Skai Jackson’s Tango - Dancing with the Stars

Sep 14, 2020
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Skai Jackson and Alan Bersten dance the Tango to “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj on Dancing with the Stars 2020 premiere!

  • Crazy the number of dislikes and she had 1 of the highest if not the highest score of the night. She was GREAT for night one.

    sotuur aeeisotuur aeei7 minutes ago
  • That’s it? I think her internet is slow.

    bLoxBurg gUdbLoxBurg gUdHour ago
  • I see Skai has finally stopped her favorite past time of committing federal crimes doxing minors. Let's not forget that Skia is a irresponsible brat people, stop acting like she didn't commit a federal crime.

    Oi GromitOi Gromit3 hours ago
  • And I could feel another victory for alan!!!!

    Melissa GarnesMelissa Garnes5 hours ago
  • Can't wait to see her samba next week 😁 so proud that she accomplished this dance!!!! She is in to win it I could feel it. Go get a that mirror ball 🏆 trophy. oh and I hope they have most memorable year this season.

    Melissa GarnesMelissa Garnes5 hours ago
    • Ski was SO pretty love there dance it was so good 10/10

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeei7 minutes ago
  • Skai is going to play the race card if she doesn't win the trophy just wait.

    BeyHiveBeyHive5 hours ago
  • I don't understand why they do these dances with music that has absolutely nothing to do with the dance? Nicki Minaj tango? Really?

    Melissa VegaMelissa Vega6 hours ago
  • She so beautiful she truly was the best dance of the night 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Nique LNique L7 hours ago
  • When you destroy someone’s life after a meme that wasn’t even racist. (The 12 year old who said guacamole)

    roouit patanroouit patan8 hours ago
  • Damnnn she gonna get farrr!! Jeannie Mai, Nev Schulman, and also Skai Jackson participating?? This season's gonna get goooddd

    G XG X8 hours ago
  • if she doesn’t win we riot

    aye itz dreaye itz dre8 hours ago
  • Wow! She's going to win!

    adubea asieduadubea asiedu9 hours ago
  • I was tooooo hyped to see this💕💕✨

    OMNIz stayzOMNIz stayz9 hours ago
    • Ok just name her the winner now!!! She did not come to play!!

      roouit patanroouit patan8 hours ago
  • She was fabulous!!!

    New Yorker2New Yorker29 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Timothy RyanTimothy Ryan11 hours ago
  • NICE

    Bad baby2537Bad baby253711 hours ago
  • I thought she was stiff

    maxine chanmaxine chan11 hours ago
  • This is so good!!!! 😍

    Crystal A.Crystal A.12 hours ago
  • Ski was SO pretty love there dance it was so good 10/10

    Olivia MaultsbyOlivia Maultsby13 hours ago
  • ya the song ruined it

    Libby DanielLibby Daniel13 hours ago
    • They ruined the song ...

      J.andrew ZazaJ.andrew Zaza13 hours ago
  • I remember when she was so little on Jessie and now she 18 getting her cheeks clapped left n right

    Ashley RobertsAshley Roberts14 hours ago
  • this was AMAZING

    Zoe FraitureZoe Fraiture14 hours ago
  • Wow zuri it's all coming out together

    SiimplyMappySiimplyMappy15 hours ago
  • Did she dox this guy too?

    Not_Funny _Not_Funny _15 hours ago
  • if you guys want some more fun dancing :). also arthur murray is amazing! skai did an amazing job her partnership with alan is perfect! shes in my top 3 along with nev and justina! for those of you who watch my dance videos let me know what you think :)! send me yours too i love all things art and dance! have a great day and god bless :)

    zachary scottzachary scott16 hours ago
  • They really said: “We’re gonna give the gays everything they want.”

    seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihy17 hours ago
  • Ok just name her the winner now!!! She did not come to play!!

