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Oct 3, 2020
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Here we go again!
It's BEEN so long (again again). Been trying to ramp up my game a little more and I hope it shows! =) Since this video isn't monetizable, I went a little more saucy! Hope you guys like it, and thank you as always for the support and love! We're at 900k!! That's just amazing!!
Inspired by Sushush and zhenjiao Chi!
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Song: Mamma Mia ft. Hugel
Who are these guys? They are my ocs! Their names are Dario (brown haired) and Garrett (blond ponytail), a couple you can check out on my Tumblr and Insta blog linked below for comics!
Are they your personas? No, they are not! They are original characters that I created and are in no way related to me or anyone else.
Are they boys or girls? They are two dudes in a relationship!
What programs do you use to make this?
Paint Studio Sai for the art, and Sony Vegas for the animation!
What about you? I'm Skaroy! I'm a guy that likes drawing guys liking guys : ) He/him, thank you!
How do I submit fanart? Visit my Tumblr blog linked below and either submit it, link it in an ask, or @ my blog, insta, or twitter!
My tumblr blog:
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My twitter: @_Skaroy_
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