iPHONE 11 GOLDEN TICKET Inside The High Limit Coin Pusher Jackpot ASMR

May 23, 2020
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Watch to the END to see how much MONEY WE WIN!
iPHONE 11 GOLDEN TICKET Inside The High Limit Coin Pusher Jackpot ASMR
Jeremy and George decide to have a little fun with a high limit coin pusher
George starts with $25 but ends up getting the golden ticket for the iPhone 11 and making a huge win of money
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  • Android all the way iPhones suck

    Pamela HarrisonPamela HarrisonDay ago
  • #iPhone

    Keith RollinsKeith Rollins2 days ago
  • #DROID

    Merry WilliamsMerry Williams2 days ago

    Stephanie LessardStephanie Lessard2 days ago
  • Love my IPhone on my 4th one

    Jane ButterfieldJane Butterfield4 days ago

    Bob smithBob smith5 days ago
  • how about #ithinkgeorgeiscute!

    Bob smithBob smith5 days ago
  • minature quarterlanche

    Bob smithBob smith5 days ago
  • I think i wanna start a new hobby...!!

    Bob smithBob smith5 days ago
  • Haha LUCKY BAG!!!!

    Catherine McGaffiganCatherine McGaffigan5 days ago
  • I love all your videos and content I'm so jealous of the casino you play in I can't wait to go to my very first one!!!! I love COIN PUSHERS AND ELVIS LIKE MY AUNT/GODMOTHER!!!!!!!

    Catherine McGaffiganCatherine McGaffigan5 days ago
  • I switched over to iPhone at 16 as well guess what I went back to Android and I'm never leaving IPHONE SUCKS no offense

    Catherine McGaffiganCatherine McGaffigan5 days ago
  • # android

    Frank HendersonFrank Henderson6 days ago
  • I phone only ❀

    Debby BizonDebby Bizon6 days ago
  • Elvis Start Singing 🎢

    white rabbitwhite rabbit10 days ago
  • I been watching these Videos for the last #3 days and she does the same as I do when I play. Good luck

    white rabbitwhite rabbit10 days ago
  • #iPhone I have had my iPhone for years and I love it

    Tina STina S10 days ago
  • If you own or use any apple product then you are apples bitch because with apple it's their way or the highway.

    Carl SaxenCarl Saxen10 days ago
  • I-Phone and I-Pad myself, upgrading every 2/3 years

    Ted Sr2Ted Sr210 days ago
  • Droid.

    william campbellwilliam campbell12 days ago
  • Android

    Leona KillingsworthLeona Killingsworth13 days ago
  • I love Android and is the best

    Chris GrimesChris Grimes13 days ago
  • Droid all of the way

    Casey ConayCasey Conay13 days ago
  • Heavenly Hales

    Marrianne ShepherdMarrianne Shepherd14 days ago
  • Iphone rules just like George

    Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds15 days ago
  • #iphone

    Emmy SiffEmmy Siff16 days ago
  • I have never had an iPhone. Don't know if I will like it or not. Would like to have an iPhone.

    Dawne MyersDawne Myers16 days ago
  • That was a great one. Awesome prize

    Edna luxtonEdna luxton16 days ago
  • #iphone

    Fay BellFay Bell17 days ago
  • #iphone 4 life

    Evan KriegerEvan Krieger18 days ago
  • : )

    doitman RVdoitman RV18 days ago
  • It sure is fun to watch you guys play. You should let your hubby play more tho. He needs some fun to. Lol , I could never afford them games that why I watch you both. Both of you seem really nice and happy. πŸ€—πŸ˜€πŸ‘

    Bonnie SwankBonnie Swank19 days ago
  • I love her-phone.

    LastmanLastman19 days ago
  • And your beautiful

    Ronald PontanelesRonald Pontaneles20 days ago
  • I watched all your videos

    Ronald PontanelesRonald Pontaneles20 days ago
  • I love you Jorge your a queen coin pusher

    Ronald PontanelesRonald Pontaneles20 days ago
  • She makes it look ez

    Crystal SeayCrystal Seay20 days ago
  • Can the casinos use your videos to ban you from all the casinos?

    Vickii BenditVickii Bendit20 days ago
    • Yes

      What The HalesWhat The Hales20 days ago
  • iphone all the way!

