The Cast of Community Reunites for Table Read #stayhome #withme

May 18, 2020
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The Greendale Community College study group is back together to benefit World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods ( Sit back, relax, and get your giggles in as the cast reads Season 5, Episode 4: Cooperative Polygraphy.
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About Community: When the legitimacy of his college degree is challenged, lawyer Jeff Winger must return to school where he finds himself leading a misfit coalition of fellow community college students.

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“Community” currently airs in the U.S. on Hulu and Netflix. Abroad, the show has a home on an array of channels, including Amazon Prime (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, UK, Middle East and Canada), ABC and Stan (Australia), Television New Zealand Limited (NZ), Sony Liv and Zee Cafe (India), Pro7 Fun (Germany), CTV Throwback (Canada), ivi (Russia), Channel 4 (UK), DGP Media (Belgium), NENT (Scandi), Orange (Spain), RTI SPA (Italy), Claro Video (LatAm), and various networks in South Korea. Coming soon to Claro Visión (Dominican Republic).
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  • But where is pierce??🥺👉🏻👈🏻

    fee eeuwesfee eeuwes2 hours ago
  • Wait: season 6 of Rick and Morty?

    Will VanSantWill VanSant14 hours ago
  • 19:25 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    G-G-15 hours ago
  • #6seasonAndMovie

    AutisteryumOficialAutisteryumOficial15 hours ago
  • Six seasons and a movie

    Joseph BorisovJoseph Borisov16 hours ago
  • Annie is still the hottest thing on the planet.

    JackobsnJackobsn17 hours ago
  • Fourteen days my ass...

    Mean Bean ProductionsMean Bean Productions19 hours ago
  • Announce the movie!!

    haralampie kocarevharalampie kocarev22 hours ago
  • i have the biggest crush on annie.

    WinfieldFTW!WinfieldFTW!Day ago
  • Someone should animate this!

    hitsmithhitsmithDay ago
  • 3:29 How I missed that in season 5 and season 6

    Gabriel Luiz JAGabriel Luiz JADay ago
  • Abed has Troy’s location wherever he is because he put a tracking device in him and it makes me sad

    Samuel B. RumambiSamuel B. RumambiDay ago
  • "We all know it's coming." - Donald Glover, 28:30 :)

    dipperdipperDay ago
  • Can we get a movie now :) PLEASE.

    ArtobotixArtobotixDay ago
  • I don't know how I didn't know this existed, but I'm so glad I know now. #thebestthingtocomeoutofBigRona

    Faye TaylorFaye TaylorDay ago
  • Man, time flies. It's been years since this came out. The Fun for Friends channel even says "RATE, comment, and subscribe."

    fufu numnumfufu numnumDay ago
  • Should've played Chevy's voicemail for old time's sake.

    Smsrules1Smsrules1Day ago
  • Did he say Rick and Morty season 6?!?

    Cullen LonerganCullen LonerganDay ago
  • #andamovie

    Orbit CurveOrbit CurveDay ago
  • Movieeeeeeee! You owe US aaaaa movieeeeeeeeeee!

    leonel moraleonel moraDay ago
  • Danny Pudi's range was shown a few times throughout the series and I would love to see him head a mainstream movie so that everyone could fully appreciate him

    Lauren SuireLauren SuireDay ago
  • Seeing Alison Brie play Annie Edison again warms my heart and soul

    Prachin PatelPrachin Patel2 days ago
  • MOVIE!

    DopeyClown 24DopeyClown 242 days ago
  • This show is was way out of NBC's league. This is a good example of why good series should be web series and everything on TV should be just filler.

    arman nasrarman nasr2 days ago
  • This is priceless!

    M1n0tu5M1n0tu52 days ago
  • The awesomeness of me catching this video after just starting the show a week or so ago. I'm already 3 seasons deep FYI lol.

    P. A.P. A.2 days ago
  • hi guys, i just finished community seasons 1-3, should i skip season 4 as ppl suggested and jump to 5 and 6?