    Tamekia WilliamsTamekia Williams18 hours ago
  • That's the spirit skai👍💟💖

    Esther Nweke NonnyEsther Nweke Nonny19 hours ago
  • I pray anyone who reads this becomes successful in life

    The Most UnluckyThe Most Unlucky21 hour ago
  • It's the bardigang with the dislikes 🤣💀 they big mad

    Blue EyesBlue Eyes22 hours ago
    • Great performance wrong song!

      seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihy17 hours ago
  • Shepherd's Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

    Tabatha StaplesTabatha Staples22 hours ago
  • Y’all still talking about her doxxing people 😴💤💤💤

    XxxGachaRick XxxXxxGachaRick Xxx23 hours ago
  • Skai my girl...GIIIRRRLL! You danced the disney child out of you! Flawless darling 💞

    Ana CortezAna Cortez23 hours ago
  • Ah yes, dancing with the doxxers

    YepYepDay ago
  • When you see how much she’s grown up and she’s not the little girl that played Zuri Ross in Jessie now she’s an amazing dancer and actor good for her!

    beedsj roiuebeedsj roiueDay ago
  • she is 18😫I feel so old...!!!

    Etoile2004Etoile2004Day ago
  • A lot easier to watch this without the commentary. I used to tune in on TV. Now there's no reason to with Tom and Erin gone.

    abteachman88abteachman88Day ago
  • Alright...alright....okay is that it?....alright I really hope people get this ✨

  • Queen served with Nicki and popped AWFFFFF 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩

    Diana BarrazaDiana BarrazaDay ago
  • She was so good!! I don’t know her work but now I wanna lol She’s also adorable as heck. I see her on the final two!

    D LoD LoDay ago
  • She looked beautiful by how her makeup was

    Crystal BradfordCrystal BradfordDay ago
  • i’m sorry but the song choice has me screaming.

    casuallysanacasuallysanaDay ago
    • Me tooooo I was like she didn't.... And then I started singing along... Skai is a true barb 🤭

      Shark SwimsShark SwimsDay ago
  • The best one

    carm ortizcarm ortizDay ago
  • Great performance wrong song!

    JV JJV JDay ago
  • That was the best performance ever she didn't come to play

    ronnette davisronnette davisDay ago
  • This is a dance video. Stop leaving negative comments about other things that is not related to this. Some of you trying to get people to dislike her. Go do something with your life and leave her alone.

    Jodiann Espeut di jamaicanJodiann Espeut di jamaicanDay ago
  • This song is so random for this dance..😶

    Teddi Rhei JansenTeddi Rhei JansenDay ago
  • Its sad to see yall bringing up her doxxing situation up in EVERY DAMN VIDEO! i get it was bad but she apologized, and shes doing this for cameron. Have some respect.

    Ruthie StollRuthie StollDay ago
  • Nobody : .. .. .. .. Alans face : o --- ^ /

    Isabella ArguetaIsabella ArguetaDay ago
  • This song doesn't match the dance..Skai needs to lose up, she's to stiff. And if u want the Dox jokes to stop, then don't do it.

    Kiki DayKiki DayDay ago
  • God bless everybody! ✝️🙏🏻❤️😇😀

    Cookie PugzCookie PugzDay ago
  • I remember when she was in Jessie and more recently Bunk'd...she's 18? She's older than me?! I still see her as a baby though and I'm a year younger than her!

    SunlakestarSunlakestarDay ago
  • She came to slay!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!💌💌

    Mz. Alteration JacksonMz. Alteration JacksonDay ago

    Diariou BarryDiariou BarryDay ago
  • no audience 😭

    suri Eisdensuri EisdenDay ago
  • Skai killed it, but I can’t with that song, that song doesn’t go with those ballroom floor works. Christina Milian Dip N Low would’ve been a better choice though.

    Sage MchottieSage MchottieDay ago
  • I just have one question... What the heck is with the music choices as of late??!!!!! They are so awful!!

    Kristin IosifelisKristin IosifelisDay ago
  • Skai Jackson a really good dancer. I hope she win

  • She killed it! Go Skai! Slay!

    Way2RealWay2RealDay ago
  • the fact she’s doing that for cameron is everything

    Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiDay ago
  • it was so perfect i thought they were robots

    tadieangelstadieangelsDay ago
  • all🥶right!🐸is🤣that❤️all💥you🦷got!💩sorry🦋her🐗internet😊was✨down✨

    Bob DragunBob DragunDay ago
  • Wait WTH!!!! I didn’t know that skai could dance!!!! 😭

    Itz_blackkatie AngelItz_blackkatie AngelDay ago
  • The Pilot for “Dancing with the Doxers” looks good so far

    Eclypse VREclypse VRDay ago
    • Kyle XD still doesn’t justify it’s right. No?

