How Much Should You Spend to play Half Life Alyx?

Mar 26, 2020
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With basically the first "AAA" game dropping for VR loads of people will want a cheap rig to play it, but are you okay with min specs?
Half-Life: Alyx:
**note: most VR headsets currently sold out**
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  • It should be mentioned that the Index controller is actually compatible with Vive pro tech!

    LyokomaniacLyokomaniac5 hours ago
  • What PC case is that? micro-ATX or Mini-ITX?

    Josh BJosh B10 hours ago
  • "Tunnel Bear!" I miss this. Lol

    NathanimationsNathanimations12 hours ago
  • Welcome Back to another episode of I cant afford an RTX 2070

    Gm4n G4MINGGm4n G4MING14 hours ago
  • Reverb has the best image quality. 1080 min for Rift S!

    Surf WidowSurf WidowDay ago
  • i have an oculus rift and a gtx1070 so i should be good to go\

    darrelldarrellDay ago
  • this was incredibly useful

    Zed's DeadZed's DeadDay ago
  • Played half-life alyx on the quest and a

    BtomaekBtomaek2 days ago
  • I have a quest but all the other components cost a lot dont they

    Hyper VRHyper VR2 days ago
  • this is just making me nautious watching this

    VirenViren3 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="814">13:34</a> that's Half-Life 1

    planeboy75planeboy753 days ago
  • Glad I bought Oculus Quest this guy is a fucking idiot!

    funmakinmoney99funmakinmoney993 days ago
  • am gonna make some great details and funny glitches and moments in Half Life Alyx in my channel coming soon!

    FantasyNeroFantasyNero3 days ago
  • My PC isn't rdy for this, but I'm used to playing pcvr below 60, and I don't usually get sick, so HLA will make my pc fall to its knees, and I'll just keep playing. With a quest. Using virtual desktop so I can bypass PC requirements.

    CringeLord4000CringeLord40003 days ago
  • ohhhh, im here for tech tipps, but this 10 frames lush art needs more attention

    Jana SchifferJana Schiffer3 days ago
  • I feel so validated with all my PC VR hardware choices. I basically have all the components he mentioned as side recommendations. GTX 1080ti, Vive Pro with Wireless Kit, Index controllers. Unfortunately my 4 core i7 7700k HATES the overhead of the wireless kit. I guess you have to be Linus to not have a bottleneck somewhere. “Lemme just rifle through all my various VR setups and graphics cards I have stuffed in the entertainment center.” 😂

    Luke SykesLuke Sykes3 days ago
  • I'd get a rift but the one thing I will not deal with is anything less then 90Hz I've been thinking of the Vive with inside out tracking.

    Lasky LabsLasky Labs4 days ago
  • I have a mobile RTX 2060, i7, 16GB ram, and I use the Quest wireless with Virtual Desktop launching Steam. I play it on high with no issues. I can turn on ultra but there is a more noticeable stutter. I feel like Linus just dislike VR as his initial reaction to it is always negative....... Graphics look like HL2? Nope

    geezerfetusgeezerfetus4 days ago
  • Strange they did not tried quest wireless. Makes a whole difference than draging cables behind and earns bonus points for that

    agnius Mikutaviciusagnius Mikutavicius5 days ago
  • Have you tried it on Oculus Quest with the updated Link technology?

    Dogboy73Dogboy735 days ago
  • Dollar for dollar the AMD 5700xt is a better buy , I’m just wondering how it’s performance is in VR. I was going to buy an RTX 2080 , but decided the 5700xt is a better option. I’m very Anti green after knowing they slow down their older cards.

    Gamers CUBEIXXIGamers CUBEIXXI5 days ago
  • Would an rx580 work with a valve index or should I upgrade?

    William SwartzWilliam Swartz5 days ago
  • I have a Valve Index with an i5-7600K (probably a bottleneck for this game) and a RTX 2070 Super. I didn't notice a graphical difference between high and low settings either, so I just set it to low because it made the game feel just that much more buttery smooth.

    EX0stasisEX0stasis5 days ago
  • An SSD for MMO games is practically a necessity because of the unpredictable amount of assets the game has to load from all the different players in your vicinity. It makes it impossible for the game engine to anticipate it ahead of time to load it into RAM or VRAM before it needs it, so it really tanks your performance in crowded areas.

    EX0stasisEX0stasis5 days ago
  • $80 - $100 for a 1060 on eBay?? Which eBay is he looking at??

    Al KohallickAl Kohallick5 days ago
  • i'd pick high refresh rate over resolution or wireless any time.

    Tamas KalmanTamas Kalman6 days ago
  • Hi. What case is that? Shuttle?