    Juan Miguel BuenafeJuan Miguel Buenafe2 days ago
    • Season 4 is bad for Community standards, but even better than any other show, don't skip.

      Oscar PavezOscar Pavez2 hours ago
    • If you're enjoying the show, dont skip it. Season 4 is weird but it's not horrible, season 5 has some pretty good twists and turns and Seaso. 6 has 2 humble strangers who come out of nowhere and nailed it.

      Jon SmithJon SmithDay ago
  • 6 seasons AND A MOVIE

    Beaux JonesBeaux Jones2 days ago
  • 6 seasons and a table read!

    Doğan Kemal CenanDoğan Kemal Cenan2 days ago
  • Really amazing that all the show alumni went on to accomplish so many amazing things

    s4xtts4xtt2 days ago
    • With the exception of Chevy who was washed up and Community was his life raft

      Mr CriticalMr CriticalDay ago
  • Chang will forever own this episode with the 30 seconds he's actually in it

    VertexVertex2 days ago
  • Is it me or does donald glover look and sound a lot like childish gambino

    SM MasinagSM Masinag3 days ago
  • OMG I love you guys!

    Aurelius McNaughtonAurelius McNaughton3 days ago
  • "*inhaling farts*" - Dan Harmon What? He said we could quote him

    MaddyMaddy3 days ago
  • "am i black boobs?" -troy

    Anthony MejiaAnthony Mejia3 days ago
  • okay so "The Office" reunites OR "Community" routines?

    Paola MarquezPaola Marquez3 days ago
    • This is so hard oml😭😭😭😭😭

      Grandma’s KneesGrandma’s KneesDay ago
  • This fits. This was a box episode. Lol

    Don't Mind MeDon't Mind Me3 days ago
  • TROY AND ABED IN THE MORNING :( Bring it back ;(

    Sparky SharkySparky Sharky3 days ago
  • does donald in this mean the #sixseasonsandamovie fantasy is true

    L AirdL Aird3 days ago
  • This is so great! As much fun and feeling as the day it aired.

    Jeff ClevelandJeff Cleveland3 days ago
  • Community Ended when Troy left

    clandestinoILEGALclandestinoILEGAL3 days ago
  • where's pierce

    Hanif Alexander Joseph MeahHanif Alexander Joseph Meah3 days ago
  • How did y'all get through this the first time... I wouldn't stop laughing! Ever!

    Dani Phoenix ThomasDani Phoenix Thomas4 days ago
  • #6seasonsAndamovie

    Isidro PerezIsidro Perez4 days ago
  • This is one of the coolest things I've seen in my life.

    Hououin KyomaHououin Kyoma4 days ago
  • Winger still got it!

    Amit hasan EmonAmit hasan Emon4 days ago
  • I love Dean. Its funny because they're like "stay in" But then protests...😳😵😢

    TXejas19 TXejas19TXejas19 TXejas194 days ago
  • community is alive, didnt die...miss Pierce though!

    MJMJ4 days ago
  • "...adding your two cents to everything. HA!... Continue" that HA Shirley added at the end of the line is what made it for me. It's her funniest moment in the whole ep to me. Wish Yvette had watched it the night before to prepare. The like just doesn't work without it

    lilshabaz1862lilshabaz18624 days ago
  • In a church!

    SkrubbySkrubby4 days ago
  • "Help the world" - helps America.

    Wlliam GolderWlliam Golder4 days ago
  • Alison has "anime-eyes". She's cute af

    Yaseen SayyedYaseen Sayyed4 days ago
  • “I’ve never been to LEGO Land.”

    Charles WrightCharles Wright4 days ago
  • Please do Remedial Chaos Theory or Conspiracy Theories😢

    Hayden CarpenterrHayden Carpenterr4 days ago
  • I love how completely incapable Ken Jeong is of handling ANY of his shit, laughing HYSTERICALLY through the entire thing!

    Christian FauxChristian Faux4 days ago
  • Wait... Gillian has kept her sperm cilinder??? What does that mean?

