Greatest US Sports Moments (2010-2016)

Jun 28, 2016
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The best plays in recent United States sports history from 2010 through June of 2016. Enjoy these clutch, memorable, heartbreaking, inspiring, and unbelievable sports moments in full 1080p HD! These athletes truly make American sports amazing...PLEASE READ BELOW!
- Sorry if I missed a pivotal moment or your favorite team or sport, cuts had to be made to keep video at a reasonable length.
- Yes, the second play is Toronto, not USA. The video originally included Canada and I forgot to edit it out.
- Yes, there should be more soccer and hockey (check my 2016 Sports Highlight linked below for more balance)
- The Olympics are strict with copyright, so that's why there's not much of that in here.
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Greatest Sports Moments In History (WORLD):
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Edited by Dylan Stradley (2016)

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    WTD ProductionsWTD ProductionsYear ago
    • @NIKOKnecht. m

      Ricardo CastilloRicardo Castillo8 months ago
    • Umm. US sports. Not Toronto Blue Jays

      PG13hockeymanPG13hockeymanYear ago
    • Can you please give a shout out to my channel JuMPD. Thanks.

      JuMPDJuMPDYear ago
    • WTD Productions what’s the music?

      Jeremy ReschkeJeremy ReschkeYear ago
  • Can someone fucken teach NFL players how to tackle. Can they atleast get a rugby coach as an assistant or just part of the tech team.. This tackling with eyes closed is madness.

    SPACE•TIMESPACE•TIME12 hours ago
  • man that last clip brought tears to my eyes

    Robert MartinezRobert MartinezDay ago
  • Too much basketball.......WAY too much.

    GretschDogGretschDog2 days ago
  • Do another video but without basketball

    Trap FarmTrap Farm6 days ago
  • where is the cubs ws s

    Jackson Tharin MusicJackson Tharin Music7 days ago
  • just watch 6:05 - 6:15

    orhan günsalorhan günsal8 days ago
  • idc what year it is... you will always get goose bumps watching any of these clips

    PozzyPozzy9 days ago
  • thus was goated

    RonblosikaRonblosika12 days ago
  • 13:43. Still my favorite NBA shot. Seeing James begging for the ball while Allen goes "This is how you do it"

    BrotherhoodBrotherhood12 days ago
  • rip kobe

    Noize NationNoize Nation13 days ago
  • I miss the crowd

    Oreo SnorterOreo Snorter13 days ago
  • If only this came out after the Cubs won the World Series later in the year

    Garrett McCarthyGarrett McCarthy13 days ago
  • RIP Kobe

    Fênix FúriaFênix Fúria15 days ago
  • seahawks shouldve run the ball

    JT CoulterJT Coulter15 days ago
  • When Steph Curry retires, I’m gonna be heartbroken.

    Da BoysDa Boys15 days ago
  • Pretty sure the blue jays are Toronto not us

    Yox OYox O15 days ago
  • how many kobe clips bro 😢

    NANO MENANO ME15 days ago
  • And some say its just a game.

    Alex L.Alex L.15 days ago
  • Boy do these ads know how to ruin a moment

    AgeAge16 days ago
  • I tear up everytime I watch the Kick Six. RIP Rod Bramblett.

    Jack CondraJack Condra16 days ago
  • Who’s here after the lakers win the chip

    EJEJ16 days ago
    • @VanH1LLz same

      damien johnsondamien johnson15 days ago
    • sadly, yes

      VanH1LLzVanH1LLz15 days ago
  • U celoj NBA istoriji, samo 7 puta su igrači uspeli da postignu preko 500 poena, 150 skokova i 150 asistencija tokom plejofa. Lari Berd je uspeo jednom 1987. godine, svih ostalih 6 puta je to uradio LeBron Džejms.

    Cisla TransCisla Trans16 days ago
  • I'm getting the sense the person who made this video REALLY likes basketball... not EVERY last-minute shot is a "greatest moment in US sports history (or whatever). When you include so many of the exact same clip (can only see so many buzzer-beater 3s before they all blend together) it devalues them all.

    RantingRamsayRantingRamsay16 days ago
  • packers fans- are u serious also packers fans- hell yeah packers fans again- HELL YEAH sill packers fans- Fuck you

    Mr. SplashMr. Splash17 days ago
  • 5:08 just listen.

    JRACJRAC17 days ago
  • This video was made like this guy knew the future with kobe and his family thos finals scene give me chills and tears

    Ken MccoyKen Mccoy17 days ago
  • So many of these we saw as they happened and know the feeling behind each play

    gabe ortizgabe ortiz17 days ago
  • Rip kobe man😔

    Nate WNate W18 days ago
  • idc if it's soccer baseball football or basketball or racing, hockey, or even if it's in college. if it's the championships to a normal game. Every one of these clips give me chills. what a time it was

    ツRealmツツRealmツ18 days ago
  • 1:38 OH he's a track star for sure.