    Edward OvallesEdward Ovalles6 days ago
  • You can see the stutters on the 1060. I wonder how my 1070 will do

    acekeianaracekeianar6 days ago
  • The virtual desktop for quest is better than the link now, I know, plot twist It's more vibrant and actually has less latency

    Connor CarlsonConnor Carlson6 days ago
  • "the whole bottom of the barrel setup will cost $500" Hell, can't even find a 64gb quest in my area under $700 now.

    Sean BurstSean Burst7 days ago
  • The fun type of person is a person who wears sandles and doesnt care what people say

    JordanFishyJordanFishy7 days ago
  • Test with GTX1080 would be interesting.

    Sorin NicuSorin Nicu7 days ago
  • “The best VR headset, the Valve Index” And then StarVR kicks the door down.

    Alex BurtonAlex Burton7 days ago
  • I wish you tried some other stuff like the odessey or Lenovo explorer etc

    TheWobblyEmilyTheWobblyEmily8 days ago
  • The cat seems to know all the answers

    MrEasterrabbitMrEasterrabbit8 days ago
  • Yeah I have Rift S and my geforce is a gtx 1660, got an i9750h cpu and 16 gb ram, definitely getting this game

    Desterii DelQuonomonnaDesterii DelQuonomonna9 days ago
  • how much should you pay as he plays on a 1000 dollar head set

    ShinukageShinukage9 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="884">14:44</a> linus graffiti tips

    cringekidcringekid9 days ago
  • Wish you had tested a 1660 ti or similar

    Eric BurdickEric Burdick9 days ago
  • Yupp, I had the same HL2 Nostalgia Glasses. Until you actually go back and look at HL2 screenshots and footage...

    Heatmahn ZHeatmahn Z9 days ago
  • They need to add more scalability to the options

    Stjames221Stjames2219 days ago
  • I am playing this game - with a Quest, - using Virtual Desktop (in front of my router FritzBox 7590), - with an old gaming pc (some intel i7 and a gtx 980), - with skullcandy crushers connected via bluetooth to the pc on medium to low settings and it is a really great experience. I recommend handstraps for the controllers like AMVR Touch Controller for Quest. They are a great addition to every single game on the quest and as Linus said above, let go of the controller is a huge improvement expecially in long sessions or when youre just listening to npcs. I dont know why, but Virtual Desktop is working really great for me in this game but i dont like it in beatsaber. For me, the quest is the perfect VR Headset to use, until we get better hardware for a cheaper price, expecially now with the new consoles coming out end of the year and oculus working on delmar.

    F. U.F. U.10 days ago
    • Update: BeatSaber works also fine. My PC decided to use the bad onboard gpu for Beatsaber, which caused the lagging.

      F. U.F. U.8 days ago
  • Boys, can I run it i5 4430 GTX 1060 6gb 8gb of ram

    MARSMARS10 days ago
  • you are using those cheap anker copper cables and...guess what....connection dropped. Get the real thing and it wont happen again. Link is not to blame.

    Christos LauChristos Lau10 days ago
  • Lol Occulus Link is way better than last time and it died again

    LycaLyca10 days ago
  • Wait...did I hear Young Jamie in the background?

    Lucien AntonsonLucien Antonson10 days ago

    wolf_awesomewolf_awesome11 days ago
  • Alyx works VERY WELL with a Quest connected wirelessly to a 5Ghz Router located in the same room! Just try it! The wireless software solution "virtual desktop" has got huge steps forward too!

    Booster McBlastBooster McBlast11 days ago
  • I have a 980 TI and play with the Oculus Rift S. Works really great!

    TheMightyUnknownTheMightyUnknown11 days ago
  • FIVE times as much?!

    FabioleanFabiolean11 days ago
  • I played it on an original Vive with Index controllers, running an i7 4930k and GTX 1080 8GB, and was shocked at how well it ran and looked. It defaulted me to high settings and I was really expecting it to be lower than that given the age of my PC. Sometimes in the biggest areas when things got intense and after I'd been playing for a couple hours, there would be some very slight lag, which was mostly detectable around the edges of my vision where rendering would be slightly delayed and have hard edges. It wasn't very often or invasive and I never noticed it during combat. So yea, I'd say Valve nailed the optimization of Source 2 in VR. Will be interesting to see how my rig handles my Index headset if it ever ships though.

    Jeremy AbbottJeremy Abbott11 days ago
  • Now the Index is only available on the aftermarket and the price is over $2k. :(

    THE BATemanTHE BATeman12 days ago
  • use a zip cable tie on ur index finger on oculus quest, over the ring and enjoy controllers that are attached to ur hand like the valve ones.

    szamanistic realisticszamanistic realistic12 days ago
  • The lenses are a letdown in the Valve Index. They should have really made a better job at ensuring that god rays aren't worse than in current gen Oculus headsets. Because of this I've never even considered buying the Index.

