The Odd Number Rule

Jul 29, 2020
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  • After taking a few calculus courses. Your videos hit different. You explain the things that we're told "it doesn't matter" Safe to say you're my inspiration for me becoming an engineer

    MeshMeshBroMeshMeshBro15 seconds ago
  • The different parts of this video showing that hardly any of the video is dedicated towards odd numbers and that there is so many different topics: Intro Why are we here Odd numbers World war 1 Even numbers Centipede Let's hug Philosophy Bar graph Triangles Sponsor Colorado Airbud Basketball rules Outro

    OwenツOwenツ58 seconds ago
  • Im halfway through the video , im pretty sure hes trying to trick me into learning calculus

    Future ShockFuture Shock3 minutes ago
  • The numbers Mason, what do they mean?

    SoIoCreepSoIoCreep10 minutes ago
  • This video is just bunch of Middle school lectures which made me realize how incompetent my teachers were regarding their profession.

    Sa_ad A.FSa_ad A.F17 minutes ago
  • Thanks for posting Vsauce

    fantasticjesfantasticjes35 minutes ago
  • I would love it if he made a video of fractions i don’t get em

    sparklin ‘sparklin ‘42 minutes ago
  • What th- It all circulated back to the dog who can play basketball But why

    Shen Does Art StuffShen Does Art Stuff45 minutes ago
  • Even quorintene has mad him grow a beard

    Big Whale66Big Whale6648 minutes ago
  • imagine u ran away look back and she pulled out a paper and start doing MATH

    Blip AmvsBlip Amvs58 minutes ago
  • he looks like a cult leader

    Melyn _Melyn _Hour ago
  • This man is speaking the language of Mathematics.

    Blue the hedgehogBlue the hedgehogHour ago
  • Im leaving commenting this comment at a force of 1.2 pounds!with the speed of 2m/s bye!!!(do the math)

    Noisy guestNoisy guestHour ago
  • Too much mushroom 😂

    Cyberg ShulzCyberg ShulzHour ago

    Royce AguilaRoyce AguilaHour ago
  • I'm only a couple minutes through, and THIS is the Vsauce that we've all been missing! The last one felt like a fancy D!ng video, which is fine but God did I miss hearing Michael do things like go from Air Bud to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in a video titled "The Odd Numbers Rule".

    Danielle AlekDanielle AlekHour ago
  • Come on man, what are you trying to do with that beard? The think looks like it's made from Long John Silver's pubes... Please kempt that scraggly ass thing.

    fries of wisdomfries of wisdomHour ago
  • my brain ahhhhhh

    Tyler 119 TVTyler 119 TVHour ago
  • for some reason I get nightmares when I watch Vsauce at night

    Baby DogeBaby Doge2 hours ago
  • I just learnt about velocity time graphs in my online class.. I didnt get it... and now youtube recommends me this video.. sometimes I wonder , is youtube spying on me? Maybe after I searched dark web in my browser LOL

    RoazzRoazz2 hours ago
  • I love that Michael just explained integrals and calculus basics. Like, he made a video on calculus and started it out by talking about world war 1 haha

    Jacob McDonaldJacob McDonald3 hours ago
  • Always wonderful when Michael uploads a new video! And it's a little spooky, the subject has some overlap with a video I recently made (A Universe Made from Numbers): Vsauce was a big inspiration for the style of the video :)

    The Insanity is PalpableThe Insanity is Palpable3 hours ago
  • I discovered this once when looking for patterns in squares

    Chuck AviatorChuck Aviator3 hours ago
  • this just autoplayed in the background without me noticing and boy did that opening catch me off-guard :P

    RoyalistRoyalist3 hours ago
  • Finally, our Lord and savior has returned...

    Senor Toast GamingSenor Toast Gaming3 hours ago
  • I’m so glad someone finally made a video debunking the ridiculous laws over looked in Air-Bud.

    Sights on MojoSights on Mojo3 hours ago
  • I grew a beard too waiting for this video to come out.

    PP size smallPP size small3 hours ago
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll for sanity.

    Don manionDon manion3 hours ago
  • I was so hyped when he said his signature greeting!

    Youssef HEGAZY 2Youssef HEGAZY 23 hours ago
  • Odds always triple

    WhyUgot2doThat ?WhyUgot2doThat ?4 hours ago
  • I actually have always hated odd numbers. I appreciate them now because I better understand their pull, but I still hate them. I want to fly not be grounded

    WhyUgot2doThat ?WhyUgot2doThat ?4 hours ago
  • Hello Michael, I have an idea id love for you to test how many layers of 10 by 10 Amazon air packaging would it take a person to survive a hundred-foot fall?

