Why Was This Prisoner Kept Locked Away In Permanent TOTAL Isolation

Jul 4, 2019
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Being isolated and completely alone even for a few days can eat away at a person, but what about being isolated for decades. In today's video we look at the isolated life of Tommy Silverstein, a dangerous prisoner who lived his life in total solitary confinement.
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who actually spent most time in solitary confinement 00:00
in prison since 1977 0:35
america's most dangerous prisoner 0:55
specially designed solitary cell 1:15
how Thomas Silverstein got raised 2:15
Silverstein, his father and his uncle get arrested 3:01
the prison guards let it happen 4:50
He got transferred to a different prison where he committed more crimes 6:15
no human contact for Tommy 6:40
Silverstein writes a blog 8:05
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  • Should he have been given an option to take the death penalty?

    The Infographics ShowThe Infographics ShowYear ago
    • This is why we need prison reform and fast

      Hippie's Common Sense CornerHippie's Common Sense Corner20 days ago
    • @dennis nierop We live in a society.

      Aidan SumnerAidan Sumner29 days ago
    • no....

      iaminevitable reeiaminevitable reeMonth ago
    • Brandon Garcilazo when your on death row you don’t know the exact day you’ll be killed. There’s a whole long process, with a ton of appeals. There are many, many cases where the condemned find out 24 hours before their execution that the time has come.

      Megan KugsMegan Kugs2 months ago
    • No it shouldn't exist

      Tia ParsonsTia Parsons2 months ago
  • 3:28 _Did i just hear DOOM / DOOM IIs Player Pain sound?_ *_Listen closely and you will hear it_*

    Anonymous PersonAnonymous Person7 hours ago
  • U said u can't show Tommy's desies but u just did

    Tutorial4LifeTutorial4Life20 hours ago
  • That man would have been a great warrior of legend, if only he was born a few centuries ago

    Siberian GooseSiberian Goose3 days ago
  • You know, for a guy thats not right, he sure is right.

    Morning StarMorning Star8 days ago
  • I feel like he should have had books and a TV

    Colonelwhathisface Boring videos for youColonelwhathisface Boring videos for you9 days ago
  • A prisoner who things the penal system is unjust? Colour me *shocked* 🙄

    Wild TangentWild Tangent11 days ago
  • When someone kills someone they should be given the option for Death Sentence. If they choose life imprisoned then they chose it. Total isolation is not the solution. Prison system is not for rehabilitation, let's stop pretending it is. No funds for studies is the proof.

    rishab0Brishab0B12 days ago
  • 5:53 every eshay in Australia

    John MarstonJohn Marston21 day ago
  • americanians rly gotta grow some love in their hearts.

    DichtsauDichtsau26 days ago
  • 5:02 i knew it, only nazis could have such cold blood

    VladDevTVVladDevTVMonth ago
  • I think the Animation according to the Story of that man ist really disrespectful. It seems Like this destiny ist funny and colourful. It is not.

    Herr BaerHerr BaerMonth ago
  • Quarantine ×10

    Howard JeromeHoward JeromeMonth ago
  • 😄😃😁 I like the guy dance to, the music 8:25

    segun tundesegun tundeMonth ago
  • Died: May 11, 2019, Lakewood, CO

    steve jonessteve jonesMonth ago
  • Just so u know silver Steen is dead, he died of a heart attack

    W.D gasterW.D gasterMonth ago
  • The guards he killed got what they deserved, he deserves a metal and a psychiatrist

    stardustluvsustardustluvsuMonth ago
  • Dude didnt eat brains he just shoved a spoon in his ear and if your interested in marion and what it was really like a former guard who knew silverstein has a channel called As the key turns

    Kid LastKid LastMonth ago
  • I think both

    Elyte CSGOElyte CSGOMonth ago
  • 4:23 Any relations to Dave?