    Andy 322Andy 3224 days ago
  • In this the pandemic timeline? Does the evil timeline has something to do with this?

    Borja CarrilloBorja Carrillo4 days ago
  • I miss Troy. Troy and Abed together were like 60% of why I love community

    Samuel LaneSamuel Lane4 days ago
  • I can see blurpol and reen.

    Kamiel VoetsKamiel Voets5 days ago
  • A South Korean young man who was giggling and sometimes impressed watching this drama 10 years ago, now has a family and is watching it again on Netflix. Ten years ago I wanted to be part of a community in a drama, but now I'm trying to make my community-a family-cool cool cool!! I want to express my gratitude to this drama that taught me the value of humor, solidarity and affection. Without this drama, I would have been less relaxed and less entertaining than I am now. And I am still happier to see healthy and beautiful actors. The value of this amazing drama seems to shine even more now, as the world suffers from the corona virus. I want the health of producers, staff, actors and fans. We're probably members of a huge study group that sits together at the 'magic table' called 'Earth' and learns 'life', so I hope everyone is healthy and happy again. Netflix, if you're watching, don't hesitate to invest in community movie!!

    고등어고등어5 days ago
  • I watched this and the real episode on hulu at the same time

    DrJackyl .7DrJackyl .75 days ago

    Rainbow MustacheRainbow Mustache5 days ago
  • I love this more than anything ever 🥺 community wasn't the same after Shirley and Troy left

    Liana HLiana H5 days ago
    • And Pierce! Most underappreciated character

      Moribund PhoenixMoribund Phoenix9 hours ago
  • Not inviting Pierce is a real dick move

    LokiTetchLokiTetch5 days ago

    Logan FerryLogan Ferry5 days ago
  • OMG Thank you!!! You guys are giving me closure (just finished the show and I'm missing you guys already!!).

    Maricela Gabriela Rivas CruzMaricela Gabriela Rivas Cruz5 days ago
  • Dean, Dean Dean Dean, Dean, Dean Dean!!!!

    Zarahemla Dela CruzZarahemla Dela Cruz5 days ago
  • WE NEED #sixseasonsandamovie

    naomi evennaomi even5 days ago
  • This warmed my heart so much. I love this cast so much.

    GothicDweebGothicDweeb5 days ago
  • I know why they didn't include Chevy, but Pierce was still my favorite character and it still makes me sad.

    R OR O5 days ago
  • So weird to see Pudi smile so much. But I love it

    Una BjörkUna Björk6 days ago
  • Can we talk about how great Yvette’s looking?

    Selmula Fun TimeSelmula Fun Time6 days ago
  • holyfuck HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH i keep watching the sperm part and it still genuinely hurts me from laughing

    Delano MkhoiDelano Mkhoi6 days ago
  • Hey does anyone have any thoughts on the removal of season 2 episode 14 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons from Netflix and Hulu?

    Roger ChallenderRoger Challender6 days ago
    • My thoughts: Netflix sucks.

      Oscar PavezOscar Pavez6 days ago
  • Dan harmon is an asshle and u can notice that. No wonder why they leave the show

    Felipe GonzalezFelipe Gonzalez6 days ago
  • #andamovie :")

    x Mickeyx Mickey6 days ago
  • I just chocked on my gum because I forgot about "Troy and Abed are in mourning". This show!

    Waves 'N GamesWaves 'N Games6 days ago
  • Super duper megastar Donald Glover.... jumping right into Troy like he didn’t miss a single day of shooting. Incredible

    Joey ClemenzaJoey Clemenza6 days ago
  • I love Pedro’s face when they’re playing the theme song, I reckon he’s a big fan of the show himself.

    Ali HamzeAli Hamze6 days ago
  • Netflix removed The Advanced dungeons and dragons episode from their streaming platform because of "Racism", if you disagree you can contact Netflix directly via social media and sign the petition

    Nguyen Anh TuNguyen Anh Tu6 days ago