    Micheal napoliMicheal napoli4 hours ago
  • Those hugs... they were pretty odd.

    ilghizilghiz5 hours ago
  • Lose the beard.

    poorkidswaggpoorkidswagg5 hours ago
  • If I ever get to meet Micheal I’m going to hug him and runaway and scream I’m leaving you at a velocity of 2 m/s

    Cha Boy RoyCha Boy Roy5 hours ago
  • Video Idea: Can We Trap Light In A Box?

    Grand GamerGrand Gamer5 hours ago
  • I like when he said a

    pro meow catpro meow cat5 hours ago
  • 1918 Odd?

    13DeAdgOLdFisH13DeAdgOLdFisH5 hours ago
  • Guys I’m not the only one who thinks Michael has gone mad right

    Carter HalpinCarter Halpin5 hours ago
  • Why? Well when that was asked at the start I asked "Why are you bald now? Why did your hair move from your head to your face?"

    JintySteamJintySteam5 hours ago
  • Binod 🤞🤞🤞

    sumit yadavsumit yadav5 hours ago
  • Year of 2020 - 111 = 1909. 1909 = 1 + 111111111 + 0 + 111111111. Crazy.

    MA4TU2MA4TU25 hours ago
  • i’m getting war flashbacks from calculus

    AdamAdam5 hours ago
  • In the First time in forever

    Good Sports EveningGood Sports Evening5 hours ago
  • easy... to breed

    operamattoperamatt6 hours ago
  • So, somehow we went from talking about "Why" to talking about Airbud to talking about World War 1 to talking about odd numbers to talking about the odd numbers rule to talking about why stuff falls to talking about what odd/even numbers are to talking about centipedes to go back to talking about what odd/even numbers are to talking about hugging and istantly running away from Micheal while yelling "I AM RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU AT 2 METERS PER SECOND" to talking about hugging Micheal while yelling "I AM LEAVING YOU AT AN EVER-CHANGING VELOCITY" to talking about measuring your velocity and taking this knowledge and adding it to the reason things fall (again) to go back to talk about connecting gravity and the odd numbers rule to talk about *[SPONSORSHIP]* Colorado's shape to... Talking about... The rules that Airbud shouldn't have been allowed to play basketball, thus, ending the loop.

    MadMatt 2047MadMatt 20476 hours ago
  • Or is it?

    SpeedguyLife 2SpeedguyLife 26 hours ago
  • "If you and me hugged..." looks at camera... "well that would be wonderful" I lost it

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi6 hours ago
  • To make amazing videos!!

    G3RMWARFAR3G3RMWARFAR36 hours ago
  • U look like the father in far cry 5

    Nezuko KamadoNezuko Kamado6 hours ago
  • Short answer: Air bud isn't a very thought out movie Long answer: Hey! VSauce! Micheal here!

    Death By UnicornDeath By Unicorn6 hours ago
    • Michael when his child is born: Nurse: it’s a boy! Michael: first, what IS a boy?

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi6 hours ago
  • Beard

    John DangJohn Dang6 hours ago
  • That went from air bud to ww1 real fast

    A Guy Who Likes BeatSaberA Guy Who Likes BeatSaber7 hours ago
  • Where you been Micheal? Sheesh, we missed ya. About time!!!

    Christian NarvaezChristian Narvaez7 hours ago
  • 3,039,651st

    unoriginalusername18 .unoriginalusername18 .7 hours ago
  • I never thought I would hear “Hey, Vsauce, Michael here” in 2020

    RealxyRealxy7 hours ago
  • why you jesus

    Simples SimplistaSimples Simplista7 hours ago
  • Michael: Colorado isn't a rectangle- Me, trying to come up with hypotheses as I watch this: Is it a trapezoid because of the distorted projection of most maps? Michael: it's a hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon. Me: oh. nevermind.

    N StewartN Stewart7 hours ago
  • @11:53 yeah this reminds me how bad i am at math, he already lost me at the weird box he drew. Good i don't need that anymore at my job.

    ZavidaZavida7 hours ago
  • Some say he stores all the excess knowledge in his beard.

    Jasen HarrisJasen Harris7 hours ago
  • *isolates himself in a room for 3 days* "This can cause brain damage" *3 years later* LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT ODD NUMBERS

    DNCashDNCash7 hours ago
  • This man came back looking like he just got back from a spiritual journey in the woods

    JessENGAGEJessENGAGE7 hours ago
  • Time to watch the banach tarski paradox maybe I’ll get it this time

    Anjan AireddyAnjan Aireddy7 hours ago
  • Hes back

    mr memermr memer8 hours ago
  • I was positive for a second he had a ton multiple lines of cocaine out at 1:03

    South Jersey GamblerSouth Jersey Gambler8 hours ago
  • Michael when his child is born: Nurse: it’s a boy! Michael: first, what IS a boy?