    Kenny WrightKenny WrightMonth ago
  • Reasons to support capital punishment

    Jyotiraditya SinghJyotiraditya SinghMonth ago
  • *when you are watching videos about people in jail*

    BlueandTrueBlueandTrueMonth ago
  • He is dead now anyway sooo

    Peter CoatesPeter CoatesMonth ago
  • the prison system is mean :

    Skyee YTSkyee YTMonth ago
  • Wait how can you have so many life sentents ;--;

    J JonesJ Jones2 months ago
  • If you never give a man a chance to better himself, you can't expect no better than his current behavior. If an inmate has a privilege of something that he values, he behaves better, he feels skilled, valued. He can pass time productively. He can ALMOST close his eyes and pretend that his prison job is a job in the world. I ran paperwork for an attorney. Just delivering papers and getting signatures. So I visited several jails and prisons. Something I always noticed was that inmates with jobs or at work camps typically had better behavior, were happier, less self harming, less mental illness, even guards preferred to work in these areas over the 'mainline'. Your punishment is your sentence. No need to drive them mad (most of them).

    tyler kinleytyler kinley2 months ago
  • This man went through quarantine but worse

    - Izria -- Izria -2 months ago
  • I know that I'm going to get nightmares from this but I'm addicted to watching it. T_T

    Blue TunesBlue Tunes2 months ago
  • He is dead now

    Enwerem MichaelEnwerem Michael2 months ago
  • I fully blame the pionel system for this man.

    Ben FlynnBen Flynn2 months ago
  • This is an example of a fate worst than death

    Matthew WilliamsMatthew Williams2 months ago
  • I started watching you when you had 1 million subscribers

    Kenes SugralinovKenes Sugralinov2 months ago
  • He passed away May 11, 2019

    ChromeShadeChromeShade2 months ago
  • yes

    Roslyn ConroyRoslyn Conroy2 months ago
  • the judge conviction making a kid life worst. There show clearly the fail of the prison system.

    Email GmailEmail Gmail2 months ago
  • If you can't do the time, don't do the crime!

    Arez DraculArez Dracul2 months ago
  • The guards should treat inmates with respect and then maybe the inmates wouldn't harm them

    Mohammed AliMohammed Ali2 months ago
  • Solitary confinement? People from 2020: ¬\(¬_¬)/¬ you've seen NOTHING

    Abbas RizviAbbas Rizvi2 months ago
    • What has the world turned into, solitary confiment, waterboarding, and torture methods, some day in the future people will call us medival, and we were the 2nd dark age

      Abbas RizviAbbas Rizvi2 months ago
  • He died May 11, 2019.

    thill29thill292 months ago
  • This is why they should bring back the death sentence, what's the point of using taxes paid by everyone to fund his life if he won't get out of prison anyway

    I luh yuI luh yu2 months ago
  • Weinstein, Hepstein and Silverstein, not ONE American media pronounces them right. My ears are sick.

    Leo BullisLeo Bullis2 months ago
  • What's the song they are using?

    Rayaan FederationRayaan Federation2 months ago
  • The prison system is sick twisted and sets most inmates to fail in the future as members of society.

  • I blame the prison cause what there doing is brutal also what the guards are also breaking different types of laws for what they are doing to the prisoners that will make the prisoner madly insane and full of hatred to the guard . Then finely the guard make them be at risk for abusing the prisoners .

    king of Randomking of Random2 months ago
  • A method of suicide should be provided for those in these supermax isolation cells. It shouldn't have to be pleasant, though.

    Lutrian Lutria WolfeLutrian Lutria Wolfe2 months ago
  • I think that Tommy Silverstein died unhappy and could of been treated better. I hope that James Thompson manages better.

    Rachael and Micah Miles - Grand ArchitectRachael and Micah Miles - Grand Architect2 months ago
  • In my opinion, even for all of the murders and robberies Tommy commited, he still didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

    Eli FybushEli Fybush2 months ago
  • Al-Massih ad-Dajjal (aka The False Messiah): Am I A Joke To You?