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith18 days ago
  • 5:05 damn! those voice cracks

    Blazing catBlazing cat19 days ago
  • Man that ending hits different still. I went to Kobe’s second to last game ever in OKC on the road. He didn’t play great but it was so worth seeing him hit 60 on TV for his final game

    Flirken1Flirken119 days ago
  • i don't get sports its not that interesting

    Music AnimeMusic Anime19 days ago
  • Where the Cubs 2016 3-1 comeback for the win?

    Anthonykiller GaylormayBrianBurnJamaalcharlesAnthonykiller GaylormayBrianBurnJamaalcharles19 days ago
  • Can u imagine officer!!! When I RISE

  • forgot the cubs OOF

    Evan SimsEvan Sims19 days ago
  • DGAF if the Clippers never won, they gave us some of the best bball moments of all time.

    Ind PrdInd Prd19 days ago
  • The ending with Kobe & Gigi, is heart crushing to watch.

    Guido GGuido G19 days ago
  • Greatest US moments? The First 2 were in Toronto lol

    Anton PlaysAnton Plays20 days ago
  • i was skimming through this is the manningham catch not here

    Landen BradleyLanden Bradley20 days ago
  • 11:04 Number 25 must be haunted by this. if he never got into the play, its most likely intercepted and games over.

    SimplyAnAngelSimplyAnAngel20 days ago
  • 6:28 scoreboard operator was so excited he gave 3 points to the wrong team, lol

    Steve DerderianSteve Derderian20 days ago
  • Great music too awesome vid

    PiggyPiggy21 day ago
  • "THE BEEEAR, COLD BLOODED 3...???" too bad it wasnt a 3 tho lol

    Noah KayseaseNoah Kaysease21 day ago
  • Toronto is canadian????

    MattMatt21 day ago
  • I was there at the Ichiro 2 run homer! Legendary!

    Cameron KonoCameron Kono21 day ago
  • Slam dunks are over-sold. Takes the least amount of talent. Need to glorify more great defensive plays.

    Michael SeverMichael Sever21 day ago
  • 7:06 Thats a nasty game winner

    Brown Gaddy OutdoorsBrown Gaddy Outdoors21 day ago
  • back when it wasn't about politics, just sports

    Brown Gaddy OutdoorsBrown Gaddy Outdoors21 day ago
  • Who’s here to see fan reactions during covid

    John ToeJohn Toe22 days ago
  • I miss linsanity

    JacksonJackson22 days ago
  • title should be changed to green bays most gut wrenching defeats at the hands of Arizona.

    supreme bricksupreme brick23 days ago
  • They got the chance to take the lead AND LOOK WHO HAS THE BALL!!! gives chills

    Jéňa BartošJéňa Bartoš23 days ago
  • Yeah idc. Cardinals vs Rangers was epic. When he says we will see you tomorrow makes me wana cry. Best moment ever.

    Travon LawrenceTravon Lawrence23 days ago
  • whos watching this in 2020

    Ben StgermainBen Stgermain24 days ago
  • As a celtic fan, and watching Kobe's farewell game. I wanted the Lakers to win that game. That is how much Kobe meant to everybody.

    RJ MongerRJ Monger24 days ago
  • Rip Kobe

    Tyler PentaTyler Penta24 days ago
  • 11:56 I suggest you turn it up at full volume. It won’t hurt you eats at all😃

    Jake CummingsJake Cummings24 days ago
  • Greatest sports moments puts Canada at 2

    Douglas BonnecarrereDouglas Bonnecarrere25 days ago
  • at 12:41 where Utah player number 8 catches the ball... He's a dumbass. If you play it back he actually drops the ball BEFORE he crosses into the end zone. Ergo. It was NOT a touchdown. Not by a long shot. Again. What-A-Dumbass. Smh

    Angel HAngel H25 days ago
  • jesus Christ this really brought it back in 2020. thanks so much for this gem

    BabyJayBabyJay25 days ago
  • 1:38 i remember this like ti was yesterday and im a usc fan

    BabyJayBabyJay25 days ago
  • "KOBE BRYANT GIVES THE LAKERS THE LEAD" we miss you Kobe, you were something we didn't deserve. R.I.P Kobe and his daughter Gianna. (Including the other 7 on the helicopter too)

    BNU 298BNU 29826 days ago
    • we haven't had enough of these comments

      Sawyer PoindexterSawyer Poindexter18 days ago
  • Favorite one is freezes walk off of game six

    Jackson WorlowJackson Worlow26 days ago
  • Man when i came back i expected the kobe game, but man im over here in tears

    jevon danieljevon daniel28 days ago
  • how is the tip and interception from the seattle vs 49ers game not here??? also please remove the XLIX interception. I die inside every time I see it.