    CaleboopCaleboop8 hours ago
    • michael: *looking at camera* or is it?

      subscribe to pizza the only real godsubscribe to pizza the only real god27 minutes ago
  • Nile red

    Brayden JamesonBrayden Jameson8 hours ago
  • Michael is happy to announce for having joined the Islamic state

    Robert HartmannRobert Hartmann8 hours ago
  • It appears quarantine has been hard on Michael.

    Shawn ElliottShawn Elliott8 hours ago
  • The third and fourth candle never touched ( 1:14)

    Panda PantsPanda Pants8 hours ago
  • Vsauce is was and always will be one heckin cool channel 👍

    Benjamin NyxBenjamin Nyx8 hours ago

    Edgar GamboaEdgar Gamboa8 hours ago
  • Vsauce on my feed... I feed on Vsauce.

    Sutton’s Super StarsSutton’s Super Stars8 hours ago
  • this video was wiiiiiild

    QarlwithaQQarlwithaQ8 hours ago
  • Michael: why are any of us here. Me:the meaning of life will be solved

    RickyDanny AguirreRickyDanny Aguirre9 hours ago
  • The Return of the king

    Jedidiah FloodJedidiah Flood9 hours ago
    • Interesting

      Jedidiah FloodJedidiah Flood9 hours ago
    • Clever

      Jedidiah FloodJedidiah Flood9 hours ago
    • Lol

      Jedidiah FloodJedidiah Flood9 hours ago
    • Wow

      Jedidiah FloodJedidiah Flood9 hours ago
  • I MISS U

    RindinalRindinal9 hours ago
  • Do not watch this high like I did

    ThecommentguyThecommentguy9 hours ago
  • i totally get it .. its all about finding a Cure for ALZ is the ANSWER to humanity . MEMORY is the most POWERFUL thing in the universe .. if you REMEMBER everything since DAY ONE ... even the moment you came out of your MOthers WOMB .. you can CLEARLY see it .. CLEARLY REMEMBER IT .. who are you ?? i mean if all HUMANS .. remember an event in time and no one i mean NO ONE can make it up .. NO LIES no BETRAYALS .. what do you think about this?,,go ahead sure label me as one of the crazies .. its fine .. but this my beleif.. ONE WITH THE POWER TO REMEMBER EVERTHING that happened and records it and rereads it .. has the power to REWRITE IT..

    John BaldwinJohn Baldwin9 hours ago
  • Needs more emphatic and loud music transitions/background. Feels a little awkward

    Ekkehard B.Ekkehard B.9 hours ago
  • Well thats odd

    JRKJRK9 hours ago
  • You look like Jack Conte

    Naufan SeptyadiNaufan Septyadi9 hours ago
  • 8:04

    Shattered SternumShattered Sternum10 hours ago
  • Just saying, you don't shake an 8ball, you hold the clear end down to the floor, then turn it over and look at it.

    eLIPHAS3333eLIPHAS333310 hours ago
  • I have a question can humans find out who lives who dies who tells their story

    Gabriel HarperGabriel Harper10 hours ago
  • creepy

    JO MANGEEEJO MANGEEE10 hours ago
  • Vsauce is coming more and more of a fever dream on USkeys.

    Linh NguyễnLinh Nguyễn10 hours ago
  • This video got me to subscribe, well done.

    Kyle MontiKyle Monti10 hours ago
  • Wait every state is racist war is basically you cant kill people unless there from another state

    Gamer_moments HdGamer_moments Hd10 hours ago
  • That’s really odd...

    Know RushKnow Rush11 hours ago
  • I love how he can seamlessly change subject

    DataPugDataPug11 hours ago
  • I love you

    DataPugDataPug11 hours ago
  • Thank God, I thought he was sick or something 👍👍👍 great to ear you again mate!

    Chair MakerChair Maker11 hours ago
  • Me after a few seconds of this video: "it finally happened: Michael completely lost his sanity"

    Frank CastleFrank Castle11 hours ago
    • Me after watching the whole video: "it did happen!"

      Frank CastleFrank Castle11 hours ago
  • hey all, you know that message that says on ps4? ( cannot start ps4 plug in controller) well i need your help, so i plug in the controller and hook up the usb cord to the playstation, but the controller wont connect, i tried searching it up how to fix this and its not working, so if any of you know how to fix, please reply to me, thank you all if you helped me and stay safe!

    MrMadMan36MrMadMan3611 hours ago
  • Shit vsauce guy is now self aware run

    Miguel RamosMiguel Ramos12 hours ago
  • petition to just let the dogs play fucking basketball.

    NotaSkeletonNotaSkeleton12 hours ago
  • My birthday is 5/25/95 I always felt like my birthday was special

    tomato48tomato4812 hours ago
  • yall had me till the centipedes peace out

    Tommy HoweTommy Howe12 hours ago
  • who else forgot about the dog during the vid and at the end was like o yeah

    BulletBitNBulletBitN12 hours ago