      Eclypse VREclypse VR7 hours ago
    • Y’all and liek, are y’all mad at the all the other people that dox, and it isn’t illigal ipunless uts for assault, did she kill, no, like, she ate and left no crumbs but y’all mad like wtf

      Kyle XDKyle XD7 hours ago
    • Skai is such a fucking barbbb🦄💕.

      Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiDay ago
  • 0:21 my eyes bulge i screamed "SHIT SKAI OK"

    Brandon ColeBrandon ColeDay ago
  • She is the cutest!! She did amazing! I want that braid in my head😭😭❤❤❤

    Ann HollAnn HollDay ago
  • I watched Skai on Jesse when she was little and now this gives me the chills

    Sunshine RobinsonSunshine RobinsonDay ago

    sabrinasabrinaDay ago

    sabrinasabrinaDay ago

    Laura PlayzLaura PlayzDay ago
  • Dancing with the stars at 8, but doxxing "racist" kids at 9.

    Raymond MatakaRaymond MatakaDay ago
  • Anyone else think she looks like Simone Biles in the thumbnail?

    Jessica RealeJessica RealeDay ago
  • To all those jealous mofos in the comment talking shit.. Her fans dug out most of the racists profile. Also, she shared some and its not her fault that they are trained to be racists and its neither a fault that she doesn't know the age of those caught condemning others over their race. If you don't want your teen to be ''doxxed' teach them not to be racists. Period.

    Deebah's WorldDeebah's WorldDay ago
  • oh good another season of terrible song choices

    Dalal Al-ShemaryDalal Al-ShemaryDay ago
  • Wooooow #skaiJacksons 🥇❤ desde 🇲🇽

    Netys AedoNetys AedoDay ago
  • haha this is stupid

    ChilledChilledDay ago
  • ♥️ We are better as one.

    Tee YnG GodTee YnG GodDay ago
  • Skai is such a fucking barbbb🦄💕.

    NiqueNiqueDay ago
  • They killed it but whos idea was it to give superbass for a tango dance ??

    simran kotiansimran kotianDay ago
  • yall get mad she doxxes racists. stay mad. racists dont deserve rights

    Gaming AccountGaming AccountDay ago
  • I wasn't even looking at they're dancing i was just listening to Super Bass

    Victorius Scenes and Full EpisodesVictorius Scenes and Full EpisodesDay ago
  • guacamole

    kiss me daddykiss me daddyDay ago
  • Alan carried her out through this entire thing

    RadiantRainfan91RadiantRainfan91Day ago
  • every time the camera zooms in on her face, she looks like she's being held hostage

    Jill LeeJill LeeDay ago
  • Man I feel like this was a pretty clean performance! I think they could for sure win this season!

    Kara McCarthyKara McCarthyDay ago
  • Literally couldn’t stop smiling this was absolutely beautiful and Cameron would have been proud to see her do this

    Soothing Relaxation MusicSoothing Relaxation MusicDay ago
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    King BouleéKing BouleéDay ago
  • All my homies hate skaI Jackson

    S RS RDay ago
  • nice how they destroyed the tango so monotonous and grotesque..

    Roland PerezRoland PerezDay ago
  • Isn’t Sasha the shortest? Surprised they weren’t paired together but this dance was very good

    MattMattDay ago
  • She looks so small next to him 😂

    susanA92susanA92Day ago
  • oh no please don’t dox me😭

    heyitssquawkheyitssquawkDay ago
  • Guacamole

    TroubledMonkey -TroubledMonkey -Day ago
  • She did amazing

    Class AssignmentClass AssignmentDay ago
  • She grew UP!!!!

    TJBellamy99TJBellamy99Day ago
  • Be careful she might fix the judges

    Matthew RiceMatthew RiceDay ago
  • Why this season sucks

    SavvyTriesSavvyTriesDay ago
  • *Skai ATE that Dance performance. MAGIC*

    Zasmira CTZasmira CTDay ago

    ig zaezae79ig zaezae79Day ago