    Luciano MoranoLuciano Morano29 days ago
    • @Kevin Roylance Photography ill never come to terms with it. it eats me alive at night.

      Luciano MoranoLuciano Morano24 days ago
    • That was a tough one to take. I finally came to terms with it a couple years ago.

      Kevin Roylance PhotographyKevin Roylance Photography24 days ago
  • I got chills watching some plays and remember watching them in my living room when they happened w my Dad

    Bryson ConradBryson Conrad29 days ago
  • 16:40 who is cutting onions ?

  • the amount of serotinin produced by watching this is unreal

    Matthew VaytsMatthew Vayts29 days ago
  • Kobe's last game got me. Still hard to believe he's gone. RIP MAMBA

    Chris KubondChris KubondMonth ago
  • Just now watching this 9/20...and I am beside myself with SHOCK and THRILLS at these plays...but also EXHAUSTED trying to keep up. Thank god I can replay some of them!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THESE PLAYS!!!!! Next I watch the updated version shown above...if my heart can take it!! Haha!!

    Babs PhillipsBabs PhillipsMonth ago
  • R.I.P. Kobe And Gigi 💜💛💜💛🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Bo JacksonBo JacksonMonth ago
  • 16:58 most illegal screen ever lmao

    caudicecaudiceMonth ago
  • Rip Kobe

    Subscribe to me For no reasonSubscribe to me For no reasonMonth ago
  • Bruh this has a Canadian sports moment

    PatyRick ProductionsPatyRick ProductionsMonth ago
  • Great video brother!

    MIYALMIYALMonth ago
  • I love seeing Dick Spermin crying like a little bitch at 5:23.

    smarterthanyoussmarterthanyousMonth ago
  • No LA Kings winning Stanley cup?

    Ian KramerIan KramerMonth ago
  • Rest In Peace king and queen Kobe and gigi

  • are u kidding me!

    JO JOJOJO JOJOMonth ago
  • RIP Kobe

    Marcus RoseMarcus RoseMonth ago
  • i badly need people in the stadiums back again

    Clemens HofsäßClemens Hofsäß2 months ago
  • rip kobe

    Troy YamashiroTroy Yamashiro2 months ago
  • Joey bats hr is Canada

    Kalin CallaghanKalin Callaghan2 months ago
  • Vid gave me goosebumps. The only thing I didn't like was the random 5 highlights in a row of Curry. Just generic basketball highlights are way cooler and if your showing someone just show Kobe or LeBron's highlights, not some kid shooting half-court shots at the end of the 3rd quarter when his team is up by 35.

    Baylor GreenBaylor Green2 months ago
  • At 11:55, I was an FSU fan, and I was jumping and screaming( I was a little kid) It still gets me mad to this day, we may have had a much better season, maybe even took the momentum we had to have beaten Clemson, but we ended losing to a Tech team that was 2-5, triple option killed us, and on top of that Roberto Aguayo, one of the best kickers in FSU history, had the kick blocked, and returned all the way. 😭😭

    One Gamer ProductionsOne Gamer Productions2 months ago
  • Absolutely FANtastic Compilation of Greatest Sports Moments 2010-2016!!!!!!!!!

    Robert RauchRobert Rauch2 months ago
  • This whole video gave me non stop chills. Make me wanna get back out and play sports again. I miss sports😭

    DCC WurdlessDCC Wurdless2 months ago
  • was sports played eons ago before covic 19

    Anthony DAnthony D2 months ago
  • What can I say... mama out....❤❤💔💔

    Dawson BeidlerDawson Beidler2 months ago
  • Don't know if you can include Bautista since he plays for a Canadian team, but still one of the best go-ahead home runs of all time.

    William AppleWilliam Apple4 months ago
  • Best. Compilation. Ever.

    SlimShadyXSlimShadyX4 months ago
  • Manningham catch in the SB?

    NY Sports508NY Sports5085 months ago
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    Funny TubeFunny Tube5 months ago

    Funny TubeFunny Tube5 months ago
  • Hey y'all, I am a D2 QB tryna get my highlights looked at! Take a look!!!!!!!!!!

    Zach ReaderZach Reader5 months ago
  • me sees score board packers: 22 seahawks: 22 overtime *immediately shuts off computer*

    Tyshi OlvedaTyshi Olveda5 months ago
    • As a seattle fan, I almost shut off my tv but right when I was about to they pulled off the fake field goal 😂

      Josh GJosh G4 months ago
  • Toronto is from Canada, not the US

    Michael DavisMichael Davis5 months ago
    • From? LOL

      CaptJerichoCaptJericho2 months ago
  • I'm surprised the Americans didn't name this- 'the greatest Sports moment in the world'

    Chris WChris W5 months ago