • So subway sandwiches aren't sandwiched

    swagger armyswagger army2 hours ago
  • The cult theory is true couse five kids in real life went missing like in fnaf

    Jose MirandaJose Miranda2 hours ago
  • hay vsauce Matpat here, what makes a sandwich... a sandwich? Are you a sandwich? all that and more in today episode.

    Phoenix GrantPhoenix Grant2 hours ago
  • me when mat started rapid firing things that could be a sandwhich: mom pick me up im scared

    Shark Attack 21Shark Attack 212 hours ago
  • So then subs (like subway and quiznos) are not sandwichs?

    BowenMacMonkeyBowenMacMonkey2 hours ago
  • I only eat sausages and I mean a sausage that you put on BBQ because in AUSTRALIAN!!!

    Aria MarshallAria Marshall2 hours ago
  • High key offended he did hufflepuff like that

    Elliana ShafferElliana Shaffer2 hours ago
  • are cheetos chips?

    CoolGamer3187/Master of the DonutsCoolGamer3187/Master of the Donuts2 hours ago
  • But by the last definition subs are not a sandwich (one piece of bread, not two) . So a Subway would be allowed next to the sandwich store. I stick to the alignment chart and say, either ingredients or structure have to be pure, the other one can be neutral.

    AppolyonAppolyon2 hours ago
  • That moment when you realize this channel got 1 million subs in a week

    Reagan GibersonReagan Giberson2 hours ago
  • Already 1M subs

    DonCrafts1DonCrafts12 hours ago
  • i found waldo

    silver fang97silver fang973 hours ago
  • hmm whats next science theory??? anything i love this guy

    Gabriel LiongGabriel Liong3 hours ago
  • Need to know what's the best buy for chips?! Air to chip ratio and such. Tired of getting a bag of chips and open to find half of it was nothing 🤣

    420 Recroom420 Recroom3 hours ago
  • Me: *takes bite* Matpat:or did you? bUtThAtS jUsT a ThEoRy A fOoD tHeOrY

    DaTurtleDaTurtle3 hours ago
  • I’m offended by that hufflepuff joke

    Lol LolLol Lol3 hours ago
  • He really said "worchester" at 12:41 when we all know it's pronounced "wooster" come on matthew do your research

    Aidan ChardeAidan Charde3 hours ago
  • I think u have gotten a world record on this channel

    Ethan TimmonsEthan Timmons3 hours ago
  • F

    i lik petesai lik petesa3 hours ago
  • Worcester, MA is not pronounced like the sauce it's more like "whoo-stir"

    Tyler ValoisTyler Valois3 hours ago
  • It is a sandwich but put side ways ...

    Trek ReckTrek Reck3 hours ago
  • Sub to relamachumn

    BIG G MunnyBIG G Munny3 hours ago

    Pikachu PowerPikachu Power3 hours ago
  • I am now finding food theory a bit too crazy from the usual game and film theory

    Socks Out of stocksSocks Out of stocks3 hours ago
  • Hey, I just found out about the cube rule of food that actually might have been a cool topic to cover in this video

    Helena L. VaqueraHelena L. Vaquera4 hours ago
  • I am gonna put chili with ketchup and mayo on my hot dog

    Mr YeeMr Yee4 hours ago
  • Sub sandwiches have tube shaped bread

    iEnVy_LoZeRiEnVy_LoZeR4 hours ago
    • Like hot dogs

      iEnVy_LoZeRiEnVy_LoZeR4 hours ago
  • 5:25 - Found Waldo and Wilma!

    J PJ P4 hours ago

    EstherEsther4 hours ago
  • I really hope you will do something on Japanese food. I never realized how interesting food theory could be, but it’s really good and I’m excited to watch more 😁

    Cassidia CassiroleCassidia Cassirole4 hours ago
  • Is ketchup a smoothie?

    ConnerLuckzConnerLuckz4 hours ago
  • My question was is a pizza a sandwich

    foxy the pircte foxfoxy the pircte fox4 hours ago
  • A chicken wing is a sandwich because the outer part is like the covering and the inner part is the filling

    Gabriel HuertaGabriel Huerta4 hours ago

    PwnPwn4 hours ago
  • What is oatmeal?

    Laughter DawgLaughter Dawg4 hours ago
  • Mat do a why is McDonald's Ice cream machine always broken

    Ian Victor A FortunyIan Victor A Fortuny4 hours ago
  • your final verdict is invalided because subway sandwiches or submarine sandwiches don't have to pieces either. it's one bread. a meatball sub doesn't have thin layers spread between them. Lobster rolls fall under the same dimension and disqualifications you claim but are considered sandwiches. your video solved nothing because you did exactly what you were avoiding the whole video.

    frostbite0707frostbite07074 hours ago
  • Rule #1: *Sandwiches are always flat or cube shaped.*

    q.Mercury.qq.Mercury.q4 hours ago
  • Next theory, what is in Raising Caines’ secret sauce