    Sheri meSheri me21 day ago
  • yeah I like watching y'all videos and sometimes it just like wow you take you long to be open enough stuff you could you take your time looking to that stuff but I still don't mind it I mean justnothing, I just say come home and get on with I want to see what's in there open it up don't take time open up other boxes let's do it man let's get to it open the good stuff but firstI did say that I don't care what y'all do you know it's how you do it but that's what I look like I'm sitting here come on I want to see what's in that

    Kenny AndersonKenny Anderson21 day ago
  • Hey yeah I understand about the casinoBSI school about that ain't what I was saying about the other one and when I was going to school when we did our math we had to use our fingers we didn't have no calculators or yeah we didn't have calculated when I was going to schoolour fingers were hard to do right now I only had at 7 fingersthat's messed up a few a few math problems because I only had seven fingers

    Kenny AndersonKenny Anderson21 day ago
  • Hey what casino are you guys at by you in from Ohio but where is it where's that casino at West Virginia

    Kenny AndersonKenny Anderson21 day ago
    • Unfortunately, we do not feel comfortable sharing the location publicly... NO ONE is allowed to record in any casino... if someone tells them we've been filming, we will be banned from the location and others

      What The HalesWhat The Hales21 day ago
  • no

    Linda KelleyLinda Kelley22 days ago
  • Another great addictive video. You won BIG

    Martin BurchMartin Burch23 days ago

    catslife200catslife20023 days ago
  • I watch in suspense, and cheer you on.

    Pat GrantPat Grant24 days ago
  • Haha Gorgeous George, "missed around and got addicted" πŸ’“ just like who I got addicted to her coin pusher videos.

    Lester ValistoLester Valisto26 days ago
  • Droid

    Jason AndersonJason Anderson26 days ago
  • Team Android here too. Awesome videos of coin pushing. It's all in the flick of the wrist!

    Movie Collector RPOMovie Collector RPO27 days ago
  • #teamandroid as I've got a Samsung so android all way as I don't like apple phones

    Stacey LowryStacey Lowry27 days ago
  • # flip phone

    mathew smithmathew smith27 days ago
  • #Iphone

    Allison HAllison H27 days ago
  • Hello my name is SΓ³nia I like you certo much I would like to have some things you find but I have no money i am unemployed, I wanted to have appliances for my brother a train and for my three-year-old niece toys

    sonia silvasonia silva27 days ago
  • #IPhone

    Tampa AccountabilityTampa Accountability27 days ago
  • These coin pusher vids rock!!!!!

    bceagledebbceagledeb28 days ago
  • that was some luck

    Veronique HarrisVeronique Harris29 days ago
  • android

    Veronique HarrisVeronique Harris29 days ago
  • IPhone all the way lol

    Kat BarnesKat Barnes29 days ago
  • How about # both

    Debbie WolfeDebbie Wolfe29 days ago
  • I'm addicted to your videos!!!

    Tanya HolmanTanya Holman29 days ago
  • #androidianimaniacexpialadocious all the way

    George SzelesGeorge SzelesMonth ago
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    Kirsty McKinley-barryKirsty McKinley-barryMonth ago
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    Jeremy WhitlockJeremy WhitlockMonth ago
  • #shakenbake baby lol

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  • #IPhone all the way. Just got my IPhone 11 Max Pro πŸ₯°

    MistiMistiMonth ago
  • #iPhone all the way had iPhones for fifteen years!

    Juanita JettJuanita JettMonth ago
  • #iPhone baby!!

    Gail LampertGail LampertMonth ago
  • IPhone as well, George

    Firefly 8Firefly 8Month ago
  • I can't believe how much I enjoyed watching and most of all listening to you guys play this silly game...thanks I needed something to distract me from what's going on in America.

    Bigdaddy GranpaBigdaddy GranpaMonth ago
  • Looks like a lot of wasted quarters that could be used for washing lawndry

    Robert EllisRobert EllisMonth ago
  • I would joke an I phone. By the I’ve seen the house might get the coin or bills out of the shoot after they get caught so you might ask instead of leaving the money in the shoot

    Sherryl BaxterSherryl BaxterMonth ago
  • #I phone Tried the droid and drove me crazy

    Elbert MooreElbert MooreMonth ago

    SuperGoldnutSuperGoldnutMonth ago
  • #iphone all the way an my husband loves androids

    stephanie suttonstephanie suttonMonth ago
  • What was the least amount of money have you started with?

    Maria HerlihyMaria HerlihyMonth ago
    • @What The Hales . Gives me hope if I ever get to somewhere I can play.πŸ™‚

      Maria HerlihyMaria HerlihyMonth ago
    • $25

      What The HalesWhat The HalesMonth ago
  • Lol

    Helen HetrickHelen HetrickMonth ago
  • #teamdroid!

    Juanita AtteberyJuanita AtteberyMonth ago
  • I spent my Friday night with you 2 and had a ball.

    Dianne TrunnellDianne TrunnellMonth ago