    Habib AhmedHabib Ahmed3 months ago
  • the end is here

    Jeremy FisherJeremy Fisher3 months ago
  • Holy ads batman 8 for a 10 minute video

    Adrian TrejoAdrian Trejo3 months ago
  • Why do people like to eat people *visable confused *

    Lol I’m bad LmaoLol I’m bad Lmao3 months ago
  • He ded

    Jeffrey LJeffrey L3 months ago
  • We are in complete isolation from COVID 19

    Rayan LabibRayan Labib3 months ago
  • Morale of the story: Raise your kids right parents

    Clit Commander69Clit Commander693 months ago
  • Someone should have gotten him a girlfriend he would never be where he is now!

    Avané AvanèAvané Avanè3 months ago
  • ive made a full loop took like 13 videos and lots of time but so worth it

    Dale,walking JrDale,walking Jr3 months ago
  • aye man people can change

    Jimmy SteinmetzJimmy Steinmetz3 months ago
  • The judge who sentenced him to 15 years in prison for armed robbery and the prison system is at fault. They basically made him into a killing machine.

    TroyTroy3 months ago
  • i am 8 years oof

    Tygo BakkerTygo Bakker3 months ago
  • 9:21 who designed that chart

    Anonymous GamerAnonymous Gamer3 months ago
  • He’s right, solitary seems cruel. But, so does asking the taxpaying public to sustain this worthless. individual’s life.

    William RiceWilliam Rice3 months ago
  • Prisons no longer allow inmates to study? What are they supposed to do when they get out of prison if they can't prepare themselves for normal life?!?! I know they are responsible for their actions and landing themselves in prison, but they need something to help them get a foot hold back in the real world

    Detroit vs EverybodyDetroit vs Everybody3 months ago
  • There's no comprehending the mental torture that this guy endured. Complete isolation for 37 years... Unbelievable!

    Dwayne ChapsDwayne Chaps3 months ago
  • Ginguggimtugingingu gnigningungingungigu

    ZineddineZineddine3 months ago
  • The U.S.A really like to pick and choose which of their amendments are “sacred”. Cruel and unusual punishment is clearly not one of them.

    damnedcarrotdamnedcarrot3 months ago
  • probably the reason why he killed so many was that they were isolating him and torturing him and he probably wouldn't have done that if he had been rehabilitated properly.

    Vedanti KarnaVedanti Karna4 months ago
  • Isn't that illeagal - isn't the life sentence 25 years? Please tell me if its different in the US

    Vedanti KarnaVedanti Karna4 months ago
    • Very different in US most life sentences actually mean for the rest of your life !

      Scott CameronScott Cameron3 months ago
  • Stabbed 67 times are you kidding me?

    G1ORNOG1ORNO4 months ago
  • 1:28 wait you guys go ask cops?

    KrishRBKrishRB4 months ago
  • Top man Tommy RIP

    Scott CameronScott Cameron4 months ago
  • He's as bad as the guy who wrote the giving tree looked.

    Massholes TVMassholes TV4 months ago
  • Too bad, he didnt see the birth if star wars

    Dwayne VenzonDwayne Venzon4 months ago
  • Hope he gets out

    True NorthTrue North4 months ago
  • Its torture we shouldn’t lock bad people up theres a reason

    ToxicPlayzToxicPlayz4 months ago
  • Bad police I totally think that this Solitary thing is wrong

    yuyuyuyu4 months ago
  • Do a video on Leavenworth prison.

    Kate MaloneyKate Maloney4 months ago
  • Ree

    Braylen KanuppBraylen Kanupp4 months ago
  • Yes, I would have chosen death.

    Shawn HamlinShawn Hamlin4 months ago
  • How does sadistic torture rehabilitate people?