    Sage VillegasSage Villegas4 hours ago
  • What would like to say about that debate is that most definitions are pretty complicated especially when you consider that these definitions may differ from one place to another, for example chicken raps have been considered sandwiches in some places while others might argue they are not, same thing with hot dogs and an example to that is Egypt, in there they consider anything sandwiched together or holding something together a sandwich (and yes that applies to grilled cheese sandwiches, raps, hot dogs and alot more) but a pizza is not a sandwich for them it is a kind of pie with different ingredients and that you cannot refer to as a sandwich, and that means we need to also consider that so many parts around the world may refer to something differently than others, and I kind of agree with those terms for me I believe that the term "sandwich" should refer to anything being sandwiched together like for example Oreos they are cookie sandwiches , 2 cookies sandwiching cream in the middle , you don't have to necessarily say that a rap is a sandwich but it may count as one because the bread even though not sandwiching the ingredients, is rapping around them the same way a sandwich does...or I guess raps should be on there own because a sandwich doesn't rap around it's own in ingredients at least not all the way to make it a rap so that means that sandwiches are any two things that are from the same kind sandwiching together some kind of ingredients , a rap is anything that raps around it's ingredients , and pizza is non , cause it can be classified as a type of pie cause it is open , and before anyone says that a pizza may also calssify as a sandwich well if you fold it then yes but if you don't there aren't two ingredients of the same kind that are sandwiching a bunch of other ingredients , all there is a slice of dough with a bunch of ingredients on top......but in the end of all this talk we all have to agree that ... Sandwiches or not these things taste Deeeeeeeeelicious! Stay safe everyone And thank you for reading this

    Natsuki chanNatsuki chan4 hours ago

    Springtrap PlayzSpringtrap Playz4 hours ago
  • So the yellow means food theory

    Springtrap PlayzSpringtrap Playz4 hours ago
  • Glad that this is the topic that almost broke fwob during scrabble.

    Pogchamp LuigiPogchamp Luigi4 hours ago
  • Do you not have sausage sandwiches in America? 1 sausage, wrapped in 1 slice of bread (2 if you’re greedy), from a low budget sausage sizzle. As someone who only eats bread rolls, a sandwich is made with sliced bread. Not flat bread, not a bread roll. If it’s in a bread roll, it’s a bread roll. Because if I ask for a sandwich, I don’t get a bread roll. Also, I spit on open faced “sandwiches”. _They’re raw toasties or not at all._ (I’m only half joking, I grew up with half bread rolls being perfectly acceptable pizza bases.)

    Adria The CatAdria The Cat4 hours ago
  • c'mon matpat, why you gotta do us hufflepuffs like that? :(

    smol childsmol child4 hours ago
  • Mat what about a sub it’s a roll of bread with fillings that are in a sandwich so a hot dog is a sub and since a sub is a sandwich a hot dog is a sandwich

    The Trash GamerThe Trash Gamer4 hours ago
  • For me I think there's 4 categories of "Things with Bread" Sandwich, 2 or more pieces of bread, burgers and PB&Js are sandwiches Open-Face, 1 slice of bread usually with something on it, toast and pizza are open-face Subways, 1 U or V shaped piece of bread, Hotdogs and tacos are subways Wraps, something wrapped in bread, Burritos are wraps

    Wyatt NooodlesWyatt Nooodles4 hours ago
  • what about subs? subway, jimmy johns, firehouse etc are all agreed as sandwiches even tho they arent two pieces of bread

    AllPurposeFourAllPurposeFour4 hours ago
  • But what is a taco? And a sandwich????

    Alejandro ArtsAlejandro Arts5 hours ago
  • I wonder what the the fourth channel is going to be

    King LanceKing Lance5 hours ago
  • Why don’t he ask subway

    A.V.S PlaysA.V.S Plays5 hours ago
  • so what if they are both classifiable as sanwiches, if competition is based on customer appeal, why shoud it matter if you are only considered the same by gov't standards. Standards that were invented by someone who put thought to it, and not a customer someone. Shouldn't anyone have the right to enter if the common people don't think of their foods as the same. It's about the appeal to the customer being different between two or more businesses. And letting the gov't decide that disregards the fact that the customer has all the power to make a business a business. The gov't deciding to make us think about something that we the customer didn't even realize means it wasn't relevant enough to affect the businesses, at all.

    Dylan FioreDylan Fiore5 hours ago
  • it shouldn't matter if both were sanwiches, they don't even share common ingredients. And the type of flavors are mostly different, they are also foods from different cultures as a whole. But at the end of the day, let the customer decide. Panera shouldn't get to govern customers choices.

    Dylan FioreDylan Fiore5 hours ago
  • Is there a BLUE ring?

    Salome GravenSalome Graven5 hours ago
    • (vsauce music)

      Salome GravenSalome Graven5 hours ago
  • 11:18 according to 1 tax regulation in the state of Colorado , quote “‘SANDWICHES’ ARE DEFINED AS SINGLE SERVING ITEMS SUCH AS HAMBURGERS, HOT DOGS, FROZEN PIZZAS, BURRITOS, CHICKEN WINGS, ETC.” I mean it’s so dumb it’s so stupid I heard some whoppers in my day look at me at least agree that a chicken wing a CHICKEN WING is not a sandwich (laughter)

  • So a hogie isn’t a sandwich

    Noice GallagherNoice Gallagher5 hours ago