    Barát GáborBarát Gábor13 days ago
  • soo is that the 6gb or 3gb 1060?

    shaneclipse97shaneclipse9713 days ago
  • Too bad the usb on that computer doesn’t work with full body tracking

    Clesta chraClesta chra13 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a>, is anyone really surprised by that?

    Pablo RuizPablo Ruiz14 days ago
  • What case is that?

    graycatgraycat14 days ago
  • 2 hours of gameplay with the quest not worth $500

    Mike HawkMike Hawk14 days ago
  • Hi, What is the pc case model the linus use at this video?

    Shlomi DeriShlomi Deri14 days ago
  • The led model??

    Muhammad ZohaibMuhammad Zohaib14 days ago
  • This video answered all my remaining VR questions! Now just have to sit tight until the index ships and a 2070 Super is available again.

    L363ND3RYL363ND3RY15 days ago
  • Hey, Linus interesting to see the differences between the different graphics cards I had two 1080 ti running in sli I bought an RTX 2080 ti for the ray tracing but I won't be purchasing a founders edition again as I find they just run too hot.

    Paul BaitsonPaul Baitson15 days ago
  • Is he using the 3bg 1060 or 6gb 1060

    AquariiAquarii15 days ago
  • With a little bit of side loading you can actually stream the game to the quest, personally since I already use my quest being untethered is a big win

    Jasper BJasper B15 days ago
  • Can play this for hours at a time on a 4460 with a 970. On low settings of course, but take that as you may.

    TylerTyler15 days ago
  • huh so this is what you guys did during my birthday

    niikiyamaniikiyama15 days ago
  • The immersiveness already has beaten all graphic barriers.

    Kaio StudioKaio Studio15 days ago
  • No matter what quality setting you use, Alyx renders textures to full res when you get up close to maintain quality, the difference in the setting is the distance

    Slifer ToddSlifer Todd15 days ago
  • Help me please to afford head set

    Rose RoseRose Rose16 days ago
    • Why the top of the line VR Headset rather than an used oculus rift for example?

      TheSpryxe l HardwareTheSpryxe l Hardware10 days ago
  • I have an i7-7700 and a GTX 1080 (non-Ti), and Alyx sets my fidelity to low. Is this normal? I'm using the Valve Index.

    Balto GamesBalto Games16 days ago
  • would have been great to see if theres any improvement with the Quest on the other graphics cards

    Mr ZMr Z16 days ago
  • old intro eeewww

    Belal MansourBelal Mansour16 days ago
  • Wtf i'm doing here?

  • I have a 1060 myself, and I can run half-life alyx just fine at max setting, btw if it matters at all I was using an old rift cv1

    Person #125Person #12516 days ago
  • you can also just buy handstraps for the quest and rift controllers

    JessyJay.JessyJay.17 days ago
  • Is the Asus RTX 2080 super any better than the 2070 super?

    Glory Shark GamingGlory Shark Gaming17 days ago
  • Am wrong in saying that adjusting the fidelity doesn't adjust the textures? You have to tap the gear icon and manually adjust the texture quality independently

    BenBen17 days ago
  • Will HL Alyx run on a Radeon RX 590 8GB gpu?

    Symon66Symon6617 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> The oculus quest does work just as good wireless (virtual desktop) on your pc as with link if you have a good 5ghz connection.

    coolertuepcoolertuep17 days ago
    • othman alazzam hey, I actually got a new router just for link as my normal Wlan doesn’t support 5 GHz. I got the „MERCUSYS AC12G Dualband WLAN Router(300 Mbit/s 2,4GHz + 867Mbit/s 5GHz“ which was 19,99€ on amazon. Make sure your Pc is wired to the router and no other device is using the 5GHZ connection when you are playing. There are actually rarely any issues. Only one i have In ~10% of the cases is that the connection doesn’t get made (it usually connects automatically in like 5 seconds). But sometimes it doesn’t work - in that case restart both my pc and quest will fix the problem. The oculus link usually has a lot more problem ^^ once the connection is established it works flawless - never got a problem while playing. In my case my router is 5 Meter away of my play area and in direct sight to that area. Oh and one more issue is that not every game works that way. The only one I’m playing that doesn’t work is stormland. They have a list of games that are compatible on their discord. Almost every big game does work though - even on the oculus store without revive. I do also own a link cable and there is no difference in latency that I can notice

      coolertuepcoolertuep17 days ago
    • I'm thinking in investing in a good router instead of buying a link or bothering with the usb cable connections out there, can you tell me what router do you use, and if there is any occasional issues that you face sometimes?,, thank you in advance

      othman alazzamothman alazzam17 days ago