    Shawn HamlinShawn Hamlin4 months ago
  • i feel so sorry

    nnaranjinnaranji4 months ago
  • 99% of all the world prisons are built, not to rehabilitate, but to punish. I agree with punishing when a crime warrants it, but EVERYONE should have the right to grow, change and become a better human being, for themselves and the whole of society (if they want). Ongoing punishments hinder and in most cases, prevent that, making people worse, coming out, then when they went in.

    Marty.R WoodcockMarty.R Woodcock4 months ago
  • Every time I watch an episode of an dangerous criminal that goes to prison and serve such life sentences I often go back to the suicide squad is what I think they should start doing to criminals violent intention but life is not like the movies they'd rather torture you to death than try to make you reform

    Growing PublicGrowing Public4 months ago
  • guide on how to waste your life

    ITacHiUcHihaITacHiUcHiha4 months ago
  • So how’s everyone’s quarantine going lol 😂

    Rainbow GirlRainbow Girl4 months ago
    • Surprisingly not bad 😂😂😂😂

      Kamaroua BankssKamaroua Bankss2 months ago
    • Rainbow Girl boring

      God BidoofGod Bidoof2 months ago
    • Rainbow Girl, I’m bored and not bored. But mostly bored. Edit 1, But I guess this edit helped a bit Edit 2, nope, still bored.

      Michael PartonMichael Parton3 months ago
    • Cthuwu same 😂😂

      Rainbow GirlRainbow Girl3 months ago
    • I was already in quarantine b4 this quarantine even started

      CthuwuCthuwu3 months ago
  • Hey this is quarantine in a nutshell

    William SchofieldWilliam Schofield4 months ago
  • I've never heard of "whitewashing torture"

    Sal J.Sal J.4 months ago
  • 15 years for a robbery....

    Snooze McNooseSnooze McNoose4 months ago
    • in my country when someone kills three people and get to prison they'll get out in usually twenty years or earlier. Pretty strange !

      Pepe The GreatPepe The Great4 months ago
  • thats cool

    Reid CuthbertsonReid Cuthbertson5 months ago
  • BOP guards dont wear brown uniforms. When I was in, less than a year ago, they were black. At the beginning of my stay they were a different color. I forget what color it was.. cyan maybe

    primegoatprimegoat5 months ago
  • The prison system is all about making money. They don’t care about rehabilitation.

    Christian TaylorChristian Taylor5 months ago
  • Saved the government money by killing 4 other prisoners wish it happened more.

    paul crowleypaul crowley5 months ago
  • Once prisoners have life sentences, they have nothing left to lose. It's a shame. They learned these maladaptive behaviors from being institutionalized. There was a guy who spent 18 or 20 years in prison and was later was proved innocent. He didnt make it on the outside for 3 months. Now he's back in prison, serving a life sentence. Such a shame

    Julia KazmierskiJulia Kazmierski5 months ago
  • Boo whoo, can't do the time don't do the crimes

    Savage ManSavage Man5 months ago
  • Family not allowed to see him? He got Coronavirus?

    Apple JakApple Jak5 months ago
  • He wasn't wrong about the prison system.

    Leticia GLeticia G5 months ago
  • Yep Tommy is dead

    Bibhudendu PandaBibhudendu Panda5 months ago
  • Thanks

    Youssef MYoussef M5 months ago
  • Bro maybe you shouldnt have killed all those people. Your fault can't blame anyone else. Im sure the familys of the people you killed are fine with you living out your life alone.

    Brian GeorgeBrian George5 months ago
  • His crime fits the punishment.

    Cylie MyrusCylie Myrus5 months ago
  • How did he have access to get stuff put on a blog? Anyway, moral of the story: don't go around murdering people. Given that he doesn't care about human life, why should anyone believe anything he said about what happened to him? He lived to 67. How old were the people he murdered?

    SueSue5 months ago
    • You should research this man's life !!

      Scott CameronScott Cameron3 months ago